Tuesday, 26 April 2022

62nd Split Festival Returns to Prokurative with Croatia's Best Musicians

April 26, 2022 - The songs and performers at the 62nd Split Festival, held at the beginning of July at Prokurative in Split, have been announced! 

At this year's 62nd music event, in addition to the final evening of new songs, the program will also include a retro evening and an exclusive Split Festival opening concert. On July 3, the final evening, some of the biggest names in the music scene will perform new songs alongside young musicians and songwriters who are given the opportunity to embrace one of the most beautiful stages, reports Dalmacija Danas

After an intensive, multi-day, and exhaustive listening to three hundred songs received for the competition, the Split Festival artistic jury consisting of Eduard Gracin, head of the music department of Radio Split, Katarina Perišić, music editor of Radio Dalmatia, professor Nenad Šiškov, composer, producer and arranger, Jelena Vlačić, and composer and director of the Split Festival Tomislav Mrduljaš, has selected the performers and songs that will be featured at the 62nd Split Festival, the most important festival of popular music in Croatia.

Twenty-five songs have been selected to be performed at Prokurative this year.

1. ADIO LJUBAVI (Goran Karan-Nenad Ninčević-Nikša Bratoš) 4 TENORA
2. BUDIŠ ME (Marko Kutlić-Marko Kutlić/Aleksandar Čubrilo-Antonio David Perina) MARKO KUTLIĆ
3. DALMATINAC ZAUVIK (Marija Mirković-Alka Vuica-Hrvoje Domazet) MATE GRGAT
4. FORTUNATA (Lea Dekleva-Lea Dekleva-Nikša Bratoš) DANIJELA
5. JEDNO BEZ DRUGOGA (Tonći Huljić-Vjekoslava Huljić-Tonći Huljić/Hrvoje Domazet) LORENA
6. JOŠ BI TIJA (Rajko Dujmić-Nenad Ninčević-Igor ivanović) TOMISLAV BRALIĆ & KLAPA INTRADE
7. JUBE MOJA ZNAJ (Neno Belan-Nikša Sviličić-Neno Belan) NENO BELAN
8. KAD SE RODIŠ USRID SPLITA (Branimir Mihaljević-Mario Mihaljević-Branimir Mihaljević) LUKA NIŽETIĆ
9. LIP KA DALMACIJA (A.K.Leo-Fayo-Branimir Mihaljević) LIDIJA BAČIĆ
10. LIPO MI JE TU (Pero Kozomara-Sanja Tafra-Leo Škaro) KLAPA RIŠPET
11. LJUBAVI PROMIJENIT ĆEMO IME (Ante Pecotić-Ante Pecotić-Bojan Šalomon Shalla) MARKO TOLJA
12. LUDO SRCE (Toni Lasan-Bratislav Zlatanović/Siniša Vuco-Toni Lasan) WILLY FAMILY
13. MOŽDA NEKOG VOLIŠ (Vinko Barčot-Vinko Barčot-Leo Škaro) TEDI SPALATO
14. NE DA MI PISMA (Goran Karan-Goran Karan-Nikša Bratoš) GORAN KARAN
15. ONA MI NEDOSTAJE (Fedor Boić-Nenad Ninčević-Fedor Boić) JASMIN STAVROS
16. PARTENCA (Siniša Garbin/Pavle Sviličić-Siniša Garbin-P. Sviličić/D.Pjanić/J.Ivelić) MJESNI ODBOR
17. PJESMA ZA KRAJ (Vlaho Arbulić-Vlaho Arbulić) MARKO BOŠNJAK
18. SA MNOM (Ines Prajo-Arijana Kunštek-Ivan Popeskić) IVO PERKUŠIĆ
19. SJEĆANJE (Suzana Štefanić-Robert Pilepić-Elvis Stanić) IBRICA
20. SVE ŠTO TREBAM (Vinko Barčot-Vinko Barčot-Leo Škaro) IVAN IVE ŽUPANOVIĆ
21. TAKO NEDOSTAJEŠ (MaTune Music-MaTune Music-Goran Kovačić) STJEPAN LACH
22. VILO MOJA SVA U BILOM (Ljubo Šeperić Luppo-Nenad Ninčević-Mario Mikšić) MLADEN GRDOVIĆ
23. VOLJELI SMO JEDNO DRUGO (Raay-Nenad Ninčević-Leo Škaro) IVANA KOVAČ
24. ZA TEBE BISERE NOSIM (Rudolf Dvorski-Rudolf Dvorski-Ivan Popeskić) IVICA SIKIRIĆ IĆO
25. ZAGRLI ME (Hari Rončević-Hari Rončević-Hari Rončević/Albert Limić) HARI RONČEVIĆ

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Saturday, 16 April 2022

Croatian Prosciutto Days to be Held in City of Split This Year

April the 16th, 2022 - The Croatian Prosciutto Days event is set to be held in the City of Split this year, as lovers of cured meat from Drnis, Krk, Istria and beyond gear up to celebrate this delicacy.

