Friday, 26 July 2019

Lucky Donkey Sh*t a Hit Croatian Souvenir

July 26, 2019 - What can Croatia offer tourists wanting to take home a unique Croatian souvenir from their travels? While we’re more than familiar with red-and-white checkered clothing items from shirts to caps, delicate bags of fresh lavender, wine and olive oil or your cheap (and probably misspelled) fridge magnets or beach towels from China, the owner of an OPG from Telašćica has come up with perhaps the most original souvenir of them all - donkey sh*t. 

“It’s donkey sh*t and as a souvenir it is great. We called it 'Lucky Donkey Shit', which means it’s lucky sh*t, so Croatian and foreign tourists are happy to buy it,” said Sebastijan Jagić for, whose father Goran, known as Cape, sells the donkey waste among a plethora of souvenirs in Telašćica on the island of Dugi Otok.

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“It's not so easy for us, there's a lot of work around this ‘lucky sh*t’. Namely, when our donkeys defecate, they make a big pile - but only one deuce is different than the rest, and we have to find it in that pile. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to recognize because it is full of grass and is quite different in its composition. When we pull it out, we put it in a box and sell it,” explains Sebastijan.

The price of this ‘lucky sh*t” is 40 kuna.

“People do not even ask for the price. It is important for them that ‘Lucky Donkey Shit’ brings them luck and our sh*t travels all over Europe,” says Sebastijan.

And you might be wondering if there is a foul odor or smell?

“As I explained, it comes from a special part of the waste that is mostly grass. So it does not have any smell. You can freely open the box where we sell it and see for yourself,” explained Sebastijan.

The Mayor of the Municipality of Sali, Zoran Morović, welcomes this unique initiative. 

"I know it is sold in Telašćica, and the idea came from that family. I see nothing bad about it, especially in the flood of all kinds of souvenirs. This is at least original, and if it weren’t liked, so many people would not have bought it,” said Morović. 

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