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Croatia Music Festivals Return in 2021... including Exit Festival?

November 17, 2020 – After an absence of one season, Croatia music festivals return in 2021. Tickets for some of the biggest events are now on sale and, in today's media, it's suggested Croatia could even host 2021's Exit Festival as it is forced to move from Novi Sad, Serbia. Exit is the biggest music festival in the region.

At the Croatia music festivals site near Tisno, Murter island, 2020 was the quietest summer in almost a decade. Since 2012, the sprawling accommodation and beach complex has played host to Croatia music festivals running consecutively throughout the summer. Each attracting upwards of 5000 international visitors, summers on the beach at The Garden Tisno were one long party of dancing, drinking, partying and music. But, in 2020 everything fell silent.

As reported earlier in Total Croatia News, the festival hosts in Tisno took the opportunity to make improvements to the site in preparation for the return of events. That return is now almost certain to be 2021.

Tickets for the 2021 editions of all the major brands of international Croatia music festivals taking place in Tisno are already on sale. With the full calendar of 2020 Tisno festivals having been cancelled, many attendees have simply held onto their tickets. These tickets are now valid for 2021's rescheduled events. Dimensions, Hospitality On The Beach, Love International, Suncebeat, Outlook Origins, Defected Croatia and Dekmantel Selectors are the festivals already announced for summer 2021 in Tisno.

And far from being a modest return, could 2021 be Croatia's peak year as a host nation? In today's Jutarnji List, it is suggested that Croatia might become the new home for Exit Festival, usually held in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Provisions for workers within the events industry during the pandemic have been met differently across individual nations. In Croatia, the industry-wide crisis was highlighted earlier in 2020 by many famous event venues being lit in red. In Serbia, Exit Festival has incurred debts due to its cancellation and, according to Jutarnji List, the event is faced with losing its workforce due to a lack of financial support.

122774406_10158932491148698_1013880594007771696_o.jpgExit Festival is the largest event of its kind in the region. It is currently held in Novi Sad, Serbia. In 2021, could it become one of the Croatia music festivals? © Exit Festival

One route available to the event organisers is relocating Exit. As its organisers already hold one of the successful Croatia music festivals in Umag, Istria, Jutarnji suggests that Exit could possibly move to Croatia. Before fans of Croatia music festivals get too excited at the prospect, it should be noted that Exit also hold successful events in Montenegro, which is also a very viable alternative host site. And, it should be remembered just how much Exit Festival puts into the local economy - Jutarnji report that, since Exit started, 200 million Euros in tourism has been gained by Serbia from this one event. The article also suggests that Montenegro values Exit 2021 being able to put a potential 30 million Euros into its budget, with the attached value of Montenegro tourism promotion being over one hundred million Euros. It is difficult to imagine such a cash cow so easily being allowed to leave Serbia without financial assistance to Exit being readdressed by Serbian authorities.

A fresh sense of optimism has emerged in recent days, as news of successful COVID-19 vaccines now places the end of the pandemic within sight. However, it could be autumn or winter 2021 before enough people are successfully vaccinated for us all to relax, especially when considering mass gatherings like music festivals. But, as was proved by Croatia music festivals in Sibenik during summer 2020, a template does exist for the successful hosting of large events and music festivals, regardless of the progress of vaccination by summer 2021.

martinska.jpgThe Martinska site for Croatia music festivals hosted over 10, 000 people at events during summer 2020, creating a template by which large scale events can successfully take place while adhering to strict epidemiological guidelines © Seasplash / Pozitivan Ritam

As reported in TCN at the end of this summer, the Martinska music festival site near Sibenik welcomed over 10, 000 festival-goers across their 2020 season. Adhering to the strictest epidemiological guidelines, the festival site recorded zero cases of COVID-19 from its attendees. Whether or not everyone has received a vaccination shot by next summer, and regardless of whether Exit Festival is among them, fans should confidently expect the welcome return of Croatia music festivals in 2021.

