Saturday, 11 December 2021

53rd Golden Pirouette in Sisak: Croatian Ice Skating Pair Break Personal Record

December 11, 2021 - Croatian ice skating pair Lana Petranović and Antonio Souza Kordeira broke their personal record for the second day in a row at the 53rd Golden Pirouette in Sisak. 

American pair Audrey Lu and Misha Mitrofanov and Georgian Anastasia Gubanova won the first gold medals at the 53rd Golden Pirouette hosted by the Zibel Ice Hall in Sisak.

The Americans jumped from third place to the top of the podium and celebrated with a convincing 195.32 points ahead of Georgian pair Anastasia Metelkina and Danilo Parkman (189.60) and bronze Russians Julia Artemeva and Mikhail Nazarichev (189.29).

Croatian pair Lana Petranović and Antonio Souza Kordeira broke their personal record for the second day in a row in Sisak. After a short time, they had a record number of points in the free program and improved their personal record by 10 points (163.29), which brought them the final 11th place at this year's Golden Pirouette, but also another confirmation for next year's World Championship.

"We repeated the performance from the day before and hit a new personal record. The jumps did not go according to plan today, but everything else was very good. I'm just not happy with the jumps. But it can be worked on. We are returning to Russia and working for the European Championships in early January. The atmosphere tonight was great, a lot of people came, they supported us throughout the program," said Lana Petranović after the performance.

The best skater of the 53rd Golden Pirouette is Georgian Anastasia Gubanova, who won silver in this competition in 2018 but then skated for Russia. She has now won her first major medal under the new flag. She was the best in the short program and third in the free skate, which was still enough for gold (184.29). The current vice-champion of America, Amber Glenn, won silver with 183.36 points.

Estonian Niina Petrokina won the best free program, and with her results from the first day, she won the bronze (182.57). 

Lithuanian couple Allison Reed and Saulius Ambrulevicius (75.81) had the best rhythm dance, and in the final on Saturday, they will fight for gold against the equally great Americans, Kaitlin Hawayek and Jean-Luc Baker (74.60), but also Russian pair Elizabeth Shanayev and David Narizhny (70.59) and Armenians Tina Garabedian and Simon Proulx Senecal (70.57).

Source: HRT

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Friday, 22 October 2021

First Time in 54 Years: Golden Pirouette Ice Skating Competition Moves from Zagreb

October 22, 2021 - The 53rd Golden Pirouette international skating competition will be held from December 8 to 11 at the Zibel Ice Hall in Sisak. For the first time in the 54-year history of this competition, the Golden Pirouette will be held outside Zagreb.

As the Ice Hall at the Zagreb Sports Hall has been out of order since the Zagreb earthquake, for the first time since 1967, and the first edition of the Golden Pirouette skating competition, Zagreb will not be the host, reports T.portal.

Across its over five-decade-long history, many international skaters have visited Zagreb and many have made their debut in the competition program in the Croatian capital. Fortunately, only the host city has changed this time around, and the Golden Pirouette will go on!

Thus, this year's edition of the legendary skating competition will be held in Sisak from December 8 to 11, 2021. 

"Sisak was also damaged in the earthquake, but the local Ice Hall is newer, and there is no damage, so we had the option to come here or postpone the competition. With the help of the City of Sisak and the Sports and Recreation Center, we managed to solve all the technical issues needed to organize this competition, and we are glad that the people of Sisak will enjoy top skating," said Morana Paliković Gruden, president of the Croatian Skating Federation and vice president of the COC.

"I hope that this is the beginning of cooperation between Sisak and the Croatian Skating Federation and that the Golden Pirouette will attract visitors, but also encourage many Sisak citizens to get into ice sports. That is why we built the Ice Hall," added the mayor of Sisak Kristina Ikić Baniček.

The best competition is expected at this year's event as well, mainly because there are fewer skating competitions due to the pandemic. Many will use Sisak as an opportunity to qualify for the World Championship, which is scheduled for January 2022.

