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People also ask Google: Is Dubrovnik or Split Better?

March 4, 2021 - In our latest People also ask Google series, we attempt to tackle the impossible - is Dubrovnik or Split better?

Ah, the tale of two ancient cities, both breathtaking in their own ways. One, the Adriatic Pearl, the other, Dalmatia's bustling capital - but both full of pride that there is no better place. 

Their vibrant history more or less defines them. Dubrovnik's roots trace back to the 7th century when it was founded as Ragusa by inhabitants of the ancient Greek colony of Epidaurus (present-day Cavtat). Split, on the other hand, founded as the Greek colony Aspálathos only a bit earlier, in the 3rd or 2nd century BC. 

Centuries later, both cities are certainly known for their turbulent history and historic cores - Dubrovnik, a town wrapped by medieval defensive walls, and Split, a city that boasts the 1700-year-old Diocletian's Palace, the former retirement home of Roman Emporer Diocletian.

While it may be humanely IMpossible to decide which is better, we do know one thing: these ancient artifacts have turned two coastal cities into tourism champions in much more recent years, where history mixes with the mood of the Meditteranean to make for one stellar holiday. 

Is it better to stay in Dubrovnik or Split?

We recently covered how many days you should spend in Dubrovnik, much like the magic number for Split, but where should you stay in both cities? 

Dubrovnik abounds in 5-star hotels and villas, attracting luxury travelers thanks to its deluxe amenities. From the Excelsior, Rixos, and Sun Gardens to the centrally-located Hilton Imperial and lavish Grand Villa Argentina, tourists with higher spending power really have their pick when it comes to the upper echelon of hotels in the area. And that's without mentioning ultra-luxurious villas, like Sheherezade.


Private accommodation in Dubrovnik, however, can get a bit tricky. While basic old-town offers in the summer can cost you an arm and a leg, literally and figurately (remember, endless flights of stairs and NO elevators), apartments outside of the center, while more affordable, are less accessible. Yes, taxis and Uber do exist, but so do narrow roads and summer traffic, both of which plague Dubrovnik in the peak season. 

Split, on the other hand, is still a bit behind in the luxury hotel world. And to compensate for its lack of hotel rooms, the city has seen a boom in private accommodations over the last few years, with things getting a little out of hand.

But there is hope.

The newly-opened 4-star Amphora Hotel has done a significant job adding to the hotel capacity in Split with 206 rooms, while newcomers like briig boutique hotel add flair to the Bačvice neighborhood. The Birkenstock-owned Ambasador will add 101 rooms to the West Coast sometime this year, while the Adris Group will step into the Dalmatian market with the hopeful opening of the 'new' hotel Marjan in 2022.

Lovers of luxury hotels can currently only choose from the 5-star Le Meridien Lav hotel, located about 15 minutes outside of Split in Podstrana, or the beloved Bačvice-based Hotel Park. However, the history-rich-heritage hotels in the center make up for any missing affluence (check out Palace Judita, Heritage Hotel Antique, or Jupiter, for example). 

Does Split or Dubrovnik have better beaches?

Bačivce or Banje? It's unlikely you'll spend an hour in either city without hearing their names. 

Bačivce, Split's public beach, is located about a 10-minute walk outside of Diocletian's Palace. A sandy beach popular for speedo-clad picigin players, Bačivce boasts views that extend out to Brač during the day, while it is the hub of Split nightlife in the evening, where young partygoers let loose until sunrise. Needless to say, things can get a bit messy (and crowded). 

On the other hand, Dubrovnik's public Banje beach is a short walk from the old town, with views onto the city walls and harbor. While you'll be hard-pressed to find a more unique swimming spot, it is penetrated by thirsty tourists in the summertime, making it often impossible to claim a lounge chair. 


Fortunately, Bačice and Banje aren't the only beaches in Split in Dubrovnik. Split's coast is decorated with beaches, as is Marjan Hill, where you'll find Kaštelet, situated just below the Ivan Meštrović Gallery, or Kašjuni, boasting a deep bay with the cliffs wrapping around you. 

