Friday, 11 February 2022

Love Avenue in Crikvenica: Adopt a Tree as a Token of Love

February 11th, 2022 - Step aside, Paris! Crikvenica, a charming town in the Northern Adriatic, could very well be called a city of love owing to romantic-themed projects implemented in the public space

The town of Crikvenica is full of romantic spots, all resulting from various projects: the Love Avenue, a Love Trail, the Mediterranean Labyrinth of Love, A Map for Kissing, ‘This is a Good Kissing Spot’ markings… you’d be pressed to find a more appropriate destination for Valentine’s Day.

Novi list talked to Silvia Crnić, head of Department for local self-government, public relations and general affairs in Crikvenica, to find out more about the tourist attractions that are related to love and romance, especially the local favourite ‘Love Avenue’.

According to Crnić, it has been seven years since the Love Avenue project was implemented in Crikvenica, preceded by the initiative ‘Let’s make our town green’ and the project ‘I, too, have my tree’. It’s easy to spot the common denominator - let’s just add that the Croatian name for Love Avenue, Drvored ljubavi, specifically refers to a tree-lined walkway.

‘The idea was for all entrepreneurs in Crikvenica, as well as everyone involved with our town due to business or any other reason, to contribute and enhance the urban space in Crikvenica. We offered entrepreneurs the option to participate in the greening of our town’s wider area, which they did by ‘adopting’ trees and co-financing their procurement. In return, a plaque was installed next to each tree, engraved with the name of the company which participated in the project’, said Crnić.

The initiative continued to grow, and the Love Avenue project soon followed. Instead of entrepreneurs, trees are being adopted by people from many placed and of all backgrounds, as an expression of love and a gesture intended for their romantic partners or another person they care for.

‘The trees have thus been recognised as a special and unique gift for Valentine’s day, a gift unlike the commercial presents we’re used to and which most of us are inclined to buy. The interest of the public grew with each passing year, this year being the most successful so far. The trees that will be planted next to the Dubračina promenade in spring were sold out in record time. Thirty new trees will be planted there, and overall, more than 110 trees were planted in several locations over the last seven years’, said Crnić.

The utility company Eko Murvica is tasked with the planting, and their experts are known to recommend specific sorts of trees that would be the best choice for each given location, in regards to the microclimate and other conditions.

It’s not just the locals that are adopting trees in Crikvenica. The offer is extended to anyone looking to participate, and there have been people from other parts of Croatia - and abroad - who have left their mark in this lovely town.

Trees can be ‘adopted’ at a price of 300 kuna, and as we already mentioned, you’ll get a chance to have a special message engraved in a metal plaque that will be installed next to your tree. People typically go with names only - such is the case with one of the trees that says ‘Boris + Ivana’ - but there are also lyrics, lines from poems and other touching and emotional quotes.

‘Overall, we’ve created a lovely, special story. We’re overjoyed by the fact that we enhanced the public space in Crikvenica by planting more trees, but it has to be said that this is not just about 110 adopted trees, but also 110 wonderful personal stories that are related to Crikvenica in one way or another', said Crnić, adding that the owners can come visit their trees anytime. 

Friday, 21 January 2022

Opatija Again Named One of Most Romantic Destinations for Valentine's Day Getaways

January 21st, 2022 - With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, the tranquil coastal town in Croatia is getting featured in international media as a perfect destination for a romantic getaway

When it comes to romantic getaway destinations for Valentine’s Day, Opatija sure seems to be on everyone's minds. This time last year, Forbes magazine included the beautiful town in the Northern Adriatic in their list of the most romantic destinations in Europe.

With this year’s romantic holiday approaching, Opatija gets a nod from the travel magazine Trips to Discover, making it onto their list of 15 romantic travel ideas for a Valentine’s Day escape.

The feature presents Opatija as one of the best places to visit in Croatia and one of the most romantic destinations in all of Europe, with its contrast of turquoise Adriatic waters against the green mountainous backdrop. Among other highlights, Opatija’s grand historic villas and the picturesque waterfront promenade known as Lungomare, as well as the town’s famous chocolatiers - altogether a perfect setting for a holiday centered around romance.

The tourist town is ready to celebrate love this Valentine’s Day, setting the stage for romantic moments with ambiental music, lighting and decor in its pristine parks and along the promenade.

Opatija’s hotels have prepared a range of romantic packages for couples looking to visit in the month of February, reports RiPrsten. A weekend getaway with a loved one is the perfect time to unwind in Opatija’s wellness centres and enjoy a romantic dinner in one of the renowned restaurants in town.

‘If all we need is love, as The Beatles sang, then Opatija offers all we need and more this February’, said Opatija Tourist Board director Suzi Petričić.

‘Our town has a long tradition of a popular romantic destination, and we’re glad that renowned media in tourism have recognised that for the second year in a row. All our visitors can look forward to a truly unique Valentine’s Day atmosphere, where the only thing they need to do is relax and enjoy Opatija’s charms and wonderful moments in the company of their favourite person’, said Petričić.

Apart from Opatija, Trips to Discover’s list of most romantic destinations includes Quebec City in Canada, Iceland, Bermuda, Cape Cod, Strasbourg in France, Lagoa in Portugal, Curaçao, Colorado’s Estes Park, Kauai in Hawaii, Key West in Florida, the Italian town of Lucca, Charleston in South Carolina, and two destinations in Mexico, Merida and Los Cabos.


Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Last-Minute Valentine's Day Ideas: 5 Great Gigs to Check Out

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