Friday, 26 June 2020

Slovenian AVK: Bartog Authorised for Takover by Tokić

June 26, 2020 - The largest Croatian retail chain and distributor of auto parts has expressed interest in taking over one of the leading Slovenian retailers of auto parts and tires, which is a key step in expanding to the Western market.

The Slovenian Competition Protection Agency (AVK) gave a positive opinion on the admissibility of market concentration resulting from the acquisition of ownership of the Croatian company Tokić d.o.o. over the Slovenian company Bartog d.o.o. The concentration is in accordance with the rules of the competition, AVK states in the opinion published on the official website of the Agency, and there are no objections to it. The merger of Bartog will continue once the AVK decision becomes final.

With capital integration with Bartog, Tokić is fulfilling a plan to strengthen its presence on the Slovenian market, with the aim that one of the leading Slovenian retail chains of tires and car parts continues to operate under the existing brand.

Bartog (based in Trebnje) has been operating on the Slovenian market for more than 30 years with an excellent credit rating. It employs more than 250 employees and operates in 37 locations.

Tokić, which marks 30 years of doing business this year, is a leading Croatian company in the field of automotive parts salesmanship with more than 110 branches throughout Croatia and represents more than 230 of the world's most famous cars, vans and trucks brands. The company governs the most modern logistics and distribution center in this part of Europe worth 12 million euros. The company continuously invests in the development of its own knowledge in the field of car mechanics and electricity. Tokić is also strongly involved in international business processes, which was confirmed by their inclusion in the elite group Future Shapers, according to the expert management of the international program ELITE, organized by the London Stock Exchange. The prestigious Future Shapers award was won by the Croatian company with innovatively designed business processes and the highest world business standards. Tokić thus became the first Croatian winner of this award. In the past two years, the company Tokić generated significantly higher revenues and increased the number of employees by 45 percent.

Saturday, 14 December 2019

Tokic Croatia, Where Car Parts Sales are Innovative, Agile, Fun

December 14, 2019 - From a small family business of one 35m2 store in 1990 to among the London Stock Exchange's 50 most innovative companies in Europe. Meet Tokic Croatia. 

Did you know that last month Peter Altmaier, the German Minister of Economy and Energy visited a Croatian automotive company to learn about innovative techniques in an industry where Germany is a global leader? And that the company was not Rimac?

There is a saying that Croatians can forgive you anything but success. It is one of the reasons why many Croatian success stories are under the radar, why so many people are negative about the business climate here and choose to emigrate. TCN recently decided to start focusing on telling some of those success stories to show that there are many Croatian companies which are doing incredible things on the European and world stage. And the more we tell those stories, the more emails and invitations we get to meet another Croatian success story.

And even though I always like to see the positives in things, I was beyond dubious when I accepted my latest invitation to visit a company which was so agile and innovative that German ministers were coming to pay homage.

A company selling car parts? Based in Sesvete, in eastern Zagreb? Really?

Tokic Croatia is a name I know well – it is impossible not to if you drive a car in Croatia. They are the biggest name in car parts, and I had never given Tokic Croatia a second thought until the invitation to visit their head office in Sesvete. I went more out of politeness – how could there be anything interesting about a company selling car parts?

 tokic-croatia (1).jpg

Oh, boy, how wrong could I be?

It didn't take me long to realise that I was in a very special environment, one which was light years away from the typical Croatian business mindset, and one which was not actually selling car parts as its primary focus, as the VERY charismatic and amiable CEO Ivan Gadze explained to me in a sentence:

“We are not selling car parts, we are building up people.”

So revolutionary is the approach of Tokic Croatia that when a Croatian portal did a feature on them back in 2016, it was under a headline which went something like – Is it Google or Facebook – no, Tokic. London or New York? No Sesvete.

tokic-croatia (13).jpg

I am getting ahead of myself, so let's go back to the beginning. The year is 1990, and two brothers open a 35m2 retail outlet in Zagreb selling car parts. Things go well, and they expand. By 2000, there are 10 outlet stores in Zagreb, by 2014, over 100 in Croatia via a franchise model. In 2008, Tokic Croatia became a member and shareholder of ATR International AG in Germany. The company, although very successful, is still very traditional in an ever-changing world.

And then things changed.

The two founding brothers decided to step back and bring in professionals to work on the expansion and longterm sustainability of the company. Rarely for a family business, that decision meant an agreement that they abided by – to let the new management run things completely without family interference. Both brothers are part of the supervisory board, but the company is completely run by Gadze and his management team.

