Thursday, 6 January 2022

Split Advent Ends after 40 Days: Four Zones, Daily Concerts, 50 Cultural Programs, and More

January 6, 2022 - Split Advent ends after 40 days full of concerts, culture, gastronomy, and children's activities.

More than 50 cultural programs, over 20 children's events, daily concerts in four locations - Perivoj, Cornaro, Zvončac and Mertojak, dozens of Split caterers with attractive gastronomic offers, New Year's Eve celebrations in four zones, and two skating rinks is a basic overview of what this year's Split Advent offered to visitors under the slogan "Click on Advent", reports Slobodna Dalmacija.

This year, the Cornaro ramparts were introduced on the Advent map for the first time, and due to its size, it has become a central gathering place for all visitors. Cornaro's culinary offer and evening music programs were joined by Perivoj, Imaginarium Advent Zvončac, and Advent Mertojak.

In each zone, visitors could enjoy a variety of delicacies prepared by Split caterers while live music filled the evenings. COVID confirmation was required for all four zones from 7 pm, and those who could not visit the zones live could follow the events on the official Split Advent website.

Fifteen restaurants in Split joined the "Split Restaurants Holiday" event, and promotional prices brought their Advent offer closer to diners, while every Advent Sunday, the traditional Gastroadvent in Split was organized at a different location. Citizens could follow the event via YouTube, which showcased the Mediterranean diet with prosciutto and cured meat products.

Children's performances, a children's cinema organized by Slobodna Dalmacija, and visits by St. Lucia, St. Nicholas, and Santa Claus delighted the youngest residents of Split on Mertojak. It was there that the main children's program was held, where the youngest could enjoy mascots from their favorite cartoons and a mini disco on New Year's Eve.

They also enjoyed the Advent procession and spinning the "wheel of fortune". Some won candies and lollipops, and some won free tickets to the Dardin skating rink. The skating rinks in Dardin and Mertojak were an absolute mecca of the Advent celebration.

There were more than 60 cultural programs as part of this year's Advent. In addition to a dozen concerts at St. Francis Church, the Split City Museum hosted shows that citizens could follow through the YouTube channel of the Split Tourist Board.

The humanitarian concert of the opera diva Antonella Malis in the Croatian Home raised funds to help the Croatian community of laryngectomized persons. This renovated hall hosted many young, talented performers. In addition, the Art Gallery, the Meštrović Gallery, and the Kula Gallery joined Advent with their programs, and the Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments hosted film lovers and organized guided tours to the Church of St. Jere and the hermitage cave on Marjan.

The University of Split Campus also joined the Advent program, while the Musical Youth of Split celebrated the 25th edition of the Cro Patria Festival during this event. Furthermore, every Tuesday, Prokultur's Chanson Club Friends brought a festive atmosphere to citizens' homes through songs and stories from all over the world; KUDŽ Filip Dević sang on the Cornaro ramparts and thus increased the holiday spirit. At the same time, KUD Jedinstvo attracted many citizens to the squares of Split.

The "Help Portrait" event was held at the Photo Club Split, where the members of the Photo Club offered free photography, while in cooperation with Slobodna Dalmacija, the exhibition "Schography" by Cropix photographer Božidar Vukičević was displayed. In addition, the Christmas concert at the Croatian National Theater in Split was jointly presented by the Split Tourist Board and the Croatian National Theater in Split, featuring classics to contemporary Christmas carols. 

"We imagined this Split Advent in such a way that everyone could find for themselves what they were most interested in and consume it in the way that suited them best. Citizens and all our visitors could follow the content live or through digital channels, which best manifested the slogan of this year's event, 'Click on Advent,'" said the Split Tourist Board director Alijana Vukšić.

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Tuesday, 7 December 2021

Zvončac Advent Festive Train Announced from Sv. Frane in Split!

December 7, 2021 - Advent in Split is even richer this year - ride to Zvončac Advent in style with a festive train from Sv. Frane every day! 

