Tuesday, 20 September 2022

Huge Five Million Kuna Sisak Supernova Project Begins

September the 20th, 2022 - The Sisak Supernova project, worth five million kuna in total, is going full steam ahead and will last for a twelve month period.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, grants were awarded to the company Supernova projekti d.o.o. as the project holder for a project aimed at increasing the use of renewable energy sources in its shopping centres in Croatia, specifically in Sisak.

The Sisak Supernova project is otherwise being co-financed with funds from the financial mechanism of the European Economic Area (EEA), which will contribute to the goals of the European Green Plan through the installation of solar power plants at the Supernova centres in Sisak.

The member companies of the Supernova group - Supernova projekti d.o.o. and Supernova Sisak West d.o.o., as well as partner company Sirius Sisak East d.o.o. are planning the implementation of three pilot projects for the construction of integrated photovoltaic power plants on the roofs of the Supernova Sisak East and Supernova Sisak West shopping centres. The realisation of the project will last for one year, and one of the main goals of is to promote the use of sustainable energy sources in the trade sector in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase the security of supply and contribute to the goals of the wider European Green Plan.

The latest investment follows the green transition of the Supernova Group and its partners through the use of electricity from photovoltaic power plants and in other Supernova centres across the Republic of Croatia where this will be possible. The project down in Sibenik has recently started being implemented, while preparatory work is being carried out at the facilities in both Karlovac and Buzin.

The total value of the latest projects at the Supernova centres in Sisak will amount to more than 628 thousand euros, or almost five million kuna. European Union (EU) funds will co-finance 41.64 percent of the total value of the project, which is slightly less than 2 million kuna, more precisely 261,564.08 euros, while the rest of the costs will be covered by the applicant's and their partners' own funds.

The Sisak Supernova project proposal envisages the construction of three integrated photovoltaic power plants, SE Sisak East and SE-1 Sisak West and SE-2 Sisak West with a total installed capacity of 722.42 kWp, which will produce 751,224 kWh/year of renewable energy. In accordance with the achieved increase in energy production from RES, the project will contribute directly to a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the amount of 119.14 tCO2 per year. Thanks to the installation of solar panels, the Supernova Sisak West shopping centre will provide 30 percent, and the Supernova Sisak East shopping centre will provide 40 percent of the total required energy from renewable energy sources.

"We started with the green transition project and the transition to our own energy sources a few years ago, and I'm particularly pleased by the fact that we'll be implementing it in Croatia, an extremely important market for our business. Currently, with the energy produced on the roofs of our shopping centres, we're covering more than 35% of the energy needed for their operation and supply. With this almost five million kuna investment in Sisak and the overall implementation of the green and sustainable programme of our group, together with our project partners, we'll directly help to reduce environmental pollution and improve the quality of life in all environments and countries where Supernova centres operate. We're also going to operate in accordance with high environmental standards," said Markus Pinggera, the CEO of Supernova Group.

Shopping centres are experiencing an increasing need for electricity, thus creating huge costs when it comes to the supply of energy, which negatively affects business and the growth of greenhouse gas emissions. Guided by the principles of sustainable growth and responsible management, the Supernova Group and its project partners - Supernova Sisak West and Sirius Sisak East and the Norwegian company Apenhet, want to replace the use of conventional fuels used to operate the centres with more environmentally friendly and renewable energy sourced from the sun. The goal is to increase the share of the use of renewable energy sources in the total energy consumption.

From the very beginning, and especially over the last few years, the Supernova Group has been focused on a greener future, and the basis of their business lies in sustainable and environmentally friendly development, which is supported by the Supernova Green Dot sustainability programme. The goal of the programme is to optimise business practices and achieve complete carbon neutrality by the time we reach the year 2028. The Supernova Green Dot programme is otherwise based on LED technology, an energy efficiency programme and equipping photovoltaic power plants to produce their own electricity.

So far, 23 solar power plants have been implemented on the roofs of Supernova shopping centres in neighbouring Slovenia and in nearby Austria, and by the end of 2023, the Supernova Group plans to establish 56 new solar power plants within the group.

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Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Supernova Group Opens 15th Store in Croatia, Jobs for 300 People

The coronavirus pandemic might have made the vast majority shy away from investing cash as the economic downturn across the world began, but it hasn't stopped everyone. The Supernova Group hasn't let the worrisome economic situation get in the way of opening its fifteenth Croatian store.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 15th of June, 2020, the popular Supernova Group is set to open the doors of its fifteenth shopping centre in the Republic of Croatia this Thursday. The Supernova Pozega Retail Park is a new family shopping destination located at the western entrance to the continental Croatian town of Pozega and is an entirely new facility.

The total value of the investment stands at an enormous sixteen million euros in total, and the opening of the new shopping centre has resulted in the employment of around 300 people, which is excellent news amid the pandemic and the demographic issues Croatia, especially the continental part of the country, has been facing for years now.

The brand new Supernova space covers 11,000 square metres, within which there are sixteen shops and one catering facility. The retail park was built on a plot of 47,000 square metres, and 450 parking spaces were provided for its customers and visitors.

In the new sales area of ​​the Supernova Group, customers will be able to find stores belonging to popular and very well-known brands, most of which are making their debut in this particular Croatian town. From Thursday onwards, the following will be open to all visitors: Baby Centre, C&A, CCC, Deichman, DM, Galileo, KiK, New Yorker, Pepco, Sinsay, Sport Vision, Top Shop and Teddy.

During the summer months, three more facilities will open their doors - the Leggiero coffee bar, the Admiral slot machine club and the famous and equally popular Italian food chain - Eurospin.

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