The decision was taken to build an innovative and agile company which invested heavily in human capital and kept itself at the forefront of new technology. A company which was open, innovative and inclusive, something very rare in Croatia, especially in a family company.

tokic-croatia (9).jpg

A new logistics centre, a gigantic 24,000 m2, was located in Sesvete (by way of comparison, IKEA Zagreb is 38,000 m2), and a new logistics operation began in 2016.

This included the moving of an incredible 1.1 million cases to the new location in 11 days by 140 people, without the supply chain of deliveries from suppliers and to customers being remotely interrupted. It was an incredible achievement, as Gadze explains in the video above, and one which is permanently recorded on the warehouse wall.

tokic-croatia (10).jpg

(The Hall of Fame of the incredible logistical move in 2016)

tokic-croatia (11).jpg

Where to start with the innovations? Perhaps with one of the reasons that the German minister visited. Tokic Croatia prides itself on its agility and innovation, and perhaps the best example of that is the fact that it became the first to implement robot technology from Gideon Brothers. 

It was a perfect example of the Tokic agility. Gideon Brothers had a great concept but no implementing partner and they were talking to various companies. The two companies met on a Friday, signed a contract the following Monday and the first pilot started a month later.

It introduced the first concept shop for automotive spare parts in the region, something which did not even exist in Austria. Queueing machines are common in banks, but not in this industry, another introduction. In fact, quality control is in evidence wherever you walk in the Tokic offices – there are monitors in the sales department monitoring the length of time it takes to answer a call, and the percentage of missed calls. And the overwhelming desire from all I met was the desire to improve and do better.

tokic-croatia (6).jpg

This is a company aiming for perfection, and I smiled internally when I asked about the delivery time from the concept store to the customer, as the sales assistant needed to go into that massive warehouse to find the part. While the delivery time is still very quick, it is not quick enough for the Tokic ethos, and I could tell that it troubled my guide, while knowing that a solution would not be far away.

The investment in human capital is everywhere to see. The Kaizen programme (the Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement), two trained staff in MBTI, the biggest global psychometric test or model for measuring the preferences of people. The T1 Walk internal education academy, with over 1 million euro invested. The Tokic Education Centre (TEC) is offered in association with the German Chamber of Crafts in Dortmund, a qualification which is therefore applicable in Germany and the wider EU.

People, people, people. Develop the human capital and the company will look after itself. And the results speak for themselves. In an era where Croatian companies complain that they cannot find quality staff, Tokic Croatia is finding that the opposite is true, and the best of the best are coming to them from the competition, and even returning from places like the UK.

tokic-croatia (4).jpg

Walking around the very open and bright offices, it is not hard to see why. This is a company which started as a family business with two brothers, but which has grown into a much bigger family, bonded not by blood, but by company ethos, respect, diligence, transparency and a passion for improvement. Part of the reason might also be that the company is located in Sesvete, which not only has the highest population growth in Zagreb, but also apparently in the whole country.

tokic-croatia (8).jpg

As we toured the office, we stopped to chat to some random employees about their experiences working at Tokic Croatia. Apart from the VERY relaxed office culture, it was their passion and ideas which left their mark, with one telling me about his sleepless night trying to fix a robotics programme.

tokic-croatia (7).jpg

There are complaints procedures, as well as the chance to bring suggestions. Each department has a board on the wall where such things can be discussed and dealt with. I looked at several such boards on my walk around. Each had a box for Suggestions and one for Resolved. All the suggestions boxes were empty, dealt with and resolved as they came in.

Although Tokic Croatia is active in 14 countries, its core operations currently are in Croatia, Slovenia, Italy and Austria, and in those markets, it offers a quite extraordinary guarantee. Order your parts by 18:00 and it will be delivered the next day. Tokic is open to business east of Croatia (and has a partner in both Macedonia and Montenegro), but it sees itself very much as a European player of German quality serving the European market. They believe they have the product, the people and the know how, as well as that innovation and agility, to compete.

And so do others.

The London Stock Exchange chose Tokic Croatia as one of 13 European companies for its ELITE programme. Only this November, Tokic was listed in the illustrious LSE Future Shapers group of companies. And as one of 35 members of the 29 billion euro ATR International AG group, Tokic is one of the most visited companies by the other shareholders.

tokic-croatia (3).jpg

Walking around the offices is an uplifting and relaxing experience, and as far removed from any stereotype of a car parts company as you can imagine. Open plan, glass, but bright coloured chairs in chill zones, table football to take the stress away, even a book exchange library (where I was amused to note that the smallest section was called 'Automotive'). And everywhere there were smiles, dedication, purpose.

