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Celebrate Nikola Tesla On His 165th Birthday This Weekend in Gospić

July 6, 2021 - This Saturday marks the 165th anniversary of the birth of the genius born in Smiljan, and the Tourist Board of Gospić, the city of Gospić, and the Nikola Tesla Memorial Center have prepared a worthy event called ''Tesla Power of Lights'' to celebrate Nikola Tesla in style.

Turističke priče reports that as part of the celebration of the 165th anniversary of the birth of Nikola Tesla on July 10th, a lot of content was prepared that will serve as a kind of reminder of the fact that one of the world's greatest geniuses, Nikola Tesla, was born in Lika. On his birthday, this Saturday, as part of the July program in Gospić, the event "Tesla Power of Lights" will be held.

It is a one-day event to celebrate Nikola Tesla, organized by the Tourist Board of the City of Gospić, the City of Gospić, and the Nikola Tesla Memorial Center, and the program will be held in the evening. This year, a light spectacle will be organized in Gospić and its surroundings, and citizens and visitors will be able to enjoy a laser show, among other things. In addition to the extraordinary light effects that will spread the sky over the city, the program of the celebration also includes a multitude of contents on the main city square.


Gospić Tourist Board Facebook Page

Thus, Interactive Games of Light, Laser Harp, Light Labyrinth… will be held on Stjepan Radić Square, and part of the “Tesla Power of Lights” program will also take place on the newly built Nikola Tesla Square. At 9 pm, in the Atrium of the Cultural Information Center Gospić, there will be a promotion of T-shirt From Smiljan by ELFS and Traumatic Lights - Led acro duo, followed by a House party that will start at 10 pm. DJ Felver and DJ Ian Podley will perform.

Under the colored light beams will be buildings related to the life of Nikola Tesla in Gospić, and the Nikola Tesla Memorial Center in Smiljan, which includes the birthplace of the great inventor, physicist, and inventor, will have an Open Day on July 10.

Total Croatia included Nikola Tesla in its guide to Croatian inventions and discoveries, which you can read HERE.

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Friday, 21 August 2020

Nikola Tesla Returns To Gospić After 30 Years

August 22, 2020 – After being destroyed in the war, the famous statue of genius Nikola Tesla will finally return to his home town

Following a 30 year absence, the famous statue of Nikola Tesla will be returned to his home town of Gospić. The original Tesla monument that once stood in the central town square, created by Croatian sculptor Frano Kršinić, was blown up during the 1990s Homeland War.

Gospić mayor Karlo Starčević today signed a contract approving construction works for the renovation of the square in front of the Gospić Culture Information Centre, where the Nikola Tesla statue will be placed. The contract is worth about HRK 1.8 million.

The location where the monument will stand is planned as a quiet area with several benches and gravel footpaths. The statue is an exact replica of the one previously lost to Gospić. Copies of this statue currently reside outside the School of Electrical Engineering section of Belgrade University and on the American side of Niagara Falls (main picture).

Nikola Tesla is honoured on both sides of Niagara Falls. This is his statue on the Canadian side © Milan Suvajac

An inventor and hugely innovative engineer, Nikola Tesla is best known for pioneering the alternating current (AC) electricity supply system. AC enables electricity to be provided safely to every home, street and business today. Tesla was born in 1856 in the village of Smiljan, in Lika, just six kilometres from Gospić.

In 1862, his family moved to Gospić where Tesla's father worked as an Orthodox parish priest. Nikola Tesla himself was supposed to follow his father and his mother's father into the Orthodox priesthood. Thankfully, he did not. In 1870, Nikola Tesla moved to nearby Karlovac to attend the Higher Real Gymnasium. A new Nikola Tesla exhibition centre is currently being built there, next door to the place of his former studies.

After Karlovac, Nikola Tesla continued his studies in Austria, and then spent some time teaching and working in Hungary. He eventually got a job working for Thomas Edison's company in Paris. While there, his incredibly innovative work was soon noticed and he was invited to go and work for the company in America.

Nikola Tesla, pictured before his work in America © State Archives

Thomas Edison - also a pioneering inventor - is frequently cited as one of the most innovative figures in the development of electricity supply. However, Edison was adamant that direct current (DC) would be the best way to distribute electricity. The DC system he championed was in direct competition to that proposed by his one-time employee, Tesla. Despite Edison's wealth and power, the DC system he fought hard to impose proved to be impractical and unsafe. Instead, the AC distribution design, perfected by Tesla, became the standard supply system that the world uses today.

