Monday, 18 April 2022

Sljeme Cable Car Reopens With New Service on Offer to Visitors

April the 18th, 2022 - The Sljeme cable car, which has been plagued with issues and been open then closed, is now open once again. This time, the new Zagreb attraction has a new service for its users.

As Vecernji List/Dario Topic writes, the Sljeme cable car (Zicara Sljeme) was opened and then closed down, and has now been reopened once again. The now up and running Sljeme cable car, which is back in action following some additional noise reduction has new offers for its users - new working hours and a brand new service.

Given the warmer weather of spring and significantly longer days, which will certainly encourage more and more residents and guests of the City of Zagreb to take the Sljeme cable car up the mountain into nature and enjoy various outdoor activities offeed, the new working hours of the cable car are on weekdays from 10:00 to 19:00, and on weekends, holidays and public holidays from 09:00 to 07:00.

In addition to the above, having listened to the needs and suggestions of both recreational and professional cyclists, who have shown great interest in transporting their bicycles up onto Sljeme using the cable car, those in charge are pleased to announce that this service has now been made available, as reported by ZET.

In addition to purchasing a regular ticket, cyclists will have access to an additional ticket for the transport of their bicycles in the amount of just 20 kuna in one direction. In one single cable car, it is possible to transport two people and two bicycles. Passengers entering the cable car itself by bicycle are obliged to pay attention so as not to damage the equipment or endanger other users when riding the Sljeme cable car, and in order to be transported safely to their destination on Zagreb's famous mountain.

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Monday, 28 February 2022

Night Skiing on Sljeme is Back With a Special Costumed Edition

February 28th, 2022 - Due to great interest in night skiing on Sljeme, ZET has extended the working hours of the cable car on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Night skiing on Sljeme is back! Last week, the ski resort on Medvednica mountain brought back the popular evening slots on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 PM to 10 PM.

On Tuesday, March 1st, Sljeme will also host a costumed ski night to mark the last day of the carnival season.

A competition for the best costumes will be held, with the ski resort staff tasked with selecting the winners in two categories (children and adults).

The best costumes in both categories will win three days of free skiing on Sljeme, those who rank second will get two day passes, and the third place will be rewarded with a one day pass. The winners will be announced at 9:45 PM at the top exit from the Trosjed triple chairlift.

Two ski runs are open for night skiing: Crveni (Red) slope with a triple lift, and the Bijela Livada (White meadow) slope equipped with a T-bar ski lift.

Tickets for night skiing cost 70 kuna for adults, 40 kuna for children aged 15 or less, and 50 kuna for persons over the age of 65. Visitors are kindly reminded to adhere to all epidemiological measures that are in effect. 

Given the great interest in night skiing on Sljeme, ZET has adjusted the operating schedule of the Sljeme cable car. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the cable car will be running from 9 AM to 9:30 PM. Along with the bus line 140 (Mihaljevac - Sljeme), citizens will now also have the cable car at their disposal, which can take them from Gračanski dol to the top of Sljeme in about 20 minutes.

Even though the slopes are open until 10 PM for night skiing, the last cable car gondola must depart from the upper station on Sljeme no later than 9:30 PM, in accordance with the work permit.


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Wednesday, 23 February 2022

Zagreb Mayor Inaugurates Sljeme Cable Car

ZAGREB, 23 Feb 2022 - Zagreb Mayor Tomislav Tomašević inaugurated the Sljeme Cable Car on Wednesday, and citizens who have been waiting for the new cable car since 2007 can use it as of tomorrow.

"I am confident that the numerous citizens who will use this cable car will see that the ride is both safe and comfortable," Tomašević said, adding that the main task now is to enhance and increase the attractions and infrastructure on Mount Sljeme, overlooking the capital.

The old cable car was inaugurated in 1963 for the transport of athletes, recreationists and mountaineers, and its route was 4 km, 1 km shorter than the current one. It was one of the longest in Europe and the ride took some 20 minutes. It stopped operating in summer 2007 due to an engine fault, it was also decided that building a new cable car route was going to be more cost-efficient. A ticket cost HRK 11.