The culture of inclusion extends to lifestyle and partying, and Gadze told us how hospitality is one of the things for which Tokic Croatia is known. The company hosts about 12 big parties each year, the biggest this year being at their Expo in October, where 4,000 people partied into the night. But it is not just partying, sport is a major part of teambuilding. The Tokic racing team has 15 drivers, there is a football cup with 24 teams (all employees), a strong presence in the Advent in Zagreb run, table tennis, cycling, the list goes on.

And corporate and social responsibility.

The Tokic approach to education includes giving back to the community. They have, for example, a loyalty programme for mechanics, where 1 kuna in every 100 kuna is donated to a vocational school in Velika Gorica. And while they have little interest in professional sports, Tokic Croatia actively sponsors kids and sports. This includes the Christmas Cup in Dubrava, where the top teams in Europe bring their under-13 teams to compete in Zagreb. Luka Doncic was one past competitor.

tokic-croatia (12).jpg

And what of the future for the company? The aim is to become a relevant Central European company in terms of size and revenue, to build the brand and trust in that brand, to keep at the cutting edge of technology and innovation. Telematics is one key area of future interest, as too is predictive maintenance, something which Tokic is already involved in with predictive analytics but not yet monetising.

Two hours just flew by, and the world of Croatian car parts was transformed before my very eyes.

tokic-croatia (2).jpg

So just because Croatian companies do not always talk about their success, it does not mean that success is not happening. Quite the contrary, in fact, and while a visit to Tokic may be about a simple purchase of car parts on one level, that huge investment in human capital means the sale is taking place in one of the top 50 most innovative companies in Europe.

Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Tokić Hrvatska: mjesto gdje je prodaja auto dijelova zabavna

14. prosinca 2019. - Od male obiteljske tvrtke s jednom prodavaonicom od 35 m2 1990. do mjesta na listi 50 najinovativnijih kompanija u Europi Londonske burze. Upoznajte Tokić Hrvatska.

Jeste li znali da je Peter Altmaier, njemački ministar gospodarstva i energije posjetio hrvatsku automobilsku kompaniju prošli mjesec, da bi saznao više o inovativnim tehnikama u industriji u kojoj je Njemačka globalni lider? A pritom ta kompanija nije bila Rimac automobili?

Postoji ta izreka da će vam Hrvati oprostiti sve osim uspjeha. To je jedan od razloga zašto priče o uspjehu u Hrvatskoj često prolaze ispod radara, zašto je toliko ljudi negativnog stava o poslovnoj klimi ovdje te zašto se odlučuju na emigraciju. TCN je nedavno odlučio istaknuti te uspješne priče, da bismo pokazali da postoje mnoge hrvatske kompanije koje rade sjajan posao na europskom i svjetskom tržištu. A što više takvih priča objavljujemo, to više dobivamo mailova s pozivima da upoznamo i druge uspješne poslovne priče.

I iako zaista volim vidjeti pozitivnu stranu bilo čega, bio sam zaista sumnjičav kada sam primio poziv da posjetim kompaniju koja je bila toliko agilna i inovativna da su joj njemački ministri dolazili odati priznanje.

Tvrtka koja prodaje auto dijelove? Smještena u Sesvetama, na istoku Zagreba? Stvarno?

Tokić Hrvatska je ime koje dobro poznajem - nemoguće je ne poznavati ga ako vozite automobil u Hrvatskoj. Najveće su ime u prodaji auto dijelova, ali zaista nisam nikada o njima razmišljao dok me nisu pozvali da ih posjetim u središtu tvrtke u Sesvetama. Otišao sam više iz pristojnosti - kako bih mogao vidjeti išta zanimljivo u tvrtci koja prodaje auto dijelove?

 tokic-croatia (1).jpg

Pa, što reći, jesam li mogao biti više u krivu?

Nije mi dugo trebalo da shvatim da sam u posebnom okruženju, koje je svjetlosnim godinama udaljeno od tipičnog hrvatskog načina razmišljanja o poslu, i koje ne vidi prodaju auto dijelova kao glavni fokus, što mi je iznimno karizmatični CEO Ivan Gadže objasnio jednom rečenicom:

"Mi ne prodajemo auto dijelove, mi izrađujemo ljude."

