Monday, 29 August 2022

The Sun Shines Spotlight on Isolated Croatian Porer Lighthouse

August the 29th, 2022 - Ever fancied really heading off the beaten path and embracing true isolation? It might well be the last thing on your mind after having to suffer through two years of intermittent periods of isolation, lockdowns, and the threat of being fined for daring to meet up with other people, but if the coronavirus pandemic made you develop a taste for getting away from the world, perhaps the Croatian Porer lighthouse is right up your street.

The Sun has thrown the limelight on the Croatian Porer lighthouse, which was constructed back in the 1830s and sits atop a rocky islet just southwest of the Istrian peninsula's southernmost cape. You can stay here, and The Sun has caught on to just how cheap it is, which would make sense considering there are absolutely no amenities and it's recommended that you don't attempt a swim in the surrounding waters, however inviting the sparkling Adriatic might look.

As Morski writes, the British tabloid The Sun devoted several lines to the Croatian Porer lighthouse, which is located less than a mile away from the mainland of Istria. A 35-metre-tall tower rises above the house where the apartment which can be rented is situated, and the islet itself only three metres high without the lighthouse included.

The apartment there has two bedrooms, each with a double bed, a bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen.

''Make sure you're ready when you arrive - you can get there only by a 35-minute boat ride from Premantura, which will cost you 373 kuna. Be sure to bring enough food and drinks for your stay on the island because there is nothing else on it, so you will need to cook your own meals during your stay,'' the British tabloid warns its readers who might be eager to engage in some post-pandemic Robinson tourism. The Sun adds that you've shot it if you need an Internet connection and WiFi, because there is none, but everything is compensated for by the amazing view on offer, especially at sunset.

If you're a keen swimmer and just can't keep yourself dry for five minutes when spending time near the glorious Croatian Adriatic Sea, then this destination might not be for you. Due to the extremely strong and dangerous sea currents which surround the Croatian Porer lighthouse, which can reach speeds of up to three knots in stronger winds, swimming, especially for children, isn't recommended. The currents around the islet are very strong even throughout the day, so even good swimmers shouldn't swim out more than fifty meters from the shoreline of the islet. The waves are extremely strong, especially in winter.

The underwater area near the islet of Porer is attractive for diving, characterised by shoals of fish and underwater cliffs. In the surrounding shallows lie Krsin, Fenoliga and Veliki Balkun, all of which are the ghostly remains of ships which mate watery fates during storms.

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Tuesday, 11 August 2020

The Times and The Sun Nominate Croatia for Best Destination in World

August 11, 2020 - Croatia has been included in the selection for the prestigious Best Country award 2020, which is awarded by popular British newspapers The Times & The Sunday Times and The Sun to decide the best country in the world.

Awarded for the eighth time, the shortlist of nominees this year includes some of the world's best destinations, namely France, Turkey, the USA, Dubai, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Thailand, reports HTZ.

"We are extremely proud of this nomination by which we have strengthened the position our country enjoys in the UK market, while also confirming that our intensified marketing activities in the UK are yielding excellent results. I call on all Croatian fans to take the opportunity and give a voice to Croatia, which absolutely deserves to be on such an important list," said the director of the Croatian Tourist Board Kristjan Stanicic.

Voting will last until the end of October, and the final winner will be decided by readers who can vote via the following link (VOTE HERE) and thus also participate in a prize game in which they can win exclusive prizes such as a holiday in Barbados and the Dominican Republic. In addition to the best country category, you can vote in 12 other categories such as the best city, airline and tour operator.

The award ceremony will take place in November, most likely virtually, given the current epidemiological situation. Recall, The Times & The Sunday Times are currently the best-selling print newspaper in the UK, read by almost three million people a day, while The Sun is one of the most popular newspapers with a monthly reach of over 37 million readers.

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Monday, 8 April 2019

The Sun: Croatia More Expensive for Tourists than Other Destinations

Due to the uncertainty surrounding the departure from the European Union, British tourists have postponed their decision where they will go for their annual vacation, which has prompted some destinations to lower their prices in order to attract guests. Prices have fallen in some of the most popular destinations for British tourists, such as Spain, Cyprus and Bulgaria. But not in Croatia, specifically in Zadar, which has also been popular among Brits for the last several years. In fact, the prices here have risen, so Zadar is now the most expensive among the six destinations whose prices have been compared by The Sun, the UK's top-selling newspaper, reports on April 8, 2019.

The most significant drop in prices occurred in Mallorca, where the cost of a week-long vacation for a four-member family dropped by 21.6 per cent, to around 2,700 British pounds. This includes accommodation, lunches, dinners, drinks and the like.

A slight decrease, with lower prices, has been recorded at Costa Del Sol, also in Spain, where costs for a week fell by 17.7 per cent, to 2,041 pounds.

Cyprus is also trying to lower its price and attract the Brits. In Paphos, the prices for this season are 10.5 per cent lower than in 2018, so a week of vacation at the destination would cost a four-member family around 2,378 pounds.

Among the selected destinations, the cheapest is Sunny Beach in Bulgaria where a week costs just 1,912 euros. Bulgarians have also lowered their prices compared to last year, by 9.7 per cent.

Turkey, which has started to return to the tourist market after political turmoil, has increased its prices. British tourists can spend a week in Marmaris for 2,286 euro, which is an increase of 4.6 per cent over the previous year.

The most expensive destination and the one with the highest growth prices is Croatia, or more precisely Zadar, where a four-family family, according to The Sun’s calculations, would need 3,188 euro for a one-week stay, an increase of 12.7 per cent compared to the last year.

Obviously, there is no fear of a possible decline in the number of British tourists coming to Croatia, or perhaps it is expected guests from other countries will replace them. In previous years, Croatia saw steady growth in the number of guests from the UK. In the period from 2011 to 2016, their numbers increased by 260,000, to 640,000.

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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

"Shocking Footage": Behavior of Croatian Football Hooligans Highlighted by UK Media (Video)

To be fair, this is not the first time Croatian hooliganism has caught the eye of international media.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Split-Tacular: The Sun Names 7 Reasons to Visit Dalmatian Coast

The Sun, a popular daily tabloid published in the UK and Ireland, names 7 reasons you should visit the Dalmatian coast.