Monday, 27 September 2021

Who is Biserka Boric? 61 Year Old Letter Addressed to Split Woman Found

September the 27th, 2021 - A 61 year old letter addressed to Split woman Biserka Boric has been discovered in Trogir and the owner of it, or perhaps a relative of theirs, is now being sought.

As Morski writes, a few days ago in the popular central Dalmatian town of Trogir, near the monastery and the church of St. Dominic, a man from Kastela found a letter. It wasn't just any letter, but a letter dated in 1960, addressed to a certain Biserka Boric, who apparently lived at Radnicka ulica 11 in Split. The Split woman perhaps never received the letter, and in what some would say is perhaps naive hope, everyone involved is now hoping that it can finally be given to her.

The letter had been opened, meaning that it has been read, but it's difficult to know when it was opened and who it was opened by, and according to the content we can quite safely assume that it has no special material value.

Although we can't possibly know what kind of life story is related to this letter addressed to Biserka Boric, whether it brings with it something beautiful or tragic, whether it causes emotions of love or anger in individuals, the letter obviously has a special emotional value, writes the local Kastela City Portal (Portal grada Kastela).

Whether the sender and recipient of this letter are still among us anymore, we also don't know, but if they are or if any of their descendants are and the letter is of special importance, they can call 091 732 9236 to discuss matters further.

If the owner doesn't respond, this letter will not be destroyed, but instead be kept preserved in a safe place as a kind of "monument" of that time, the relationship between people, but also the way of communication that has almost been entirely forgotten in the modern age of instant messaging, email and social media.

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Sunday, 26 September 2021

21st Split Marathon Held, Croatian Male and Female Runners Finish 1st!

September 26, 2021 - The 21st Split Marathon was held on Sunday, with Croatian male and female runners finishing first! 

The 21st Split Marathon was held in a beautiful ambiance only the people of Split can create. Hundreds of people crowded along the fence that separated the nearby barricades from the finish line, reports Slobodna Dalmacija.

The first marathoner to cross the finish line was Ivan Dračar, a member of Zagreb's Mladost, thus winning the title of one of the most beautiful marathons in the world. Second place went to Ante Živković from the Athletic Club Dubrovnik, while Frenchman Lucas Gourg overtook Croatian Zdravko Jadrijev just before the end of the race. The Frenchman thus came in the way of a completely Croatian triumph.

All three medals went to Croatians in the women's competition. Ljiljana Mišlov Brkić finished first with a time of 3:18:22. In second place was Marijana Katić, while Marija Vrajić took third. 

"The last few kilometers were really hot but good; that's how it is in Split. I always love coming back because I spent my student days here. I am satisfied with the result, considering that almost nothing was run for two years due to the pandemic," said Mišlov Brkić.

Milan Mitrović from Serbia celebrated in the half marathon. Second place went to Alija Imamović from Bosnia and Herzegovina, while the third place went to Aleš Lindič from Slovenia. The best-placed Croat was fourth-placed Renato Sertić.

The deputy mayor of Split, Bojan Ivošević, also ran the half marathon.

"The last few kilometers were tough because I haven't trained for a long time, but with goodwill and a team that pushes you forward, everything is easier. I ran because of the position I hold; if someone attacks me, I can escape, haha," Ivošević joked.

Around 300 marathon runners started from the Riva, which is twice less than last year. The biggest news is that there were no forces from Kenya and Ethiopia because they failed to get a visa due to Covid. There were a little over 600 half marathoners, while a hundred of them took part in the relay marathon.

The marathoners toured Split's old town, Vranjica, the Lora military base, Poljud stadium, and. the West Coast to Bačvice beach and Diocletian's Palace near the end.

The Split marathon is known as one of the most demanding due to the elevation of 267 meters.

The organizers also set the musical background at every step. Josip Hatze's orchestra, band 058, Marjan choir, Split Down Syndrome Association, and many others performed along the way. 

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Friday, 24 September 2021

19th Sv. Duje Regatta Returns with Oxford & Cambridge Legends, 2000 Olympics Rematch

September 24, 2021 - The 19th Sv. Duje Regatta is back after being postponed due to the coronavirus in May. This weekend's spectacle will feature the always traditional Oxford, Cambridge, and Split legends race and a rematch of the Sydney Olympics rowing final in 2000 when Croatia won bronze and Great Britain gold! 

The 19th edition of the International Rowing Regatta Sveti Duje was announced in the festive atmosphere of the Meštrović Gallery, reports Dalmacija Danas.