'Click on Advent' is the theme of this year's Split Advent, so visitors near and far can 'click' on gastronomy, culture, and games thanks to a new website, ensuring Split's festive season is never too away. 

A handful of exciting events will be held this year in various micro-locations around the city, including the Cornaro ramparts, Perivoj, Imaginarium Advent Zvončac, and Mertojak. 

One of the most interesting locations this year is Imaginarium Advent at Zvončac Park, which opened its program with the Split Majorettes, Alen Islamović & Thrill Band last week. In addition to a packed concert program, UJE oil bar, Bajamonti Pizza, Steak & Fish House, Konoba Lanterna Siber, Mazzgoon, Charlie's Bar, Moby Dick, Caffe Bar - Bistro NoStress, BEPA, and ZINNY are providing tasty culinary creations to enhance the Advent atmosphere at their holiday houses. 

The organizers announced a colorful concert program as well, with Petar Dragojević playing on his uncle Oliver's birthday (December 7), Gustafi, and Split favorite TBF to ring in the new year. 

But that's not all. 

If you were worried about how you'd get to Zvončac, fret not - an Advent train will depart from Sv. Frane to Zvončac every day! The train costs 5 kuna per passenger and will work on Monday to Friday from 5 pm to 10 pm, and on Saturday and Sunday from 12 pm to 10 pm. 

Admission is free to Zvončac Advent and Covid certificates are required for the evening part of the program, which begins at 7 pm. For those who do not have a Covid certificate, testing is available at the entrance for 50 kuna. 

You can find the full program at:

Advent Zvončac is organized by Imaginarium Events & Weddings with Radio Dalmacija as the media sponsor. Other sponsors are the Croatian National Theater in Split, President Hotels, and the Split Tourist Board. 

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Sunday, 28 November 2021

2021 Gastroadvent Opens at SidiBar to Honor Print Journalists, Digital Nomads, and Drniš Prosciutto

November 28, 2021 - The 2021 Gastroadvent opened on Sunday, November 28, to once again honor media and the Mediterranean diet. The opening was held at SidiBar on the West Coast in Split, this time to celebrate print journalists and dishes created with Drniš prosciutto. 

The first Gastroadvent candle was lit on Sunday by print media journalists, digital nomads, and representatives of Split-Dalmatia County and the tourist boards. The event is traditionally organized by famous dietician and nutritionist Olja Martinić.

Gastroadvent is a unique event that has promoted the Mediterranean diet for decades through a fusion of nutrition, gastronomy, and tourism. Thanks to the engagement and participation of dedicated journalists, who continue to bring light to Split, the event persistently shares scientific knowledge woven into gastronomic skills, the numerous health benefits of the Mediterranean diet, and the preparation of dishes from unique ingredients. 


The theme of this year's Gastroadvent is "Mediterranean nutrition is sustainable, achievable, and responsible." In its original form, the stated principle is the basis of action and, as such, should remain the foundation of behavior. The Mediterranean Sea connects all the countries founded on the Mediterranean diet, and for the Mediterranean diet to be sustainable, we must responsibly dispose of our waste and use resources rationally.


That the same is achievable is confirmed by the fact that the Mediterranean diet has been around for thousands of years, and on November 16, 2010, it was included in UNESCO's intangible protected heritage list.

Thus, in line with this year's theme, Drniški pršut d.o.o. is a special partner of Gastroadvent, specializing in the production of cured meat products from the Drniš region. Its production takes place traditionally - the meat is smoked over a hornbeam wood fire, with local oak, dried thorns, and aromatic herbs such as immortelle and spruce. Their main product is prosciutto produced during the Miljevci bura, which matures without artificial nitrite preservatives or additives.

Split-Dalmatia County and the Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board are avid supporters of Gastroadvent in Split, thus promoting the Mediterranean diet and local producers, entrepreneurs, and tourism workers.