Šulići is just a short walk from the Pile Gate in Dubrovnik, while the family-friendly Copacabana beach in Babin Kuk offers a restaurant, water sports, and cocktails for the adults. And if you have a car? Head 30 minutes south of Dubrovnik to discover the best beaches in Konavle!

Is Dubrovnik or Split nightlife better?

As someone who just crossed over into her 30s after a vibrant decade of partying in her 20s, the answer to this one comes quite easily. One thing young travelers visiting Dubrovnik often mention is the lack of nightlife in the city. And as it should be, because Dubrovnik's beauty shouldn't be embraced with a hangover. However, you can't deny that people want to let loose on holiday, whether they're at a pub or a club. So, where to? 


For those who enjoy partying until the early morning hours, there is one special place to go - Culture Club Revelin. It even made DJ Mag's Top 50 Best Clubs in the World. Located in a 500-year-old medieval fortress, it'll be hard to find another setting as unique. Just like it'll be hard to find another club Dubrovnik. 

And if you're not the clubbing type after all? Dubrovnik flourishes with cafe and wine bars, and there are even a few Irish pubs!

Split, on the other hand, has become a hotspot for Croatian nightlife. After the wine-bar-boom came the craft-cocktail-bar boom, and there is a nightclub for all types of partygoers. Bar crawls also rule summer nightlife, and all roads eventually lead to the Bačvice beach clubs, where you can enjoy a sunrise swim if you stay long enough.


Split's live music scene also thrives most of the year; you can catch up-and-coming Croatian acts or touring international DJs if you're lucky!

Are Split or Dubrovnik restaurants better?

Both Split and Dubrovnik have upped their culinary game in the last few years. Dubrovnik currently boasts 10 Michelin-recommended restaurants, while one restaurant, 360, carries a Michelin star. And because it is a luxury destination, you'll notice more fine dining options in Dubrovnik than Split. 

Split cannot currently boast a Michelin star, though it does have five Michelin-recommended restaurants and many trendy newcomers that add flair to classic Dalmatian cuisine. 


Long gone are the days of only ćevapi and pomfret (though you'll still find it on most konoba menus), as both cities have become creative in their culinary offers, with many international options on the table too. If you're after the flavors of sushi, Mexican, Thai, or Chinese, or want to keep it traditional with grilled fish, black risotto, and octopus salad, you'll be pleased eating in either city. 

Would you choose Dubrovnik or Split in October?

Ah, the offseason debate is back again!

If you'd like my personal opinion, both cities are a gem in October, that is, if you're not coming to Croatia solely for the sun, sea, and swimming. October weather could also surprise, and you may find that Indian Summer comes out to play.

Best-case scenario - you're swimming in slightly cooler sea temperatures with fewer boats and emptier beaches. Worst-case scenario, you're stuck in the rain and have to schedule your outdoor activities around when it's dry - so you get to sit in a cafe and people watch or enjoy museums to kill time instead. Is that really so bad?


Realistically, most everything remains open in both cities throughout October, making it easier for you to enjoy what you'd plan on doing in summer without fighting sweaty bodies wanting to do the same thing. 

October is also a good time to enjoy emptier roads, so why not take a road trip from Dubrovnik to Pelješac for wine tasting? Or from Split to Omiš for ziplining over the canyon? The opportunities are endless. 

In conclusion: Is Dubrovnik or Split better?

The real question is - which city is better for you?

One might suggest that if you're young, looking for vibrant nightlife, good food options, and easy access to the islands, you'll fit better in Split. And if you're a Game of Thrones fan looking to tick tourist attractions off your list? You'll likely choose Dubrovnik. But both cities offer something for all ages and all members of the family, and because they're only 3 hours apart by car, you don't really have to choose at all. 

Illustration by Little Shiva

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Friday, 30 October 2020

Something New for Split: Znjan Hotel with 156 Accommodation Units Receives Building Permit

October 30, 2020 - A building permit has been approved for a Znjan hotel, bringing new tourism to the Split neighborhood. 

Slobodna Dalmacija reports that the company "Split Peninsula Properties" from Zagreb received a building permit to construct a catering and tourist facility on undeveloped plots in the Znjan area of Split. 

This building permit allows for the construction of 156 accommodation units located on five floors with a superstructure boasting 110 parking spaces.

