Saturday, 28 August 2021

Despite Bad Weather, 120,000 Passengers at Split Airport and Ferry Port this Weekend

August 28, 2021 - While the summer weather has disappeared, albeit temporarily, it has not affected the passengers at Split Airport and Ferry Port this weekend, with an expected 120,000 due to travel through! 

Although the weather conditions in recent days have hinted that summer is coming to an end, the figures from Split ports say otherwise, because 120,000 passengers in 190 planes and 16,000 vehicles will pass through them this weekend, reports T.portal.

The head of the Reception and Dispatch Service at Split Airport, Mate Melvan, confirmed there will be a pretty good weekend ahead with 190 planes and 40,000 passengers, although slightly more of them departing than arriving. 

"There is more pressure on departures than arrivals, but it is natural for this time of year. We can also confirm that the numbers are still high, the traffic is high intensity. We have already exceeded the figure of 400 thousand in August, which means we are heading towards one million this year. We will have the final results at the end of the month," Melvan added.

80,000 passengers and 16,000 vehicles will pass through the Split Ferry Port over the weekend. There, too, the departure of passengers to Split is more pronounced than earlier this season, which means that they are leaving the island for the mainland, reveals Jelena Ivulić from Jadrolinija.

"Due to the crowds in Supetar, we have had an extra line that sailed at 8:45 am from Split. Therefore, we do not have much pressure from Split, and although passengers still arrive, the truth is at a slower pace. Certainly, the season is not over yet since passengers are still coming," Ivulić said.

It is also interesting to note that by August 15, Jadrolinija had a total of 5.3 million passengers and 1.7 million vehicles on the entire coast, which is 85 percent of the turnover from the pre-pandemic 2019.

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Saturday, 14 August 2021

Split Ferry Port Traffic at 80% of 2019 Figures, and More Croatia Traffic News

August 14, 2021 - Split Ferry Port traffic in 2021 is at 80% of 2019's numbers, and more Croatia traffic news this weekend as crowds form all over the country. 

Tens of thousands of passengers will pass through Split's ferry port this weekend, and judging by the large crowds; the season is in full swing, reports Dalmacija Danas.

Jelena Ivulić, head of Jadrolinija in Split, commented on this weekend's numbers. 

"This weekend, we expect over 80 thousand passengers and more than 18 thousand vehicles at the Split Ferry Port," said Ivulić.

She adds that we are crossing 80% of 2019, and at 8.45 and 12.30, extra lines for Supetar sailed.


"The data is really great, we are delighted, and we hope that it will last longer,' she concluded.

In other Croatia traffic news, traffic is temporarily suspended on the A1 motorway at the Sveti Rok tunnel in the direction of Dubrovnik.

Traffic has increased on most roads in the direction of the sea and inland. This is especially true on the A1 motorway between the Lučko toll and the Bosiljevo II junction, the Čelinka tunnel and the Maslenica junction in the south direction, and between the Zadar II junction and the Bristovac tunnel in the direction of Zagreb. In addition, there are occasional traffic jams and moving columns on the A2 Zagreb-Macelj motorway, towards the Trakošćan toll with the occasional closure of the Frukov Krč tunnel, on the Zagreb bypass between the Jankomir and Lučko junctions in the direction of the A1 motorway, on the Krk bridge in both directions, especially mainland, towards individual border crossings and at the approaches to ferry ports. Drivers are advised to maintain a safe distance between vehicles.

A traffic ban for trucks with a maximum permissible weight of over 7.5 tons on some roads in Istria and the coast is in effect today (August 14) until 23:00 and tomorrow (August 15) from 12:00 to 23:00 (summer ban also due to the Feast of the Assumption). On the other hand, there is no ban on the DC1 motorways and state roads.

For the Feast of the Assumption, many pilgrims are expected on the access roads of the Marian shrines, so road users are urged to be extra careful.

During the day, due to increased traffic, there may be difficulties, occasional delays, and convoy driving on some sections of highways, Zagreb (A3) and Rijeka (A7) bypass, Krk Bridge (DC102), Istrian Y towards the border crossings Kastel and Plovanija, at Učka tunnel and the junction Matulji, Lička (DC1) and Jadranska magistrala (DC8) at the approaches to tourist centers, in ferry ports and wharves and at some border crossings. Occasional delays are also possible on sections where works are in progress. Therefore, drivers should adjust their speed and driving style to the conditions on the roads.