Ivo Cagalj / PIXSELL

Representatives of organizers and partners attended the press conference: Tomislav Kilić, Vice-Rector of the University of Split, Igor Maretić, Head of the Split Department of Sports, Ozren Kovačević, Director of Key Clients of Le Meridien Lav Hotel, Tomislav Aljinović, Business Center Director Central Dalmatia - OTP bank, Luka Grubor, member of the organizing committee, Oxford legend, Sydney gold Olympian, Rob Baker, head coach of Cambridge via video message and Nikša Skelin, president of the Dalmatian Rowing Federation, member of the organizing committee, Pirate legend, bronze an Olympian from Sydney.

The main event of this year's Regatta will take place on Saturday, September 25. The central stage will be Split's Riva, which will host three rowing races. At 11:00 am, the legends of Oxford, Cambridge, and Split will begin. The student race of the University of Zagreb and the University of Split is scheduled for 11:30 am. As a highlight at noon, there will be a replay of the Sydney Olympics final in 2000, when the gold and bronze Olympic teams will row on the Riva - the eights of Great Britain and Croatia!

The legendary Luka Grubor, who will temporarily replace his business suit with a rowing suit on Saturday, was pleased to announce the Regatta:

"A particular focus in the edition of this Regatta will be on the races on the Riva with an additional duel between Split and Zagreb, which will enrich the racing program. But also, that date coincides with the 21s medal-winning anniversary of the Croatian and British eights at the Olympic Games in Sydney in 2000, where we will have a kind of replay and rematch of that final. I don't know where in the world the Croatia eight have ever gathered again, let alone with their rivals in Sydney.

Also, Split has always been a meeting place for top rowers and top academics and professionals. So far, this has been happening on an informal level, and now I would like to make a Meetup, a conversation about how sport shapes careers, learn from each other to enable a continuous transfer of knowledge to new students and new generations of athletes."

Celebrated Split Olympian Nikša Skelin expects exciting matches on Saturday: “This year we will have a Regatta that will be specific because, in addition to racing on the Riva, we will have the anniversary of Olympic medalists, Great Britain's gold and Croatia's bronze.

It will be one rematch, settling debts that always hang among the rowers, even though we are all friends off the boat. I hope that time and the audience will support us and that we will make a rowing spectacle."

On Saturday, the Riva will gather the legends of rowing, teams that have won and are winning numerous European and world awards, all bound by an unbreakable emotion and love for rowing, Split, and Dalmatia.

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Wednesday, 22 September 2021

16 Super Reasons to Visit Croatia Now: September October 2021

September 22, 2021 – The sun is shining and we'll still be swimming in the sea for some time yet, although the weather and warm Adriatic are far from the only reasons to visit Croatia now

Here are a full 16 reasons to visit Croatia now, in September and October 2021
The weather is fantastic and the forecast is great!

Screenshot_205.pngVisit Croatia now: screenshot © Marc Rowlands

Screenshot_204.pngVisit Croatia now: screenshot

The sea is still warm enough for swimming

242336077_6243047692432629_2508322542701942610_n.jpgSwimming in very late September 2021 on the Omiš riviera, one of the best reasons to visit Croatia now © Marc Rowlands

The very best Croatian food

241480915_6170941186309947_1327304007351009063_n.jpgDomestic bacon and prosciutto, a classic Croatian 'tapas' served at the last surviving inn on Biokovo mountain, Vrata Biokovo © Marc Rowlands

There's no shortage of the finest fresh fish and seafood now the rush have tourists have gone. Want to cook them for yourself? Buy straight from the fishermen on the beach. You can't do that in peak season – it all goes to the restaurants. Also, Croatia's fruit and vegetables are ripe and at their best right now.

241126505_6138144742922925_8968400606881277475_n.jpgUnique, miniature squid, served in ink, with a medley of fresh, roasted vegetables at the restaurant of Camping Labadusa on the island of Čiovo, 2021. Yes, this is how amazing food is at some campsites in Croatia © Marc Rowlands

From figs, melons, mushrooms and truffles to salad greens, pumpkins and mandarins, Croatia is currently the land of plenty. And, the lunchtime specials – Marenda (Dalmatia), Gablets (Zagreb) are outstanding and super cheap right now. Looking for an amazing 50 kuna lunch in Dalmatia right now? Try Konoba Marenda in Šibenik, Konoba Joskan in Omiš or Gastro Diva or Konoba Kalalarga in Makarska?

242356626_6243046882432710_3401854122891850972_n.jpgRoast beef and beetroot risotto with sour cream, pomegranate and apple. Marenda of Konoba Joskan in Omiš © Marc Rowlands

Sports, activity and recreation

242223445_6222414447829287_952918838844562246_n.jpgCycling in Šibenik © Marc Rowlands

Now the temperature have grown more gentle, it's the perfect time to get sporty or active in Croatia. Why not try cycling and hiking in and around Šibenik? Or how about golfing in Zagreb? Inland Dalmatia is a great place for quad biking. Try it in Drniš, Knin, near Vrlika or in Imotski. If you want to try a range of activities and sports, then maybe head for Omiš. You can try canyoning, white water rafting, diving, mountain biking, hiking and a thrilling zip line in Omiš.

