Monday, 4 July 2022

Split: Croatian Police to Be Assisted by 433 Foreign Colleagues During Summer Season

ZAGREB, 4 July 2022 - A total of 433 foreign police officers from nine countries will be helping their Croatian colleagues in Split-Dalmatia County as part of the Safe Tourist Destination project, launched in 2008.

Their role will be to help in communication between Croatian police and foreign nationals to ensure a more pleasant stay for foreign visitors and foster a sense of safety among them, Split-Dalmatia County police chief Slobodan Marendić told a press conference on Monday.

The foreign police officers will be on duty in Split, Trogir, Omiš, Makarska, and at the airport and maritime police stations. They will also be deployed to other areas, including islands, if necessary.

The foreign police officers participating in the Safe Tourist Destination projects come from Italy, France, South Korea, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Czech Republic. In mid-July, they will be joined for the first time by a police officer from the United States.

Foreign police officers usually assist if foreign visitors report a loss of personal documents, are involved in minor traffic accidents, or become the victims of minor criminal offenses.

Patrik Vučković is the first police officer from Bavaria to participate in the project. He was born in Germany, but his parents are originally from northwestern Croatia.

"I hope that German tourists will recognize the uniform and that, when they see it, we will have a nice chat and they will feel safe in Split. I have been here privately several times, but this is my first time here in an official capacity," Vučković said.

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Wednesday, 27 October 2021

Split Policemen Rescue Tangled Dolphin Near Ciovo (PHOTOS)

October 27, 2021 - Not the everyday mission as Split policemen rescue a tangled dolphin just off the coast of Ciovo. 

The commander of the Split police vessel, Mate Merčep, and his two fellow police officers (Marko Tadić and Jure Katavić) from the Split-Dalmatia Police Department set out to monitor the state border towards Vis on Tuesday morning. However, a sudden call for help diverted them eight kilometers from their route, report Slobodna Dalmacija.

The policemen turned the vessel around and embarked on a new mission - rescuing a two-meter long and 70-kilogram dolphin, which they untangled from a net near Ciovo for about forty minutes.

"The fishers noticed a wounded and helpless dolphin and informed the 112 Center, and they informed us. If we had arrived half an hour later, the dolphin would not have been alive. He was wrapped in ropes that inflicted deep wounds on his body, so he didn't even move from helplessness. That bundle of ropes damaged the back of his fin, and about fifty meters of rope were wrapped around him," they said. 

Marko Tadić went down to the ship's edge and carefully tore those ropes after the three lured the dolphin to the boat.

"The dolphin received us as if he felt we wanted to help him. He was calm the whole time, and I guess he couldn't be any different since he was exhausted. Who knows when the poor thing got entangled in a fishing line? Maybe it was five hours, and maybe it was a couple of days, we don’t know that. While I was slowly cutting the ropes around the dolphin, I was careful not to cut the rope with which my two colleagues held the dolphin," Marko said.


Split-Dalmatia County Police Department

"The dolphin jerked a little because he thought we had released him, but it didn’t go that fast. A professor from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Zagreb helped us with advice and guided us on the phone. He told us that when the dolphin breathes and dives several times, then he can swim away. That's how it was in the end," Katavić and Merčep added.

In March 2019, Merčep was on a similar animal rescue mission, saving a Maltese dog that was drowning in the cold in the Lora area.

"Now he is housed in Kaštela, and I am thrilled that he is safe and warm," said Merčep.

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Saturday, 12 June 2021

Split: Police Searching for Attackers on Serbian Nationals

ZAGREB, 12 June, 2021 - Police in the southern coastal city of Split are still searching for several persons who attacked two Serbian nationals at 00.30 am on Saturday.

According to the police, several as yet unidentified persons physically attacked two Serbian nationals, a 25-year-old man and a 26-year-old woman, on Ovčice Beach.

The police, acting on a call, went to the site and found the Serbian nationals. Given that the man had bruises and scratches on his body, the police took him to a hospital for medical assistance, but he refused, police spokeswoman Antonela Lolić said.

