Friday, 13 November 2015

Croatian Finance Minister: It's Time to Punish the Banks and Make Money on Their Stupidity

After the Croatian Constitutional Court decided on November 12, 2015 that disputed Swiss Franc loan conversions will remain in effect until the Court arrives at a final decision, Croatian Finance Minister Boris Lalovac commented on the latest turn of events:

„I hope this is now a done deal and I would like to thank the citizens of Croatia for believing in us“. Minister Lalovac also announced that all banks that have tried to distance themselves from the conversion using various contract annexes in case the Constitutional Court annulled the Swiss Franc law will be penalised.

„It is high time for people to receive their new payment slips with lowered instalments since that is fair and realistic. As for the banks, they speculated, waited for the elections and now they got themselves in trouble. They printed something in small letters in the annexes thinking it would scare off the citizens counting on this law to be annulled“ Lalovac added.

He stressed that banks now have 24 hours to print out new contract annexes, they have to distribute them all over again, they have to get everyone in the bank involved otherwise they will be severely punished by both the Ministry of Finance and Croatian National Bank.  

Lalovac's statement comes after several bank loan users warned him that some banks are distributing new contract annexes with a paragraph stating that in case t Law is annulled by the Constitutional Court, newly signed contract would not have any legal effect: „So, we stand to actually make some money out of the arrogance and stupidity of the banks. Today, Constitutional Court confirmed what the banks are doing is not ok and that they have very little time to make things right. Whether they will have enough time, I don't knw, that's their speculation but I can sense that they will be visited by the Ministry of Finance and the Croatian National Bank very soon to see whether everything was done according to rules and regulations. They will be penalised because they added something to the contract which never should have been there in the first place“ Lalovac concluded.   

Saturday, 19 September 2015

President of the European Central Bank Criticizes the Solution for Loans in Swiss Francs

The President of the European Central Bank weighs in on the Swiss Franc loan affair. 

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Foreign Banks to Sue the Government Due to the Conversion of Loans in Swiss Francs

A small spanner in the works in government plans to convert Swiss Franc loans? 

Monday, 31 August 2015

Should Companies Also be Able to Convert Loans in Swiss Francs into Euros?

Swiss Franc loan conversions for businesses, as well as citizens. 

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