Sunday, 18 August 2019

Stipe Miocic Stuns Daniel Cormier to Become UFC Heavyweight Champion!

August 18, 2019 - The 36-year-old Croatian-American Stipe Miocic defeated 40-year-old American Daniel Cormier by a knockout in the fourth round of the UFC 241 fight held in Anaheim, California. Stipe has thus won sweet revenge on Cormier and is bringing back the UFC Heavyweight Champion title to Ohio after he lost it to Cormier in Las Vegas 13 months ago.

HRT reports that the fight between Miocic and Cormier lasted more than 19 minutes, in which the title defender had more significant blows (123-98). It seemed that until the decisive moment in the fourth round, Cormier would be the one to take home the victory.

Although Stipe received almost twice as many blows by the fourth round, and most of them in the head, he did not kneel and refused to give up against the world champion. 

In the fourth of grueling combat, Miocic changed his tactics and began to use more blows to the body of his rival. At the beginning of the fifth minute of the fourth round, Miocic hit Cormier with a hook, which was followed by another body shot that visibly weakened the American fighter. Miocic then punched at the liver, pushed Cormier to the fence, and stunned him with a hit to the head and several punches at the left and right for a brutal knockout to end the fight. 

Almost in the same way, just before the end of the first round, Cormier snagged the world title from Miocic 13 months ago in Las Vegas. The Croatian-American fighter has not entered the ring since then, waiting for the opportunity for a rematch. Not only did Stipe get the fight, but he used it to regain his belt, and probably sent the 40-year-old Cormier into retirement.

Until his defeat to Miocic, the former US wrestler was the only undefeated UFC heavyweight champion. But in Anaheim, the tradition continues in UFC heavyweight title fights. Namely, in this Californian city, no heavyweight in history has managed to defend the title, and Cormier became the fourth to lose the belt.

Miocic is not only the UFC Heavyweight champion once again, but he has defended his title more than anyone else in UFC heavyweight history. Recall, Miocic has defended his belt against Alistair Overeem, Junior dos Santos, and Francis Ngannou.

On Saturday night in Anaheim, not only did Stipe win back his heavyweight title, but he also earned a $50,000 Performance of the Night bonus.

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Saturday, 17 August 2019

Stipe Miocic Ahead of Cormier Fight: Croats, Your Support Means Everything to Me

August 17, 2019 - Stipe Miocic is fighting for the UFC Heavyweight Championship title against Daniel Cormier on Saturday, August 17, at the UFC 241 in Anaheim. The spectacle kicks off on Sunday at 6:00 am Croatian time. 

The famous mixed martial artist with Croatian roots has finally been given a rematch against the American, who knocked him out in the first round last July in Las Vegas. The eventual victory at the UFC 241 would lead to Stipe's fifth title, which would further solidify his status as the best heavyweight in UFC history.

Amidst the craziness before the big UFC spectacle, Stipe telephoned from Anaheim, the Californian city where he has the chance to make history. 

"I'm glad you are coming, it's always nice to have someone from Croatia in the hall," Stipe said after the opening address.

The favorite Croatian fighter learned back in May that he would again fight Cormier for the highly anticipated rematch.

"I'm feeling much better now than last time. I've had great training, I've surrounded myself with the best people, and I'm fully prepared for Saturday. Cormier is a dangerous guy, but I'm even more dangerous and I have no doubt about my victory. I know everything I did wrong last time against him, but I'll keep it to myself. Basically, I have to take a lot more care of myself, keep my distance and keep an eye on my hands,” said Miocic.

The bookies, however, do not share Stipe’s opinion, as the odds on his win drop as the fight nears.

"Let go of the bookies; they are there to tear you down!” Stipe expressed. 

The most anticipated fight this year will be watched by thousands of Croats who will rise early in the morning to support Miocic.

"I may sound like a broken record, but you have no idea how much support from Croatia means to me. You know, not every fighter has the luxury of me to be cheered on at the other end of the world by a whole country where he was not born. But I feel like a Croat, and I'm proud of my roots. I get a lot of support messages from Croatia, and it's a really wonderful feeling. The Croats are amazing. I hear from Cro Cop here and there, and he wished me luck,” Stipe said and continued:

"Of course, I also partly feel like a Croat. I talk a lot with my father about Croatia, and I also know some things in Croatian. I understand more than I can speak, so it is wise that we have this conversation in English, haha. I was in Croatia and was delighted and I will definitely come again. My daughter is still young, but she and I will learn Croatian together."

When he's not up against the toughest guys in the world, Miocic is a firefighter in Ohio, a job that is highly regarded in Croatia. It is a job he intends to continue to pursue after completing his career. Index wondered if this would be Stipe’s last fight.

"Don't worry. I'm definitely winning. Hello to everyone in Croatia!"

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Sunday, 5 May 2019

Stipe Miocic Getting Rematch He's Been Waiting for Against Daniel Cormier

Stipe Miocic will have the chance to wear the UFC Heavyweight Champion belt once again.