Organisers of the Suncebeat festival visit the Croatia music festivals site in Tisno during summer 2020 to see new improvements awaiting those who attend 2021's events

Friday, 25 September 2020

Expect Many English Speaking Visitors to Croatia in 2021, says Google

September 25, 2020 - Croatia is the 14th most searched holiday destination in the world for next year. With over 810, 000 searches on Google, the country should expect a big return of English speaking visitors to Croatia in 2021

Aside from the drop in numbers, the country's accessibility and the implementation of epidemiological guidelines, the biggest effect the Coronavirus pandemic had on Croatia's tourist season of 2020 was the change in visitor demographic. The British, Americans, Canadians and Australians largely stayed away. All that looks set to change next year as Google indicates a big return of English speaking visitors to Croatia in 2021.

Over 810, 000 searches have already been made of Croatia as a holiday destination for 2021 on Google, informing that many thousands are already researching or actively planning a trip. Croatia ranked 14th among the most searched for 2021 destinations, trailing slightly behind the likes of Italy, the Maldives, Mexico, Thailand, Spain and Greece.

01-4_gradska_centralna_plaza_makarska_tz_makarska.jpgTheir language mostly absent from beautiful Adriatic beaches in 2020, English speaking visitors to Croatia in 2021 look set to return © Croatian National Tourist Board

The good news for the return of English speaking visitors to Croatia in 2021 was published by the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA). The data has been taken from a period starting not before March 2020. This means that all searches took place in full knowledge of the ongoing Coronavirus and epidemiological situation. English speaking visitors are undeterred.

Iva Bahunek, the head of the Croatian Tourist Board in Los Angeles has not had the easiest of tasks since the pandemic began. Her appointment is a relatively recent one. Nevertheless, she has clearly done an excellent job of promoting Croatia as a destination for American tourists in 2021. She confirmed the trends are correct - that US citizens are ready for international travel again - by analysing data from the large American travel insurance company Squaremouth. 65% of all reservations for next year refer to international destinations.

52331947_10157169672643675_7765862747379597312_n.jpgIva Bahunek accepting her Mediterranean Stars Award for outstanding achievement in promoting Mediterranean tourism, awarded at the 6th Mediterranean Tourism Forum in Malta, 2019. She now heads the Croatian Tourist Board in Los Angeles and analysed data which backs up Google's prediction for a return of English speaking visitors to Croatia in 2021

Indications from the British market are the same. Total Croatia News recently published an interview with Vedran Meniga, organiser of a music festival site in Sibenik that successfully hosted over 10, 000 festival-goers in summer 2020. Sadly, they were the only ones who braved it. All of the international music festivals that usually take place on the Croatian coast cancelled their 2020 events.

But, some organisers of these festivals have been seen in Croatia over recent weeks, inspecting improvements to the famous The Garden Tisno festival site, which lies at the approach to Murter island. The festival's hugely popular beach stage has had walls removed, its space widened and now looks very well equipped to take on social distancing advice. Music festivals bring tens of thousands of people to Adriatic beaches each summer and the return of the international events will entice English speaking visitors to Croatia in 2021. On the below video you can see Alex Lowes of the Suncebeat Festival and Nick Colgan of The Garden Tisno recently checking out the new layout of the site in preparation for the return of festivals in 2021.

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Thursday, 3 September 2020

PHOTOS: Pula Amphitheatre and Zagreb Arena Lit Red for Events Industry

September 3, 2020 - Three of Croatia's most internationally famous venues in the events industry were lit in spectacular red on Monday. Pula amphitheatre, Zagreb Arena and Fort Punta Christo were bathed in light from sunset until after dark


Three of Croatia's most internationally famous venues used by the events industry were lit in spectacular red on Monday. Pula amphitheatre, Zagreb Arena and Fort Punta Christo, also in Pula were bathed in light from sunset until after dark.

Though the change in appearance was enjoyable and visually impressive, the action was undertaken to send a strong message. It was part of a worldwide campaign to highlight the effects of Coronavirus on the events industry and those who work within it.


Some of the most famous historical buildings, concert venues and event halls in the world joined the Red Alert campaign and were similarly lit on the same night.

Large public events have been put on hold over most of the world under epidemiological guidelines. Seating arrangements in theatres, conference halls, sports and music halls are simply not compatible with social distancing regulations – many such venues could not make a profit by holding events at 50% capacity.