The Split Tourist Board has worked hard to position the destination, harnessing a natural combination of history, gastronomy, and modernity, all to protect the components of the Mediterranean diet. The City of Split is determined to support projects that benefit its residents and demands guests after authentic experiencess and new technological opportunities.

The Croatian Chamber of Commerce has advocated for years to encourage the representation of domestic products, and since 1997 has implemented the national project "Let's Buy Croatian." The project aims to contribute to increasing the consumption of local products and thus support the economy. This project is of particular importance, emphasized by the director Joze Tomaš, and confirmed by the cooperation with Gastroadvent.


JU RERA S.D., as part of the project for the needs of establishing innovative food products, has cooperated with primary and secondary schools in Split-Dalmatia County and stakeholders involved in producing or marketing Mediterranean food products and promoting the Mediterranean way of life. The project focuses on development opportunities and problem-solving related to popularizing the Mediterranean diet. The Mediterranean diet is a part of the Mediterranean identity inscribed in the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage. The project aims to strengthen research in this area following the UNESCO Convention on Mediterranean Nutrition, raise the quality of nutrition and life in 9 project partner countries, and promote the Mediterranean diet, which is recognized as the gold standard of proper nutrition with far-reaching health benefits.


Apart from the desire to involve as many people as possible and bring them closer to the importance of the Mediterranean diet in everyday life, as well as its impact on their health, the additional goal of the project is to establish a standard in the Med Diet Declaration logo to classify Mediterranean areas. The ultimate goal of awarding the Declaration is to position Split-Dalmatia County as a desirable Mediterranean culinary region.

The delectable culinary table with dishes prepared and served according to epidemiological measures was thanks to SidiBar on the West Coast Riva in Split. 

Guests indulged in canapes, crackers, and snacks with Drniš prosciutto in focus, ranging from tortilla rolls to mushroom caps stuffed with prosciutto, salmon pesto, and parmesan cream, fuži pasta with truffles and prosciutto, gnocchi with prosciutto and shrimp, raw foods, mixed prosciutto skewers, and prosciutto rolls, among many other delicious creations. A unique partner of this year's Gastroadvent in Split is Kairos Winery, and Katich wines were served at today's event. 





The designer of this year's Gastroadvent wreath is artist Tonka Alujević, who depicted the Advent wreath from a lifebuoy as "a maritime object that serves to save a man who, for various reasons, is helpless in the sea and is in mortal danger." 


Split Gastroadvent is held every Advent Sunday at a new location, honoring a different group of journalists with new culinary creations at at each event. 

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Thursday, 25 November 2021

Split Cornaro Advent: Holiday Festivities Begin this Weekend!

November 25, 2021 - The Split Cornaro Advent will take place for the first time, with eight holiday houses serving up festive fare, warm drinks, and live entertainment! 

Celebrating the holidays in Split is always festive, with entertainment and culinary treats to warm our bellies during the *slightly* colder months. This year, too, a vibrant Split Advent program has been announced. 

Visitors will have the opportunity to visit the Christmas market and enjoy the diverse offer of souvenirs, jewelry, decorations, and hopefully find unique gifts for their loved ones.

"Pamper your senses with gastronomic treats, offered by charming houses with the sounds of merry Christmas hits, and take the opportunity to gather your family at the rich children's program. Come to Split and experience the most fun Advent, with the remark not to forget your sunglasses," reads the new Split Advent website

The opening is scheduled for November 27 at 6 pm, and holiday houses will be displayed at several locations. Most interesting this year is that holiday houses will decorate the Cornaro ramparts for the first time! A total of 8 will be on offer for visitors to eat, drink, and imbibe. 

“Everyone will be allowed to enter during the day because only seating will be used, and there is not as much traffic during the day. Most of the traffic takes place in the evening when the location will be controlled with Covid certificates. From 7 pm on, Advent will not be possible without Covid certificates, and people will be checked. Those without Covid certificates will be asked to leave the area.