As Morski writes, Croatian prosciutto, presented through its four brands (Dalmatian, Drnis, Istrian and Krk) is one of the most attractive elements of the gastronomic heritage and cultural identity of Croatia. Tradition, autochthony and quality are all confirmed by certification and the standardisation of production, and domestic producers united in the Croatian Prosciutto Cluster are able to deliver a top product of uniform quality.

''We're promoting prosciutto (Croatian: prsut) as a traditional autochthonous gastronomic product and we're working on positioning thw Republic of Croatia as a gastronomic destination,'' they pointed out from the Croatian Prosciutto Cluster. Croatian prosciutto has become one of the most powerful products on the domestic market, in the production, distribution and sale of which excellent business opportunities are provided.

The continuous growth of production, the need for continuous improvement and creating the preconditions for a serious market breakthrough, have encouraged us to gather the best producers together every single year, as well as the greatest experts and businesses involved in the production of Croatian prosciutto. The Days of Croatian Prosciutto event is a traditional professional and business gathering dedicated to achieving two groups of goals - the continuous improvement and raising the level of product quality, its protection and promotion and connecting stakeholders in the production and distribution chain to achieve business growth,'' they explained from the Croatian Prosciutto Cluster.

This year, the City of Split will be the host of  Croatian Prosciutto Days, and it will form as a professional and business meeting dedicated to the country's most famous cured meat delicacy, which will be held on April the 22nd and 23rd. The goal of the Croatian Prosciutto Days event is to promote this much loved, traditional gastronomic product and preserve the gastronomic heritage of the Adriatic regions from which it hails. From an economic point of view, this expert meeting encourages the exchange of knowledge and economic cooperation between pig production, slaughterhouses and prosciutto production, as well as all participants in the "from field to table" chain.

The wish of the organisers of 2022's Croatian Prosciutto Days is to present the best examples of good practice from across Dalmatia, Kvarner and Istria as part of the event, and with the exhibition, socialising and professional work, they'll try to contribute to strengthening the Croatian prosciutto brand and its valorisation in the food and tourism industry.

On the first day, Friday, on April the 22nd, the Park Split Hotel will host the grand opening with a series of workshops and round tables with the aim of improving the production and business of the prosciutto industry, as well as expert evaluation and proclamation of the best prosciutto present. The next day at Prokurative at 08:00, an exhibition-exhibition event will be organised, where prosciutto producers will present themselves to the public. Visitors will also be able to see, taste and buy prosciutto from different Croatian regions.

Despite the growth of production, increasing quality and the fact that prosciutto brands are protected on the EU's single market, much of the offer is still based on imported substitute products. During the meeting, a round table and workshops will be held, and through dialogue an attempt will be made to find a common language in order to strengthen the brand of Croatian prosciutto as an autochthonous delicacy.

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Friday, 21 January 2022

Split Women Entrepreneurs Check In - A Stylish Success!

January 21, 2022 - The first Split Women Entrepreneurs Check In was held at Heritage Hotel Santa Lucia on Thursday, January 20, as the ultimate networking event for anyone interested in lifestyle and new business connections, all while indulging in a tasty brunch.

The Women's Entrepreneurs Check-in is organized under the Lifestyle Check-in brand, which organizes a series of B2B & B2C events focused on international fashion, beauty, and lifestyle companies, held in mesmerizing venues such as galleries, yachts, and hotels. Thursday's event was thus held at Kavana Central, part of the chic Heritage Hotel Santa Lucia, located at Narodni trg 1 in Split. 


The Women Entrepreneurs Check In aims to raise awareness about women entrepreneurs and affirm women’s role in the Croatian and Dalmatian economies. Speakers and journalists from Croatia, Austria, and Romania joined the event through a panel discussion about women's entrepreneurship to celebrate great business minds and up-and-coming entrepreneurs while highlighting the influential role women play in the business community.

In addition to bubbles and brunch, the event featured 3 different panels with questions directed to the audience once the speakers finished. The breaks between each panel included artistic moments, with acoustic music by Michelle Rowsell, live portrait paintings by Sunčica Kuzmanić Perišin Tomljanović, and artwork by Esther Canata. 

The audience was also encouraged to use the breaks to network, test the Makeover Polyclinic Beauty Corner products, and enjoy the stunning reclaimed wood sculptures by Earth Wind Desire and Pierre Lang jewelry from Austria. 




The Women Entrepreneurs Check In was introduced by Total Croatia News COO and event moderator Daniela Rogulj, who thanked everyone for joining and highlighted the importance of celebrating women, networking, and dressing up on a January Thursday in Split. 


The opening words were shared by Joze Tomaš, Director of the Split County Chamber of Commerce (HGK), and Nevena Čikeš, manager of Heritage Hotel Santa Lucia. Tomaš reiterated his support for women business owners through HGK and various projects and promised to continue fighting for equal rights for women in Croatia. Čikeš stressed the importance of unity and pledged her support to Lifestyle Check In for future events. 