Peace, quiet, relaxation

IMG_3328defcvbnjuhgfcv.JPGThe peaceful beach at Kamp Adria Village Baško Polje, pictured in late September 2021 © Marc Rowlands

The kids are mostly back at school, the students have finished partying and are returned to university. Right now, Croatia's campsites, beaches and lunchtime restaurants are quiet and chilled. Romantic couples walk undisturbed across the sands or sip wine as they watch the sunset. The only sound you often hear is the lapping of the waves against the shore.

Idyllic camping

IMG_3321edrfghjnk.JPGRelaxing and peaceful, individual terraces of each glamping unit in Kamp Adria Village Baško Polje © Marc Rowlands

If you want to get up close to nature, camping in Croatia is one of the best ways to do this. And, right now, the country's campsites are at their best. Incredibly peaceful and way under full capacity, there are no more children, families or teenagers. You can bring your own mobile home or even tent – it's cool enough to sleep under canvas now (tents are too hot during the height of a Croatian summer).

241130404_6149405168463549_8737034291319710149_n.jpgUnforgettable sunset views at Camping Rožac, Trogir © Marc Rowlands

Looking for a brilliant Croatian campsite for late September / early October 2021? Camping Rožac, Trogir here has incredible sunset views, whereas the beach at nearby Camping Labadusa here on Čiovo island's other side is a faultless slice of paradise. Further south, the glamping offer of Kamp Adria Village Baško Polje here is also among the finest in Croatia. All three sites are nestled under strongly scented pine trees, just metres from the shore.

IMG_2401dfvgbhnjkiuyhgb.JPGIncredible paradise beach at Camping Labadusa on the island of Čiovo © Marc Rowlands

Discover some of Europe's greatest white and sparkling wine in continental Croatia

AnyConv.com__IMG_2044fgvbnmjnhg.jpgVineyards of Koprivnica-Križevci County winemakers © Marc Rowlands

Been to the Croatian coast before? Then no doubt you've tried some of Dalmatia's famous red wines. Unlike other places, where white wines usually accompany the lighter seafood, pasta and fish dishes of the seaside and summer, on the Croatian coast it's the red wines that rule. Big, gutsy red wines like Plavac mali and Syrah are found by the Croatian Adriatic.

IMG_1802wsdfgh.JPGWinemakers of Koprivnica-Križevci County © Marc Rowlands

Less well known are Croatian white wines Even more hidden are Croatia's sparkling wines. Because, if you want to find them, you have to move away from the sea and come inland. For the best sparkling wines, look to Zagreb County.

IMG_2122.JPGWinemakers of south Koprivnica-Križevci County © Marc Rowlands

For brilliant white wines, there's a thick strip of continental Croatia you simply must get to know. Its north is the Drava river and the sandy soil runs along its length from Koprivnica and Đurđevac to the start of Baranja. Up into the hills of Baranja and to the border with Hungary the vineyards stretch. To the east, Aljmas and Erdut, to the south Ilok, then west through Kutjevo and back to Zagreb County. Now is the time of the newest wines, of harvest celebrations. Now is the best time to walk the wine roads and trails of this massive white wine super-region.

It's the perfect time for a city break

AnyConv.com__ETugIXoWoAA2NmI_1.jpgVisit Croatia now: Zagreb © Alan Grubelić

Nobody wants to be trapped in a bustling city in summertime's 40-degree heat. The high temperatures never subside. The concrete retains it. When things really heat up in Croatia, you need the cooler mountain air or the sea, which at night absorbs the heat of the day. But, right now is the perfect time to go exploring Croatia's bigger cities.

Why not try Osijek, with its kilometres of cycle routes and parks, epic riverside promenades and the best-preserved complex of baroque buildings in Croatia? Certainly, Osijek's Tvrda and its Secession architecture should be seen by everyone once.

croatia_slavonija_osijek_0001.jpgVisit Croatia now: Osijek © Romulić & Stojcic

Or, how about Zagreb, the country's social, cultural and economic capital? There are different happenings in Zagreb streets and parks almost every day. And the atmosphere is second to none.

In Istria, you can linger for much longer on the Roman Forum at this time of year. No need now for running urgently between shadows. You can instead afford to take your time as you wander around the epic Roman architecture here. You'll find more unmissable Roman architecture in Croatia's second city of Split, by way of Diocletian's Palace.

A packed events calendar

_MG_9181fgvbnh.JPGEvents of Zagreb parks 2021, captured by © Marc Rowlands

Croatia's event calendar explodes at this time of year. In Zagreb and Dubrovnik, famous music festivals fill the parks and streets. Elsewhere, this is one of the most important times of the year for food and drink festivals...