Work will be done every day from 9 am to midnight, and testing will be organized. Visitors will be able to be tested at an affordable price of 50 kuna, and everyone is invited to respect epidemiological measures," announced the organizers of Split Advent. 

The entertainment program at Cornaro begins on Monday, November 29, when visitors will be greeted with DJ Sully and DJ Flex. 

On Tuesday, November 30, DJ Brothers will take the stage, and on Wednesday, DJ Mathew Bee will throw a Snowman party. 

Next Thursday, December 2, Peco and Sivia Dvornik will delight with duets, and there will even be an after-work party!

On Friday, December 3, the legendary Dalmatino group lifts the holiday atmosphere, DJ Peco follows next Saturday, and XXS Band (Countdown show) closes out the opening week on Sunday.

You can find all the information about the 2021 Split Cornaro Advent program on the newly launched website

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Thursday, 18 November 2021

Split Advent at Cornaro Ramparts: 8 Holiday Houses, Live Music, Covid Certificates

November 18, 2021 - Split Advent at Cornaro ramparts, a new location added this year, aims to be the hub of the holiday festivities this winter.

As things currently stand, Split Advent is moving forward as planned, even as the epidemiological situation in Croatia worsens. The Split Advent opening is scheduled for November 27 at 6 pm, and the holiday cottages will be set at several locations.

Most interesting this year is that holiday cottages will be displayed on the Cornaro ramparts for the first time. There will be a total of 8 holiday cottages, with 5 more at Perivoj, an ice skating rink in Đardin, and no lack of entertainment for children in Mertojak.

“Perivoj and Cornaro will control the entrance of visitors. We have one entrance. During the day, everyone will be allowed in because only the seats will be used, and during the day, there are not as many people. Most of the traffic takes place in the evening, which we will control with Covid certificates. From 7 pm on, Advent cannot be entered without a Covid certificate, and people who find themselves there will also be checked. Those who do not have a Covid certificate will be asked to leave the space," the organizer Domagoj Petričević told Dalmacija Danas.

The ice rink in Đardin will not be fenced.

"There will be a skating rink in Đardin. Đardin will not be fenced, for now, as there will not be a greater concentration of people. Mertojak will also be fenced off. There will be 5 houses in Perivoj, one will be from Ivan Pažanin, so there will be an interesting food offer. The team has been here for years, and local bands will perform, such as Festivo, XXS band, Bravo band, DJ Sola, the oldest DJ in the city of Split. We will also have a cassette party and DJ Brothers. In short, there will be a program every night. Everything will be on our social media pages, but also on the Split Tourist Board pages, which will follow us," Petričević added.

If the headquarters allows work after midnight, we can expect a program for New Year's Eve.

“The Cornaro ramparts will be the central place for entertainment. There will be concerts, and New Year's Eve is planned if the headquarters allows. For now, our work is limited to midnight, but if allowed, we expect to work on New Year's Eve until 2 am. An interesting gastronomic offer awaits the citizens. There will be smoked pork, chicken, and ribs. We asked everyone to have a slightly different, richer food offer, not just sausages and mulled wine. There will be everything, from sarma to fritule made in various ways," the organizer continued. 

They will work every day from 9 am to midnight, and citizen testing will be organized. They will be able to be tested at an affordable price of 50 kuna. Everyone who comes to Advent is invited to respect epidemiological measures.

"People have started getting vaccinated in recent days, so we hope that the epidemiological picture will remain good," Petričević concluded. 

Advent is scheduled until January 6, 2022. 

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Wednesday, 17 November 2021

New Split Advent Zvončac Program Announced with TBF New Year's Eve Concert

November 17, 2021 - The new holiday season brings new life to Split - and the debut Split Advent Zvončac program is here!

Split Advent 2021 will be unforgettable, with holiday houses arranged in several locations. Apart from Perivoj, the Cornaro ramparts, and Mertojak, holiday houses will also stand at Zvončac!