It covers an area of about seven thousand square meters between Šetališta Ivana Pavla II and the Znjan Road, which is now covered with high vegetation.

The mentioned investor company, "Split Peninsula Properties," is registered as a micro-entrepreneur, with one founder - Andrija Antić.


According to the Court Register, the company was founded at the end of 2018, has a share capital of HRK 20,000, and in that year, had a loss of HRK 304,345.

The architects created the conceptual design in 2018 for 170 accommodation units, but the request for a location permit was submitted for 156, covered by the building permit.

According to the information from the "Condo hotel center" page, which advertises this new hotel, it will be a four-plus hotel with a casino, spa and wellness center, rooftop lounge bar, and 24-hour room service. They say that the apartments will range from 328 to 667 square meters, with prices ranging from 216 to 263 and a half thousand dollars.

Supposedly, the hotel's management would be taken over by a big brand, but they would not buy the building, and different owners would buy the apartments. A contract would be reached with them according to which they would use their real estate 14 days a year, and their services would be charged at the minimum price, while the rest of the time, the hotel house would rent their apartments so that the owners would get a refund.

As for greenery, the hotel should preserve some vegetation on the west side and valuable pine trees, if any. The architects created new greenery around the hotel in the simulation, but in them, the entire Znjan plateau all the way to the promenade along the coast is green - and they drew only grass and trees, without cafes and sports fields. According to the Detailed Development Plan, such radical landscaping is not a bad idea, but it is not possible.

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Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Split's Divota Opening Yoga and Meditation Center, Open House Tomorrow!

September 21, 2020 - Divota Apartment Hotel in Split is excited to announce the opening of a yoga and meditation center as part of its holistic spa offer!

Namely, in preparation for October 1, 2020, when the new center will be fully operating, Divota will present its holistic programs in an Open House format on September 23 and 24, 2020, according to a special schedule which you can find below. 


Thus, visitors can enjoy a variety of holistic practices, like Lu Jong Tibetan yoga, ancient Chinese exercises Qigong/Taijiquan, Zen Yoga, Active Recovery/Full Body Flow, Five Elements/Vinyasa, Dharma Yoga, Recreational Gymnastics, and exercises for expecting mothers. 

Divota has been introducing their teachers, as well as the practices they will be teaching, on their Divota Spa Facebook page over the last few weeks. You can get to know more about their unique offer in detail HERE.  

Until Divota's new peaceful oasis in the city center begins work at the beginning of next month, come and try one of the programs or stop by to experience the magical garden, undoubtedly a new pearl of Split's city center!


Divota Apartment Hotel is an unmatched integrated boutique hotel located in the heart of Split that has added a spark to the Varos neighborhood since it first opened its doors. In 2020, Divota enhanced their spa offer with the introduction of Tibetan wellness practices, many of which will be new experiences to the Dalmatian capital. 

While Divota has used energy work in their spa and their general company culture for the last few years, the opening of the yoga garden and meditation center is the crown of their holistic endeavors.  

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Thursday, 17 September 2020

Adris Group to Demolish Infamous Hotel Marjan in Split, Plans Announced for 2022

September 17, 2020 - Hotel Marjan in Split, which has been out of function since Zeljko Kerum took over in 2006 and was bought by Rovinj's Adris Group at the end of last year, will be completely demolished.

T.portal writes that the investors have hired 3LHD studio from Zagreb and the famous Italian architect and designer Pier Lissoni to lead the new hotel project, and they are currently in the process of obtaining a location permit.

After its reconstruction, the former Split tourist pearl and one of the recognizable city symbols will be equally as tall as the building today, but with one floor less due to the desired higher floor height. According to unofficial announcements, in this renovation, the hotel will be reduced by about 6.5 thousand square meters and for the most part, aim to be closer to the original form from the 1960s, i.e., an attempt will be made to neutralize the consequences of the never completed renovation fifteen years ago, when the investor was Zeljko Kerum and designer Jerko Rosin.

Among other things, two large hotel annexes, which are called apartments, will be removed, and there will no longer be the eyesore that is the double glass facade. A large inner courtyard, or atrium, will be formed, and the facade itself will follow the ideas during the original design of the West Coast, which includes even the color of the stone.