This has affected millions around the world who work in the events industry, from musicians and performers to technicians, bookers, agents, the media, PR representatives, venue management and general staff. Freelancers operating within the events industry are some of the hardest hit and have had all of their income sources removed completely. Many who operate in the events industry are highly trained and skilled, so diversifying into other industries can be problematic.


Pula amphitheatre (also known as Pula Arena) is a massively popular open-air venue in warmer months. It holds spectacular opera, ballet and classical music events as well as hosting a film festival. Like Zagreb Arena, it attracts some of the biggest names in pop and rock music. Fort Punta Christo has become famous all over Europe and further over the last decade, thanks to the internationally renowned Outlook and Dimensions festivals. Those events were supposed to take place in Tisno, at The Garden festival site. But, along with seven further festivals due to be held there this year, they chose to cancel in order to safeguard the health of their attendees and locals.

Fort Punta Christo in Pula is widely known as a host site for international music festivals

The Croatian events industry alone is comprised of 2000 business entities, has more than 12,000 employees, and annually generates HRK 4.5 billion. Autumn/winter 2021 is the soonest estimated point at which large scale events could return to normal. The Red Alert campaign has been undertaken to highlight the plight of the events industry as many sections within it face total collapse if deprived of work until then. 


All photos © Red Alert

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Friday, 1 May 2020

All Seven Music Festivals at The Garden Tisno Canceled in 2020

May 1, 2020 - Because of the current coronavirus pandemic, the festival season at The Garden Resort in Tisno is postponed until 2021, the organizers announced on Thursday, leaving Tisno without seven festivals at The Garden Resort this year.

HRTurizam reports that all seven events at The Garden Resort - Hospitality On The Beach, Love International, SunBeat, Outlook Origins, Defected Croatia, Dimensions and Dekmantel Selectors are delayed, with new dates already booked for next year, points out Nick Colgan, host of The Garden Resort in Tisno, and added:

"It is with very heavy hearts that we have to announce that all seven events at The Garden Resort in Tisno, are now postponed until the summer of 2021 due to the impact of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. Hospitality On The Beach, Love International, SunceBeat, Outlook Origins, Defected Croatia, Dimensions and Dekmantel Selectors all have new dates in place for next year.

We have all been monitoring the situation closely over the last few weeks, hoping that there was a chance for life to return to normal in July. However, it has become clear that local governments and international restrictions on travel and large gatherings will continue for some months to come, leaving us with no choice but to make this very difficult and heart-breaking decision. We take the health and safety of our community, staff and guests very seriously and we will follow the public health guidelines to fight against this worldwide pandemic.

Having worked closely with all the events in question we are very happy to be able to confirm the following dates and calendar for our 2021 season.

Hospitality On The Beach: 8th – 12th July 2021

Love International: 14th – 20th July 2021

Suncebeat: 22nd – 28th July 2021

Outlook Origins: 29th July – 2nd August 2021

Defected Croatia: 5th – 10th August 2021

Dimensions: 12th – 16th August 2021.

Dekmantel Selectors: 26th – 30th August 2021"

This year, festivals and events that bring together a large number of people will not be, both indoors and outdoors.

Loosening measures will not return life to the old ways, either - and it certainly will not mean that events bringing together a large number of people in one place - such as festivals, events, concerts, and sports events, can be organized.

If it is possible to organize them, in an optimistic scenario, it is a question of cost-effectiveness, because the question is how many visits will be made. Furthermore, when will the borders open, and who will travel at all?

Unfortunately, almost all festivals, events and congresses have been canceled or postponed this year, and those that are yet to be held are monitoring the situation day by day. However, it is not realistic to expect that any major events, i.e., large gatherings of people in one place, will be allowed this year, primarily for epidemiological reasons.

Interestingly, Ultra Europe (July 10-12) in Split and the Sea Star Festival (May 22-23) in Porec have not canceled yet, and ticket sales are still active.

The most recent decisions of the Croatian Government, which define epidemiological measures and restrictions to prevent and protect against the spread of COVID-19, imply a ban on public events and gatherings, without a clear date by which it will last. Also, the same announcements by other European governments on the ban on public gatherings in the coming months and on international travel bans are in force, which is why this decision was made.