Harvest time


It's harvest time, and when the local produce is collected from the trees or fields, usually there's an accompanying celebration. The party always extends well beyond championing the local produce. These are some of the best events in Croatia – accessible to all ages and appealing especially to gastro fans.

For example, Ivanić-Grad's pumpkin festival - Bučijada - always has a great music and entertainment programme attached. Held on October 1, 2 and 3 in 2021, it draws folks from far and wide to the pretty Zagreb County town. You won't have to look hard to find fun events like this all across Croatia at this time of year, celebrating everything from walnuts and almonds to grapes, olives and mushrooms.

Budget flights are still available

d75218b48e994601038e90bf5fc21f51_XL.jpgVisit Croatia now: Budget flights from Ryanair

Not only are budget flights still available, but the summertime routes to all Croatian airports are also still in play. Everywhere in Croatia is easily accessible right now. And for very little cost.

Last minute deals and inexpensive accommodation

AnyConv.com__IMG_3340edrfghjnmkjhgfd.jpgPrivate pool of the 4-star Boutique Hotel Noemia, Baška Voda © Marc Rowlands

It's no secret that prices plummet on Croatia's coast at this time of year. Smart operators do their best to extend the season by dropping prices. You can pick up incredible deals at this time of year everywhere from restaurant dining to luxury resorts, villas, apartments and hotels with full or half board.

Sailing in Croatia

AnyConv.com__IMG_3354ertyhujhgfd.jpgA regular visitor to Brela, Baska Voda and Split returned again in September 2021 © Marc Rowlands

The season for sailing Croatia is nowhere near as short as that enjoyed by most sunbathers. You only need look at the daily newspapers to read about the latest luxury yacht to sail into Croatian Adriatic waters. But, you don't need to be a Russian oligarch to enjoy the beautiful bays, beaches and islands of Croatia. Charter yachts in Croatia can be found at reasonable rates – especially in late September and early October!


IMG_20210915_165305139_HDR.jpg2021 volunteer divers at Calypso Diving in Omiš © Marc Rowlands

Late summer, early autumn and spring are the best time to come volunteer in Croatia. In late summer and early autumn, it's the Adriatic that needs a little love. Volunteer divers undertake ecological missions to clean the seabed around the coast. It's surprising just how much trash falls into the seas after a summer season.

IMG_2818edcvbnhgf.JPGExperienced divers, pictured in 2021 at Trogir Diving Centre © Marc Rowlands

If you're a qualified diver, why not come and help out? Try Trogir Diving Centre here, the oldest diving school in Croatia. Or try Calypso Diving in Omiš here. There, you don't even need to be qualified - beginners can learn from scratch and earn their first diving certificates in return for their volunteering!

242151424_6227553893982009_4396189167021449696_n.jpgVolunteer divers at Calypso Diving in Omiš, 2021 © Marc Rowlands

It's the best time to explore Croatia's National Parks and Nature Parks

241316764_6170947642975968_6841343418900551668_n.jpgThe famous Skywalk of Biokovo Nature Park on the Makarska riviera in Dalmatia, 2021 © Marc Rowlands

In the preserved and protected wilderness of Croatian National Parks and Nature Parks, there's sometimes very little shelter from the sun. They can be tough to explore at the height of summer. Mountainous parks like Paklenica, Velebit and Biokovo have incredible hiking trails that are best enjoyed at this time.

241631995_6170951239642275_3522302139938915487_n.jpgBiokovo Nature Park peaks in 2021 © Marc Rowlands

Elsewhere, you can trace the waterways and waterfalls of Krka National Park, Kopački rit, Plitvice lakes and Žumberak-Samoborsko gorje in relative calm right now. No long lines of queueing tourists spoiling your photos. The island parks like Mljet, Kornati and Brijuni are all the more idyllic when there's nobody else around.


There are much worse places you could be working remotely

Working.JPGVisit Croatia now: September October 2021 © Marc Rowlands

Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Sports Ultra: 21st Split Marathon Hits the Streets this Weekend

September 21, 2021 - The 21st Split Marathon will hit the streets this weekend, organized by the Marjan Club. On Saturday, September 25, at 6 pm, the five-kilometer 'Slobodna Dalmacija Trophy' will also take place. 

Dalmatinski Portal reports:

"For the first time, I hope we will organize the last marathon in early autumn. We were forced to do this because of the coronavirus. Split is known for being the sportiest city in the world. We are one of the few who will hold marathons in these two years without interruption. The number of participants is slightly smaller than usual, but we are specific in that we have many foreign competitors from as many as 46 countries. That's a record. I hope everyone enjoys what we provide them. I want to ask for the understanding of all our fellow citizens to show patience and support for this event. Everyone who participates in the race will need to have a Covid certificate. For all those who do not have it, we have provided on-site testing," said the president of the organizing committee, Kristijan Sindik.

