Tuesday, 25 October 2022

Public Auction for State-Owned 19th Century Villa in Attractive Location

October 25, 2022 - For the first time, the state will offer real estate hunters in Croatia an oral public auction for some of the valuable properties from its portfolio. A public auction will be held at the Ministry of Spatial Planning, Construction and State Property on November 21. The villa which will be auctioned is in a very attractive location in the elite Tuškanec area of Zagreb, and it is known as the Stejskal Summer House.

As Poslovni writes, the villa was built in 1888 by the industrialist Ferdinand Stejskal, the founder of the brick factory in Bedekovčina, which is still operating today. Potential buyers can view the villa at Nazorova 72 before the auction. It consists of a house with an area of ​​182 square metres, with split-level apartments in the basement, ground floor and first floor. They will be, however, sold together as a whole. The villa also boasts a little more than a thousand square metres of garden.

In addition to being neglected, the building also has limitations due to the fact that the conservator's approval must be obtained for renovation, as the villa is part of the Historic Urban Complex of the City of Zagreb and is subject to the provisions of legal protection and preservation of cultural assets.

Due to the attractive location of the property, there is a lot of potential. The number of contestants who will enter the race to buy will become more apparent after the deadline for submission of applications to participate in the auction, which is on November 11 at 11:59 p.m.

In the Ministry headed by Ivan Paladina, only those candidates who pay a guarantee in the amount of HRK 748 thousand, i.e., 10 per cent of the initial price of HRK 7.48 million, will be invited to tender.
The auction step will amount to HRK 20,000, and the highest offered amount in three rounds, i.e., the highest last offered price, will be selected.

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Saturday, 24 August 2019

Very Little Interest in Purchase of Croatian State Property

As Novac writes on the 24th of August, 2019, the Croatian Ministry of State Property has closed a tender for the purchase of eight properties owned by the Republic of Croatia in the territory of Osijek. Only two were sold, and no bids were received for the remaining six at all.

As expected, the greatest interest was expressed for the apartment in Bisevska 17, measuring 33.11 square metres with an associated 3.5 square metre log cabin, in an energy-renovated building, whose starting price was only 78,000 kuna.

Three bids came in for the purchase of that particular apartment, and in the end it was sold to Bagatel, for only 81,235 kuna. In addition to the new owner's new property, he got a flat in the city centre, on Strossmayer's Street 4, for which two bids were submitted, and which was sold for only one kuna more than the starting price - for exactly 108,001 kuna. Regardless of its excellent location, it is a dirty backyard apartment on the ground floor of a building that requires a lot of investment to become conditional at all, writes Glas Slavonije.

Five apartments remain owned by the Croatian state from this tender, and in turn, they're all at somewhat attractive addresses: Ružina 48, Pejačevićeva 29, Divaltova 112, European avenue (Europska avenija) 3 and Reisner 86. While cheap, at first glance they do not give the impression of being a desirable space, neither for life nor for possible investments.

It should be noted that eight formerly stated owned properties were sold in Zagreb as part of a tender seeking the buyers of 25 properties across the country by the Croatian Ministry of State Property. Thus, eight pieces of real estate were sold, three in Velika Gorica and Rijeka, and one in Novi Vinodolski, Zaprešić and Lepoglava, and with much better success.

For example, four apartments were sold in Zagreb and all three were offered in Velika Gorica. Which is not strange. Namely, with the exception of one apartment in Zagreb, which can be classified in the same category as those unsold in Osijek, the others offered for sale are by far a higher category.

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