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Sunday, 8 August 2021

Split Ferry Port Weekend Traffic Continues to Rise: 75,000 Passengers, Over 17,000 Vehicles

August 8, 2021 - Split Ferry Port weekend traffic is far from slowing down, with over 75,000 passengers and 17,000 vehicles expected this weekend. 

Traffic at the Split City Port is most pronounced this weekend - convoys of vehicles descend to the pier to board ferries, special lines to the islands are introduced, ships arrive from the Italian side of the Adriatic, larger groups of cruise passengers take a tour of Split, everyone rushes and wants to get to their destination as soon as possible, reports Slobodna Dalmacija.

"With the synergy of all of us, we are bringing order to the port. We are well organized, but the numbers are relentless. This morning, more than 1,500 passengers and 500 vehicles arrived with two ships from Italy, from Ancona. We perform customs inspections in all four lanes, as many as we have. We have also set up a mobile device for document inspection and checking Covid passports. We process 200 vehicles in an hour, and I have to admit that no one is angry about what is waiting in the line because everyone sees how we work at full capacity," Joso Vujić, Commander of the Maritime Police, said at the Customs Pier, revealing that 90 percent of the guests have been vaccinated, while the rest have a certificate that they have recovered from the corona. A smaller part of them performs a quick antigen text in the port which takes 15 minutes and costs 75 kuna.

"This would go faster and faster if 60 percent of them did not have old documents, so we waste time scanning," explains police officer Stipe Šurlin.

Commander Vujić reveals that this year there is a huge number of French tourists on ships from Italy:

"Marco Polo" is now going to Stari Grad; it will pick up two hundred vehicles and over 600 passengers for Hvar, and then return to the Split-Ancona line again at 2:30 pm. We regulate it all."

"True, we are introducing additional ferries if necessary; we are coordinating the approaches to the pier because we expect an influx of more than 75 thousand passengers and more than 17 thousand vehicles for this weekend. As a result, we came with a turnover of 77 percent compared to the record 2019," concluded Jelena Ivulić of Jadrolinija.

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Saturday, 31 July 2021

Split Ports Expect 101 Thousand Passengers This Weekend

July 31, 2021 - The Split ports expect 101 thousand passengers will arrive in the city and the surrounding islands this weekend from numerous destinations around the world, Croatia as well.

The Split Airport will thus conclude July with a share of 48 percent of passengers compared to July 2019, and the city airport, where they do not hide their satisfaction with a share of 75 percent compared to July 2019, a record month for the airport, reports

The Split Airport expects 190 planes to land and takes off over the weekend, of which 150 are on a regular route, while the remaining 40 private planes will carry 36,000 passengers through the port.

"July should be completed with 350 thousand passengers, and for comparison last year in the same period there were about 170 thousand, while July 2019 ended with 720 thousand", said to Hina the head of the Passenger Reception and Dispatch Service of Split Airport Mate Melvan.

He noted that the last weekend in July and the first in August have been the most numerous in terms of tourism for years. "We are still monitoring the situation with the crown, and for now the season is going great," Melvan added.

''The weekend is also a record in the ferry port, where more than 65 thousand passengers and over 15 thousand vehicles are expected'', said the coordinator of Jadrolinija, Jelena Ivulić.

According to the data she presented by Saturday at 1 pm, two extraordinary lines to Supetar have been introduced, while the ferries to other islands are full. Passengers in vehicles in a column in Zvonimirova Street continued to wait for more than two hours to the ferry port.

"We are now at 75 percent of the numbers we achieved in July 2019. We are more than satisfied and we believe that the season will not end abruptly", said Ivulić.

She mentioned that the traffic pressure is from all sides, from the entrance to Split, but also at the entrance to the ferry port. "We recommend everyone who needs to go to the port to start as soon as possible and arm themselves with patience, but it is worth enduring for our islands", she said.

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Sunday, 18 July 2021

Split Ferry Port Traffic at 68% of 2019, 50,000 Passengers Expected Over Weekend

July 18, 2021 - Split Ferry Port traffic is rising, with 50,000 passengers and 12,500 cars expected over the weekend!