Pristup kod Tokića je toliko revolucionaran da, kad je hrvatski web portal o njima posao priču 2016., naslov je bio nešto poput - Je li ovo Google ili Facebook? Ne, Tokić. London ili New York? Ne, Sesvete.

tokic-croatia (13).jpg

Malo trčim pred rudo, hajdmo se ipak vratiti na početak. Godina je 1990, dva brata otvaraju dućan u Zagrebu od 35 m2 u kojem prodaju auto dijelove. Posao im ide dobro, pa ga šire. Do 2000. godine imaju deset dućana u Zagrebu, a do 2014. njih preko sto u Hrvatskoj, u franšiznom modelu. 2008. godine Tokić Hrvatska postaje član i vlasnik udjela tvrtke ATR International AG u Njemačkoj. Kompanija, iako je vrlo uspješna, i dalje ja zapravo tradicionalna u stalno mijenjajućem svijetu.

A onda su se stvari promijenile.

Dva brata, osnivači, odlučili su se povući i dovesti profesionalce da upravljaju ekspanzijom i dugotrajnom održivošću kompanije. Rijetko se događa u obiteljskoj tvrtci, ali tu su odluku značila je dogovor koji su u potpunosti ispoštovali i pustili novo vodstvo da upravlja kompanijom samostalno, bez obiteljskog uplitanja. Oba su brata članovi nadzornog odbora, ali kompanijom samostalno upravlja Gadže i njegov tim.

Donesena je odluka da se stvori inovativna i agilna kompanija koja ulaze mnogo u ljudske potencijale, dok prihvaća najnovije od novih tehnologija. Kompanija koja je otvorena, inovativna i inkluzivna, to je veoma rijetko u Hrvatskoj, posebno za obiteljsku kompaniju.

tokic-croatia (9).jpg

Novi logistički centar, golemih 24.000 m2 izgrađen je u Sesvetama (samo za usporedbu, Zagrebačka IKEA ima 38.000 m2), a nova logistička djelovanja započela su 2016.

To je uključivalo selidbu nevjerojatnih 1,1 milijun kutija na novu lokaciju, u 11 dana što je odradilo 140 ljudi, a da pritom dostava od distributera niti isporuka kupcima nisu ni na tren bili prekinuti. Radilo se o fantastičnom postignuću, kako nam Gadže objašnjava u gornjem videu, a koje je trajno obilježeno na zidu skladišta.

tokic-croatia (10).jpg

(The Hall of Fame of the incredible logistical move in 2016)

tokic-croatia (11).jpg

Gdje uopće početi s nabrajanjem inovacija? Možda s jednim od razloga zašto je njemački ministar došao u posjetu. Tokić Hrvatska ponosi se agilnošću i inovacijama, a vjerojatno najbolji primjer toga je što su bili prvi koji su implementirali robotsku tehnologiju tvrtke Gideon Brothers.

Bio je to savršeni primjer agilnosti kod Tokića. Gideon Brothers imaju su sjajan koncept, ali nisu imali partnera za implementaciju, pa su pregovarali s mnogim kompanijama. Dvije su se kompanije našle na sastanku u petak, ugovor je bio potpisan u ponedjeljak. a prvi je pilot započeo mjesec dana kasnije.

Prvi u regiji su uveli konceptualnu prodavaonicu rezervnih dijelova za automobile, koja nije postojala niti u Austriji. Redomati su uobičajena pojava u bankama, ali ne u ovoj industriji - još jedna inovacija. Kontrola kvalitete je posve očita bilo gdje u uredima u Tokiću. Postavljeni su monitori u prodajnom odjelu koji prate koliko treba da se preuzme poziv, kao i postotak propuštenih poziva. I kod svih koje sam rano upoznao očita je snažna želja da se stvari rade bolje.

tokic-croatia (6).jpg

Ova kompanija stremi savršenstvu, te sam se u sebi nasmijao kad sam pitao o vremenu dostave od konceptualne prodavaonice do kupca, a istovremeno je prodajni asistent trebao otići u to ogromno skladište, pronaći jedan dio. Iako je vrijeme dostave veoma kratko, to i dalje nije dovoljno brzo za duh koji postoji u Tokiću, pa mi je bilo jasno da to smeta mom domaćinu, jer je znao da rješenje nije daleko.

Investicije u ljudski kapital vidljive su na svakom koraku. Program Kaizen (japanska filozofija trajnog napredovanja), dvoje zaposlenika obučenih u MBTI-ju, najvećem globalnom psihometrijskom testu ili modelu koji određuje preferencije kod ljudi. T1 Walk interna edukacijska akademija, u koju je uloženo preko milijun eura. Tokić Edukacijski centar (TEC) je u ponudi u suradnji s Njemačkom obrtničkom komorom u Dortmundu, dakle radi se o kvalifikaciji koja se priznaje u Njemačkoj i šire u EU.