The first panel discussed businesswomen in Europe and Croatia, the importance of connection, and social entrepreneurship, with speakers Tash Peričić and Barbara Marković. 

Originally from New Zealand and living in Croatia for almost 8 years, Tash Peričić has worked in hospitality and tourism for 17 years, including managing Gordon Ramsay’s Michelin-starred restaurant – ‘Maze’ in London. Tash has worked in the field of Leadership based on Emotional Intelligence, as a writer for TCN, and more recently started giving guest lectures at Aspira University, delivering training for luxury yachts, and teaching the stewardess course for Atlantis Yachting Academy thanks to her experience working on yachts in Croatia for almost 10 seasons. Tash has also created an online community to support women which now includes nearly 600 members in Dalmatia.


Tash spoke about her ethos being connection, collaboration, and community, how women's communities differ in the various parts of the world she's lived, and how it is imperative to dismiss competitive mindsets and instead support each other, which she has discovered through the community she has built in Dalmatia. 


Barbara Marković has worked in different areas of tourism for over 20 years. She also spent 10 years in the United States, working for Marriott and the cruising industry, mainly in hotel operations. She has worked on projects with private accommodation owners for the last ten years. Barbara is the president of the Croatian Family Accommodation Association on a national level and has presented the project in the media and locally to assist and help private accommodation owners as much as possible. She also owns the Dalmagic travel agency, mainly specializing in Split county cruises, tours, and accommodation services. She also works part-time for the tourist boards of Croatia and Split-Dalmatia County as an educator for accommodation business owners.


Barbara discussed the importance of being a good host, how he has adapted as a businesswoman to Split's rapidly changing tourism environment, and how we need to honor quality over quantity. 

The second panel touched on business trends and how we can design our feminine future through projects led by Hildegard Brandl and Cornelia Rieger. 


Originally from Romania, Hildegard Helene Brandl studied architecture in Bucharest, graduated in Dortmund, and set up her first architecture office in Venezuela. In 2009, she returned to Europe and opened UNITH2B Architects in Romania with her partner Anca Sandu in Romania. Hilde is strongly involved in volunteering projects - she is a member of the Romanian Business Leaders Association, a member of the AHK Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the leader of the ANTREPRENORESTI project - Adopt a village. She is currently the President of the Bucharest Entrepreneurs Organization and Coordinator of the National Business Environment Commission of the PNL. As a founding member & board member of the Association of Romanian Architectural Societies, she promotes public policies and leaner legislation within the construction domain. She is one of the founding members of ROBELO - Romanian Best Locations - a platform for exceptional tourist locations in Romania and passionately promotes the unique, wild landscapes and experiences that Romania offers. Hilde spoke about her unique experience as a woman in the male-dominated political world and the most significant lessons she's learned. 


"I constantly ask myself - would it kill me? No. So I do it. Anything that doesn't kill us makes us stronger. Saying yes to opportunities, even in areas like politics which was unfamiliar to me, is one of the biggest reasons I've grown and been successful in the business world," said Hilde.

Cornelia Rieger has been a businesswoman in Austria since 2003. She has worked as a consultant in the Back Office Work for Entrepreneurs and a Mentor and Trainer for Women in Leadership. She has also been part of the Real Life Academy since 2018, Partner Agency "We bring together, what belongs together " since 2020, and the Summer Rose Community - Inner Circle for successful People and Entrepreneurs.


Cornelia stressed the importance of following your dreams and building many empires. 

A big take from the second panel touched on why women don't support each other. 

"Men naturally support each other. They get together, go for a drink, and talk about everything from life to business and politics. Through that connection, they naturally gain networks. Women aren't doing these things enough - women need to get together once a week to talk, have a drink, and genuinely connect and share with each other."

The final panel featured Larisa Čišić, Janine Widmann, and Rino Medić. 

Larisa Čišić, a licensed architect, and Daniel Poelzl, a wood artist, make up the artist/architect duo behind Earth Wind Desire, helping people reconnect to nature and their inner selves. Born in Croatia, Larisa studied architecture in Zagreb and Milan, worked in Japan, and traveled the world to master the skill of designing soulful architecture. Earth Wind Desire uses natural reclaimed materials to create exceptional artwork, architecture, and interior design. Based in Croatia, they endeavor to elevate your surroundings from dull & artificial to calming & natural or create wholly new and unique luxury experiences.


Larisa spoke about how living in Japan and working in the rather militant Japanese business culture differed from Croatia and the lessons she now implements in her business having the experience working abroad. 

Janine Widmann is a former Sales Director within the hospitality industry that started her own business during her maternity leave in 2017. She now works with 120 business partners in 6 countries. Her partner in crime is the US Company Jeunesse, founded in 2009 and is now a billion-dollar company that continues to grow worldwide and is expanding further in Europe. Janine focuses her entire business on starting a new start-up every day, together with a prospect. She helps implement essential processes to support the latest startup to be successful.