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Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Dimensions Festival Completes 2020 Lineup for New Chapter in Tisno

February  5, 2020 - This summer, the Dimensions Festival will be held for the first time in Dalmatia, from August 13-17, in three locations; The Garden Resort in Tisno, St. Michael’s Fortress in Šibenik, and the after-party at the cult Barbarella disco in Pirovac. 

T.portal writes that the 9th edition of the Dimensions Festival will showcase a carefully selected mix of top emerging artists and music pioneers, with a lot of attention paid to production details. The introduction to the festival will be the opening concert at St. Michael’s Fortress in the center of Sibenik, where the main guest, Floating Points, will present his latest album "Crush" in an audio-visual show, along with other classics. He will be supported by Mafalda, with his dance mix of jazz, soul and Brazilian music. Other opening artists will be announced shortly.

The final list of festival guests to perform at The Garden Resort include techno pioneers Underground Resistance, Atlanta DJ and music journalist Ash Lauryn with her timeless house, intergalactic sound machine Freakenstein, rhythm innovator Batu, legendary dub techno don Moritz von Oswald, king of minimal house Voigtmann and favorite house, soul and disco selector Red Greg. Dimensions will be hosted by Michael Upson, known for his Love Muscle events in Leeds, the cult Dutch VBX team that regularly organizes programs at the Amsterdam Dance Event, and the Stamp The Wax music magazine with its own DJ discovery trove.

The best performers of the region are inevitable as well, with resident status on Dimensions already held by Peter Dundov and Elijah Rudman, joined by Le Chocolat Noir and Zarkoff, and the latest acquisition from the region, Belgrade band Bella Technika, which will perform their long-running debut "Section" released with the cooperation of the Belgrade label Odličan Hrčak (sub-label Bravo Boys) and PDV.

All these names have been added to a great list of electronic music stars that have already been featured, like DJs Stingray, Zip, The Hacker, Tikiman & Scion, dBridge, Mafalda, Helena Hauff, Pearson Sound, Skee Mask b2b Stenny, Surgeon, Marcellus Pittman, Francesco Del Garda, Detroit in Effect, Margaret Dygas, Darwin, re: ni, Awesome Tapes from Africa and many others.

Regional visitors have the opportunity to buy a cheaper early bird regional festival ticket this year, both through the Entrio system and at Entrio outlets. In the coming months, details of the opening concert, line-up at the festival beach and party boats will be announced.

You can find the full lineup here.

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Friday, 13 December 2019

Outlook Origins Directors Talk About Opening New Chapter in Tisno

December 13, 2019 - TCN caught up with the directors of the Outlook music festival to learn more about the first release of Outlook Origins next summer. 

After a decade establishing itself as the most iconic and essential bass music event in Croatia, 2020 sees Outlook Festival open an innovative new chapter with the announcement of Outlook Origins. This all-new proposition for 2020 takes place across three special locations; The Garden Resort in Tisno for the main festival, world-famous Barbarella's for after-parties, and St Michaels Fortress for an all-new and very special opening concert.

TCN caught up with the organizers to learn more.

After a decade of Outlook Festival in Pula, you open a new chapter next summer in Tisno. What was the reasoning behind moving locations? 

Outlook has been putting on Festivals in Croatia now for twelve years. Starting our journey at The Garden (Petrcane) in 2008 and eventually arriving at the gates of Fort Punta Christo in 2010. As event organisers (and music fans), we've been fortunate to hold some incredible parties with some of the biggest names in sound system culture, and do so in one of the most unique locations for events in the world. From massive opening concerts in Pula's 2000-year-old amphitheatre to the Harbour, Moat and Ballroom, our set-up at Fort Punta Christo offered people an experience unlike any other. 

It's been an amazing experience for us in Pula and after ten years at the fort, we as organisers were keen to explore something new. Running such a massive event, welcoming thousands of music fans from across the globe takes a lot of work and a venue as unique as the Fort brings with it further challenges (safety, power, sound, production or beyond). We felt it was time to find a new challenge and explore other exciting routes to develop the festival and embrace sound system culture.

How will Outlook Origins be different compared with the previous editions of the Outlook Festival in Pula we know so well?