Ljudi, ljudi, ljudi. Ako razvijete ljudski kapital tvrtke, ona će se sama pobrinuti za sebe. A i rezultati govore za sebe. U vrijeme kad hrvatske kompanije redovito prigovaraju da ne mogu pronaći kvalitetne zaposlenike, Tokić Hrvatska svjedoči upravo suprotnome, dok najbolji od najboljih prelaze k njima iz konkurencije, a neki se čak vraćaju i iz mjesta poput Ujedinjenog Kraljevstva.

tokic-croatia (4).jpg

Dok hodate otvorenim i dobro osvijetljenim uredima, nije teško shvatiti zašto. Ovo je obiteljska kompanija, koju su pokrenula dvojica braće, ali koja je izrasla u daleko veću obitelj koja nije povezana srodstvom, nego duhom kompanije, poštovanjem, vrijednošću, transparentnosti i strašću za poboljšanjem. Jedan od razloga može biti i u tome što se kompanija nalazi u Sesvetama, koje ne samo da su najbrže rastući dio Zagreba po broju stanovnika, nego i cijele Hrvatske.

tokic-croatia (8).jpg

Dok smo obilazili ured, zaustavili smo se da bismo porazgovarali s djelatnicima u prolazu o njihovim iskustvima rada u Tokiću Hrvatska. Osim VRLO opuštene uredske kulture, njihova strast i ideja na mene su ostavili utisak, posebno dok mi je jedan od njih pričao kako cijelu noć nije mogao spavati jer je pokušavao riješiti program koji upravlja robotom.

tokic-croatia (7).jpg

Postoje procedure za prigovore, kao i načini da se iznesu prijedlozi. Svaki odjel ima ploču na zidu gdje se takve stvari raspravljaju i rješavaju. Vidio sam više takvih ploča dok smo hodali po tvrtci. Svaka je imala kućicu za prijedloge i jednu za ono što je riješeno. Sve kućice za prijedloge su bile prazne, jer su oni bili raspravljeni i riješeni čim su se pojavili.

Iako Tokić Hrvatska posluje u 14 zemalja, većina operacija se trenutačno odvija u Hrvatskoj, Sloveniji, Italiji i Austriji, te na tim tržištima nudi zaista nevjerojatnu garanciju. Naručite li dio koji vam treba prije 18:00, bit će vam isporučen tijekom sutrašnjeg dana. Tokić posluje i na tržištima istočno od Hrvatske (ima partnere u Makedoniji i Crnoj Gori), ali sebe vide kao europskog igrača njemačke kvalitete, koje opslužuje europsko tržište. Vjeruju da imaju proizvod, zaposlenike i znanje i vještine, kao i inovativnost i agilnost, da bi se na njemu natjecali.

A isto to o njima misle i drugi.

Londonska je burza odabrala Tokić Hrvatsku da bude jedna od 13 europskih kompanija u njihovom ELITE programu. Ovoga studenog Tokić je naveden u prestižnoj grupi kompanija LSE pod nazivom Future Shapers. A kao jedna od 35 članica 29 milijardi eura vrijedne ATR International AG grupe, Tokić je među onima koje drugi suvlasnici najčešće dolaze u posjetu.

tokic-croatia (3).jpg

Šetnja po uredima je pozitivno i opuštajuće iskustvo, udaljeno od nekog stereotipa toga što bi tvrtka koja prodaje auto dijelove trebala biti. Otvoreni prostori, staklo, ali šarene stolice u prostorima za odmor, stolni nogomet za opustiti se i riješiti stresa, čak i knjižnica za razmjenu knjiga među djelatnicima (zabavilo me kad sam primijetio da se najmanji odjeljak zove "Automobili"). I svugdje se vide osmjesi, posvećenost, osjećaj svrhe.

Kultura inkluzivnosti proteže se sve do stila života i partijanja, jer nam je Gadže rekao kako su gostoprimstvo i zabave nešto po čemu je Tokić Hrvatska poznat. Tvrtka svake godine organizira otprilike 12 velikih zabava, od čega je najveća ove godine bila na njihovom Expou u listopadu, gdje je 4000 ljudi slavilo do kasno u noć. Ali, osim zabava i sport je važan dio izgradnje tima. Tokićev trkaći tim sastoji se od 15 vozača, postoji nogometni kup u kojem sudjeluje 24 ekipe od zaposlenika tvrtke, snažno su predstavljeni na Adventskoj utrci u Zagrebu, stolni tenis, biciklizam, a lista ide i dalje.

