Saturday, 9 February 2019

Treasure Hunt - Heritage Pursuit Tours in Zadar, Split and Nin

Treasure hunt walking tours have recently become popular all over the world, and recently there have been some attempts to popularize them in Croatia as well. The most successful story of the treasure hunt walking tour in Croatia comes from a tourist guide from Zadar, Valentina Matešić, who organizes her tours in Zadar, Nin and Split, and who's recently received the award as the top tourist guide for the town of Zadar in 2018!

Valentina is a mother who has decided to create the tours in a way that would make them interesting for the adults and the children alike, making them a perfect way to get to know a town for the entire family. You will solve puzzles presented by the "game", and learn about Croatian history and UNESCO-protected heritage while having fun. And the towns where she organizes her tours are places where there's a lot of history and heritage to be discovered! You'll find out why Zadar and Split are so different, although we know they're both Roman towns, you'll learn all about the Roman walls around Zadar, you'll find out about the amazing history of a small place, like Nin, where the coronations of Croatian kings took place. In Split, you'll find out what it takes to live in the emperor's personal bathroom (spoiler alert: about 2000 years of passage of time!)

Valentina Matešić says that one of the most amazing things is that many locals find her tours interesting, including school kids who come to her treasure hunts to learn about history while walking around the towns and having fun. We're sure that knowledge sticks much better than what you'd get in a classroom!

You can take the Treasure hunt - heritage pursuit tours in English, French and of course Croatian, and you can find out more at the CityGame Croatia website.