Monday, 18 January 2021

Google Data Centre California Covered by 120,000 Varazdin Solar Panels

January 16, 2021 – Just as the white stone of Croatia was once exported globally to help build some of our most iconic buildings, Varazdin solar panels will be used atop the domes of one of the contemporary world's biggest businesses - the Google Data Centre in California

From the statues of Ivan Meštrović to the white stone of Dalmatian mines (like the famous one that still works on the island of Brac), Croatia has a long history of exports within the fields of aesthetics and architecture. A whole new eco-friendly tag is now being added to that reputation as one Croatian company prepares to send 120,000 Varazdin solar panels to cover Google's Data Centre in California. The purchase is part of the company's drive towards relying on carbon-free energy solutions.

The 120,000 Varazdin solar panels will be provided by Croatian company Solvis, who have held a contract with the California-based global search engine for quite some time. The 120,000 Varazdin solar panels will cover newly constructed domes at their Data Collection Centre in California, just a short distance from the company's global headquarters in Silicon Valley.

The contract for the 120,000 Varazdin solar panels and continuing co-operation with Solvis is, according to a recent article in Croatia's Jutarnji List, worth in excess of 10 million Euros.

Search engine Google is currently the most popular of its kind. Although it is based in California in the United States of America, where the 120,000 solar panels from Varazdin will be situated, it has properties all over the world. The purchase of the 120,000 solar panels from Varazdin is part of a drive for Google to equip all its buildings in the world with solar panels. Therefore, if the business between Google and the Varazdin company is successful, it could lead to more orders and an extended collaboration with the northern Croatia company.

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Made in Dalmatia: Smart Communications Presents Smart and Solar Bus Stop Solution

September 25, 2019 - An exciting new product is on the Croatian market, which is especially interesting since it is made entirely in Dalmatia. Meet Smart Communications, the brains behind the MM-19 smart and solar bus stop.

Smart Communications presents a new generation of bus stops. However, this is not just any kind of bus stop, but a modern and smart bus stop equipped with solar panels that power the entire structure and multimedia. 

Dalmacija Danas toured the Smart Communications facility and uncovered more about the young team behind this project.


Smart Communications

Namely, Smart Communications is a young company that is engaged in the sales and service of electric scooters and everything related to new green technologies - and in Dalmatia, they cooperate with Ericsson Nikola Tesla in the field of optical infrastructure.

“We have always strived for new solutions and projects, and this solar smart bus stop project has been prepared for half a year, from organizing production at the Dicmo plant to assembling and testing in Split in the Koncar building next to TC Joker. From the very beginning, the product has attracted the attention of cities and municipalities, especially from Omis, Brela, Baska Voda, and Gradac to Ploce,” revealed Smart Communications.

The specifications of the smart bus stop are impressive.

“The MM-19 solar smart stop is a Croatian product that has launched the technological modernization of municipalities, cities, and local governments. We have implemented several smart multimedia solutions into the stop, which the locals will be able to use year-round, and, of course, tourists. With this product, we are creating new values in Croatia!

The product is characterized by the specificity of machining of a steel structure according to the standard EN 10027, which is processed in three separate phases (electroplating-cleaning, galvanizing and plastification). With our partners, companies Adria-Zinc Split and Metallux Vrgorac, after finishing the construction, we assemble and do the final work (installing solar panels, regulators, batteries, USB sockets, glass, benches ...) at Put Brodarice 2, in the Koncar plant. The FN modules we incorporate are 650W, smart MPPT 100/50 voltage regulators and Victron AGM batteries from 160Ah to 220Ah give us the power and security so that a smart solar cell can operate for up to 5 days without solar power. We have even transformed our bench seat into a unique material - cumaru wood, which is used for quality, color, and specificity in the most luxurious yachts as finishing wood for decks and benches.



Smart Communications

All of the above gives us safety and quality, and we can provide a lifetime warranty on the construction of the station. From the beginning, we were guided by the vision of modernizing each of our municipalities and cities in Croatia, especially in tourist resorts by the sea and the coast, where tourism is the main branch of survival for the locals. We want to raise the level of service because many guests use buses as a means of transport from city to city. That means they spend a lot of time on the road waiting at bus stops. Why not make that wait more enjoyable and fun with the cozy night LED lighting, charging stations for their cell phones and tablets, free Wi-Fi, and light background music? On the LED screens, you can find out bus timetables, various information, and events happening where the smart bus stations are located. 


Smart Communications

Due to its modern and quality design, it fits in with every exterior and does not disturb your view of the sea. These are several of the main features of a solar smart bus stop.

We can also offer annual maintenance for the station. This includes a free 4G signal for Hotspot Internet, a yearly security policy and monthly control, inspection and window washing. We are at your disposal for any additional information and arrangements regarding the appointment and presentation of the smart bus stop,” Smart Communications concluded.

You can see the smart bus stops at Put Brodarice 2 in Split and Garma 14 in Omis!

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Saturday, 30 June 2018

HEP Investing 45 Million Kuna in Solar Power Plant on Cres

The Orlec Trinket will be built on the beautiful island of Cres, with work beginning in 2020.

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Greenpeace to Promote Solar Energy through Zadar's "Greeting to the Sun"

The Greenpeace campaign will take place on Tuesday, June 13, 2017.

Friday, 14 April 2017

Innovation from Topusko: Solar-Powered Smart Pole for Cyclists

Powered by solar energy, a new innovation can fill tires and charge mobile phones for cyclists. 

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Eco-Friendly City: Samobor Installs Solar Powered Bus Stops

The city of Samobor has invested in a new smart solution.