Nikola Tesla stayed in America for the rest of his life and continued to create countless pioneering inventions. He worked within the fields of early x-rays, wireless power supply, electromagnetic radiation and radio waves, before his death in 1943. In the years since he died, interest in the enigmatic Nikola Tesla has only grown.

David Bowie playing Nikola Tesla in Christoper Nolan's 2006 movie The Prestige © Warner Brothers 

A mystique continues to surround him, not least because many of his wondrous ideas remain unrealised. Nikola Tesla has been portrayed in film by Nicholas Hoult and David Bowie (the latter, famously, in Christopher Nolan's The Prestige). The national airport in Belgrade, Serbia is named after him, as is Serbia's largest power plant. In Croatia, over 130 streets are named after Nikola Tesla.

Monday, 5 August 2019

On the Road with Domovina Birthright Program: Smiljan, Knin & Kornati

August 5, 2019 - As previously reported on TCN, the first Domovina Birthright Program took place in Croatia last month, an initiative between the American Croatian Association of Professionals, and the Croatian Government.

The idea of the program is to take the young adults of Croatian descent (ages 18 – 30), who wish to learn about their heritage, explore Croatia, connect with their Croatian identity and meet other young Croatian adults on an amazing trip to Croatia.

Kristiana Banđen is one of the 34 initial participants in the program, and she has kindly agreed to document her journey as she explores the country of her heritage. Over to Kristiana for Day 8-9:

 kristiana-banden-knin (4).jpg

On day 8 of our trip, from Pula, we travelled to Smiljan to visit Nikola Tesla’s hometown and memorial centre. 

It was really cool to see that the memorial centre was built in the home of Nikola and his family. Although made modern for the museum, all the old structure is still in place. Our tour guide was really insightful and shared a lot of interesting facts about Nikola as a child. Today, his most notable contribution is the modern alternating current electricity supply system as well as the Tesla coil, the induction motor, neon light and the radio to name a few. 

 kristiana-banden-knin (2).jpg

I think it’s important as a Croatian to take note of the influence Croatians have had on today’s modern day. Although Tesla was born on land that is part of Croatia today, his family was of Serbian background.

 kristiana-banden-knin (5).jpg

My favourite aspect of the memorial centre in Smiljan was the attic of Nikola’s home where it showcases samples of his inventions. Pressing the buttons puts on a display of the invention, showcasing how it looked through photographs and not modernized for how it’s used today. 

krsticevic_ljetna_skola_domovina_knin_17072019_01.1 (1).jpg

After lunch, we arrived in Knin where we had some free time and time to prepare for a meeting and dinner with the Minister of Defence and Deputy Prime Minister of Croatia. Not only was it amazing to have the opportunity to speak to and dine with this company, but we had the chance to do so in an amazing venue, the Knin Fortress! Catching the sunset at the top of the fortress was absolutely breathtaking with the view! 

 kristiana-banden-knin (1).JPG

We were blessed again with an amazing meal. Not only was the food delicious (as per usual!), we were able to enjoy the vocals from Klapa Sveti Juraj! What a great experience! 

For a little bit of fun and relaxation, for the next day, a Kornati trip was organized for us on a private boat for the group. I have previously taken a tour for the Kornati National Park with my family but with the trip I had taken before, we didn’t have the opportunity to stop at the memorial crosses. The crosses, found on the island Veliki Kornat, commemorates the Croatian firefighters who lost their lives in the Kornati tragedy on August 30, 2007. On that day over 10 years ago, a group of firefighters were deployed to the island to extinguish a small fire. Unfortunately, for an unknown reason, the fire had taken the lives of the group. Croatia remembers the heroes as a permanent reminder for the dedication of the profession. This is something that almost all of us in the group had no idea of. It has been really riveting to learn about incidents such as this one that I never knew about. 

kristiana-banden-knin (3).jpg

Swimming, beautiful views, good food, singing and dancing soon ended and the party continued to Vrana for the evening to enjoy dinner at Maškovića Han. Located in my dad’s hometown, it made dinner even more special. I remember how the location of the restaurant/hotel looked like before it is what it is today. As a child, we would walk the grounds with my family, and I loved watching all the rabbits jumping around. It is amazing how Croatia as a whole has developed so much throughout my years visiting. Each year, the country becomes more developed, but not in a bad way. It makes my childhood memories even more precious to have had experienced the country in its most simplistic form, which I feel others could relate as well! 


