Thursday, 24 February 2022

HT Posts HRK 614M In Net Profit in 2021

ZAGREB, 24 Feb 2022 - Hrvatski Telekom (HT) generated a net profit of HRK 614.4 million in 2021, which is 7.1% more than in 2020, the telecommunications company reported on Thursday.

According to the information published on the Zagreb Stock Exchange, HT ended the year with total revenue of HRK 7.5 billion, which is one percent less than in 2020 while the HT Group's "organic revenue" in 2021 registered an increase of 1.1% on the year.

Total consolidated net revenue decreased by HRK 64 million or 0.9% y-o-y with the group's revenue decreasing by 1.1% while Crnogorski Telekom in Montenegro registered an increase of 2.5%.

Total expenditure was decreased by 1.4% on the year and amounted to HRK 6.7 billion.

"Organic EBITDA after loans increased 7.9% on the year which is an increase of EBITDA after loans for the fifth quarter in a row and confirms the continuation of strong positive business development and effects of transformation measures."

In the past five years, investments amounted to HRK 9 billion, making HT the biggest investor. Capital investments in 2021 were more than HRK 1.7 billion, which is more than the 1.6 billion planned.

Last year HT paid HRK 742 million in dividends to its shareholders, the company told Hina.

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Thursday, 21 October 2021

Hrvatski Telekom Presents Capabilities of 5G+ Network

ZAGREB, 21 Oct 2021 - The Hrvatski Telekom (HT), a leading telecom in Croatia, on Thursday presented capabilities of the 5G+ network, which provides a speed of 4 Gbit/s and network response times of only ten milliseconds.

However, its commercial use in Croatia is not going to be possible for yet another year or two due to the lack of adequate devices and telephones.

"5G+ network is based on 26 GHz frequencies and will cover areas that require the best network performance, and will provide 4 to 8 times higher capacity in areas with the highest requirements for the use of data services," the company says on its website.

HT noted that 5G+ was only just emerging in Europe and that Croatia was among the first countries where it is being developed while a member of the Management Board of Hrvatski Telekom and CTIO, Boris Drilo, underscored that that technology already has been existing in America for several years now, adding that smart telephones for that technology exist only in Korea.

Recalling that HT had purchased a frequency spectrum for 5G, Drilo explained that currently, 5G operates on the spectra of 700 Mhz and 3.6 GHz, whereas 5G+ is implemented on a spectrum of 26 GHz.

"With 5G+ network performances we have shown today, we have demonstrated the exciting future we have with 5G technology. The e-mobility and EV segment is just one of the branches that will experience a full boom thanks to 5G. Due to the large spectrum width, the 26 GHz frequency band will be crucial in the future for achieving high capacities as well as high peak transmission speeds. This will enable the development of new customer services that will be able to use high capacity and ultra-low latency, such as, for example, campus networks for Industry 4.0," Drilo was quoted as saying. 

He underscored that the current technology will be faster and more reliable which is important for many segments in transport, electric vehicles, and filling stations.

That means faster and better connections for electric vehicles, smart traffic lights, parking, and e-filling stations of which there are currently 600 in Croatia, the head of HT's e-mobility project Dina Novosel said. Half of those stations are managed by HT, and with regard to the current amount of 2,000 electric vehicles, that is sufficient for the time being but it will have to be increased given the trends in the automobile industry.

5G however will not immediately accelerate and resolve everything and that will take some time.

According to HT, currently, there are about 100,000 5G phones in use in its network in Croatia.

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