Janine stressed the importance of celebrating your achievements, not being humble about your success, how it is more important now than ever not to be entirely dependent on one income - and that it's okay to make more money than your husband! 

The final panelist and only male speaker was Rino Medić. Originally from Mostar, Rino received his MBA in marketing from the Zagreb School of Economics and Management in 2009. Rino earned his Ph.D. from the Faculty of Economics in Osijek last year with the thesis “The Role of Volunteering in Remote Communities” under the mentorship of professor Dan Ebener from St. Ambrose University.

Rino has worked for 13 years in publishing and education as a key account manager, event manager, project manager, and head of publishing and has led several exciting projects. He was a member of the program and organization committee of the WinDays Business Conferences, International Conference on Women in the Film Industry, and the Conference on Croatian Film Heritage. He is currently a member of the program and organization committee at the Mediterranean Islands Conference on Vis and the Creative Future Insights Conference in Zagreb. Rino has attended many educational programs and is the author of a few scientific articles and book chapters. In addition, he is an editor of Conference Proceedings from two international scientific conferences, and even a former athlete with many honors and awards. 


Rino shared a personal story about collectivism versus individualism for sustainable growth. 

Music and Artists

Michelle Rowsell

Originally from the small island of Jersey, Michelle’s love of traveling upon the open waters ultimately brought her to Split. Michelle’s background and training are in theatre, contributing to her diverse musical taste, spanning from old classics by Sam Cooke and The Shirelles to contemporary pop-rock songs performed in a stripped-back, acoustic style.


Sunčica Kuzmanić Perišin Tomljanović

Croatian-born, Suncica Kuzmanic Perišin Tomljanović is an international artist with a worldly soul. Sunci studied in London, graduated in fine arts at St. Martins College of art & design, lived in Rome, and has exhibited in Italy, London, New York, Mexico, Paris, and Istanbul. Her collectors are from all walks of life and all parts of the world.


While Sunci works with many themes and painting mediums, performance portraits are at the center of her work, usually working with watercolors or oil on canvas. Suncica was born drawing and painting, but only after seeing Andy Warhol’s portrait of Mick Jagger at 16 that she fell in love with portraits. Sunci has experimented with portraits and collected people and stories ever since. Sunci’s portraits and works share the same element of interaction – in person or remotely; this ‘live element’ is essential to her work. However, Sunci’s true magic lies in her ability to connect with her client, dive into their world and create from this space, bringing an energetic element to each painting.


Esther Canata

Esther Canata is a former stage and screen actress, singer-songwriter, poet, and self-taught visual artist. Esther was born and raised in New Jersey to an Italian family with Irish and South American roots. She studied the arts through high school and continued her creative growth to NYC where she worked as an artist model and studio apprentice at the School of Visual Arts for two years. Esther partook in various performative and visual works, aligning with street artists, gallerists, musicians, filmmakers, and other creatives in downtown Manhattan’s underground music and arts scene. A multicultural, tough-love childhood combined with leaving home at a very young age armed Esther with a natural street edge – an artful arsenal – baring many layers of life fully lived, helping cultivate her signature style. Esther’s approach is authentic, a stream of conscious abstract expressionism. Esther plays in mixed-mediums, and her style is influenced by street art and great masters such as Basquiat, Picasso, Chagall, Miro, and Klimt. Her work is emotionally charged, moody, complex, and empowering – embodying femininity, sensuality, diversity, and soulful depth of character. 


Esther has exhibited through New York, Miami, LA, and Europe. As an emerging international artist, some career highlights include her solo exhibit entitled “ELEMENTAL” at the Museum of Trogir in Croatia and ART BASEL Miami as a featured artist in the ARTBOX. In addition, private collectors have exhibited her work in their homes, hotels, restaurants, and workspaces. 


The event was sponsored by the Central Dalmatia County Tourist Board and Amarea Travel, which offered a guided city tour after the event. Journalists attended an elegant dinner at Zrno Soli in Split on Thursday evening, sponsored by the Central Dalmatia County Tourist Board. 


More information about upcoming events can be found here: https://lifestylecheckin.com/

All photos by Maksim Bašić

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Thursday, 7 October 2021

Taste the Mediterranean: Split Festival Officially Commences

October 7, 2021 - The 4-day International Food Festival Taste the Mediterranean officially kicked off last night and was attended by many prominent personalities including Oscar-winning Bosnian director Danis Tanović, Split Mayor Ivica Puljak, screenwriter/director Nikola Kuprešanin and top chefs from 8 Mediterranean countries!

Despite heavy rain, the opening of the TTM Festival was a huge success. The famous Split fish market was almost unrecognisable as chef Zlatko Marinović and his excellent team from the restaurant Noštromo magically transformed the usually sooty place to a sophisticated dinner venue. The participants and invited guests were greeted with welcome drinks featuring The Botanist's handcrafted vermouth and crisp sparkling wine with a generous selection of decadent amuse bouche featuring Adriatic oysters and sea eggs.