The Deputy Prefect of Split-Dalmatia County, Stipe Čogelja, emphasized the importance of this event.

"This is a very valuable event. Mr. Čular recently said at the Paralympic reception that our County won more medals at the Paralympics than India. This speaks volumes about the uniqueness of this region and how important sport is. The county recognized that, and this is one of the significant events."

Last year, Ivica Puljak ran the marathon. Today, Puljak is the mayor of Split. 

"The atmosphere that is being created around the Split Marathon makes us happy. I ran the marathon last year, and I can testify to how interesting this event is. It is perhaps the most beautiful sporting event I have participated in. I persuaded 13 people to run the marathon. It prompted me to participate. I wish you a sports and tourist weekend this year as well. We prove once again that we are the sportiest city in the world. I won’t run this year, but I will next year."

The mayor of Solin, Dalibor Ninčević, announced that he would also participate in the half marathon this year.

"For the second year in a row, the city of Solin is part of this significant event, which is an important tourist period for the entire Split-Dalmatia County. I am grateful to the organizers for connecting Split and Solin even more. We are a proud sponsor of this event. I will try to run the half marathon this year."

Split Tourist Board director, Alijana Vukšić, is also satisfied.

"The city of Split is constantly branded as a city of culture and sports. The city offers many opportunities and can be branded in all markets. Our guests want to continue their active lifestyle when they come to a destination. This is a specific year, but I hope that this event will return to the pre-season."

The director of the Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board, Joško Stella, compared this event to Ultra.

"This is a sports Ultra. We watched marathons on television and wondered when they would come to us. That is a huge achievement. We from tourism see that sports tourism is on the rise."

Celebrated Split Olympian Igor Boraska is also looking forward to the marathon.

"Running and marathons have become the lifestyle of hundreds of thousands of people around the world. I was very pleased to be with 60,000 people at the New York City Marathon. I want to congratulate the organizers for bringing the marathon to our city. I wish all marathon participants a good time and time."

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Thursday, 16 September 2021

Split Street Art Scene Gears Up for 8th Edition of xSTatic in October

September 16, 2021 - The 8th edition of xSTatic is approaching this year in a slightly different, expanded edition. With the xSTatic trademark - graffiti art, which will come to life in public urban spaces through the works of famous graffiti artists, Split's Gripe (Koteks plateau) will gather the local urban scene on October 2.

Skate, music, dance, street basketball, and humor are the backbone of this year's xSTatic program - a festival that brings together and revives the 'street art' scene and promotes all the positive aspects of urban culture.

This year, xSTatic will host 24 domestic and 4 international graffiti artists who will enrich several public areas with their works: Miles (ST), Anxio (ST), Hoba (ST), Raider (ST), Nel (ST), Mrawa ( ST), Mikun (ST), Troll (ST), Osker (ST), Kwon (ST), Wens (ST), Ne (ST), Apaš (ST), Alte (ST), Owen (ST), Odie ST), Order (ŠI), Stone (ŠI), Sperk (ŠI), Liver (ŠI), Apler (ZD), Botro (ZG), Lonac (ZG), Bare (ZG), Wuper (Serbia), Azram ( Slovenia), Boriz (Slovenia) and Jarus (Canada).


On the central day of the festival, Saturday, October 2, artists will draw. at several locations around Koteks. As part of the event, graffiti dedicated to DJ Bronson will also be renewed:

"We will restore the portrait of DJ Bronson, in the same location where he was before. This time, his family is included in the selection of portraits, and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts for that. The mural will be drawn by our great friend and great graffiti artist Wuper, and should be finished during the festival. For all those who love graffiti art (almost) as much as we do, the story continues for the next few days, on October 3, at the Spaladium Arena, where Lonac (ZG) and Jarus (Canada) will paint "towers" measuring 25x10m," explains Pero Ranchic, the main representative of the graffiti section.

The skate competition organized by the Split skateboard club Kolo will start at 1 pm, and the competitors will measure their strength and skills 'one on one', modeled on the Game of skate.

A street basketball competition will follow at 2 pm, followed by an "All style battles" dance competition at 3 pm. Participants' dance skills will be assessed by famous dancers: Kamilla (LT), Leksa (BiH), and Lux ​​de Lux (HR). Announcements of winners in all categories will begin at 6 pm.

The all-day program does not end there. From 8 pm, stand-up comedians "SplickeScene," Josip Škiljo, Tomislav Primorac, Ivica Lazaneo, and Ante Travizi will try to make the people of Split and their guests laugh, along with dancing by Split hip-hop musicians Alejuandro Buendija and Sons, Banana Zvuk, Krešo Bengalka, Žuvi, Magellano, Lil Bear and Phlagma.