It is the third weekend in July when traffic jams are expected everywhere on the coast and inland. This Saturday in Split saw the usual scenes of congestion from Pazar, over to the Ferry Port, and the bridge at Bačvice, where Split's eternal summer traffic jam was in full force, reports Slobodna Dalmacija.

However, the conditions are rather good considering the current works on the extension of the City Port.

Despite everything, short-term crowds in the port are created only before and after the vehicles leave the ferry, which Jelena Ivulić from Jadrolinija confirmed.

"Considering all the circumstances surrounding the current epidemiological situation, we must be satisfied because our turnover is 68 percent compared to 2019.

This weekend we expect about 50 thousand passengers and 12,500 vehicles in the Split Ferry Port. On Friday, we had an extra line to Supetar, and here and now, an extra line is going in the same direction.

Our ferries are full in both directions, actually, and there aren’t any major delays except when disembarking, but that’s resolved quickly. It is very lively here, we work 24 hours a day, and everyone is in their place, from the employees of Jadrolinija to the Port Authority and the police," Ivulić said.

She added that all ferries are well filled, mostly for the islands of Brač, Hvar, and Vis, and considering the night shifts, drivers know how to wait for the first ferries overnight in the port to avoid the crowds in the heat.

"We don't like color changes, from green to orange, and maybe to red. We hope that the situation will return to normal if everyone adheres to epidemiological measures. Certainly, we are recording positive growth in traffic in the port of Split, so let it stay that way," Ivulić said optimistically. 

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Monday, 5 July 2021

Record Weekend at Split Airport with 65,000 Passengers, 160 planes

July 5, 2021 -  It was a record weekend at Split Airport with 65,000 passengers and 160 planes, equaling the passenger traffic at Split Airport during the last weekend of July last year! 

The Split Ferry Port and Airport achieved a record weekend traffic of around 65,000 passengers on Saturday and Sunday, reports Slobodna Dalmacija.

"This weekend, 160 planes will land at Split airport, 120 of which are commercial and 40 private, and they will have about 25,000 passengers on arrival and departure, which is the largest weekend traffic this year," said the head of the Split Airport Reception and Dispatch Service, Mate Matevan.

He pointed out that 45 airlines were engaged in the delivery of passengers to and from Split Airport, and that Split Airport is now connected to 85 destinations in 24 countries around the world.

Melvan said that the 25,000 passengers who operated at Split Airport on the first weekend of July this year are equal to the passenger traffic that was realized at the Split Airport during the last weekend in July last year.

This means that this year's massive traffic in July started a month earlier than last July's massive passenger traffic at Split Airport.

“It’s encouraging data,” Melvan concluded.

More than 40,000 passengers and 11,500 vehicles passed through the Split Ferry Port over the weekend, too. 

The head of Jadrolinija's agency in Split, Jelena Ivulić, pointed out that over the weekend, more than 40,000 passengers and 11,500 vehicles traveled through the Split Ferry Port in both directions on the lines to the central Dalmatian islands.

"It will be the most massive weekend traffic this year in Split's ferry port," Ivulić told Hina over the weekend. She added that she is extremely satisfied with the increase in the number of passengers in the Split Ferry Port.

Most guests are from the Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovenia, said Ivulić.

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Sunday, 4 July 2021

Jadrolinija Tourist Traffic Picking Up in Split without Ferry Port Crowds

July 4, 2021 - Jadrolinija tourist traffic is picking up at the Split Ferry Port, and with the agency working 24/7, there aren't the usual summer crowds! 

The Jadrolinija agency at the Split ferry port is looking forward to increased traffic. 

Slobodna Dalmacija reports that their counters work 24 hours a day, all to avoid crowds, meaning the famous traffic jams and general chaos that would regularly greet us during the summer months, especially the first weekend of July, are a thing of the past. Furthermore, this summer, the road to the station and the terminal is passable despite the works on the reconstruction of the City Port. 

Jelena Ivulić, the head of the Jadrolinija agency in Split, revealed this summer's secret.

"There are crowds, but everything is flowing, everything is fine, so they are not seen as before. We work non-stop, there is no waiting for boarding, and again, our ferries are full.

This weekend we expect about 40 thousand passengers in both directions and about 11,500 vehicles on ferries. Passengers arrive at a steady pace, most tourists from Slovenia, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia, with of course our domestic travelers. 

For now, there are no extraordinary lines, but since July 2, we have increased, as usual, the number of lines, so now we have 14 regular departures for Brač, seven for Stari Grad, three for Vis, and six for Šolta.