Kao i korporativna i socijalna odgovornost.

Tokićev pristup edukaciji uključuje vraćanje zajednici. Imaju, na primjer, program vjernosti za mehaničare, gdje se od svakih potrošenih 100 kuna donira 1 kuna strukovnoj školi u Velikoj Gorici. I iako nemaju baš neki interes za profesionalni sport, Tokić Hrvatska aktivno sponzorira dječje sportove. To uključuje Božićni kup u Dubravi, gdje mnoge najbolje ekipe u Europi dovode svoje podmladke (ispod 13 godina) na natjecanje u Zagrebu. U prošlosti je i Luka Dončić bio jedan od natjecatelja.

tokic-croatia (12).jpg

A što s budućnošću tvrtke? Cilj je da postane relevantna srednje-europska kompanija u smislu veličine i prihoda, da se izgradi brand i povjerenje u taj brand, da se ostane u korak s najnovijim dostignućima tehnologije i inovacije. Telematika je jedno od ključnih područja interesa u budućnosti, jednako kao i prediktivno održavanje, čime se Tokić već bavi kroz prediktivne analize, ali još uvijek to nije monetizirao.

Dva sata su mi proletjela, a svijet auto dijelova u Hrvatskoj transformirao se pred mojim očima.

tokic-croatia (2).jpg

Stoga, samo zato što hrvatske kompanije ne pričaju često o svojim uspjesima, to ne znači da se ti uspjesi ne događaju. Vrijedi upravo suprotno, te iako većina odlazi do Tokića da bi kupili neki dio za auto, ogromno ulaganje u ljudski kapital znači da ste tu kupnju obavili u jednoj od 50 najinovativnijih kompanija u Europi.

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Future Shapers: Tokić Among Top 50 Most Innovative Companies in Europe

December 10, 2019 - The leading Croatian car parts seller Tokić was recognised on the London Stock Exchange as one of the Future Shapers, organisations which "shape the future, thanks to their transformational innovations and international expansion".

The strong innovative processes and the highest standards implemented into the everyday business are what got Tokić the prestigious title of "Future Shaper". This is the first one for a Croatian company, reflecting the business strategy in a company that has undergone a serious transformation in a remarkably short time. In two years they have increased their income by 48% and the number of employees by 45%, which required a shift in the internal structure as well.

Tokić was one of 320 European companies taking part in the strictly structured ELITE program by the London Stock Exchange. Recently it was put on the list of top 50 Future Shapers, the companies that shape the market's future, transform the industry through innovation by achieving remarkable business results and financial growth.

''The digital era in which we live has enabled us to open ourselves to innovation – both in terms of products and in terms of business processes. In Tokić, we were enthusiastic enough about our core business and curious enough to see what can be achieved using technology in what we love and know how to do. We put together a team of experienced and talented people on all levels; they are now the foundation of our business and one of the key cogs that put us into the elite group of Future Shapers,'' Ivan Gadže, Tokić CEO told tportal.

''Our ramified business network was a challenge when it came to implementing change – implementation of the new structure of management of people and processes. At the same time the constant contact with our buyers on the field, hearing how they feel about technologies, what types of services they expect, how we can solve their problems in the digital era, that is what was the main force behind this turn.'' Gadže concludes.

The ELITE program brings together companies from different business sectors, which share innovation, opening up to new technologies and markets as well as implementing significant changes in their business. The London Stock Exchange explains that Tokić too 'shapes the future thanks to their transformational innovations and international expansion.'

Today Tokić is the leading Croatian company dedicated to the innovative technologies in the car parts industry, the biggest sales chain of the car parts in Croatia, and authorised importer and distributor for over 230 of the world's leading producers of parts for all types of personal and cargo vehicles. In their 30 years, they've grown from a family business into a regional leader, and their logistics and distribution centre in Sesvete is on the same level as the leading European companies in the car industry.

They also opened the Tokić Education Centre, expanding their business into the education sphere. Today they provide highly sophisticated education and upgrades to the existing knowledge and skills in the areas of car mechanics and car electrics. That also makes them the first company bringing the new dimension into the vocational education, using the modern European standards in the vocational specialisation of workshops and educational institutions. It's still a company owned 100% by the family, they employ over 600 employees in over 110 stores throughout Croatia, offering over 200,000 different items by the well-known producers and brands.

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