The all-day program will be accompanied by KLFM radio behind the scenes, which will move its studio to Gripe, from where it will report from the field, broadcast shows, and provide an all-day electric music backdrop to the festival.

Admission to the Festival is free for all visitors, in compliance with all applicable epidemiological measures.

Recall that since its first edition in 2009, xSTatic has become a cult festival that celebrates various aspects of urban culture and promotes affirmative messages and values, especially towards young people, which was recognized by the City of Split and is the only city festival of its kind.

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Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Champions League Qualifiers: KK Split Tops AEK for First European Win in 17 Years

September 14, 2021 - KK Split tops AEK for its first European victory in 17 years! A look at the Basketball Champions League qualifiers.  

At the Peristerija hall in Athens, KK Split defeated Cypriot team AEK 65:50 (13:11, 15:12, 13:16, 24:11) in the 1st match of the qualifications for the Basketball Champions League.

It was clear that Split was the better team from the first minute, and it was only a matter of time before they broke away for the lead. The last quarter was crucial when Srđan Subotić's team made it 50:39 to end all of AEK's hopes. The best scorer for Split was Karlo Žganec with 15 points, Toni Perković added 13, and it is necessary to emphasize the minutes of captain Mateo Kedžo. 


"We are happy to win, especially since we went to Europe after so many years. It was obvious that nervousness was present and that the match's importance was felt, although we did not have any external pressure. We put pressure on ourselves; we wanted to win, this means a lot to us. In the most important moments, we played as we should have," said Split coach Srđan Subotić, who won his first match on the KK Split bench.


He commented on Kedžo's game.

"Kedžo scored a few points in the critical minutes of the first half, and in the second half, he had great cooperation with Žganec. He showed that there is still "oil in the candle,"" says Subotić.

Split's opponent in the 2nd round will be the champion of Switzerland, Friborg. The match will be played on Wednesday, at 4.30 pm. The winner will advance to the decisive match for entering the Champions League.

"We will analyze this match, then additionally Friborg. We hope for a better game, and I believe that we can go further," concluded Subotić.

Split: Perković 13, Perasović, Kedžo 4, Runjić 4, Žganec 15, Vuko 7, Čampara 9, Bajo 6, McLean 2, Barič 5.

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Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Croatia against Russia at Poljud to Decide 2022 World Cup Spot

September 8, 2021 - Croatia against Russia at Poljud Stadium - the match that will decide the winner of Group H and a direct spot at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Croatia completed their September World Cup qualifiers with the victory against Slovenia (3:0) at Poljud on Tuesday, winning seven out of nine points. In the last six days, all three games were played against the main competitors for direct placement in the 2022 World Cup, reports

Croatia must finish the qualifications at the top of the group to directly qualify for the World Cup. Recall, finishing second leads to the most difficult additional qualifications for the World Cup in history. It is important to emphasize that these qualifications for the World Cup are completely different from all others so far. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the schedule is condensed, so the European part of the World Cup qualifiers is played across eight months, instead of the previous one and a half years. Namely, Qualifications run from March to November this year.

Furthermore, only ten group winners will secure a spot at the World Cup, while ten runners-up will play additional qualifiers. Thus, two winners of the 2020/21 Nations League groups will join those national teams, but only those who did not directly qualify for the World Cup and did not secure additional qualifications as runners-up in the World Cup qualifying groups.

Unlike in the past, during these additional World Cup qualifiers, the national teams will be divided into three groups. Only one knockout match will be played to define which three European national teams ensure their spot at the 2022 World Cup.

Four games before the end, it is clear that Croatia and Russia will decide the winner of the group. Both national teams have 13 points, and one goal only divides them. 

Before the qualifications, coach Zlatko Dalić said that he thinks 20 or 21 points will be enough for first place in the group. However, Croatia could again finish in the additional qualifications with 20 points, just like for the 2018 World Cup, when Croatia overcame Greece.

Apart from Croatia, Denmark also went to the playoffs with 20 points, but it is worth noting that in the 2014 World Cup qualifiers, Portugal and Ukraine went to the playoffs, even though they had 21 points each. So Dalić's calculation should not be taken as relevant.

Croatia has 13 points after six games, and by the end of this part of the qualification, four more games will be played from October 8 to November 14.

If Croatia, as expected, beats the two weakest national teams, Cyprus and Malta, it would have 19 points. Still, the decision will fall in Osijek and Split against the significantly stronger Slovakia and Russia. A mitigating circumstance for Croatia is that they play against both national teams at home.

