Saturday, 11 June 2022

Five New Croatia Airlines Split Seasonal Flights Running in June

June 11, 2022 - New Croatia Airlines Split seasonal routes were launched on Friday. The national airline will directly connect Split with five new European destinations during this year's summer flight schedule - Stockholm, Bucharest, Dublin, Milan, and Amsterdam.

The ceremony, which marked this year's expansion of the Croatia Airlines destination network from Split, was held after the first seasonal flight from Stockholm landed in Split. Currently, passengers have two flights a week on this international route - Fridays and Sundays, and return airline tickets are available for as little as 129 euros, reports Croatian Aviation.

On Friday around 2 pm, the first passengers on the new Split - Bucharest seasonal line, which will operate on Wednesdays and Fridays, took off on Croatia Airlines, and return airline tickets are available to passengers for as little as 149 euros.

"We are glad that we have offered passengers an even better travel choice and expanded our European destinations network. During this year's season, we plan to connect Croatia with 21 international destinations, i.e., 22 European airports, and the aircraft will fly on 41 international routes. In that period, we plan to run more than 16,000 flights and offer about 1,766,000 seats, which will make the national airline contribute to the quality of Croatian tourism products and improve the transport infrastructure of the Republic of Croatia," said Slaven Zabo, commercial director of Croatia Airlines.

"Croatia Airlines is the most important business partner of Split Airport. This has been particularly evident during the last two crisis pandemic years. Even during the complete blockade of air traffic, Croatia Airlines ensured the connection of Split Airport with the world. Also important to us is the connection that Croatia Airlines provides throughout the year, especially during the winter flight schedule. Direct connection with 18 European destinations compared to 13 in the record 2019, when the Airport had 3.3 million passengers, proves the fact that Croatia Airlines is a strong lever in the process of recovering air traffic and tourism in this region," said Pero Bilas, Assistant Director-General of Split Airport.

On Sunday, June 12, Croatia Airlines is starting to directly connect Split with two other European capitals - Dublin and Milan. There will be flights between Split and Dublin on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays, and return tickets are available from 169 euros, while flights between Split and Milan are planned on Thursdays and Sundays, and passengers on this route have return tickets from 119 euros.

The fifth new line this season from Split will be introduced on June 14 this year, when the first Split - Amsterdam flight will run. Flights on this route are planned for Tuesday, and return tickets are available to passengers for as little as 159 euros. 

During this season, Croatia Airlines planes will directly connect Split with 18 European destinations. In addition to the new seasonal lines to Stockholm, Bucharest, Dublin, Milan, and Amsterdam, Split will be directly connected with Athens, Vienna, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, London (ZL Heathrow and ZL Gatwick), Lyon, Munich, Paris, Rome, and Zurich. In addition, flights on the Split - Prague season line, which was first introduced last year, are being renewed.

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Tuesday, 26 April 2022

Croatia Airlines Split Flights Boosted in 2022 Summer Flight Schedule

April 26, 2022 - The latest flight news to Croatia as Croatia Airlines Split flights have been boosted in the 2022 summer flight schedule. 

The Croatian national airline has made additional changes to this year's summer flight schedule and has increased the number of flights from Split Airport, reports Croatian Aviation

Croatia Airlines announced the increase in the number of weekly rotations from Split Airport after introducing 5 new seasonal routes from Split to Stockholm, Dublin, Bucharest, Amsterdam, and Milan.

Namely, the Croatian national airline has connected Split with Copenhagen, Dusseldorf, and Vienna in the summer flight schedule for many years, while direct flights to Munich and Frankfurt are available throughout the year. As announced by EX-YU Aviation, the airline will have more flights on the following routes in the upcoming summer season than in previous years.

Split - Copenhagen - Split will operate three times a week, from June to the end of September. One flight per week was previously available on this line,

Split - Dusseldorf - Split will operate twice a week, from June to the end of September. One flight a week was also previously available.

Split - Vienna - Split will be in traffic daily, from June to the end of September. Two to four 4 flights a week were previously available. 

Split - Frankfurt - Split will operate 9 times a week. Last summer it was operated 7 times a week (daily).

Split - Munich - Split will operate 12 times a week. Last summer it was operated 8 times a week.

This is a significant increase in the number of rotations from Split Airport, which only confirms the Croatian national airline's focus is on this airport, according to which demand will be highest in the peak summer season.

Croatia Airlines has competition on all the mentioned routes. SAS and Norwegian will fly to Copenhagen, Eurowings, and Condor to Dusseldorf, Austrian Airlines and Wizz Air to Vienna, and German Lufthansa to Frankfurt and Munich.

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Wednesday, 1 December 2021

Happy Holidays: 70 KLM Split and Zagreb Flights from Amsterdam this December

December 1, 2021 - The latest flight news to Croatia as 70 KLM Split and Zagreb flights will run this December!

Dutch KLM will continue to operate daily between Amsterdam and Zagreb in December, and due to increased demand around Christmas and New Year, KLM will resume traffic between Split and Amsterdam just like last winter, reports Croatian Aviation.

KLM planes will land at Zagreb Airport every day in December. Two flights a day have been announced, with only one daily flight announced for December 26. 

The morning departure from Zagreb to Amsterdam is mainly made with an E175 aircraft with 88 seats. Around Christmas, a larger aircraft, E190, was announced. In addition, E190 aircraft with 100 seats were announced for the afternoon rotation from Zagreb to Amsterdam. From December 6 to 17, smaller E175 aircraft will also be used on this rotation. In the second half of the month, 100 seats per direction will be available again on the afternoon flight.

KLM will operate 40 return flights with E175 aircraft to Zagreb (7,040 seats) and 21 return flights with E190 aircraft (4,200 seats) in December, offering 11,240 seats.

KLM aircraft will return to Split Airport in the second half of December. Flights have been announced for Christmas and New Year. In December, 6 return flights were announced, three with B737-700 aircraft and three with B737-800 aircraft. KLM will offer 1,968 seats between Split and Amsterdam in December and additional seats available at the beginning of January next year.

After introducing the second daily flight to Zagreb, KLM is the dominant carrier, and a relatively large number of passengers choose the services of this airline to travel between the two cities and continue traveling to other destinations in Europe and the world. 

The Croatian national airline, Croatia Airlines, continues to operate daily between Amsterdam and Zagreb. Flights from Zagreb take off in the morning upon the arrival of planes from Sarajevo, Split, and Dubrovnik, so it is possible to continue the journey from these cities to the capital of the Netherlands.

According to available information, Croatia Airlines will operate most of its flights in December with A319 aircraft. A smaller DashQ400 aircraft was announced on only two dates - December 1 and December 8. In addition to KLM, Croatia Airlines will offer an additional 8,368 seats between Amsterdam and Zagreb on its flights this month.

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