Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Historic Day: First April Snow Cover in Split Ever Recorded (PHOTOS)

April 7, 2021 - The first April snow cover in Split was recorded on Tuesday night as weird spring weather ripped across Croatia. 

It was a historic meteorological evening in Split on April 6, 2021. In the coldest moment of the evening, the temperature at the official DHMZ station, located on Marjan, measured 0.4 ° C (rounded to 0 ° C). This is only a tenth of a degree higher than the absolute minimum for April measured on April 8, 2003.

Snow fell all over the city, but higher city areas were covered, especially in neighborhoods like Visoka and Mejaši. 


Miroslav Lelas / PIXSELL

The peak of the ice wave hit Dalmatia last night at around 9 pm. Snow fell on the entire Split area, including Kaštela. In Inland Dalmatia and  Dugopolje, the snowfall was up to 20 centimeters! 


In Kaštel Gomilica, there was a real snowstorm with hurricane gusts of bura wind up to 120 km / h. Snow also fell along the coast in Vodice, Šibenik, and Brela, reports Dalmacija Danas.


Miroslav Lelas / PIXSELL

Due to strong gusts of wind on the Dinara, the cold was as high as -24 degrees. As the snow fell, the temperature dropped to 0, which is also one of the record low temperatures for Dalmatia at this time of year.


Miroslav Lelas / PIXSELL

Southern Croatia does not remember when the last snow fell in April.

And although it was only a symbolic snow cover, it is the first known snow cover in Split in April in known history, reports Dalmacija Danas.


Until this morning, Dalmatia was cut off from the rest of Croatia. Last night from 10 pm, all traffic from the interior to Dalmatia and vice versa for all categories of vehicles was prohibited, and only this morning at 6 am did traffic open, however only for personal vehicles to the junction Sveti Rok and then state roads through Gračac, Obrovac, and Karin.


Miroslav Lelas / PIXSELL

There is still no passable road to Dalmatia for delivery vehicles, buses, trucks, trucks with trailers, and tractors with semi-trailers, and HAK warns drivers not to drive if they do not have to.


While we wake up to sunny skies on Wednesday morning, at least those of us in Split can say that we experienced a historic meteorological night! 

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Saturday, 13 February 2021

Hvar Covered in Snow This Morning Again After Three Years

February 13, 2021 – Have you ever imagined the Croatian island of Hvar covered in snow? It sounds unbelievable for one of the sunniest islands in the Mediterranean, but today it snowed again in Hvar, just like three years ago.

The announced cold front arrived in Croatia, and even in its warmest parts. Even the Croatian island of Hvar was covered in snow this morning.

Three years ago, one of the sunniest islands in the Mediterranean was covered by snow for the first time in 25 years. This morning, the Hvar town people woke up just like in 2018 – seeing their city covered with a thin white blanket.

"It's always nice to see a little bit of winter joy because we don't see it often. We are not used to this, but let it last for a few days. We will endure the cold," said Vedran Dulčić, Hvar native, who sent us a photo from the town of Hvar.


A view from Hvar Fortress (Fortica), an unavoidable place in Hvar, looks like this today. The Hvar port, perfect blue sea, and Pakleni islands in the background, which a beautiful view overlooks during the summer, are now barely even seen.


Facebook Hvar Town

It's also very cold. Hvar residents say that the stormy wind bura started to blow, and they predict (or at least hope) that the snow will not last long. By midday, it already almost melted. However, in 2018, the snow on Hvar stayed for more than a week.

For people who are used to temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius on Hvar, today's only one degree is not pleasant at all, but they try to endure it. Just a few more months and there will be summer, right? Although it is beautiful even in winter conditions, nothing can compare to the beauty that Hvar exudes in summer.


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Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Winter Weather Hits Dalmatia: Mosor Sees First Snow of Season, Biokovo Measures 10 cm

Dalmatia was hit with the bitter taste of winter (and bura) on Tuesday as temperatures dropped around the region. 

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Winter Delights: A Touch of Snow for Zadar (Video)

As we enter the month of March, the last Dalmatian hotspot to have been spared from snowfall finally succumbs to winter

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Winter is Coming: Snow and Strong Wind in Dalmatia!

A sudden turn of events in Dalmatia on the weather front - time to don your winter coats!

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Weathering the Storm: What Should We Expect in Dalmatia?

Weather reports across Croatia have been bursting at the seams with news of the upcoming storm. “Arctic air!” “Polar temperatures!” But we’ve heard all of that before. While we all prepare our homes and bundle up for what is meant to be an chilly ride, what should we really expect in Dalmatia?

Monday, 25 April 2016

April Snow in Imotski (Video)

After so much sun, the end of April is cooling us down with some snow.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Snow in Vrgorac

(photo: Vrgoračke Novine / 2012)


While the temperatures from the last few days might have gave us the idea, that spring is behind the corner, it is still winter that rules over February in Vrgorac. And it might not be as much snow as 4 years ago, when Vrgorac looked like in the lead picture above (and the one below), there still is some snow on the mountains above Vrgorac. It looks nice. Spring in the valley and winter at Matokit hills. And who knows, maybe there will be even more these days..?

(photo: Vrgoračke Novine / 2012)

(photo: Vrgoračke Novine / Milina Zasida in February 2016)

(photo: Vrgoračke Novine / 2016)

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Voštane near Trilj - At Least Some Snow in Dalmatia

There are many, who would like to see some snow falling from the sky during winter, but it is mostly rain these days and according to the weather forecast, the temperatures should keep the snow far from the most part of Dalmatia. But, there are places in Inland Dalmatia, where there is at least some snow. Enough for the journalist of Slobodna Dalmacija to make a short video for the rest of us to enjoy. To watch the video from Vostane near Trilj, click on here.

(Voštane near Trilj, photo: Slobodna Dalmacija)

Monday, 18 January 2016

Where to Look for Snow in Dalmatia - Biokovo Mountain

(photos: Zvonimir Barišin / CROPIX)

When I was living in a city, I remember most people not being too happy about snow during the winter months. It was nice, romantic and white, all of that.. sure. But it needed to be cleaned from the streets and side walks, otherwise it was paralyzing the city traffic and causing overall problems. So, what I remember was, that not many (except for kids) where wishing for snow.

It is very different in Dalmatia. With snow being so rare in this area, people would love to see everything white, even just for a few hours.

As for now, the winter has not yet gave us the pleasure of being paralyzed by snow in Dalmatia, but at least there is the Biokovo mountain. According to Dalmacija News, there is up to 50 cm of snow at the mountain and the temperature dropped to -13°C this weekend.

Enjoy these amazing photos made by Zvonimir Barišin, especially those white wave tops made by bura, brrrrr..