The construction of the new cable car was announced by the late mayor Milan Bandić in July 2016. HRK 30 million was earmarked in the city budget for the following year for the construction. A building permit was issued in summer 2018, and works began the following 25 January.

The new cable car was to have been inaugurated on 3 January 2021, but this was delayed until the final papers were ready and for some reconstruction works to be finished in April. However, there was a problem with noise and the final permit was obtained on Monday.

Tomašević said this was "an inherited, megalomaniacal project" worth HRK 537 million without VAT. The city would repay HRK 45 million annually over the next 12 years.

That amount refers to the cable car's capital expense, while an additional amount will be set aside from the city budget to cover 50% of its operating expenses.

"The investment in the cable car will never be returned and its big capacity to transport passengers to Sljeme will never be used to that extent," the mayor said.

The ride lasts 22 minutes. The cable car's maximum capacity is 1,500 passengers per hour, carried in 84 cabins with ten seats each.

The Sljeme Cable Car will operate from 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays and from 8 am to 6 pm on weekends. The first month will be a promotional period and then the cable car will be closed for additional noise-reduction works, after which it will be put into regular operation.

During the promotional month, a one-way ticket will be HRK 30 for adults and HRK 20 for persons aged 15-24 and those over 60, while a return ticket will be HRK 50 for adults and HRK 30 for the other group. Children under 14 and persons will disabilities can use the cable car for free.

(€1 = HRK 7.5)

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Tuesday, 22 February 2022

Sljeme Cable Car Opening on Thursday!

February 22nd, 2022 - The opening ceremony is scheduled for tomorrow, with the regular cable car service starting from Thursday

Zagreb Mayor Tomislav Tomašević announced at a press conference that the Sljeme cable car will start working this week, specifically on February 24th. 

‘This is a project we inherited and we did everything in our power to finish it and put it into use. I can now say that the last work permit for the cable car was obtained yesterday. The cable car will have a ceremonial launch tomorrow. It will be open to the public starting from this Thursday’, said Tomašević.

As reported by Poslovni Dnevnik, the mayor announced that the cable car will operate from 9 AM to 5 PM on weekdays, and from 8 AM to 6 PM on weekends.

Tomašević also said that the total cost of the cable car project currently amounts to 537 million kuna, and that the information frequently shared in the media mentioning figures over 700 million kuna include VAT which should not be taken into consideration.

‘There will never be any profit from the cable car’, said Tomašević and shared more information in regards to ticket prices. There are three pricing categories, and the tickets will have promotional prices for a while after the cable car starts operating. 

The first category includes those citizens who hold a ZET monthly pass, as the cable car is part of the public transport network. The ZET company is the investor and the manager of the cable car. This category will have the lowest ticket prices: 30 kuna for one-way tickets and 50 kuna for return tickets.

Tomašević pointed out that prices will increase after the promotional period ends.

The second category includes all Zagreb residents, as it’s them who will pay off the investment through the city budget. In this category, one-way tickets for adults will cost 40 kuna and the return tickets 70 kuna. Tickets for older children and the elderly will cost 25 kuna one-way and 40 kuna for the return ticket, whereas young children and people with disabilities will use the cable car free of charge.

The third category includes all passengers who aren’t residents of Zagreb and don’t have a ZET pass, and as such will be paying the full price to ride the cable car. One-way tickets for adults will cost 75 kuna and return tickets 125 kuna. Older children and the elderly will be paying 50 kuna for one way tickets and 75 kuna for return tickets, and tickets for young children and people with disabilities will cost 20 kuna one way and 30 kuna for the return.

Thursday, 17 February 2022

First Sljeme Cable Car Tickets to be Sold at Promotional Prices

February the 17th, 2022 - Sljeme cable car tickets will first be sold at alluring promotional prices now that the cable car has finally received a permit for its use following months of issues and spanners in the works.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, the long-awaited Sljeme cable car has finally received a permit for its use, meaning that its opening is likely by the end of this month, Deputy Mayor of Zagreb Danijela Dolenec said at a recently held press conference, and Sljeme cable car tickets, which will be promotional at first, will be known next week.