244053772_341625557718517_8511054586329658896_n.jpg244427610_2661171270857909_3376584412514082775_n.jpgPhotography: Princess Prkić

The dinner gala began by introducing the participating chefs together with Split Mayor Ivica Puljak. The invited chefs are from Croatia, Spain, France and other Mediterranean countries whose restaurants have been awarded with Michelin stars, recommendations, and Gault & Millau toques. These chefs will also grace the festival with their cooking, masterclasses, and special panel discussions. Afterwards, the participants and guests were treated with a special 6-course menu prepared by Chef Marinović and paired with carefully selected wines from the Krauthaker wine cellar in Slavonia. The dinner ended with a serving of Adria grappa, a special grappa made of Adriatic sea herbs and apple.

The festival will run until Saturday and will hold many events such as Spanish and Italian wine tasting, exclusive dinners in various Split restaurants, cooking masterclasses for professionals and culinary students, and special workshops and panels at Briig Boutique Hotel in Bačvice. You may find out more details on the festival here. 

The coming days in Split will be filled with gastronomic delights as 15 restaurants chose to participate in the first Split Restaurant Nights, a part of the Taste the Mediterranean Festival, in which the participating restaurants will offer 3-course meals and wines at a promotional price from October 8 to October 9 to locals and tourists. The participating restaurants include Atlantida, Bajamonti, Brasserie on 7, Bokeria, Corto Maltese, Dujkin Dvor, Fantažija, Konoba Fetivi, Konoba Marul, Mazgoon, Laganini, Pandora Greenbox, Portofino, Sidi bar and Šug. To find out more on Split Restaurant Nights' exclusive and special offers, CLICK HERE.

For more about Taste the Mediterranean Festival, CLICK HERE.

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Saturday, 14 August 2021

What's On this Weekend? Top Split Events on August 14 and 15, 2021

August 14, 2021 - With thousands of tourists in the city looking for things to do from culture to music, a look at Split events on August 14 and 15, 2021. 

Saturday, August 14, 2021 

Neno Belan & Fiumens at Gradina: Just outside of Split in Solin, as part of the "Summer on Gradina" festival, fans of various music genres will be able to enjoy as many as thirteen great concerts by some of the most famous local performers. On Saturday night is Neno Belan & Fiumens! Presale tickets - 85 kn.


Hajduk v. Slaven Belupo: Football fans, rejoice! Beloved Split football club Hajduk faces Koprivnica-based Slaven Belupo in the 5th round of the Croatian First League. Hajduk enters the 5th round in 3rd place with seven points won in four games. Slaven Belupo won five points in four rounds and is currently in sixth place. The last match between Slaven Belupo and Hajduk was played at the end of April in Koprivnica which ended 1:1.


The match begins at 21:00 at Poljud Stadium and tickets can be purchased at the stadium or Hajduk fan shops before kickoff! 

Free Guy at Kino Karaman: Guy is a lone banker and NPC (non-playable character) who discovers that he is actually the background character in the world video game Free City. Hostages, robberies, building explosions, and shootings on the streets are part of his daily life. One day, robbers break into his bank where he works, Guy decides to take matters into his own hands. The film will show tonight at 21:00!

Sunday, August 15, 2021 

Triend Sundown: Barbarinac and Triend are teaming up to bring you a brand new concept and the meaning of a ‘sundown session’. This secret island retreat is located on the hidden outskirts of Split and will feature DJ Sola (CRO) and DJ Arboles (ARG). The event will kick off at 17:00 and will run through sundown and finish at midnight, with a return bus transfer from the center of town and a private boat trip to the island. Enjoy drinks, food, dancing, and more so long as you have your COVID-19 passport in tow. Tickets and more info can be found here; https://triendtravel.com/barbarinacloveisland/


Museum events all weekend

Peruško Bogdanić: From the Mediterranean at Meštrović Gallery - Peruško Bogdanić has been actively participating in the contemporary Croatian art scene with his solo exhibitions for almost half a century, starting in the mid-1970s. Critics have recognized and emphasized his sculptural forms created on the great Mediterranean heritage and the modern conception of form. The sculptor's work is marked by authorial features which, sometimes, read permeations with contemporary Croatian classics, Kantoci, Ružić, Bakić… and sometimes we also read points of contact with sculptors of his generation: Kuzma Kovačić, Kažimir Hrasta, and Slavomir Drinković. Despite these creative permeations. Bogdanić undoubtedly realized his own sculptural idiom, emphasized in contemporary Croatian fine arts as a separate and unavoidable section. With this new cycle structured from six vertical forms 180 cm to 300 cm high made of stainless steel (corten), and six sculptures of organic provenance (wood), differently shaped and dated to an earlier period, Bogdanić presents himself to the Split cultural public for the first time. with a larger and more complete solo exhibition entitled “From the Mediterranean."

