Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Strike at HŽ Infrastruktura Railway Company Called Off

ZAGREB, 24 March, 2021 - Three representative railway workers' unions whose members are employees of the HŽ Infrastruktura railway company have called off a strike announced for noon on 25 March after reaching a compromise solution and signing a new collective agreement with the employer.

The leader of one of the three unions, Mario Grbešić, told Hina that the dispute with the employer had been about two provisions, one being a non-taxable wage supplement and the other meal allowances.

"An agreement has been reached concerning these two issues in a satisfactory way. One will be implemented immediately and the other will be in force as of 1 January next year," Grbešić said.

Under the new collective agreement, to be in force from 1 April this year until 30 June 2022, as of 1 April workers have the right to a HRK 416 non-taxable wage supplement each month.

As of 1 January 2022, workers will receive a meal allowance of HRK 1.30 per each working hour.

They will also receive an Easter bonus of HRK 500, holiday pay of HRK 1,300 and a Christmas bonus of HRK 1,200.

The three unions that were planning to strike represent railway workers, train dispatchers and railway infrastructure workers.

The previous collective agreement expired on 28 February.

The unions further expressed their willingness to postpone negotiations on the cost of labour until the last quarter of this year considering the economic situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic and last year's earthquakes.

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Saturday, 30 November 2019

Croatian Customs Officers Seeking Coefficient Changes - Another Strike?

As Croatian teachers continue with their strike after their unions refused the government's latest offer to them, could another public service follow in their footsteps? Croatian customs officers, much like Croatian teachers, are far from happy with the way their wages are arranged, and are seeking a correction of their own coefficients. It's hard to say how the government will respond to their request, as it appears all attempts at a conversation on the topic from Croatian customs officers have been ignored so far.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 30th of November, 2019, this coming Monday, the Croatian Customs Union will enter into talks with the Ministry of Labour about their multi-year request for the correction of their coefficients, the same argument which has seen Croatian teachers go on strike recently.

The Croatian Customs Union's president, Rino Štorić, complained about the pressures they are currently experiencing.

"Since we've been seeking coefficient changes for several years, the Ministry of Finance has gone deaf and they won't receive us for talks, so we organised a protest and delivered a letter to the Prime Minister, and after that, there was still no reaction," Štorić explained during a conversation with N1.

"We have held a referendum for the strike, but at this moment I can say that we do have a meeting scheduled at the Ministry of Labour on Monday and, depending on the results of that meeting, we will make decisions on further action," he said.

Štorić said they expect positive results from the meeting, but he also complained that he and the union were under tremendous pressure.

''That's why we expect to speak at the Ministry of Labour based on facts and we expect understanding, we wouldn't go to the meeting if we didn't expect a positive result,'' Štorić concluded for N1.

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