"By the end of the week, a report on the safety of the cable car is expected, and the last step involves work permits from the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Infrastructure. It remains possible and certain that the cable car will finally be put into function by the end of this month,'' said Dolenec.

Sljeme cable car ticket prices should be known as early as next week.

“At the beginning of next week, in any case before the opening, we'll present the Sljeme cable car ticket price list, with the proviso that it will operate according to a promotional price for a while. We're still doing analyses and having consultations,'' said Mayor Tomislav Tomasevic.

When asked whether the average family with children would be able to afford Sljeme cable car tickets, Tomasevic said that this was the idea behind the pricing plans.

Answering a question about the course of the social dialogue with the unions regarding the announced dismissals of the redundant workers in Zagreb Holding, Dolenec pointed out that "the management and the unions are very intensive in the consultation process".

"Let's wait a little longer. I'm sure that some of the employees will take severance pay themselves and leave of their own accord,'' said Tomasevic.

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Sunday, 13 February 2022

Tomasevic Reveals When Sljeme Cable Car Might Start Working

February the 13th, 2022 - Zagreb Mayor Tomislav Tomasevic has discussed the ongoing topic of the Sljeme cable car which has faced numerous obstacles when it comes to noise complaints and obtaining all of the proper permits. This would-be new attraction for the City of Zagreb would allow visitors to experience the nature it has on offer in addition to the bustling city which has attracted more and more foreign visitors over more recent years.

The cable car, which would transport residents and visitors to the Croatian capital alike up the mountain which towers behind it, still isn't quite out of the paperwork woods yet, however.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, after the Sljeme cable car finally received the green light from the Sanitary Inspection, Zagreb Mayor Tomislav Tomasevic announced that it should be open by the end of February, if all of the necessary permits are finally in proper order by then.

"At the beginning of next week, a permit for use should be issued, followed by a report on the safety of the Sljeme cable car by the end of the week, and then a work permit issued by the Ministry of Transport will follow," Tomasevic said.

However, as an additional 1.7 million kuna will be invested in the Sljeme cable car for noise reduction, following one complaint which saw a permit rejected in the not so distant past, Tomasevic announced that it will be open to the public during its promotional hours, and then it will be closed for a week to carry out any additional work before opening properly for for good.

“Some of the work can only be done while the Sljeme cable car is not working. If the administrative deadlines are met, it will be closed after the promotional period, and then reopened and will work regularly after that,'' explained Tomasevic.

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Thursday, 10 February 2022

Sljeme Cable Car System Approved By Public Health Inspectors

ZAGREB, 10 Feb 2022 - Public health inspectors from the State Inspectorate have granted consent for the issue of an operating licence for the Žičara Sljeme cable car system on Mount Sljeme overlooking Zagreb, following the implementation of the necessary noise protection measures, the Inspectorate said on Thursday.

The cable car system was to have been opened in the first half of 2021, but the licence was denied because it was too noisy. The city administration has in the meantime announced investment of an additional HRK 1.7 million to further reduce the noise.

After a technical inspection of the cable car was carried out last Friday, Mayor Tomislav Tomašević said on Tuesday he expected the State Inspectorate to issue a positive opinion on the cable car, after which the operating licence is to be issued by the Transport Ministry.

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Wednesday, 29 December 2021

Tomasevic Reveals When Sljeme Cable Car Will be Put into Function

December the 29th, 2021 - The saga surrounding the would-be-could-be Sljeme cable car has been going on since before former Mayor Milan Bandic prematurely passed away. With permits and complaints galore, will the money-gobbling Sljeme cable car which would take Zagreb's citizens and visitors alike up the mountain which towers over the capital ever see the light of day? Zagreb Mayor Tomislav Tomasevic has revealed more.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, the Mayor of Zagreb, Tomislav Tomasevic of Mozemo! (We can!) has stated that given the new legal framework, a change in the construction permit and a new noise measurement at points to be defined by the State Inspectorate are set to come.

''The Sanitary Inspection, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of the Interior are starting with all of that and I think it is realistic to expect that the Sljeme cable car will receive all of the necessary permits it needs to be put into function and be open by the end of January or the beginning of February,'' announced the Mayor of Zagreb, and to some that will sound like a very ambitious plan indeed, given the story around the future cable car which has been overwhelmingly negative so far.