The summer sailing schedule includes later departures, too. At midnight is the last ferry to Supetar and at 1:30 am to Stari Grad. Certainly, the ferries are nicely filled, but there is no waiting. Let it continue like this, and we are there for the passengers, available 24 hours a day," Ivulić told Slobodna Dalmacija.

Jadrolinija is at 65 percent of turnover compared to 2019.

On Saturday, the MSC Magnifica, which sails the eastern Mediterranean from Italy, is also on Split's itinerary. Magnifica brings about 1,200 passengers to Split who can explore the town, but under strict measures.

"Anyone who wants to go out can only do so as part of MSC's organized excursions, not on their own.

There is no separating from the group. Everything is going well in the port, there are no crowds, no extra ferries, the works are in progress, but they do not interfere with traffic, so today is an exemplary summer day," said Vicko Vrgoč, head of the Port Operations Center, on Saturday.

He says that the arrival of 155 cruisers in Split has been announced for this year, but all this is very uncertain and depends on the pandemic. We remind you that the record year was 2016 when 286 cruisers came to Split.

"In any case, we are very satisfied and expect an increase in numbers. June was great, and we are optimistic for July and beyond - it will be convincing."

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Saturday, 5 June 2021

Traffic at Split Ferry Port and Airport Picks Up as Tourism Returns to Dalmatia

June 5, 2021 - With each passing day, we are one step closer to summer as traffic at Split Ferry Port and Airport pick up this weekend!

HRT reports that as of Friday, a new Jadrolinija summer sailing schedule is in force, with ticket prices up 20%. Jadrolinija has introduced several more daily ferry lines to the central Dalmatian islands, so there are no major crowds in the Split ferry port this weekend.

"Instead of 05:30, the point of sale will open at 04:30, so we really get up early at dawn. And off we go!" Jelena Ivulić from Jadrolinija said with a smile for HRT's show Dobro jutro, Hrvatska.

Jelena says there will be increases on the ferry lines.

"For example, Supetar will increase from 9 lines to 12, Stari Grad from 4 to 5, and so on, we are gradually moving forward. As for the catamaran lines, we are a little more careful here. We are not launching immediately with full routes, but, for a start, instead of 4, we are starting with 2 commercial routes to Hvar - we still lack air passengers who would then continue to our islands," she explains.

After many months of peace and quiet, you can finally hear some foreign languages ​​in Split - both at points of sale and in the port.

"We are starting slow, to roll in the second half of June, July, August, and so on," says Ivulić and adds that Jadrolinija has finally waited for 40 percent of the total allowed capacity to be abolished.

"We now have one hundred percent capacity in which we can board our passengers. That really came as a great relief. As for the measures, the masks remain, and we appeal to our passengers to help us with that and the whole trip to be with masks," she notes.

At Split's Resnik Airport, slightly higher traffic is expected this weekend - 67 planes and 5,500 passengers, which is slightly lower traffic than the same period last year, Mate Melvan, head of reception and departure of passengers at the Port, told HRT.

"We expect about 40 aircraft and close to 4,000 passengers, and tomorrow 27 aircraft and a little more than 1,500 passengers. We have had 70,000 passengers since the beginning of the year, and 80,000 in the same period last year. The highest numbers are expected in July and August," he told HRT.

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Friday, 19 February 2021

VIDEO: Future Split Ferry Port after Reconstruction

February 19, 2021 -  You may have noticed some construction around the Split ferry port over the last few days and are wondering what exactly is going on. Don't worry; this video of the future Split ferry port after reconstruction should clear things up.

Namely, the coast in the area is being extended to enable quality mooring of catamarans. The same project will enable expanding the passenger corridor and better flow of passengers and other pedestrians using the Coast of Prince Domagoj. From 2016 to 2019, the number of passengers transported by catamarans increased by 60%. In 2016, 714,034 passengers were transported, and in 2019, 1,145,818 passengers. Following the project's implementation, four catamaran berths will be put into operation, which are currently out of order.

The upgrade will enable the operational shore to function for mooring and unmooring of catamarans by separating the operational shore into the part for mooring, loading, and unloading, and the supply of ships from the part that serves for pedestrian communication. Simultaneously, a part of the operating area used by cars and trucks to board ferries will be separated by a green belt.