The program "Imaginarium Advent" was presented on Wednesday, organized by the company "STAR MAGIC" during December 2021 at Zvončac in Split.

“Another Advent is approaching. The situation is complex; we have changed the program several times and adapted it to new measures. This year there are four Advent locations, and Zvončac is just one of them. The public invitation for the big skating rink, which will be in Đardin this year as well, has ended. Despite this complicated and demanding situation, there will be a full music program. We are here today to announce the children's programs that have been in Đardin so far and are now being moved to Zvončac. There will be young animators, musicians, and dance groups. Minea will also perform in the two-day children's festival. All of them will contribute to this year's Advent being in our hearts, and the message of this year's Advent is 'Let's click on Advent' - with one click, you will get all the information about all events," said the director of the Split Tourist Board Alijana Vukšić.

She added that the gastronomy offer would include ten houses from the best Split caterers.

The Advent opening will be on December 1 at 4 pm, and Alen Islamović will perform with his band at 8 pm. A special event awaits us on December 7.

"It's Oliver's birthday, so we will play his songs at our concert, to remember him for his birthday. We are all emotionally attached to him; I hope everyone will enjoy it," said Petar Dragojevic.

Throughout December, Pravila Igre, Mia Dimšić, and Gustafi will also perform, while TBF will help Split enter the New Year. They will play from 10 pm.

"We are glad to perform at home because it is the sweetest. That area of the Zvončac has been arranged for these occasions - the older people danced for us there, which means something to me. I already have a feeling there will be a good atmosphere. You are all welcome, so come and be happy," said Mladen Badovinac of TBF. 

All concerts will require Covid confirmations, and testing will be organized at the entrance. For the New Year, testing will be free, and tickets for the TBF concert are already on sale. The promotional tickets for TBF at the price of 60 kuna are almost sold out. Other concerts are free for all visitors.

Source: Dalmacija Danas, Dalmatinski Portal

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Wednesday, 13 October 2021

2021 Split Advent Program Coming to Life as Offers Begin for Holiday Houses

October 13, 2021 - As we get closer to the holiday season we get a better idea of what to expect in the 2021 Split Advent program as offers for holiday houses roll in around the city.

To experience the real Advent experience, Split residents will not have to travel to Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Makarska, but also other cities outside Croatia this year. This year's Split Advent peak will be on the Riva, at the Josip Juraj Strossmayer Park (Đardin), on the Cornaro ramparts, and in Mertojak, reports Dalmacija Danas.

The first round of the public invitation to exhibit, present and sell products and services at the 2021 Split Advent ended earlier this week. 

"Yesterday, at a public invitation, we received an offer for the Mertojak zone. With this offer, all zones were filled, except for one catering house on Đardin and several shops on the Riva. Therefore, tomorrow we will publish the second round of applications, and we hope that the little that is left will be filled," said the director of Žnjan d.o.o. Ante Šunjić.

Namely, OPG Ante Žigo submitted an offer for 8,000 kuna, Obrt za trgovinu Sirko and Naprid bili for 6,000 kuna, and Riba Dražin for 10,000 kuna. UO Ring sent a bid for a spot on the Riva (going for a little more than 51,000 kuna), and for 33,500 kuna, they will also sell their products in Đardin. They will be joined by BSRZ Naši ljudi in the park in the center of the city, who offered 33,600 kuna for their house.

Highline Cars, which offered HRK 50,013, will take care of the catering offer at Mertojak.

Split Riva
This year, the Riva will feature eight trading houses and two ‘sweet’ houses. One of the eight trading houses is Hajdukova, meaning the Hajduk Fan shop will move to the Riva during this holiday period. 

The catering houses have been transferred to the Cornaro ramparts.

"Due to the current epidemiological situation, which may be better or worse, we are not able to set up catering houses on the Riva. However, visitors can expect ten houses, eight of which are commercial and two 'sweet' houses," said Šunjić.