Until the end, Russia's schedule and results will be equally important to Croatia, and the derby will decide the winner of the group in the last round, Croatia - Russia at Poljud

Croatia's schedule until the end of the World Cup qualifiers:

October 8: Cyprus - Croatia

October 11: CROATIA - Slovakia

November 11: Malta - Croatia

November 14: CROATIA - Russia

Russia's schedule until the end of the World Cup qualifiers:

October 8: Russia - Slovakia

October 11: Slovenia - Russia

November 11: Russia - Cyprus

November 14: Croatia - Russia

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Tuesday, 7 September 2021

2022 World Cup Qualifiers: Croatia Tops Slovenia 3:0 at Poljud!

September 7, 2021 - Croatia tops Slovenia in their final 2022 World Cup qualifier this month thanks to goals by Marko Livaja, Mario Pašalić, and Nikola Vlašić! 

Croatia met Slovenia in their final 2022 World Cup qualifier this month at Poljud Stadium in Split. Around 20,000 spectators were expected for this match, though only those with COVID certificates were able to enter the stadium. Split Police have been vigilant since the morning to avoid any incidents. 

Recall, Croatia already played two qualifiers in the last week - against Russia in Moscow, and against Slovakia in Bratislava, taking 4 points.


Slobodan Kadic


Slobodan Kadic


Croatia: Ivušić, Juranović, Lovren, Vida, Barišić, Brozović, Kovačić, Pašalić, Livaja, Perišić, Kramarić

Slovenia: Oblak, Stojanović, Bijol, Mevlja, Balkovec, Gnezda Čerin, Stanković, Kurtic, Lovrić, Iličić, Šeško

Croatia's first attack happened in the first minute of the match. Ivan Perišić ran the ball up the wing and shot on goal. Andrej Kramarić had a chance two minutes later which went out for a goal kick. 

Another attack for Croatia in the 5th minute saw Juranović carry the ball up the right wing to find Kramarić who crossed into the box. Barašić played the ball back in from the left and Pašalić headed to the keeper. 


Slobodan Kadic

Croatia's first corner kick came in the 6th minute. The ball ultimately found Barašić who shot over the goal. 

Croatia's best chance came in the 9th minute - a Perišić cross made its way to the penalty box with 3 Croatia players in front of the goal. 

Another incredible chance for Croatia in the 19th minute - a beautiful play between Kramarić, Perišić, and Barašić found Andrej at the top of the box, though his shot went straight to the keeper. 

Another almost goal happened in the 25th minute - Oblak was out of his goal but Livaja was unable to shoot before the ball went out for a goal kick. 

Livaja tried his luck and shot from 30 meters out in the 28th minute which Oblak touched out for a corner. 

Then it finally happened - Hajduk superstar Marko Livaja scored for 1:0 Croatia in the 33rd minute!


Slobodan Kadic

Pašalić had a chance two minutes later off a corner but headed to the Slovenia keeper. 

A cross in from Juranović in the 37th minute found Perišić's head but was an easy save for Oblak. Perišić dribbled up the left wing a minute later but shot over the goal. Oblak made an unbelievable save in the next minute to keep it 1:0. 

Croatia was playing really beautiful football, which was a huge improvement from their game against Slovakia. The momentum from the home fans was certainly helping. The match ended 1:0 for Croatia at the half. 

Croatia's attacking game did not dwindle to start the second half. Balls were launched into the box from both sides, though Oblak always seemed to find his way there. 


Slobodan Kadic

Slovenia was having a hard time making it past the halfway line in the first 10 minutes of the second half. 

Slovenia subbed in Hajduk player Jan Mlakar in the 53rd minute. 

Zlatko Dalić made his first sub in the 57th minute - Marko Livaja came out for Nikola Vlašić. 

Kova dribbled through the Slovenia defense in the 60th minute which went out for a corner.

But it didn't take long for Croatia to get their second goal. A Perišič cross found Pašalić who scored for 2:0 in the 66th minute! Playing at Poljud was certainly giving these former Hajduk stars an extra push. 


Slobodan Kadic

Mateo Kovačić was subbed off for Luka Ivanušec, Andrej Kramarić came off for Mislav Oršić, and Dejan Lovren came off for Duje Ćaleta Car in the 76th minute. 

Nikola Vlašić nearly had his chance in the 81st minute after dribbling to the goal line but was unlucky in the end. 

Ivan Perišić was subbed off for Antonio Čolak in the 85th minute. 

Oršić and Ivanušec both had chances in the 88th-90th minutes, but the game remained 2:0. Four minutes of extra time were added. 

A Hajduk hattrick tonight became a reality - Nikola Vlašić scored in the final minute of the game for 3:0! 

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Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Zagreb, Split Attracting More Digital Nomads than Prague, Krakow, Budapest

September 7, 2021 - Finding accurate data about the number of digital nomads visiting individual countries is a hard task, but some solid data extrapolated from Nomad List shows some very encouraging trends for Croatia's emerging digital nomad story.

