Sunday, 3 July 2022

Tesla & Friends Event to Take Place Between the 9th and 11th of July

ZAGREB, 3 July 2022 - The Tesla & Friends event will take place in Zagreb from 9 to 11 July and will include the presentation of annual awards and a conference on smart and innovative cities. 

The event is organised by the Nikola Tesla - Genius for the Future association to mark the 116th anniversary of the birth of the famous scientist and inventor and the ninth Nikola Tesla Day, the day of science, technology and innovation.

It will open with a demonstration of Tesla's experiments at the Nikola Tesla Technical Museum. In the evening of the same day, 9 July, a multidisciplinary performance called "Magnetic Field of Play" will be held, and Tesla's image will be projected at the fountains near the National and University Library.

On 10 July, Tesla's birthday, commemorative programmes will be held at the Nikola Tesla Monument and the Hotel Esplanade, where annual awards will be presented in three categories. A conference on smart and innovative cities will follow at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce on 11 July and will include a panel discussion on sustainable waste management.

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