Next up: More of the Dalmatia coast! 


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Sunday, 5 May 2019

Teslas at the Ready: World's Quietest Rally About to Start in Croatia

One of the finest Croatian tourism promotion events takes place once again on May 12, 2019 - Nikola Tesla EV Rally, the quietest rally in the world. 

It is an event in his homeland that would have made Nikola Tesla proud. An event whose past participants have included the mother of Mr Modern Day Tesla, Maye Musk, the new king of electric supercars, Mate Rimac, and the first buyer of the Rimac Concept One. An event which takes place in a country of staggering natural beauty, 10% of which is given over to national and nature parks. It is an event in his homeland that would have made Nikola Tesla proud. An event whose past participants have included the mother of Mr Modern Day Tesla, Maye Musk, the new king of electric supercars, Mate Rimac, and the first buyer of the Rimac Concept One. An event which takes place in a country of staggering natural beauty, 10% of which is given over to national and nature parks. 

Welcome to the Nikola Tesla EV Rally in Croatia, officially the quietest rally in the world.

tesla-rally-2019 (1).jpg

Now in its 6th year, this unique rally comprises a luxury tour of the finest sights, nature, hotels and gourmet experiences that Croatia has to offer. An 8-day luxury electric vehicle rally over 1,500 km taking in Croatia's fabled coastline and islands, 6 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, 4 national parks, 3 Game of Thrones filming locations, and the birthplace of Nikola Tesla himself in Smiljan. 

Starting at luxury Novi Spa and Hotels Resort in Novi Vinodolski, the rally will be based at Sun Gardens Dubrovnik, before heading north to Sibenik, then inland to Smiljan, Plitvice Lakes and finishing in Zagreb. 

The electric vehicle revolution is taking off in Croatia, largely due to the efforts of the rally organisers, and full charging options are catered for. As just one part of its contribution to sustainable tourism, the Nikola Tesla EV Rally is the only rally in the world which leaves infrastructure for e-vehicles behind. This includes a charging station donated at the birthplace of Tesla in Smiljan.

 tesla-rally-2019 (2).jpg

The rally attracts a truly international field each year, with many from Austria, Belgium, Germany, Finland, Switzerland and Norway, as well as further afield from Canada and South Africa.

Last year's rally saw the remarkable sight of 50 Teslas alone on a ferry at one time. The rally is not a race as such (although there are 3 speed races included), more a leisurely drive admiring one of the truly more glorious natural paradises in the world. 

If you are interested in seeing the magic of the country which gave the world Nikola Telsa in a manner in which he would surely have approved, learn more about the Nikola Tesla EV Rally on the official website, and check out the 2019 itinerary below.




12.05.2019. START Novi Vinodolski (hotel Novi Spa Hotels & Resort)

  • 19.00 h conference room: gathering and official introduction of team, route and schedule
  • 20.30 h Dinner
  • 22.00 h Welcome drink with the view, our DJ will play some good music ….


13.05.2019. Novi Vinodolski – Klis - Dubrovnik

  • Famous TV Show “Game of Thrones” was filmed on 2 locations in Croatia – Fortress Klis in Dugopolje and Dubrovnik. Lunch in Fortress Klis is not allowed for public so you will have a unique opportunity to experience lunch in medieval fortress overlooking the city of Split.
  • 20.00 h arrival at Sun Gardens Dubrovnik hotel
  • 20.30 h dinner at the hotel
  • 22.00 h briefing in conference room (presentation of route and activities for the following day


14.05.2019. Dubrovnik Old Town – Lokrum island

    • After relaxing morning and lunch in Sun Gardens hotel our first stop will be visiting fortress Srđ built in time of Dubrovnik Republic which was an aristocratic maritime republic centered in the city of Dubrovnik that carried that name from 1358 until 1808. One of the most spectacular views in Croatia overlooking city of Dubrovnik.
    • One more location we must visit is Island of Lokrum which was first mentioned in 1023. in connection with the funding of Benedictine abbey and monastery where peacocks roam free.
    • Walk in the Old City up Stradun
    • 20.00 h Dinner in Taj Mahal
    • 22.00 h 22.00 h briefing in conference room (presentation of route and activities for the following day)