Adris Group said only briefly that in cooperation with the City of Split and the relevant institutions, they are preparing the necessary documentation for the renovation of Hotel Marjan. After the renovation is completed, it will be in the group of their luxury hotels (Grand Park Hotel Rovinj, Lone, Hilton and others). Still, they did not want to reveal the planned amount of investment and completion deadlines.

As it was unofficially found out, the original plan was to complete the documentation by the end of this year and start work next year, in which most of the planned two billion kuna of the company's investment in the tourism sector would be spent. As the decision was made at the group level to postpone it for a year due to the corona crisis, it is realistic that Adris Group will take its first major step into the Dalmatian market in 2022.

"The fact is that the coronavirus pandemic affected the course of our investments, but we will be able to talk about the deadlines and details of the project itself, which 3LHD and the famous Piero Lissoni are working on, when the project is completed," the Adris Group confirmed.

Leading Split conservator Rade Buzancic said that talks had been held with investors and designers and that his service was so far satisfied with what they had seen and heard.

"These are top experts who have set themselves the task of making a serious redesign, but almost reminiscent of the original project. They want to get closer to the original of the Marjan hotel and focus on quality instead of quantity, and that is a novelty in behavior in our area," Buzancic said.

Hotel Marjan itself is not individually protected as a cultural asset. Still, it has become part of the recognizable image of the city, especially from the sea, and an actor of a kind of subtle dialogue with Diocletian's Palace - both in area and height. According to the project of Lovro Perkovic, the former industrial zone with quarries and cement plants on the West Coast has been 'sanitized', and as Buzancic explains, in a successful modern style.

"The recent intervention was not particularly successful, and the construction of the double façade even increased the size of the tower and lost the cantilever, which gave the impression that the tower was floating in the air. Investors are very cooperative and are willing to restore most of the delicate image lost in the reconstruction fifteen years ago, and even balconies with bars. The project is currently going in the right direction," confirms the leading Split conservator.

Hotel Marjan, the former pride of Split tourism, was bought by Zeljko Kerum fifteen years ago for 170 million kuna, paying three times more than the requested starting price. He promised and announced a renovation, even signing a contract with the Hilton chain, but it turned out that this investment ran his entire business empire to the ground. The purchase was guaranteed by his retail chain Kerum d.o.o., which the banks blocked, and he announced lawsuits against them.

At the end of 2017, Adria Resorts from the Adris Group bought receivables secured by mortgages over Hotel Marjan from the Austrian Heta Asset Resolution Group. They previously did the same with receivables from hotel annexes and claims of 72 former hotel employees. Therefore, at the end of last year, Marjan was bought for three-quarters of the estimated value, HRK 324 million, by an electronic auction.

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Saturday, 20 June 2020

Meet Fermai: New Art Nouveau Inspired Heritage Hotel Opening in Split

June 20, 2020 - One of the most attractive hotels on the Adriatic will open at the end of June, enclosed within a protected cultural property, which once housed the Cooperative Association and later the University of Split. Meet Fermai, a new place for modern travelers

1 (3).jpg

"Exceptional architecture, top design with carefully selected details, modern, warm, Mediterranean flair - this is how the new luxury hotel Fermai in the center of Split could be described, just a few steps from Diocletian's Palace.

The century-old building, one of the few Art Nouveau in the city, is a masterpiece by architect Petar Senjanovic, and the sophisticated, unpretentious, relaxing interior is signed by the famous Studio Franic Sekoranja. A touch of Art Nouveau elegance, classic and vintage furniture combined with modern details, stretch throughout the hotel, 33 rooms, and two suites.

1 (2).jpg

Fermai is a great choice for modern travelers, lovers of superior design, ambient architecture, Mediterranean atmosphere, and true hedonists who want to experience the local atmosphere in the heart of the city. There is no doubt that the new, urban hotel will attract many citizens of Split who will enjoy their first morning coffee there," reads the announcement for the new hotel. 

The investor, the well-known Split company Quatro Company, invested HRK 42 million in the project, and all works were carried out in cooperation with the Conservation Department in Split.

