Thursday, 18 May 2023

TZV Gredelj Completing 'De Luxe' Night Carriages for Siemens Mobility

May the 18th, 2023 - TZV Gredelj (Zagrebacka tvornica zeljeznickih vozila Gredelj) is completing a set of so-called de luxe night carriages for the transport of passengers across Europe.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Suzana Varosanec writes, TZV Gredelj boasts a tradition spanning longer than 120 years in the provision of services for the production and repair of railway vehicles, and it has now seemingly having recovered following the introduction of a new ownership structure. TZV Gredelj got itself out of somewhat troubled waters and is now performing beyond successfully with all of its international competition, and in April this year, it began cooperation on night train carriages Siemens Mobility, which is one of the absolute global leaders in the railway industry.

As such, with Siemens Mobility as its customer, TZV Gredelj will ensure the final completion of 35 carriages for night trains, and as they say, this represents highest level of quality intended for passenger transport across Europe.

"Approximately seventy production workers, logisticians, technologists and engineers will be employed. The project began in April and the completion of the first part is planned for the end of 2023, with the possibility of further continuation of other selected projects", they stated from TZV Gredelj. According to the President of the Management Board of TZV Gredelj Ivan Petricek, the expert teams from both Siemens Mobility and TZV Gredelj are actively cooperating on their first project together.

"We expect for this cooperation to bring us not only new business opportunities, but also significant orders from the rest of the railway industry and the strengthening of our position on the market of railway vehicles,'' stated Petricek. As for this new job which is significant business for a customer like Siemens Mobility, they pointed out that several months of negotiations resulted in the eventual signing of a cooperation agreement, which made Croatia's TZV Gredelj a success among its international competitors.

The first eight such wagons were taken over at the Resnik freight station on April the 20th, 2023. After their delivery to the production facility of TZV Gredelj, a technical inspection of the condition and preparation for the execution of the contracted works began according to the previously agreed schedule.

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