Saturday, 18 December 2021

Adriatic Fast Ferries Launches New Sutivan-Split Catamaran Line

December the 18th, 2021 - There is more than just Jadrolinija to travel between Split and the nearby island of Brac with thanks to the Rijeka-based company Adriatic Fast Ferriers, who have introduced a brand new Sutivan-Split catamaran line.

As Morski writes, based entirely on a private initiative launched by Adriatic Fast Ferries d.o.o. from Rijeka, a brand new Sutivan-Split catamaran line has been launched, which will provide transport between the mainland Port of Split to this popular Brac island location.

The Municipality of Sutivan has said that the initiative to introduce a new catamaran line was launched by a maritime transport company, founded by a Croatian and Swedish entrepreneur with many years of experience in working with shipping and travel agencies under their belt.

The new Sutivan-Split catamarine line will operate over the weekends. It began its very first operations on Friday, December the 17th. On Fridays and Sundays, the catamaran will depart from Split at 16:25, and from Sutivan on the island of Brac, otherwise the third largest island in Croatia, at 17:00.

On Saturday, two lines are planned, and they will depart from Split at 07:25 and at 12:00, while from Sutivan to Split they will depart at 08:00 and at 12:35. The trip will take 20 minutes in total, and detailed information can be found by clicking here.

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Friday, 18 June 2021

New Line for Summer: Fast Boat Connecting Split and Sutivan Now Operating!

June 18, 2021 - A new fast line connects Split and Sutivan on Brač this summer, allowing tourists and locals even more options between the island and the mainland. 

Namely, since June 15, the new daily line has been in operation (excluding Sundays) from Split to Sutivan on Brač Island. 


Line operated by Krilo Shipping Company

Boat: KSC "Naranča"

Crossing time: 30 Minutes

Ticket price: 30 Kuna


Preseason and postseason: June 15 - July 1 & August 30 - September 15


Monday - Friday from Split at 09:30 & 16:15

Saturdays from Split at 09:30 


Monday - Friday from Sutivan at 10:15 & 17:00

Saturdays from Sutivan at 10:15

You can find the table with the details below:


In the high season, the schedule changes, and the boat will proceed to Milna after Sutivan on the evening ride. You can find the table of the departures and arrivals in Sutivan and Milna below:



Starting from July 1, the company will start connecting Split and Bol on a daily basis, twice a day.

Line operated by Krilo Shipping Company

Boat: KSC "Jaffa"

Crossing time: 60 Minutes

Ticket price: 100 Kuna for adults; kids from 4 - 12 years of age: 50 Kuna; infants 0-3 years of age: free of charge.


Monday - Sunday from Split at 09:30 & 17:00


Monday - Sunday from Bol at 11:00 & 18:30

You can find the table with the schedule below:



The line is operated by tourist agency (Accommodo vobis doo), located at Obala Lazareta 3 in Split (between coffee bar Jimmy and Terminal F, facing the port). The agency has sold tickets for Krilo for the last few years. KSC is a boating company with a regular year-round line connecting Split and Rogač on Šolta and Milna on Brač island.  

Tickets can be bought at Obala lazareta 3. Currently, cash payment is only accepted, but card payment will be introduced soon. 

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Thursday, 5 March 2020

Sutivan and Split to be Connected by Catamaran in Peak Season

March 5, 2020 - Welcoming news out of Sutivan on Brac island today as a catamaran line will connect the island town and Split in just 20 minutes this season.

Many have forgotten, and most do not know, that Sutivan was once directly connected to Split by a boat line whose number and type have changed over the years. But after the construction of the new ferry port in Supetar, Sutivan, as well as other coastal towns of Brac, has no direct connection with Split, with the exception of MB Mali Jure, which for several years tried to maintain a connection but ultimately gave up. 

Thus, Dalmacija Danas reports that with the joint efforts of the Municipality of Sutivan, the Municipality of Milna and the company "Krilo Shipping Company", at its 54th session, the Coastal Shipping Agency, gave its consent for a daily commute between Milna - Sutivan - Split and vice versa every day from July 3, 2020, to August 30, 2020.

Passengers who board the catamaran in Sutivan will arrive in Split in 20 minutes, as will passengers from Split to Sutivan. It goes without saying that this will facilitate the lives of islanders or anyone looking to arrive and depart from Sutivan. Until now, passengers traveling without a car are connected via the slower and more expensive ferry service via Supetar.

So, how much will the catamaran line set you back? A one-way ticket will cost only 30,00 kn, for islanders 14,00 kn while for pensioners the ticket is completely free of charge.

This is huge news for the Municipality of Sutivan and news that we think will be welcome by most of us along the Dalmatian Coast. The first season will determine whether this line has the potential to extend the period of its operations in the future, the Municipality of Sutivan said. 

For now, we can all look forward to the return of this catamaran line, connecting Milna - Sutivan - Split from July 3, 2020, to August 30, 2020.

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Monday, 19 February 2018

New Fire Station and Fire Engines for Supetar

Supetar is learning from the disasters of last year and pouring more funding into fire safety.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

A New 5-Star Hotel has Opened on Brač

Hotel Lemongarden is the brand new 5-star hotel that opened in Sutivan on the island of Brač.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Sutivan Cycling Heaven: XCM Uvati Vitar 2016 on Brac: The Video

More biking excellence from Amalas Studio in Sutivan on the island of Brac on June 5, 2016 - XCM Uvali Vitar 2016, the video. 

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Brač: 25 Things to Know About Croatia's Tallest Island

Brač - Island of culture and adventure