Reconstructing the existing Coast of Prince Domagoj I and II is planned so that the existing operational coast will be extended five and a half meters towards the sea, improving the existing service, port functionality and increasing the safety of port users. The current operational shore is about four meters wide, and the extension will provide an operational shore nine and a half meters wide. The Coast of Prince Domagoj I's length is 135 meters, and the Coast of Prince Domagoj II is 125 meters. The newly created area of the operational coast is about 1400 m2.


The shore will be paved with stone and equipped with utilities, lighting, supply cabinets for supplying ships with electricity and water, and additional green areas and decorative floor slabs that will visually separate the part for mooring, loading and unloading, and supply of ships from the part used for pedestrian communication. It is important to note that the project envisages ensuring accessibility for people with disabilities and people with reduced mobility. Thus, the project enabled unhindered communication throughout the location and access to the public traffic area - all without barriers.

The deadline for the execution of works is nine months. The maximum amount for co-financing the costs of the project with public funds is HRK 42,284,052.27 or 100% of eligible costs of the project, of which HRK 35,941,444.42 or 85% comes from the EU Cohesion Fund through the Operational Program Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2020, and HRK 6,342,607.85 or 15% from the State Budget of the Republic of Croatia.

The project 'Reconstruction - extending the Coast of Prince Domagoj I and II in the City Port of Split' is planned as the first phase of the 'Reconstruction and expansion of St. Peter's Pier in the City Port of Split' project. With the implementation of these projects, the infrastructure will complete the pool of the Split ferry port and ensure optimal traffic flow, level of services, and sustainable development for the decades ahead, according to the Split ferry port.

Source: Dalmatinski Portal

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Friday, 12 February 2021

Split Ferry Port Reconstruction: First Investment in 150 Years

February 12, 2021 - The upcoming Split Ferry Port reconstruction and expansion is the first significant investment in 150 years. 

At the end of January, the Split Port Authority signed a contract for expert supervision and a contractor to reconstruct and extend Prince Domagoj Coast in the Split City Port. The works are expected to start on February 19, reports Slobodna Dalmacija.

As was announced earlier, at the beginning of December 2020, the community of bidders "Pomgrad inženjering" and "Građevno Zec" was selected, with a bid of HRK 30,556,248.91.

Two applications were also received for expert supervision, and the community of bidders "Kozina projekt" and "Terestrika" was selected, with a bid of HRK 834,187.50. "Oslonac" from Split demanded HRK 550,000 for its services. They were initially evaluated as the most favorable, but because they hired an expert with no experience in supervising higher-value projects, they lost points, and another was selected.

At the beginning of December, when signing the grant agreement for this project, Director Vice Mihanović announced the start of works at the end of 2020 and their completion within nine months.

However, as Slobodna Dalmacija has learned from the Port Authority, the public procurement procedure is such that the contract was signed only on January 26. The works will begin on February 19. They will be completed in 280 calendar days from the contractor's introduction, or about nine months. Thus, putting the new coast into operation is expected at the end of 2021.

The project does not envisage the road closure, and Mihanović has previously stated that, if that happens, the works will be interrupted during the season.

This project was financed through the "Renaissance on the Croatian Coast" project launched by the Ministry of the Sea last year. The estimated value is HRK 42.6 million, of which HRK 36 million was financed from the Cohesion Fund and the remaining amount from the state budget.

The reconstruction and expansion project is the first major investment on Prince Domagoj Coast after 150 years when it was created by pouring surplus material from the railway's excavation. Reconstruction is planned in its entire length in two phases, from the Lazaret shore to St. Peter's Pier and from St. Peter's Pier to St. Duje's Pier. 

The upgrade will enable the functioning of the operational shore for mooring and unmooring catamarans by separating the operational coast into the part for mooring, loading, and unloading, and the supply of ships from the part that serves for pedestrian communication. The green belt will separate part of the operating area used by cars and trucks to board ferries.

Currently, the coast is about four meters wide, and the plan is to expand to nine and a half meters towards the sea, with a total length of 260 meters. It will be paved with stone and equipped with utilities, lighting, supply cabinets for ships, additional green areas, and decorative floor panels that will visually separate the part for mooring, boarding, disembarking, and supplying ships from the part used for pedestrian communication. The project also ensures accessibility for people with disabilities.

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