1 (4).jpg

Slobodna Dalmacija reports that the building that once housed the Rectorate of the University of Split was sold to Quatro, owned by the entrepreneurial family Pulic for 2.7 million euro, at the beginning of 2018. The Rectorate moved to the former "Brodomerkur" administrative building on Poljicka (it should soon move to the University Library on Campus), and the sale price of the property in the Split center was set by Roko Mijanovic, a court construction expert.

1 (5).jpg

Mijanovic prepared a study on the market value of this 1218.1 sqm of real estate and concluded that each square meter is worth EUR 2,175.58. In the meantime, the Art Nouveau building was thoroughly renovated and transformed from an academic building (and formerly a Cooperative Association, as mentioned above) into a new heritage hotel.

You can learn more about Fermai here.

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Monday, 4 May 2020

Split Ambasador Hotel Opening Delayed by Corona: "We'll Open Before Christmas"

May 4, 2020 - The opening of several hotels in Split was announced for the upcoming tourist season, including the Ambasador on the West Coast Riva.

Slobodna Dalmacija writes that Tonci Medic, CEO of Retoi, whose portfolio also includes Ambasador, and a close friend of German businessman Klaus Alex Birkenstock, owner of this hotel, assures us that, given the coronavirus crisis, they won’t be able to open their doors to guests until Christmas. 

“The corona crisis has definitely surprised us all. In March, we started collecting CVs and organizing interviews with potential employees, but of course, we had to stop. The plan, in fact, was to ‘permanently’ hire 55 staff and hire another thirty seasonal workers. Since we were planning to open the hotel doors this summer, we hired six people key to its operation earlier this year; among them the director and the chef.

This has completely hindered us - outside construction work has been suspended at the request of the contractor, that is, workers' fear of contracting the virus. As for the works inside the building, we thought it was pointless to rush to finish them when we had to keep the hotel closed.

We simply estimated that we did not want to risk anything and that it is better to skip this season, if there is one at all, than to begin during a pandemic and fear whether any of the staff or guests will transmit the virus to our hotel,” says Medic, a well-known caterer from Brela.

Recall, Klaus Alex Birkenstock bought the hotel on the West Coast in 2016 from Regina Ivic, the widow of Tomislav Ivic, the legendary Hajduk coach. It was announced that the Ambasador would be open in the spring of 2018, but the investor could not meet the deadline due to the inability to obtain a building permit.

For this reason, the demolition was delayed of the building built in 1937, which was later the JNA House, as was the execution of the works. The investor was forced to ask the County to extend the construction period from two to four years.

In the meantime, there was a change in investment from the previously announced EUR 14 million to EUR 23 million. This should give the Ambassador at least four and a half stars, and they hope, Medic says, to get a fifth.

According to the project of architects Nena Kezic, Emil Sverk and Nora Roje, the hotel will have 101 rooms and suites, a restaurant capacity of 240, spa, gym, nightclub and underground garage with 59 spaces. Otherwise, the hotel's catering facilities will be able to accommodate 640 guests, in addition to the 240 in the restaurant.

The fitness and wellness center will be sunlit thanks to a large atrium on the terrace facing the sea. It is also interesting that in the superstructure of the movie theater, which was erected next to the “Ambasador” in 1953, there will be a 120 square meter large swimming pool, which will be partially enclosed by glass, so that passers-by will be able to look in. Swimmers, on the other hand, have a view of the coast.

In any case, Birkenstock has announced that it plans to turn this Split hotel into a new favorite resort for tourists from the UK, Germany, Austria and France. Unfortunately, the plan is currently on hold, but hopefully not for long.

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Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Split Boutique Hotel Briig Wins Distinguished Architecture Award

April 29, 2020 - Although its modern architecture, which significantly deviates from the Bacvice environment, has caused a lot of controversy and various criticisms, Boutique Hotel Briig in Split has won the prestigious Big SEE Architecture Award 2020.

The symmetrical white building was designed by Damir Rako and Maja Tedeschi, and the award was completely unexpected. The entire team involved in this four-year project, Rako said in an interview with Dalmacija Danas, showed that Split can still do something new and different, which is recognized by the experts at the international level.