15.05.2019. Dubrovnik – Cavtat

  • 11.30 h „Skill exam”-Port Gruž
  • Lunch in konoba Vinica
  • Visit to Cavtat (Birth house one of the most famous Croatian painters, Vlaho Bukovac and Meštrović Pavilion)
  • 20.00 h Dinner
  • 22.00 h briefing in conference room (presentation of route and activities for the following day)


16.05.2019. Dubrovnik – Ston - Šibenik

  • 08.00 h Start from Sun Gardens
  • Visit to Ston, salt factory where the tradition od harvesting salt has been passed on for over 400 years and since then salt is produced in the same way with only the assistance of the sun, sea and wind. Also, you will see the walls of Ston that were built in 1333, a massive architecture and construction feat originally 7000-meters long (22 965 ft.), they consist of several parts; the Ston city walls, the Mali Ston city walls and the Big wall with its three forts. Its forts and towers are strengthened by 10 round and 31 square flanking towers and 6 semi-circular bastions


  • Visit to Red and Blue Lake in Imotski. Red Lake is known for its numerous caves and remarkably high cliffs, reaching over 241 metres above normal water level and continuing below the water level. The total explored depth of this sinkhole is approximately 530 metres with a volume of roughly 25–30 million cubic meters, thus it is the third largest sinkhole in the world.
  • 20.00 h Amadria park hotel Jure
  • Dinner
  • 22.00 h briefing in conference room (presentation of route and activities for the following day)

17.05.2019. Zadar – Šibenik – Skradin – NP Krka


    • 11.00 “Skill exam”
    • Lunch in restaurant Skala in Skradin
    • Visit to NP Krka 7th largest national park in Croatia and home of the hydro plant that was open in 1895, just two days after Tesla’s hydroelectric plant on Niagara Falls. At the same time, 11 km of power lines to transmit electricity and a city lighting network were built, the first complete electricity system in Croatia. Thanks to Šibenik Mayor Ante Šupuk and engineer Vjekoslav Meischner, Šibenik had electrical lighting before many European cities, including Vienna, Budapest, Rome, London and others.
    • Visit to Old town Šibenik Sv.Mihovil and Barone fortress. The Medieval St. Mihovil Fortress was erected on a sixty meters high and steep rocky hill that dominates the surrounding waters. Under its walls, Šibenik evolved - the oldest native Croatian town on the Adriatic. Barone Fortress was built in 1646 on Vidakuša, the 80 meter-high hill above the city. Along with the other three fortresses in Šibenik, it represents a unique defence system which resisted the enemies of the city for centuries. Today, it has an exceptional monumental value recognized across Europe.
    • 20.00 h Dinner
    • 22.00 h briefing in conference room (presentation of route and activities for the following day)


18.05.2019. Šibenik - MC Nikola Tesla-Plitvička Jezera - Zagreb

  • 11.30 h Visit to Smiljan – MC Nikola Tesla (birthplace of Nikola Tesla)
  • Croatia, the one and only Homeland of Nikola Tesla! Nikola Tesla was an inventorelectrical engineermechanical engineer and futurist who is best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system.He was born 10 July 1856. In Croatia (former Austria-Hungarian Empire) and spent his childhood in his birthplace, small village Smiljan near Gospić
  • Visit and lunch at NP Plitvička Jezera. Plitvice Lakes is the oldest and largest national park in the Republic of Croatia. With its exceptional natural beauty, this area has always attracted nature lovers, and already on 8 April 1949, it was proclaimed Croatia’s first national park. The process of tufa formation, which results in the building of the tufa, or travertine, barriers and resulted in the creation of the lakes, is the outstanding universal value, for which the Plitvice Lakes were internationally recognized on 26 October 1979 with their inscription onto the UNESCO World Heritage List.


  • 20.00 h Zagreb- arrival on Ban Jelačić square (main city square).
  • The city of Zagreb, capital of Croatia is a cultural, scientific, economic, political and administrative center of the Republic of Croatia. The streets and monuments proudly testify to its thousands of years of history. A mixture of Austro-Hungarian and modern architecture, Zagreb has culture, arts, music, gastronomy and most important of all … vision of the future. Only city in Croatia with fast charging stations in front of Municipality


  • 21.00 h Amadria Park hotel Capital Zagreb/Heritage hotel - dinner
  • 22.30 h briefing in conference room (presentation of route and activities for the following day)
  • *Vehicles will be parked and charged overnight at the main square under security protection (hotel is located 100 m by walking distance from the main Square)

19.05.2019. Zagreb- FINISH

  • 11.00 h Start from Ban Jelačić square
  • Carousel arround the city, visit to Meštrović Pavilion- HDLU
  • 12.30 h „Speed race“


Award and celebration ceremony

Lunch- FINISH!