David Maljković at Kula Gallery: David Maljković was born in 1973 in Rijeka. He lives and works in Zagreb. His more recent solo exhibitions include The Renaissance Society in Chicago, Palais de Tokyo in Paris, Kunstmuseum in Sankt Gallen, BALTIC Center for Contemporary Art in Gateshead, Kunsthalle in Basel, Van Abbenmuseum in Eindhoven, Secession in Vienna. He has exhibited at the 11th Gwangju Biennale, the 56th Venice Biennale, the 29th Biennial in Sao Paolo, the 11th and 9th Istanbul Biennales, etc., and his works are part of the collections of many world museums, including the G. Pompidou Center in Paris, MUMOK in Vienna, Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid, MoMA in New York, Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, Tate Collection in London.

Conor McGrady: Entering the control zone at Gallery of Fine Arts: At his first solo exhibition in Split, Irish artist Conor McGrady presents a series of recent works on paper that were created after the artist's research trip to Split and Vis in 2018. In accordance with his interest in researching various social phenomena that occur as a result of control of space, people, and national borders, the works exhibited in the Art Gallery are based on reading the Croatian present through segments he recognized as those arising from socialism. Through the legacy of ambitious architectural projects such as the Split 3 urban project or the large network of military bunkers and tunnels on Vis, McGrady maps the changes that have taken place in the transition from modernist utopian desires to political conservatism, turning right and retreating to individualism. In large-format drawings, he thus intertwines the ideological and aesthetic implications of these localities, giving them a broader framework through the exploration of contradictions and ambiguities that are present in all narratives of power and control.

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Thursday, 17 June 2021

San Sustipanske Noći is Back: Cherished Summer Concert Evenings Return to Split in July!

June 17, 2021 - The beloved summer concert series San Sustipanske Noći (Dream of Sustipan Nights) returns to Split next month after a two-year break! 

Split's favorite music event, "San Sustipanske Noći," is finally back after a two-year break; and the doors of Sustipan will soon reopen to all lovers of music, barefoot dancing, and a feel-good time. 


Already last year, the organizers announced that the one and only would play the first night of the event - July 14 - Josipa Lisac.

The following evening is reserved for the great gentleman of Split, whose name begins with a 'G' - July 15 - Gibbonni.

Tickets for "San Sustipanske Noći," which every year boasts an increasing number of music fans, can now be purchased at a price of 130 kuna at Adriaticket.com system.

Josipa Lisac tickets HERE

Gibboni tickets HERE

"And our beautiful illustrated tickets will be on sale next week at Corto Maltese and Pandora Greenbox in Obrovo. In accordance with the measures and the COVID situation worldwide, this year's San Sustipanske Noć will be realized in a slightly different edition with more standing space. Still, we will inform you in the coming weeks. Hurry up to get your tickets, the number of seats is really limited this year, and there are no last-minute purchases. For all the news and information, follow the San Sustipanske Noći Facebook page and get ready for a dream spell!" concluded the organizers.


Sustipan park, located southwestern part of the city, was once home to a Benedictine monastery and a church in the Middle Ages. One of Croatia's most beautiful cemeteries was erected in the park in the 19th century, though it was removed in the 20th century by the Communist authorities. 

Today, Sustipan park is a place where locals love to gather and enjoy stunning views over the cliffs onto the Adriatic Sea. 

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Friday, 11 June 2021

'Theater by the Sea' in Split a Hit! Lora Summer Stage Program Continues with Musicals for Children

June 11, 2021 - The Lora summer stage in Split is a hit thanks to the new Theater by the Sea program! And you can bring your kids along to the next event. 

On Sunday, June 20, starting at 5 pm, the 21st century Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood will arrive on the Lora summer stage for the new 'Theater by the Sea' program in Split. Namely, the children's theater starts with the play 'Mi o vuku,' reports Dalmatinski Portal

"Did the evil wolf really eat Grandma, the three piglets, and seven kids? Or is Little Red Riding Hood a little too influenced by Facebook, Instagram, and television? The real truth will be found when Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf finally meet face to face! And with plenty of laughter, infectious musical numbers, and instructive moment," the organizers announced.

The celebrated children's musical 'Mi o vuku,' they point out, is one of the best children's performances in recent years, filling halls throughout Croatia. It can also boast of dozens of sold-out performances at KD 'Vatroslav Lisinski'.

The organizers claim that this musical is special in many ways.

"Primarily because it brings children a musical form that they do not have the opportunity to meet often. The main role of the musical is played by the singer Bojan Jambrošić, who won all the hearts of viewers throughout Croatia with unforgettable performances and transformations in the TV show 'Your face sounds familiar,' while the talented Manuela Svorcan plays Little Red Riding Hood.

Director Robert Bošković, although young, has a great directorial history, including 'Troubadour' at the Split HNK. The text is Igor Weidlich, whose plays 'Političar', 'Who the f .. is Biba', 'Žuta minuta' are enjoyed by the people of Split.

"In addition to all this, this excellent theatrical play boasts numerous memorable songs and word games intended for educational entertainment, especially for the youngest, preschool children, and lower grades of primary school," they add.