He added that this is one of the big problems faced by the City of Zagreb at this moment in time, and that it could not get a permit because cable cars are not defined as transport infrastructure.

"It simply came to our notice then. It could have been done earlier, but I'm glad that it has been resolved and that we can move on from it all now. We will not stop at making sure we're reducing the noise, we've also talked to the equipment manufacturer about how we might reduce noise at the starting station, but also in relation to other parts of the structure,'' concluded the mayor.

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Sunday, 9 May 2021

Following Noise Issues, More Problems Plague Zagreb Cable Car

May the 9th, 2021 - There was much talk about the much anticipated Zagreb cable car which was in the works for a significant amount of time. The project was surrounded by issues and problems with time despite the fact that works had continued relatively normally up until recently.

As we previously reported, the Zagreb cable car failed to get the necessary permit to be put into function due to noise issues which need to be fully rectified before another request for a permit can be sent, with the State Inspectorate giving a very firm no at the moment. However, that isn't all, and now accusations of political motives for throwing a spanner in the works of the Zagreb cable car are being thrown around.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, the conflict between Zagreb and the State Inspectorate, headed by HDZ member Andrija Mikulic, still hasn't abated. While the State Inspectorate claims that the Zagreb cable car cannot start working due to noise issues which need to be rectified, the City of Zagreb says that they're deliberately making it harder because of the local elections looming.

After the State Inspectorate recently deemed that the Zagreb cable car is the cause of excessive noise, the would-be Sljeme attraction now has another problem at its doorstep. The substation. Namely, as has unofficially been found out, the substation didn't pass the necessary inspection protocols either, and the contractor was given a period of two weeks to fix the problems found.

As 24sata has learned, the Zagreb cable car's substation doesn't have enough voltage to be able to supply electricity to the cable car itself, nor to the Mihaljevac-Gracansko dolje tram line.

As a reminder, the Zagreb City Office for Spatial Planning rejected the opinion of the Sanitary Inspection on Thursday last week, which refused to give a positive opinion to the Zagreb cable car for a permit due to its excessive noise.

Namely, inspectors determined that the City of Zagreb didn't provide evidence of noise measurement, and from the City Zagreb they claim that this isn't true and that they submitted all the necessary documents for the future cable car.

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Thursday, 6 May 2021

Due to Noise Issues, Plagued Sljeme Cable Car Fails to Obtain Permit

May the 6th, 2021 - If you've been following the news about Zagreb over the last few months, you'll more than likely have read about the proposed Sljeme cable car, the works on which have been continuing as normal. The project has been plagued with issues ever since its very conception, and now it has failed to get the proper permit to function due to noise.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, the Sanitary Inspection rejected the Sljeme cable car's permission because it didn't comply with the rules on excessive noise. Those responsible for the project have since been ordered to promptly fix the problem before making another application, 24sata unofficially found out from a source within the State Inspectorate.

To briefly recall, on Saturday in the technical inspection of the Sljeme cable car, the sanitary inspection of the State Inspectorate took place, which was set to give an opinion on excessive noise.

Namely, due to the report on noise measurement, the issuance of the ninth operating permit for the operation of the Sljeme cable car has been delayed, on which the Sanitary Inspection of the State Inspectorate and the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure did not give an opinion.

Confusion has arisen around the following question: Is the opinion on noise in the field of transport infrastructure? The Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure said that "noise isn't in their domain" and instructed the City of Zagreb to seek the opinion of the Faculty of Transport Sciences, and the Sanitary Inspection of the State Inspectorate referred the City of Zagreb to the Ministry of Health - a rather classic Croatian tale for anyone who has tried to do, well, basically anything administrative here.

The City of Zagreb assessed the Sljeme cable car case as "deliberate procrastination, allegedly due to local elections".

An attempt at contact with the project manager of the Sljeme cable car was made, but the individual in question couldn't be reached. As has since been learned unofficially, the contractor will have to construct a noise barrier, which will further increase the cost of the entire project.

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