The first statistic I came across when I started writing about the digital nomad opportunity in Croatia over two years ago was that there would be one billion digital nomads in the world by 2035. This was before the major shift in work patterns brought on by the pandemic, and looking back, I think it referred to remote workers (people working remotely, including at home), rather than digital nomads (those who up sticks and move around, usually to other countries). If the number was a billion before the pandemic, I wonder what it is now. 

That vague number has been followed by other vague numbers. Just how many digital nomads are out there, and how many are actually travelling during the pandemic? And where to?

There are, of course, some ways to track some data. The number of applications and approvals for the Croatian digital nomad permit, for example. But this only tells part of the story (the number of people outside the EU who want to commit to living 12 months in Croatia and go through the bureaucratic process during a pandemic). Much more popular (and evident from the various dedicated forums and social media groups dedicated to the subject) is a stay of 1 - 3 months. Finding out accurate data on those numbers is a much harder task, as nomads rarely register themselves as such and so are not easily tracked. 

One of the most interesting things I learned about the changing patters of tourism back in May was that in the first 4 months of 2021, more than 25% of AirBnB bookings were for 28 days or more. A good number of those would be worcations, I am sure, with many a digital nomad included therein.

One thing is clear. The future of remote work has arrived, and the trend to live and travel on the road is only going to grow. And once the pandemic is over, and this trend is more mainstream, then it will become a sizable part of some national economies. As I and others have been advocating for some time now,  this represents a great opportunity for Croatia. The  recent CNBC news feature by American Steve Tsentserensky showcases the financial and lifestyle attractiveness of life in Dalmatia, while showing how a regular nomad pumps US$17,000 into the Croatian economy in 12 months, while also promoting the country for free (the video above has been viewed more than 200,000 times already).

Tsentserensky is one of the 86 approved Croatian digital nomad permit holders, following his successful application after reading about it on TCN. But if less than 100 visas have been issued so far, does that mean that no digital nomads are visiting Croatia?

Far from it!

Nomad List, arguably the leading global digital nomad resource, compiles extensive data on more than 300 DN destinations around the world, including estimated statistics of visitors to a destination by month, year and weighted monthly average.  These statistics can be extrapolated from the site. Before we continue, a word on how the data is calculated:

Values shown are estimated visits by traveling remote workers based on the total amount of trips logged by Nomad List members. Visits to a place are only counted once per year per user, even if they visit more in that year. Not all nomads are on Nomad List, and not all Nomad List members log their trips. So the data is only indicative.

But while the numbers may be indicative, the method of calculation is the same across the board for all destinations. This allows us to see how Croatian destinations are performing against other more established destinations. And the results are MORE than a little encouraging, both in the numbers and rising trends for Croatian destinations. 


The first piece of good news is that Zagreb is currently ranked 25th as a global digital nomad destination, with an overall ranking of 4.09/5 from 234 reviews, quite an achievement for the Croatian capital, which started its digital nomad campaign with Zagreb Digital Nomad Week back in June. There are three other Croatian cities in the top 200 - Dubrovnik (125), Split (162) and Osijek (165 - no traffic data currently available).  This is a higher number than established Canary Islands DN hot spots such as Las Palmas and Tenerife, and almost on a par with the likes of Porto. 

And when it comes to Central and Eastern Europe, both Split and Dubrovnik are proving more popular than Prague, Krakow and Budapest (the latter admittedly more affected than most by the lockdown). 

Even more encouraging for all three destinations is the rise of the 12-month average number of digital nomads compared to a year ago, with the trend for all Croatian destinations heading the same way. While Zagreb averaged 367 visitors a month when the visa was announced a year ago, that number today is 634. Split was 550 and today is 834, and Dubrovnik too is rising - from 150 to 334. 

Both Zagreb and Split had an estimated 1,200 DN visits in July (Dubrovnik has the same in August), according to the NomadList data. 

Data from two other destinations caught my eye. The Georgian capital , Tbilisi, is among the most popular places in Europe, with a marked rise in visits. Apart from being a great destination (I lived there back in 1995), it also has a visa and is very competitive on price.

And Madeira also has an interesting digital nomad story, having achieved global interest this Spring with the launch of the world's first digital nomad village. While that provided a huge spike of interest, this seems to have dropped off a little, and its monthly average numbers are similar to Split, which has yet to do anything major in terms of digital nomad promotion. 

These numbers, while encouraging, are still small. There are many challenges along the way, not least the pandemic and getting Croatia's message out there. But the data suggests that the foundations are solid, and a dividend from the huge free PR from the digital nomad permit story is already bearing some tiny fruit. A very solid base on which to build. 

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