Saturday, 13 May 2017

Adventure Race Dubrovnik

Du Motion Half-Marathon Race ended two weeks ago, but it seems like Dubrovnik does not lack the adrenaline for more sports activities.

du race.png

As part of the Dubrovnik Outdoor Festival 2017, TM Adventure is organising an adventure race which will combine different sport disciplines such as sea kayaking, running and abseiling.
At 10:00, competitors will begin their endurance test with the first discipline: sea kayaking (sit on top), in pairs from Šulić beach, located (near Pile gate) to the island of Lokrum. Adventure race competitors will run 6km around the island of Lokrum and kayak back to Šulić beach for a final challenge: abseiling from fort Lovrijenac (St. Lawrence), on the mainland.

The race starts on the 20th of May 2017 and it consists of three phases:

Race distance – 13 km
Kayaking: 6 km
Running :7 km

Price: 32 EUR per person, and 16 EUR per person for members of a sport club.

Find more information on their official Facebook page.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Dubrovnik Sharks take American Football to Mostar

The Dubrovnik Sharks will write history by taking American football to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Athletics with a Twist: Frog Jumping Championship in Lokve

A very peculiar type of athletics competition is taking place in Lokve on April 29th, 2017: the 41st edition of the Frog Jumping Championship.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Sanctuary: Split's First Craft Cocktail Bar

The people of Split (or Splićani as we like to call them) like to drink. They like their drinks hot, cold, mixed, and everything in between. Therein lies Sanctuary, Split’s first dedicated sports, cocktail, and whiskey bar. Having opened in March of 2016, Sanctuary is quickly becoming a staple for cocktail enthusiasts, and is surely paving the way for craft cocktail rookies.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Where to Fly Fish in Dalmatia? Peruča Lake in Vrlika!

Sports come in many forms and shapes. And while the Vrlika area is famous for offering a variety of adventure sports - climbing, hiking, cycling, water sports, there is even something for those, who prefer something with less movement and more in tune with this beautiful nature - sport fishing, for instance.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Trilj Got a Street Workout Park

Great news from Trilj for everyone who would like to do something for their health, while being outdoors at the same time.

Members of the Hajduk Fan Club Torcida - Trilj, after the successful organization of the futsal tournament "St. Mihovil" continue with their sports projects.

Outdoors workout without any weights, using just one´s body weight is getting more and more popular in the world. And so, Trilj, similar to other bigger cities, got its extra sports facilities - the first street workout park located next to the football pitch.

Initiators of the projet are the UNH Torcida Trilj with the help of Trilj city. Their common goal is to promote exercising outdoors and as such raise the consciousness about the importance of working out and a healthy lifestyle.

Stay healthy everyone!!
Sunday, 27 March 2016

Beautiful Nature of Inland Dalmatia - Be Natural, Be Active (Video)

(photo: Screen-shot from the Be Natural, Be Active Video)

There is so much, Inland Dalmatia has to offer in terms of outdoor activities and sports. From hiking and cycling to climbing and wild river sports, there is everything a heart of a true nature-lover longs for. A new video from the Sunce Association (NGO) - "Be Natural, Be Active", co-financed by the Croatian government and from EU funds, will give you a better idea about the endless possibilities of this region.

So, be natural and active, use the existing paths, don′t leave any garbage behind, listen to the sounds of nature - just enjoy its beauty.



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