Friday, 10 November 2017

Zagreb – City of Poetry Festival Kicks off on Saturday

Take part in an event celebrating the life and works of Tin Ujević in his favourite restaurants on November 11.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Exhibition at the Tin Ujevic Tower in Vrgorac

The birth place of the famous Croatian poet Tin Ujević is turned into an gallery, as Vrgorac artists exhibit there this summer. The very popular Kapetanović tower is open for visitors from 9 till 13 and from 17 till 20 every day with a lovely host Kate to show you around.

The exhibition is growing as the summer progresses and these are the latest pieces (from Vrgorac tourist board FB page):

Don´t miss this wonderful place full of history and art in Vrgorac.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

A Hajduk Scarf Keeps the Tin Ujevic Statue Warm in Imotski

I am not a football fan. As a foreigner and a woman in Dalmatia my lack of enthusiasm for Hajduk Split is respected. It might not be the case, if I was a local. Nevertheless, even though I am not a football fan and not following news too much, I still know, Hajduk Split is currently encouraging people all over Dalmatia to become members of the club. The goal for this year is 15.000 members and 50.000 should be reached by the end of this decade.

And so, it is not surprising to see the statue of Tin Ujevic in Imotski covered in a scarf of Hajduk Split as Dalmacija News reported yesterday January 13, 2016. It might be to keep Tin Ujevic warm, but for many in Imotski and Dalmatia, he just looks much better like this!!

(photo: Milan Šabić / CROPIX)

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Split - Stari Grad Ferry: Bring Your Own Refreshments

With Splt in peak season, more and more people are heading out to the islands, with Hvar being one of the most popular destinations. Some 3,000 people are expected to use the ferry to the main port of Stari Grad this Saturday, a two-hour crossing in a packed ferry that will take place with no working cafe on board.

The financial inspectors have temporarily closed down the cafe on the ferry which does the route, Tin Ujevic, which will remain closed until at least Sunday, so you are strongly advised to bring your own refreshments for the journey. 

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Tin Ujević Poetry Recital on the Eponymous Ferry to Hvar

Celebrating one of Croatia's best-loved poets.