Big SEE is an association that awards not only in architecture but also in other creative industries in Southeastern Europe. It covers 19 countries and about 350 million people, which is an extensive area and encourages architects, designers and creators of different profiles, Rako said. The headquarters of the association, he added, is located in Ljubljana, where a major festival will be held in October at which the hotel will be presented.

"We're really surprised. The award has arrived without any announcement, so this week we should send the material and prepare a presentation for the big exhibition that will be held within the festival. I have to admit that this award really means a lot to us because the hotel was quite demanding to execute," the architect said. 

Briig, as he explains, is the first design hotel of this type in Dalmatia. In its lobby, monumental curved black stairs stand out, while the center of the hotel is an internal atrium, broken out like an exterior facade. The vertical square opening, located in the middle of the building, rises to the glass roof at the top, connecting the inner galleries to the five-story rooms. The Briig Hotel is also a kind of "contemporary gallery". The original furniture and lighting are the work of renowned world designers, and the stone from northern Italy, posters of the Split painter Boris Bucan, graphics of Julija Knifera, and the installation of Aleksander Srnec are just some of the highlights.

However, the construction of this hotel was not welcomed by the public.

"We are welcomed by conservative groups, even though Split has always had a tradition of modern architecture and can boast many great works, such as Split 3, Poljud Stadium, and many other works. This is a great incentive for us because the award is a great indicator that modern architecture in Split is not to be feared," Rako pointed out. Split, he reveals, has always been an inspiring city for architecture.

"Despite all the difficulties, Split is a world fact in the field of architecture. In every period of its history, it had authentic architecture, with which it responded to world trends and always had something to say. It is interesting to note that Juraj Dalmatinac first worked on the Papalic Palace and the small Gothic palaces in Split, and only later became widely known for the Sibenik Cathedral. Our city has a good position on the world architectural map, and now we can say that contemporary architecture is one specificity, regardless of the opposition," he added.

Resistance to modern architecture was present in the 1960s. The Marjan Hotel, one of the most important hotels from the '60s in this part of Europe, is one of the ideal examples, as well as the Segvic house by the Peristyle.

"These are projects that were a step back in their time, but also experienced terrible resistance. This small hotel is a miniature in comparison, but it is also an indicator that as much as Split is vital in architecture, it is also vital in resistance to everything new," the architect believes.

We like to say that we call for the right to be different, to look and behave differently, but we forget that houses have the same right, as metaphors for ourselves.

"The house must be a reflection of its time, not some false romantic vision of the past. If we do imitations and copy history with architecture, we are actually lying to ourselves and those to whom we leave those houses in the future," the architect concluded.

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Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Marvie Hotel, For a Healthy and Happy Holiday in Split

February 10, 2020 - Recover, reshape, and recharge at Marvie Hotel & Health in Split. 

Wellness is the ‘active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life’. 

The World Health Organisation considers it “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being,” while it is "a conscious, self-directed and evolving process of achieving full potential” by The National Wellness Institute.

With more stressors surrounding us today than ever before, wellness has become the focal point that aids us through the day-to-day. Whether we turn to meditation, yoga, skincare or eating better, wellness shows its face in many ways and comes in a selection of shapes and sizes. 

Travelers today are increasingly turning away from the busier tourist cities and instead opting for wellness breaks, healing retreats, or spa getaways to help improve their physical or mental health. With that idea in mind, wellness tourism has taken off. 

Thus, in the heart of Split, you’ll find a hub for health and wellness - Marvie Hotel. 

Marvie_hotel room.jpg

After opening its doors in 2017, Marvie became Dalmatia’s first hotel focusing on medical tourism, targeting quality self-care in all of its segments. 

Located in Split's quiet residential area of Zenta, just a five-minute drive from the bustling city center, Marvie is spacious and modern, boasting an underground garage on three floors, 74 rooms and two suites, and modular halls that can accommodate up to 65 people. 

However, what truly makes Marvie the heart of medical tourism in Split is its health and wellness offer. 

