Tuesday, 28 February 2023

Croatia Snow Saga Continues: Roads Still Closed, Winter Equipment a Must

February 28, 2023 - The Croatia snow saga continues. A1 highway is open between the junctions Sveti Rok and Posedarje for all groups of vehicles, and due to winter conditions between the junctions Gospic and Maslenica (Rovanjska) traffic is prohibited for trucks with trailers and semi-trailers, while winter equipment is mandatory for other vehicles.

For trucks with trailers and semi-trailers, there is currently no passable road from the interior to Dalmatia, Rijeka or Istria and vice versa, the Croatian Auto Club (HAK) reported at 7 am, writes 24Sata.

Drivers are urged to respect the restrictions on specific state roads, which are closed to all traffic, that is, to certain groups of vehicles, and not to get on the road without proper winter equipment. Winter road maintenance is in progress, so there are frequent delays behind winter service vehicles, which move slowly. Drivers are urged to be patient.

Closed for all traffic (due to wind and snow): DC1 Udbina-Klapavice and Gracac-Knin; DC27 Gracac-Obrovac; DC42 in Poljanak; DC25 Gospic-Karlobag; DC218 Bjelopolje-Donji Lapac; ZC5217 Dobroselo-Mazin; ZC4030 in Petrov Vrh (Kutjevo); ZC5062 Lic-Lukovo; ZC5032 Mrzle Vodice-Gornje Jelenje; LC59122 Ledenik-Susanj and LC59123 Susanj-Konjsko. *DC = state road, ZC = county road, LC = local road.

The following roads are open for passenger vehicles only: the A6 Rijeka-Zagreb highway between the Kikovica and Delnice junctions (due to winter conditions on the DC3, freight vehicles with trailers are rerouted at the Vukova Gorica rest stop in the direction of Rijeka and the Kikovica junction in the direction of Zagreb); Jadranska magistrala (DC8) between Novi Vinodolski and Senj and Karlobag and Sveta Maria Magdalena; DC54 Maslenica-Zaton Obrovacki; The Pag bridge.

Traffic for double-decker buses, vehicles with trailers and motorcycles (I group of vehicles) is prohibited on the A7 Draga (Rijeka Istok)-Smrika highway, the Adriatic highway (DC8) between Bakar and Novi Vinodolski, and Senj and Karlobag, the state road between the junction and town of Krizisce and the local road Kraljevica-Krizisce (LC58107).

In Gorski Kotar, it is raining in places and freezing in contact with the ground. Roads are wet, damp and slippery in most of the country, and due to low temperatures, the creation of ice is possible, especially on bridges, overpasses and viaducts.

Due to the winter conditions, traffic is prohibited for trucks with trailers and semi-trailers, and winter equipment is mandatory for other vehicles on the roads in Lika and Gorski kotar.

Sljemenska road is closed on the Zagreb side from Bliznec to the top.

There are no difficulties in maritime transport.

At the Tovarnik border crossing, freight traffic waits are four hours at the entrance to the country.

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Friday, 14 December 2018

Driving in Zagreb: Traffic Chaos to Follow Roundabout Closure?

Driving in Zagreb comes with both ease and difficulties, unlike the along the coast, the time of year rarely causes issues when it comes to traffic in Zagreb, but Mayor Milan Bandić's timing for major roadworks often does.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 14th of December, 2018, after having been delayed multiple times, the closing of the huge Zagreb roundabout has now been announced for this coming Sunday, December the 16th, 2018, as has another important event, a sporting one.

On Sunday, December the 16th, the Zagreb Advent Run will take place in the Croatian capital, and driving in Zagreb will become more problematic as the new traffic changes will come into force.

Isidor Kršnjavi street (Ulica Isidora Kršnjavog), where the start of the race will be, will be closed for all traffic from 08:00 to 12:30 on the aforementioned date.

The rest of the routes being used within the scope of the Zagreb Advent Run will begin being closed off by local police several minutes before the start of the race at 10:00 and will remain closed until 12:30.

Sunday will also bring problems owing to the Dinamo Zagreb - Hajduk Split match, which traditionally brings with it major traffic jams, at 15:00.

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Sunday, 24 June 2018

Zagreb is Choking

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Busy Weekend - 12.5 km Long Queue at Entrance to Zagreb in Lučko

Croatia is set for a weekend of traffic chaos

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Chaos begins! 14km long queue at entrance to Zagreb

How do you know when summer has arrived? Cars usually tell you it has before the sun gets a chance...