See you in 2020.

Nikola Tesla EV Rally Team!




Wednesday, 10 April 2019

World's Biggest Welcome in Croatia: Day 15 - Prpa to NP Plitvice Lakes (Bike)

April 10, 2019 - Putting Croatian adventure tourism on the map, with the biggest welcome in the world. Day 15 of this incredible 2011 adrenaline trip covering 2,500 km along the Croatian coast. 

The World's Biggest Welcome, an ambitious adventure tourism project in 2011 in Croatia enters Day 15 of this 2019 appreciation of one of the finest tourism promotion projects ever in Croatia.  

The plan? To showcase the diversity and fabulous offer of adventure tourism in Croatia by following a GPS route the length of the Croatian coast in the shape of the word 'Welcome' - thereby creating the biggest welcome in the world from a hospitable tourism country. 

Day 15 moved on bike from Prpa (Baške Oštarije) to Plitvice Lakes National Park. 

Screenshot 2019-04-10 at 07.43.25.png

85 kilometres for the day: 22 km bike ride from Prpa to Smiljan, followed by a 65 km bicycle ride from Smiljan to Plitvice Lakes National Park to continue forming the ‘L’ in ‘Welcome’.




Day 15 began at Baške Oštarije, Prpa mountain lodge, with the faces and furry friends they met there. 



Lacko setting off from Baške Oštarije.


Running into a herd of sheep at the foot of the Velebit mountain. 


You know you've made it to Smiljan when a statue of Nikola Tesla greets you. 


The Nikola Tesla memorial center, in his birthplace, in the house where he was born.

But that's not all Smiljan has...


There is even a potato farm. 


Lacko continued onto Lika, where he ran into curious cows. 


And then onto Korenica. You can see Cedo rushing off in his car, while Daniel struggles on the bike.


But Lacko persists and continues onto Korenica.

A key part of the project was promoting tourism, and the official website has details of the key places visited during the day. 

Screenshot 2019-04-10 at 07.57.27.png

Baške Oštarije.

Screenshot 2019-04-10 at 07.57.48.png

Plitvice Lakes National Park. 

You can see the entire project on the Welcome website, as well as much more of Luka Tambaca's stunning photography on the Welcome Facebook page

Tune in tomorrow for Day 16, as Lacko moves from Plitvice Lakes to Rastoke on foot, bike, and kayak. 

To follow the whole project from the start, follow the dedicated TCN page

Sunday, 24 June 2018

It is Time for Croatia to Claim its Nikola Tesla Heritage

24 June, 2018 - With the electric car revolution gathering pace, it is time for Croatia to take advantage of its greatest unused branding tool - the birthplace of Nikola Tesla. 

Sunday, 10 June 2018

From Zadar to Zagreb: Environment Minister Coric Joins Nikola Tesla EV Rally

June 10, 2018 - The 2018 Nikola Tesla EV Rally reaches Zagreb, as Minister for the Environment and Energy Tomislav Coric joins the rally at the birthplace of Nikola Tesla. 

Thursday, 3 May 2018

A Lesson in Luxury Tourism: Meet the Nikola Tesla EV Rally 2018 Itinerary

May 3, 2018 - A luxury tourism event which showcases the very best of Croatia. Take a look at what is in store for participants of the 2018 Nikola Tesla EV Rally next month, the quietest rally in the world. 

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Croat, Serb or Selfless Genius: Will Blown-Up Tesla Statue Ever Return to Gospic?

It is 25 years since years since the statue of Nikola Tesla was blown up by locals in the town of Gospic, 5km from the village of his birth, where his house was also destroyed. As Croatia celebrates his genius with the Nikola Tesla: Mind from the Future exhibition in Zagreb, will a Nikola Tesla statue ever grace a public square in Gospic again?

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Nikola Tesla EV Rally Day 3: Sibenik, Krka, Smiljan, Plitvice, Zagreb

The final day of the 2016 Nikola Tesla EV Rally on June 4, 2016 took participants on a journey of UNESCO heritage and natural beauty from the stunning Dalmatian coast to the main square of the capital Zagreb. 

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