The Renevie wellness zone is where guests can recover, reshape, and recharge. With relaxation at its core, the Renevie wellness zone offers an indoor hot tub and pool, as well as an outdoor rooftop infinity pool that boasts breathtaking views of the city. In the summer, the rooftop becomes an oasis for guests looking to enjoy the easygoing Mediterranean lifestyle, where sunbeds are offered for you to kick back with a cold drink and light snacks, while summer yoga sessions and exercise programs are held to encourage the more active vacationers. 

Marvie_rooftop joga.jpg

The Renevie wellness zone offers two private saunas that provide a variety of ways to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. The Finnish sauna is for those looking to detox or enhance their skin elasticity, while the Turkish sauna benefits the immune system and helps with hydration. A fully equipped gym is also available for guests looking to push their fitness limits. 

AquaMed Medical Wellness, which is a modern clinic for physical medicine and rehabilitation, is a fundamental part of Marvie’s wellness offer. With a focus on physical therapy, manual therapy using the Maitland concept, hydrotherapy pool exercises, massages (medical, sport, AquaMed, aroma, anti-cellulite), beauty treatments, acupuncture and nutritional counseling, AquaMed aims to prevent and eliminate health and aesthetic challenges, while preserving your power and beauty.


Whether you require a physician, acupuncturist, nutritionist, masseuse, beautician, or pedicurist, Marvie’s specialists provide a full range of physical therapy and aesthetic services for guests to enjoy. 

Because Mediterranean cuisine is a vital organ to the region, Marvie fuses fresh, seasonal, and local ingredients with a scientific approach to ensure your dietary needs are fulfilled. Whether you have a specific medical condition or are looking to detox and adopt healthier eating habits, Marvie’s nutritional experts will craft plans tailored to your wishes. 

Marvie_food 4.jpg

The Da’Mar restaurant at the hotel adds a modern touch to Mediterranean-inspired dishes, which are adjusted to service the gluten-free guests. Everything at the hotel, from light bites to dessert, is prepared fresh and in house daily. 

Finally, what completes Marvie is its partners. 

The Mediderm clinic at Marvie, which is led by dr. med. Sanda Peric-Susak, boasts twenty years of experience and specializes in dermatovenerology and anti-aging treatments. Their team of experts focuses on aesthetic and vascular surgery, immunology, endocrinology, allergology, orthopedics, and sports traumatology. Whether you’re looking to reduce the signs of aging or want a clearer picture of your overall health, the Mediderm clinic is at your service to ensure your body is taken care of. 


Therapists Vanja and Kristijan Kasalo are on hand to look after your mental health. After years of experience from Split to Norway and back, their private practice of integrative psychotherapy will give you professional insight and offer techniques to help you maintain a healthy mindset.

IDC Ruzevic, on the other hand, is the most modern facility for dental medicine and implantology in Dalmatia. Led by Niki Ruzevic, M.D., who boasts 35 years of experience as a dentist and more than 15 years of experience in implantology, its modern facilities include four dental offices, a surgical room, a sterilization room and an X-ray area. Offering a range of treatments for your oral health, IDC Ruzevic uses sophisticated methods, premium materials, and modern devices to care for each patient individually. 

With a full range of quality services on offer for its guests, there is no better way to optimize your well-being than at Marvie Hotel. 

You can find out more about Marvie Hotel here.

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Friday, 15 November 2019

Tibetan Yoga, Meditation, and Retreats: Divota Apartment Hotel Opens a New Chapter

November 15, 2019 - We here at Total Croatia News have showered Divota Apartment Hotel with praise since the very beginning, and it’s not hard to see why. A traveler favorite and top choice on TripAdvisor over the years, Divota truly is one of Split’s brightest sparks. 

However, this integrated boutique hotel is using its success to turn a new leaf in 2020 with the introduction of Tibetan wellness practices, many of which will be new experiences to the Dalmatian capital. 


Divota has been using energy work in their spa and their general company culture for the last few years, which has now become a springboard for their newest offer.

As a result, Divota will lead guests to live a more holistic life

Thus, in 2020, Divota is turning to meditation and yoga, following the lineage of the Tibetan master Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche, who introduced Tibetan healing yoga and many more techniques from the Buddhist Vajrayana tradition, to Europe. 