Outlook Origins explores a new model for us as a festival - one where we work closely with twelve of the scene's brightest names in sound system culture to curate our line-up. A festival line-up with some of our musical heroes working alongside - what could be better! 

Exploring everything from drum and bass and dub, to reggae, roots, grime, garage and beyond, our curators will ensure the true scope of 'Outlook's' sound is represented. Alongside this, the festival becomes more intimate, offering the audience an opportunity to get up-close to the music and the artists. The Garden site is a well-loved home to many festivals, with an array of great facilities, food, drink and idyllic beach in which to enjoy outside of the music. Next summer, we'll add the Outlook touch to the site, with sound (Sinai Sound System), production, knowledge and workshops and much more still to be announced!

How will the opening concert at St. Michael’s Fortress in Sibenik compare to the Pula Arena?

This year is very much about moving forward and keeping our eyes on our plans for 2020. St. Michael's fortress is a spectacular venue with eye-dropping scenes surrounding it. It brings with it an opportunity for us as programmers to review our current model and find artists that are a perfect fit for such a space! Opening our festival the last couple of years with a massive concert (and one that has been held in a 2000-year-old amphitheatre) has been a dream - we're very excited to be able to do the same again for Outlook Origins, stay tuned for more information on the line-up early in the New Year.

What about Outlook Origins will festival-goers look forward to most next summer?

There will be lots to look forward to next year; we'll have stages of music programmed alongside our Curators bringing their favourite artists, sounds and party-starters with us to The Garden. The Outlook Boat parties will be back in full-force, as well as beach parties, after-parties and so much more. We're confident Outlook fans old and new will experience something unforgettable! There are lots more still to be revealed - keep your eyes on our channels early in the New Year!

Finally, a message to your fans in Croatia?

We are excited to be coming back to Croatia in summer next year and hope our audience are as excited about the change as we are. Outlook Origins represents something brand new for the festival, at a new location with lots of fresh ideas – we revel in our history and our time at the fort and feel extremely privileged to have found such a unique and unforgettable space to host our event over the last decade. We hope you'll join us all for the next chapter.

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Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Tisno to Wait at Least Another 3 Years for 95 Million Euro Luxury Hotel

The island of Murter will have to wait at least a further three years for its first luxury hotel complex to be built in the Municipality of Tisno. The project's investor is Russian Aleksej Frolov.

As Novac/Dora Koretic writes on the 12th of November, 2019, back at the end of October, an investor, Aqua Relaxio, asked the Municipality of Tisno to extend its planned construction start date by three years, which, by a contract signed with Tisno back in 2014, had been defined by the end of 2019.

By that date (according to the contract) Aqua Relaxio was to start realising its 95 million euro luxury five-star luxury hotel in the Prisliga-Jazine area, where Frolov's company had purchased a land worth 30 million kuna from the Municipality of Tisno.

Their official request, which was publicly announced on the local self-government unit's website, explains that the inability to start construction from the contract was due, among other things, to the delayed process of conceptual design of the complex. The conceptual design was originally designed by an architect from nearby Šibenik, Nikola Bašić, but the investor later decided to choose architect Boris Podrecca, a Slovene-Italian architect, after Bašić apparently "could not make the necessary and required adjustments" to the design.

Therefore, Podrecca's design solution turned out to be a better concept for the investor, but, as was clarified later on in the explanation provided, its cost exceeded the budget of around 30 million euros, which is why the investor ordered a revision of the concept.

"As all of the above required additional time and because of the impossibility of obtaining concessions at the planned maritime domain intervention, as well as the impossibility of defining a concession area with the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, we were unable to obtain the relevant building permits for the request," the company's statement explained, but its director, Anastasia Petričević, didn't want to comment on it officially.

The Municipality of Tisno's Ivan Klarin has more or less confirmed the above statement, claiming that the deadline for the beginning of construction has been extended and because changes to the urban plan have to be done.

''The extension of the deadline was approved because of the illogical request that the bypass, which is to be built by the Municipality of Tisno, be included in the urban plan of the project, which has never been a practice because it's unclear why something built by a local government unit would enter the UPU of a private project. However, the municipality will comply with this request, we'll initiate a new modification of the UPU under a shortened procedure, but it will take us five to six months,'' Klarin said.