He notes that the second round of applications for the exhibition, presentation, and sale of products and services at Split Advent starts today. There are several trading houses left on the Riva.

This year, there will be a skating rink in Đardin, with two food and three ‘sweet’ houses.

Cornaro ramparts
A real surprise for the people of Split is the food offer at Cornaro. The best bid of 160,013 kuna was made by the Festival Production Association, owned by Domagoj Petričević, otherwise the leader of the Association of Nightclubs and Bars.

Mertojak Park
Residents of Mertojak can expect a skating rink and food offer.

“For the first time this year, we organized a zone outside the city center, on Mertojak below the church. There will also be a smaller skating rink and catering houses for all ages," added Šunjić for Dalmacija Danas.

After a one-year break, the Žrvanj Association plans to organize another Christmas story in Žrnovnica in the center of Bašta in December.

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Saturday, 2 October 2021

2021 Split Advent Announced from November 27 to January 6

October 2, 2021 - The 2021 Split Advent event will be held from November 27, 2021, to January 6, 2022. 

The 'Žnjan' company invites all natural and legal persons interested in exhibiting at the 2021 Split Advent event to submit offers for exhibiting, presenting, and selling their products and services. The event will take place from November 27 to January 6 on the Riva, in Đardin, on the Cornaro ramparts, and from December 3 to January 3, in the Mertojak park, reports Dalmatinski Portal.

"Exhibition, sale, and presentation include the following: Christmas products, books, and multimedia, designed souvenirs and gifts, indigenous products, gastronomic offer, presentations of tourist boards, counties, cities, municipalities, and chambers of crafts. Interested bidders are required to download the documentation to submit offers at Žnjan d.o.o. or the Split Tourist Board as of October 11, 2021," reports the company.

Offers are submitted from October 1 to 11 and must have the accepted general and special conditions organized by 2021/2022 Split Advent, with the required documentation in person at the premises of Žnjan d.o.o. at Kralja Zvonimira 14. (11th floor), from 9.00 to 14.00 on weekdays.

"The offer must be received by the specified hour and day, regardless of the method of delivery. All natural and legal persons have the right to submit offers and participate in the event and must submit proof of registered activity, duly fill out and submit an offer to join with a description of the content, accept the general and special conditions organized by 2021/2022 Split Advent and submit the required documentation to the premises of Žnjan doo, by the above deadline," they added.

The offers will be opened in public at the company's premises on October 11 at 2 pm, and all offers must be submitted by then.

"The Commission selects the Split Advent participants. The criterion for selecting the best offers will be the highest amount, and the decision will be published on October 12 on the website of the company and the Tourist Board," they concluded.

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Thursday, 17 December 2020

Split Advent To-Go: A Restaurant Guide to Festive Pick-Up Points, with Holiday Fare, Mulled Wine and More

December. 17, 2020 - The holidays may look a bit different this year, but that doesn't mean we can't find ways to enjoy the magic of the season safely. One way is with Split Advent to-go!

With the current government restrictions in force, which have closed restaurants, bars, and cafes until further notice, it's been challenging to enjoy Split Advent as we know it. However, these difficult times have forced catering facilities to get creative, and festive food and drink pick-up points outside our usually popular Split restaurant locations seems to be the way forward. 

Over the last week, a handful of Split restaurants have announced pick-up points, dressed up in Christmas decorations, where you can indulge in to-go versions of your favorite Advent fare, mulled wine, hot gin, and restaurant classics, all while admiring the twinkling lights around the city. 

Terminal F

Start at the top of the Riva at Terminal. F, whose food offer includes everything from homemade sausages, creamy taquitos, and meaty sandwiches to churros, cannolis, and fritule. If you're thirsty, there is mulled wine, hot gin, and Somersby apple punch, in addition to a selection of rakija shooters. 