Divota owner Andrea Wassmer gave us a closer look.

"This year, we are opening a yoga garden, meditation center, and the Divota bistro healthy corner.

We will offer our own retreats, Lu Jong retreats and invite masters and other teachers to hold retreats with us, such as Shai Tubali, who will conduct an Easter retreat in the spring and return in September to hold one focusing on the seven chakra personality types," said Wassmer. 

Namely, Shai Tubali has been an international speaker, author and spiritual teacher since 2000, and is considered one of Europe's leading experts and innovators in the field of chakras and the subtle system.

For Easter this year, Shai Tubali will hold a silence & anti-aging health retreat about the healing powers of springtime at Divota Apartment Hotel in Split. 


Divota will also host Tibetan Healing Yoga classes in the new Yoga Garden from April 14, 2020. They will run daily from 06:30-07:30.

But that's not all.

In March, monks from Bhutan and Nepal will visit Divota to build a stupa, or a commemorative monument that is a symbol of enlightenment and is associated with loving-kindness and compassion. They will return in July to create a sand mandala, known as a sign of impermanence.

"We also look forward to having our teacher Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche visit in July for three workshops: Lu Jong - balancing the five elements, Tsa Lung - the energy body, and Tummo - our wisdom fire,” concluded Wassmer. 


Divota Apartment Hotel is an unmatched integrated boutique hotel located in the heart of Split that has added a spark to the Varos neighborhood since it first opened its doors. 

Formed by 13 stone houses sprinkled around this historic Split suburb, Divota boasts cozy rooms, studio apartments, and an authentic Dalmatian villa, while its breakfast room, spa, and concierge are just some its perks. 

A pioneer in harmonizing the Mediterranean authenticity of the area with a contemporary and stylish twist, Divota operates with high hotel standards, allows guests a full range of services, and promises a powerhouse of professionals to ensure your stay is decorated with all of the right elements. 


To make sure you never miss a Divota beat, be sure to follow them on Facebook and check out their rooms, studio apartments, and villa here.

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Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Digital Transformation in Tourism: Split Boutique Hotel Says No to Print, Yes to iPads

October 15, 2019 - The Briig Boutique Hotel in Split, in cooperation with the Hoteza platform, offers the Hoteza HotPad system as a unique way to communicate with its guests -  as and it’s also a sustainable solution.

HRTurizam writes that by using the Hoteza platform, they discarded all printed brochures and material, earning, among the first in Croatia, MINT's written approval of categorization. Digitization of tourism in the true sense of the word.

From now on, all hotel guests can communicate with the hotel staff via digital devices, which are at their service at any time. Furthermore, they also get a wealth of information about the hotel, destination, and interesting events in their vicinity.

“The relaxation and ease of communication that the guest achieves by using the HotPad system encourage them to explore all the options this solution offers. From various events they can enjoy or information about the lively city they are in, to the gastronomic delights they can experience in the privacy of their own room - who can say no to a luxurious bed-and-breakfast?” concludes Duška Žižak, Marketing and Sales Manager of the Briig Hotel in Split.

Hoteza’s HotPad interactive system enables guests of the hotel to communicate with the hotel staff in real-time via the iPad in their rooms. The system allows them to order food or drinks, book a massage or beauty appointment, order a room refreshment or something from the bar, with minimal effort through an elegant, user-friendly interface that invites them to explore the contents of the hotel itself, as well as the destination.

“We are dedicated to finding a personalized solution within Hoteza's platform for each project we work on. Briig proved to be an ambitious project with a clear goal and vision, while Hoteza was a logical choice because, on the technological side, we have fulfilled all expectations and the high rankings set by Briig,” said Damir Knežević, director of Hoteza.

Hoteza has operated on the regional market for only four years, and they already have numerous experiences and clients from both international and local markets - and their unique know-how sets them apart from the competition. It all began with the IPTV smart system and mobile applications, and expanded with market needs that required new, innovative ways to communicate with guests.

Hoteza provides hoteliers with smart and personalized hotel solutions across several smart platforms, notable for their Hoteza interactive TV system, HotPad interactive in-room tablet application, and Hoteza Mobile, a hotel application that offers all services at your fingertips.

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