Wednesday, 6 March 2019

New Level of Luxury in Croatia: T-Nest Resort in Lika

Yet another step in the direction of branding Croatia as a go-to location for luxury tourism, T-Nest Resort in Lika will soon be built and open its door to their guests. And the guests will be those people who are looking for fancy, luxurious accommodation in the forest, in intact nature, away from the seaside and the crowds there during the high tourist season.

The glamping resort will be built by a company owned by Goran Štrok, a famous Croatian hotelier and entrepreneur, who helped build and run numerous hotels in Dubrovnik. He sold his Dubrovnik company in 2011 and left Croatia to live in London, where he was working as a consultant in the energy business. Apparently, he misses Croatian tourism, so he's back with this project: a plot of land where the T-Nest Resort is being built is over 14 hectares large, it includes a lake, and the resort is planned to include a conference hall, 39 wooden and 31 canvas houses (some of them will be actual tree-houses, built in the tree's canopies), two restaurants etc.

The resort is located near Lovinac, a small village in Lika, and there isn't much around the resort's location - that's why it's said that the silence there can be deafening. The philosophy of the resort will be to keep everything as clean, sustainable and quiet as possible, so the guests will have the option to ride around on electric bikes, the cars will be Tesla electric cars (the Tesla connection is strong: T-Nest is actually short for Tesla's Nest, as Tesla was also born in Lika, not far from where the resort will be located).

Once the resort is completed, it's expected to be among the top "organic luxury" resorts of the world, offering a completely different kind of relaxation to what most other tourist locations are giving their guests.

Each of the houses will have a jacuzzi, sauna, luxury electronics, so that the guests can be fully immersed in nature, without giving up luxury. The planned investment is somewhere around 15 million Euro, and the planned price tag for the rental of the houses will be around 400-500 Euro per night. The construction began last May and is almost done, so the opening of the T-Nest Resort and the first guests are expected later this year, in the fall.

The resort will be open 10 months a year, not only for the high tourist season, and it will employ 70 people full-time and will be run by a foreigner, South-African Steven Pieters, a Croatian son-in-law who left Kempinski Hotel in Dubai to take the position of T-Nest Resort manager.
Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Croatia’s Eco Tourism Future: Could A Resort In Lika-Senj County Lead The Way?

August 1, 2018 — Several signs show the green, eco-conscious tourism industry has attracted investors, who see potential in the still-nascent sector.