Screenshot 2020-12-17 at 11.42.47.png

Dujkin Dvor 

At the end of the Riva and on your way to the West Coast is Dujkin Dvor, where you can find fritters, sausages, cod, mulled wine, coffee, rum punch, and tea. And you can also drop off your letters to Santa!

Chops Grill

Because everyone's favorite steakhouse in Split couldn't hold out, either. Make your way up Marmontova and turn left at Chops Grill for coconut hot gin, Jager Meister Scharf punch, or Christmas gin tonic. But that's not all - there is a selection of bites, from hot dogs to savory croissants, cod, sausages, and eggburgers!



Just around the corner from Chops is Articok, with an extensive menu at their restaurant pick-up point. From a selection of soups to goulash, rabbit gnocchi, tripe, ravioli, cod, and cannoli, this is only part of what Articok has to offer!

Screenshot 2020-12-16 at 20.07.42.png

Corto Maltese

With coffee-to-go from 9 am and mulled wine, hot gin, tea, beer, lasagna, gnocchi, cod, risotto, and more from the afternoon, Corto Maltese's pick-up point is up and running for all your to-go needs!

Bokeria Kitchen & Wine (Jingles)

One of Split's most popular restaurants has promised to bring the holiday spirit to the city with a festive pick-up point outside their famous location. Available on Wolt, too, Bokeria has prepared caesar salad, beef tartare, fish tacos, burgers, black risotto, and, of course, bakalar, wine, and more!

Bon Vivant

Feel like street-food-style pierogies? Hot pelinkovac (made from four types of Pelinkovac, homemade tangerine marmalade, ginger, apple, citrus, and spices)? Beetroot soup? Bolognese? Or fresh juices? Look no further, as you can have it all at Bon Vivant!



Pick-up points are a great way to safely enjoy the culinary pearls of Split while admiring the twinkling lights of Advent. 

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Sunday, 13 December 2020

Third Split Gastroadvent at Chops Grill: How Mediterranean Diet Helps Recover Senses Lost from COVID-19

December 13, 2020 - The third Split Gastroadvent Sunday honored news portal journalists at Chops Grill, focusing on how the Mediterranean diet can help you recover the senses damaged by COVID-19. 

The loss of taste and smell from COVID-19 is particularly pronounced. Although it is not uncommon for upper respiratory tract infections to affect our senses of smell and taste, it is precisely a symptom of COVID-19,  which attracts a great deal of attention. The average prevalence of odor loss is about 41%, while taste loss is about 38%.


It is known that people recognize four tastes: salty, sweet, sour, and bitter. In the middle of 2000, the fifth sense was confirmed, which Japanese scientists named umami - a pleasant taste. Science confirms that umami produces sodium glutamate, and it is found naturally in fish.

Loss of taste and smell is certainly uncomfortable, and to activate the olfactory nerves, most experts recommend "smell training." Even better, the Mediterranean diet contributes to the recovery of the senses damaged by viral infections.

Fish products are a good source of zinc (Zn), a micronutrient of great importance that has a beneficial effect on the metabolism of macronutrients and carbohydrates and protein synthesis. The role of Zn in the protection of cells from oxidative stress and the normal function of the immune system is significant. It is imperative to consume enough fish, oysters, crabs, tuna, and shellfish.

As 2020 marks the jubilee 10th anniversary of recognizing the Mediterranean diet, this year's theme pays great attention to the sea. The Mediterranean Sea boasts about 2.5 million km² and connects all countries of the original Mediterranean diet.

Following this theme, this year's Gastroadvent wreath is also dedicated to the sea and its preservation. The seafoam wreath symbolically and literally simulates the sea world and is created from discarded trash and plastic. The Mediterranean diet theme inspired prominent sculptor Nives Čičin Šain to send a message artistically: “Let's preserve our sea and the life in it that feeds many with its beauty."