The request that pushed back the deadlines for the hotel's construction came from Šibenik-Knin County, which is run by HDZ, which of course has caused people in some circles to suspect that the extension of the deadling for the implementation of the construction of the first luxury hotel on the island is actually due to politics, because the Tisno Municipality is run by SDP.

Either way, it is more than likely that the project will not be completed in 2020 as was initially planned.

The conceptual design was presented to the councilors in Tisno back in June 2018 when the construction of a complex which will boast 80 rooms, 50 apartments and 25 luxury villas was announced. The project also included the construction of a harbour with 25 berths, and in addition to tourist facilities, the complex should also offer its guests health services such as detoxification, weight management programs and anti-stress programs.

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Tuesday, 9 July 2019

The Summer Season at the Garden Resort in Tisno Started

The Garden Resort in Tisno recently started another summer season full of festival activities, in which they hope to attract over 20,000 visitors!

It started as one festival, but it grew over the years and in 2019 there will be 6 international festival events during July and August. The bay with a perfect beach is one of the most amazing festival stages in Europe, and it attracts visitors from all over the world to their more intimate musical events. Nick Colgan, the owner of the destination and the Garden Resort brand says that 2019 will be their best season yet, in terms of the number of visitors, and that they've secured the contract for the next 3 years, which means that their events will be held at the same place at least until 2022. Their concept of a vacation with the musical background attracts visitors from over 40 countries, and Love International is a perfect addition to their concept. The Garden Resort and the event held there during the summer are crucial for the tourism of Tisno and the area, as people from all over the world know about Tisno as the location where Garden Resort is located, Ivan Klarin, municipal head adds. In 2019, they added another festival, Fuliranje (which is well-known to anyone who's recently visited Advent in Zagreb).

The festival season in Tisno has begun with Love International Festival, organized for the fourth year by Dave Harvey and Tom Paine, which closes tomorrow. Many of the DJs that perform at the festival stay a bit longer, make a vacation out of it, because they enjoy Tisno so much.

After Love International, Hospitality On The Beach drum'n'bass festival is next, starting on July 11th, and after that the famous and long-lasting SunceBeat festival starts on July 24, celebrating their tenth anniversary in Croatia. In early August Fuliranje na Moru (Seaside Fuliranje) starts, August 8th is the first day of Defected Croatia house festival. The final festival of the season is Dekmantel Selectors, starting on August 22nd.

The list of the performers for these festivals is long, and here are just some of them: Peggy Gou, DJ Harvey, Optimo, Jan Kinčl & Regis Kattie, Adriatic Coasting Team from Garden, Andy C, Noisia, High Contrast David Morales, Gilles Peterson, Jayda G, Armand Van Helden, Denis Ferrer, Roger Sanchez, Ben UFO, DJ Marcelle, Objekt, Darko Rundek & Ekipa, Urban & 4, Goran Bare with Majke, Parni Valjak, Vojko V.

Nick Colgan added that they're constantly improving the venue, that they have new mobile homes in The Garden Resort, glamping capabilities in the camp, hostel etc, and that currently over 600 people can be accommodated at the location of the festival, while the others are located in Tisno and the surrounding area. This year they're working even harder than ever at preserving the nature of the location, as they've procured the biodegradable cups and utensils, and are working with beer can vendor on the project "Each Can Counts", trying to teach people of the importance of recycling. Their goal is to completely remove any plastic from the location.

The Guardian once put Tisno on their list of top ten best European festival locations, and the people working on the Garden Resort experience are doing their best to keep it that way! Find out more information about the festivals here.

Monday, 13 August 2018

Get to Know Sailing Club Žal, Oldest Sports Organization on Murter

How much do you know about the oldest sports organization on Murter? 

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Croatia's Foreign Entrepreneurs: Heike, from Germany to Tisno on Murter

January 17, 2018 - Continuing our look at the foreign entrepreneurs trying to make it in Croatia, meet Heike from Germany who - along with husband Chris - have swapped stressful life in Germany for idyllic island Dalmatian living in Tisno on Murter. 

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