A criminal investigation is under way.

The incident was condemned by the new Mayor of Split, Ivica Puljak.

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Friday, 3 April 2020

Split Police Warns Citizens: No Picigin, Riva and Popular Beaches Monitored

April 3, 2020 - Even with the warm weather this weekend, citizens should not be tempted to ignore the measures of the National Civil Protection Headquarters. A message from the Split Police.

“Given that sunny and warmer weather is announced for the weekend, we would like to draw our attention once again to Decision on strict restraint on streets and other public places. This Decision applies to streets, squares, waterfronts, parks and all other public areas where a large number of persons can move and gather,” began today's statement by the Split-Dalmatia Police Directorate, in which they urge citizens to abide by the rules, reports Slobodna Dalmacija.

“We know that Znjan, Bacvice and the Split waterfront are favorite places for citizens to gather, but in this situation, you cannot stay in these public areas. Especially not in large numbers because then you are not able to adhere to the rules on the distance between people.

Given the current situation, to prevent the spread of the infection, adjust your habits and exercise your leisure and outdoor activities in a shorter time, in places that you know are not visited by a large number of people. If you want to go outside, go to places where you are sure that more citizens will not gather.

We know that you follow the recommendations of doctors and epidemiologists, and we just want to remind you of their advice that when you are outdoors, keep the recommended distance. In this way, we will positively all contribute to reducing the spread of the infection.

Police officers supervise and implement the measures of the Headquarters daily, including these Decisions on the measure of strict restraint on streets and other public places, and will continue to do so throughout the weekend. Please follow the advice and warnings of police officers on the ground.

We thank all citizens who respect the Decisions of the Civil Protection Headquarters of the Republic of Croatia. With responsible behavior, they protect themselves and all of us,” the police bulletin says.

The police also responded to a request from a Dalmatinski Portal journalist about playing picigin at Bacvice.

“Such behavior is contrary to the decision of the National Headquarters. Had police officers been there, they would have certainly warned the participants to disperse. You can walk, but picigin cannot be played under these circumstances,” Split police said.

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Saturday, 21 March 2020

Split Police Patrolling Riva and Beaches, Marjan Closed: "Only Go Out If You Must"

March 21, 2020 - Split police are busy patrolling the city's most frequented areas on Saturday and are pleading for citizens to stay home during the coronavirus crisis. 

Despite numerous recommendations from experts who have sent messages to stay home for days, many citizens have taken advantage of the crisis to enjoy the beautiful spring weather.

On Saturday, 168 coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Croatia, and according to scientist Igor Rudan, the real number may be ten times higher, reports Dalmacija Danas.

As of Wednesday, only grocery stores, bakeries, pharmacies, and those deemed necessary are allowed to work, and all children's playgrounds are closed as of Saturday. Saturday morning, the Crisis Headquarters decided on a new regime for maritime transport, while bus transport between cities was suspended entirely.

Interior Minister Davor Bozinovic said there was a “some kind of ban on movement in public areas". Citizens will not be physically removed, but police will warn and act in the event of disobedience. It is forbidden to move and hang out in groups in all public areas, and the police are strictly patrolling.

Marjan Forest Park was also closed and police visited Žnjan, Bačvice and the Riva and warned about the ban on movement in groups in public areas.

“Bene has been closed, and we have been instructed by the police to close Marjan as well, and to warn all passers-by that movement in this area is forbidden,” said the Marjan Primary School.

A spokeswoman for the Split police further explained the situation.

“We must all respect the decision of the National Headquarters who issued a recommendation not to hold public gatherings, including in public places. People should not gather in groups and police officers are patrolling and alerting citizens to return to their homes. We urge citizens to respect these decisions for your public health. Police will tour all frequently visited locations: Žnjan, Riva, Bačvice and other promenades. We appeal that only people who need it and who do the most urgent work go out in public. The police are doing this to protect all of us and public health. Let's stay home,” spokeswoman Antonela Lolic said.

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