They explain that the music itself plays with the theme of the classic fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm, placing them in the children's understandable context of the modern age and the technology it carries.

"This combination sheds new light on classic stories in the desire to teach children in a fun way the necessity of critical thinking, not just receiving information bombarded from all sides by electronic media and creativity, tolerance and a sense of justice," the organizers said.

For the last year, our little ones have not had the opportunity to attend theater performances, and it is because of them that 'Theater by the Sea' brings children's hit plays.

"Along with the excellent musical 'Mi o vuku,' which will open the children's theater on June 20 as part of 'Theater by the Sea,' we will soon receive performances by the best Zagreb children's theater Žar ptica and many others. Therefore, there is an opportunity for the youngest ones to observe the plays chosen for them while their parents, but also grandparents, drink coffee in peace on one of the most beautiful terraces in Split," added the organizers.

Free parking is provided for all visitors.

Tickets for the price of 40 kuna can be purchased at the box office in Lora every day, including Saturday and Sunday, from 5 pm to 9 pm, and online at www.teataruzmore.com and croatia-tickets.com. Information and reservations are available at 091 9720 540.

All information about the festival 'Theater by the Sea' is available on its official website.

Tuesday, 1 June 2021

Split Spring Returns to Đardin Park for 10-Day Street Food Festival!

June 1, 2021 - The Split Spring street food festival returns to Đardin this week with top eats, good beats, and all the summer fun you hoped for! 

After an atypical spring, the beginning of a real tourist season in Split, which has finally started with the easing of epidemiological measures, will be marked by a favorite outdoor gathering - Split Spring by Staropramen. This culinary-entertaining-cultural event will take place for the third time in Strossmayer (Đardin) Park from Thursday, June 3, to June 12.

During these ten days, all visitors will be able to enjoy the specialties of some of the best Split restaurants. The offer is respectable, and there will be something for everyone at these street food houses. Thus, restaurant pop-up street food editions will be offered by ArtiČok, Šug, Misto, Pizza prasizza by Bokamorra, Mazzgoon and Noor bar, Corto Maltese and Pandora Greenbox vegeteria, Uje oil bar, Maka Maka, Fabrique, Grill club Maestro by Biberon and the already favorite Varaždin guests - American bar Dollar. 

Since the first edition, Split Spring by Staropramen has become a favorite gathering place in Split thanks to its charm, great atmosphere, and good energy. Come out for Barcaffe coffee, breakfast, lunch, and meetings, or bring the whole family along where the kids can enjoy the Baby Center corner. There will be deck chairs with cold Staropramen and the sounds of birds chirping, and you can even relax and read a book with Jana, grab dinner with friends, and kick off an evening out with Hendricks gin & tonic, Jack Daniels, or the exciting new summer drink WAI hard seltzer.

Every night from 7:30 pm, top DJs and saxophonists will enhance the atmosphere, like DJ Matthew Bee, saxophonist Boris Plazibat and DJ JohnnY I, saxophonist Ivan Skvorc alone and in combination with DJ Sensei, Jaksa Jordes on sax, DJ Kid VA, DJ Nikki Peducci, DJ mirsaisfab, and DJ Rea. With funky, jazz, and RnB rhythms, Split Spring brings the long-awaited start of life to the city. And that is why all of you who are here should not miss visiting Đardin for the next ten sunny days. Split Spring will work from 11 am to 11 pm. 


Source: Dalmatinski Portal

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Friday, 23 April 2021

Split Theater by the Sea Brings Theatrical Performances All Summer Long

April 23, 2021 - The new Split Theater by the Sea will bring theatrical performances by top actors in a Mediterranean ambiance all summer long. 

Dalmatinski Portal reports that summer evenings, excellent theatrical performances by top actors, a Mediterranean ambiance - all this, and even more, will be made possible thanks to the new Theater by the Sea festival in Split, with two theater stages will be set up in Lora. The seaview festival results from the cooperation of long-term partners - the Moruzgva Theater, B GLAD Production, and Amadeus Events.

The event is conceived as a summer theater festival. The program consists of more than 20 different theater plays for adults and several plays for children.

The plays will be performed on two open stages, small and large, from May 18 to mid-September. There will be a four-month theatrical program and as many as 78 performances ahead of us. Theatrical titles include one premiere and four pre-premieres.


Some of the recognized actors who will enhance this festival with their performances are Ecija Ojdanić, Slavko Sobin, Ksenija Pajić, Vladimir Posavec - Tušek, Ana Begić Tahiri, Momčilo Otašević, Mila Elegović, Bojan Jambrošić, Mladen Čutura, Ana Gruica Uglešić, and Katarina Baban. 

"There are sometimes some wishes that you can hardly say out loud to yourself. Such a wish was a theater festival to my taste, and here it is finally, and also in my Split! B GLAD Produkcija and Amadeus events are partners of the Moruzgvi Theater in fulfilling this wish, and behind these names are people, long-term associates, and friends with whom this whole idea took its place," said Ecija Ojdanić, head of the Moruzgva Theater, emphasizing the new location where the people of Split will be able to enjoy cultural events.

