Thursday, 29 April 2021

Name Lonjsko Polje Nature Park Storks and Watch Them via Live Stream!

April 29, 2021 - The public is invited to name the Lonjsko Polje Nature Park storks and can even watch them via live stream! Name proposals are being accepted until May 10.   

While Malena and Klepetan in Brodski Varoš, near Slavonski Brod, the most glamorous stork couple in Croatia still shine with that celebrity-like glow, new stork generations are always coming. Perhaps ''The New Wings on the Block'' who will one day conquer the scene, can be found in the ever famous and attractive Lonjsko Polje Nature Park.

Čigoč village is already known as the first stork village in Europe for the various nests on the wooden roofs of its houses. As Turističke Priče reports, the Lonjsko Polje Nature Park authorities are inviting the public to name the storks in Čigoč village as they're still nameless. The storks' nests can be monitored on a livestream on the official Lonjsko Polje website, and the audience can send in their name suggestions in the comment sections until May 10. Lonjsko Polje's employees will decide which names best fit the individual storks.

Lonjsko Polje was declared a nature park back in 1990 and is located 75 kilometres from Zagreb. It's an easily accessible place to visit from Croatia's capital and other places in central Croatia. In addition to storks which are the most famous birds in the area, 350 different bird species have made Lonjsko Polje their home. Indigenous species of cows, Posavina horses, and Turopolje pigs are also found there. The wooden houses are created without using one single nail, making them a superior architectural site and not just great nesting places for birds.

The newly opened Osekovo Visitor Centre is specialised for its educational content focused the black stork, an endangered species in Croatia, and its mascot, Barica, makes it interesting and child-friendly. The entire park is a great place to go on a family trip.

''A ticket for a weekend program is 50 kuna per person, 5 kuna per child ages three to six, and 15 kuna for children 7-10 years old. The price includes walking around and sightseeing in Krapje village with its construction heritage, the Krapje Djol ornithological reserve and riding the solar-powered boat and tourist train. The Repusnica Visitor Centre offers walks by the Vrbacinec excursion site, while the Čigoč Visitor Centre will tell you a story about the white stork every Sunday at 13:00, and then you can sightsee Čigoč and Lonjsko Polje“, writes the Turističke Priče site.

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Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Klepetan Returns To Malena For 19th Consecutive Year!

April 14, 2021 - In what may be considered the animal version of Romeo and Juliet, a new chapter has been added as Klepetan returns to Malena to share a nest for one more year.

As reports, Stjepan Vokić, who has been taking care of the baby storks and its mother in Brodski Varoš for years, confirms that Klepetan returns to Malena for 19th year in a row, thus adding one more chapter in what may be considered the best animal love story in the world, even for international media.

Exhausted and dirty from the journey of over 14,000 kilometers, he landed in the nest of Malena, who was patiently waiting for him this year as well.


Credit: Pixsell

Although Klepetan was late, the retired janitor, who has been caring for Malena for 28 years, after he found her with a broken wing, knew he would return.

"I will do my best to provide them with conditions for laying eggs because they have already started working on the offspring. However, the problem is winter and the fact that Malena cannot cover the eggs properly due to the wing that was broken. But Klepetan jumps in even after another egg, he sits on them", says Vokić and adds that it takes Malena 10-15 days to lay eggs.

Stipe feeds them with fish that he procures in ponds about 20 kilometers away.

"This year, due to the winter, there are no worms that they normally feed on," he explains.


Credit: Pixsell

It is worth reminding that in the spring of 2019, everyone, including Stjepan, thought that Klepetan had died, but he returned a year later

"It was very shocking to me, 2019 came on March 18, when it was too cold for them, their eggs literally froze so he left on April 18. I then thought he went to die, he didn't come back the whole time. That is the only thing I could doubt, but now he came again’’, Vokić said at the time.

To date, Klepetan and Malena have given birth to 66 small birds, and the story of this loving couple from Brodski Varoš has traveled the world. In fact, the French media shared the love story between Klepetan and Malena, highlighting the loyalty and commitment between the two storks.

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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

A Love Story for the Ages: French Press Enchanted With Klepetan and Malena

The famous Croatian stork couple has been making international headlines in recent weeks - some love from the French press on April 17, 2018

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Storks Leta and Tesla on Their Way Home

Follow their journey on a live map!