As this Advent Sunday was held at Chops Grill Steak & Seafood, chef Ivan Nikolić, prepared simple and quick 'to-go' dishes to adapt to Croatia's current epidemiological measures. Namely, the menu items presented today included a croissant with scrambled eggs & salmon, Grana Padano, and scallions, a croissant with scrambled eggs & bacon, rocket, Grana Padano and a special sauce, and an egg burger with sriracha mayo, scallions, and cheese, which are all available for locals to pick up at Chops' 'to-go' window and enjoy while walking around the city until 3 pm every day. 


Chops also prepared monkfish in shrimp sauce with macaroni. 


The fish of the Adriatic Sea was presented by partner Gastro Ribarnica Brač, which makes fish more accessible through regular campaigns, and with its professionalism, guarantee safety, availability, and originality. The Amare brand, which focuses on "love from the sea," combines hand-cleaned meat of Adriatic shrimp, which is synonymous with quality and an indispensable food for restaurants and households, as well as marinated shrimp, marinated anchovies, and salted anchovies. Their novelty is the first burgers made of Adriatic shrimp and scampi, which have achieved notable success on the market. On the wings of this success, the idea for a burger made of Adriatic fish was created, more precisely, of four types of white fish and two types of bluefish.


Along with domestic fish during the holiday season, at Centaurus d.o.o., you can get an excellent "Premium" cod (Bakalar).


Ecology and competence in gastronomy and tourism are the future projects of the Split School of Tourism and Hospitality. Under the leadership of director Ivo Bilić, the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Split has been appointed the Regional Center of Competence in Tourism in the summer of 2018.

The regional center of competence in the tourism and hospitality sector is the name of a long-term project of the Tourist Catering School Split and partners.


The idea of creating a Regional Competence Center (hereinafter: RCC) arose as a need to improve human resources in tourism, and this school has been in development for about 10 years. Seven years ago, a model of the center was presented at the Ministry of Tourism, originally as an idea for the development of quality schools in tourism. The initial model was for Split-Dalmatia County with about 15 schools (mostly in Croatia) that educate for at least one of the occupations in the tourism and hospitality sector (there are about 100 schools in Croatia). The main goal was (and remains) that students have better exit competencies upon completion of education and uniform in all schools. The important role of the RCC is to connect with the local community, and it will be manifested through two goals:

1) Projects with kindergartens and primary schools in creating habits among young people and encouraging reflection on tourism, and on the other hand as promoting our professions,

2) Participation in local (regional) events, creating habits among the population about the benefits and importance of caring for the guest-tourist. 

This year's Gastroadvent also features Mediterranean Food -, a project funded by the European program Interreg Mediterranean, worth 3.7 million EUR, and implemented by the Public Institution RERA S.D. for the coordination and development of Split-Dalmatia County. The project involves 14 project partners from 9 countries in the Mediterranean, aiming to popularize the Mediterranean diet. The main goal of the project is to strengthen research in this area following the UNESCO Convention on Mediterranean Nutrition, to raise the quality of food and life in 9 project partner countries, as well as promote the Mediterranean diet, which is recognized as the gold standard of proper nutrition, as well as its far-reaching beneficial effects on health.


This time, the "Braća Radić“ school from Kaštel Štafilić presented 100% raw natural energy bars, made of broad beans, dried figs, grapes, carob, almonds, lemon, dates, and olive oil. The vegan energy bars are gluten-free and are made without any added sugar or preservatives. They are high in energy, soluble fibers and micronutrients, and plant proteins! 

All products presented at Gastroadvent will be evaluated, and the best will go to international competition in Seville, Spain next year.


Per epidemiological measures, all to-go food items were individually packed by Chops for us to enjoy at home.


We were even given Probiotic packets by M.E.V. Feller to stay healthy! 

Split Gastroadvent is held every Advent Sunday at a new location, honoring a different group of journalists. 

To read more about lifestyle in Croatia, follow TCN's dedicated page.

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