Tadija Kolovrat from B GLAD production said:

"We bravely embarked on a great adventure that will launch Split to the top of the list of cultural events this summer, not only in Croatia but also much wider. We are convinced that the audience will reluctantly accept our venture and support us in our adventure. A large number of the highest quality titles from all over Croatia, top performers, beautiful ambiance - all this is Theater by the Sea!"


Damir Bubalo from Amadeus events said that they are aware of the crisis and all the difficulties that the pandemic has brought us. Still, he believes that despite that, the non-institutional theater scene in Split has never been richer.

"There is never too much cultural content in our city, and there is an audience for all programs. Our audience guided us in choosing theatrical titles in the desire to offer our fellow citizens quality cultural content and a direct departure from the currently worrying reality. We are looking forward to spending time with the audience and actors, and all this, of course, respecting all epidemiological measures," said Bubalo, adding:

"I expect theatrical Ultra or Woodstock."

Alijana Vukšić, director of the Split Tourist Board, said that she was pleased to support the event, which will enable fellow citizens and tourists to enjoy art and outdoor entertainment.

"Despite the pandemic, such outdoor events will provide an interesting and meaningful stay for domestic and foreign tourists. I use the opportunity to invite all fellow citizens to ensure a successful tourist year with responsible behavior," said Vukšić.

The Moruzgva Theater will present the pre-premiere of 'Zvonili ste, Zorane' and the hit performances 'Vla, Vla, Vlajland,' 'Majstori,' 'Preko veze,' and 'Gola u kavezu'.

B GLAD production will be a guest with the pre-premiere of 'Puni pansion,' a new play '4 poze, sretan svršetak' and the well-known titles 'Politician,' 'Who the f *** is Biba' and the children's musical 'Mi o vuku.'

In addition to the Moruzgvu Theater and B GLAD production, as organizers of the festival, the repertoire will also include theatrical performances of their colleagues.

Just some of the performances at the new Split festival are the premiere of 'Tesla - Adapting Angels' (Ka'Bina, KIC & Teatar Erato).' They lived happily ...? '(Scena Gorica),' Dogs, money, guns' (GKM Split), 'Don't give up, Njofra' (theater group Lectirum), and many others. The program will be enriched by the children's theater Žar ptica with excellent children's performances.

The festival was supported by the Ministry of Culture, the Split Tourist Board, and the inevitable friends of culture Bakra Steak & Pizza Bar and Tavern - Pizzeria Lučac.

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Sunday, 30 August 2020

Split's Mediterranean Book Festival to Go Ahead Despite Coronavirus Crisis

As Morski writes on the 29th of August, 2020, the Mediterranean Book Festival, which will take place from the 2nd to the 6th of September in Split, more precisely in Gripe, is set to offer a rich programme for all lovers of the written word, but also send out an important message - that economic and cultural life must continue despite the iron grip of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

This festival will be a demonstration exercise on how to behave and how to carry out the demanding organisation of such a cultural event in a crisis situation, such as the unprecedented one we're currently in. It will send out a picture of the new normal in Split, as well as how people can be ''treated;; with books during the coronavirus epidemic,'' said the mayor of Split, Andro Krstulovic Opara.

Among other things, disinfection points for feet and hands await the festival's visitors at the very entrance to the Gripe Sports Centre. Of course, it won't be possible to enter without wearing a mask and agreeing to a temperature measurement, and special visitor counters will make sure that the area of ​​1800 square metres isn't too crowded. All vendors at the stands will have a visor over their faces, the distances between the stands will be increased, and because of all this, the working hours of the festival have been extended (from 10:00 to 21:00).

''We know that we'll be under a magnifying glass, but we decided to break the ice and create a frame in which all visitors will feel comfortable and safe. Although social distancing will be kept in mind, IFC is an opportunity for readers to meet the authors in person after a forced break of months and for cultural life to begin to return to normal. For us publishers, the festival is of great importance from an economic point of view, which can be seen in the response of the publishers. About 90 of them will offer visitors over 10,000 titles in the field of journalism, fiction and children's books,'' said the president of the Association of Publishers and Bookstores of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Slavko Kozina, adding that this festival is important as a guide for future cultural events, even under these coronavirus-dominated circumstances.

Everyone who decides to go will be able to enjoy a rich programme, from numerous book promotions, through expert panel discussions to workshops for children. Special attention will be paid to children and young people and numerous workshops will be organised which will include creative storytelling, drawing comics, robotics, writing stories and more.

The festival is organised by the Association of Publishers and Bookstores of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, Split-Dalmatia County and the City of Split, with the support of numerous partners, and the project will be held in accordance with all of the recommendations of the National Civil Protection Headquarters and all of the current epidemiological measures.

Admission to the festival is free and you can find out more about the programme, registration for workshops, the prize draw and the festival's STOP COVID-19 measures on the official website.

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