Five to seven Croatian competitors will perform at the first Golden Pirouette in Sisak, including the promising Croatian sports pair Lana Petranović and Antonio Suza.

Given the poor condition of the Zagreb Sports Hall, it is to be expected that the Zagreb Snowflakes Trophy will be held in Sisak from February 3 to 5, which they are working on intensively.

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Tuesday, 31 August 2021

Greens Raise Voice Against Planned Waste Incinerator in Sisak

ZAGREB, 31 Aug, 2021 - The Green Action and the "Sisak isn't a waste disposal site" civil initiative have called on the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development to discard the plan to build a waste and residual sludge incinerator in Sisak, which is a seismologically active area.

The NGOs said that citizens had stood in defence of public interest in Zagreb and Konjščina when they stopped the construction of a waste incinerator there and that they will do the same for Sisak.

They are disgruntled because an environmental impact study justifying the construction of the incinerator in Sisak was put up for public debate from 2 to 31 August, a period of summer holidays.

They warned that waste from all over Croatia would be brought to the incinerator in Sisak that will have a capacity of 100,000 tonnes of waste and 50,000 tonnes of residual sludge, and it could have unforeseeable economic, ecological and health hazards.

They further pointed out that Croatia was turning to outdated solutions while the EU's Green Deal stimulates refraining from incinerators and encourages the use of sustainable solutions to use waste as a secondary crude material for industrial production.

Incineration would pose a potential threat to the environment and health of Sisak's residents because the environmental impact study ignored the fact that fires have erupted at waste incinerators throughout the EU as have excessive levels of hazardous gas emissions.

"The incinerator must not be an alternative for waste as a consequence of the failed attempt with waste management centres. It is necessary to change the way combined waste is managed and follow the principles of circular economy that treats waste as a resource and not as rubbish transformed into toxic waste," the NGOs said.

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Friday, 27 August 2021

Houses Whose Owners Are in Container Settlements to Be Rebuilt by Winter

ZAGREB, 27 Aug 2021 - War Veterans' Affairs Minister Tomo Medved, who heads the task force dealing with the aftermath of last year's earthquakes in Sisak-Moslavina County, said on Friday that priority in the reconstruction process would be given to houses whose owners were now accommodated in prefab containers.

So far, roughly 400 family houses have been rebuilt, next week over 1,500 contracts will be signed with property owners for the reconstruction of their family houses. By 15 September, we will have about 6,000 active contracts on reconstruction, Medved said in Sisak.

He said that priority would be given to the reconstruction of properties whose owners had been relocated to container settlements so that they could move in their rebuilt homes before the winter.

Medved said that the authorities also planned the reconstruction of other damaged structures and construction of a number of apartment buildings in the quake-hit area.

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Tuesday, 24 August 2021

30th Anniversary of Military Police Marked

ZAGREB, 24 Aug, 2021 - The 30th anniversary of the establishment of the first Croatian military police unit was commemorated in Odra near Sisak on Tuesday.

A memorial plaque was unveiled on that occasion at the Odra Community Centre by the head of the Croatian Armed Forces Military Police Directorate, Lieutenant General Mate Laušić, and Brigadier Ivica Kranjčević, an envoy for President and Armed Forces Commander in Chief Zoran Milanović.

Addressing the event, Laušić recalled that military police had a special role in the 1991-95 war and that their work had been characterised by professionalism, education and resolve.

Kranjčević said that the first military police unit comprised a small group of honourable men with a strong feeling of patriotism, great resolve and professionalism, who knew how to act appropriately at any time during the Homeland War.

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Thursday, 22 July 2021

An Additional €1m for Businesses in Quake-hit Sisak-Moslavina County

ZAGREB, 22 July 2021 - The government on Thursday decided to set aside an additional 7.6 million kuna for grants to micro and small businesses in Sisak-Moslavina County to help them to cope with the consequences of the 29 December devastating earthquake.

Economy Minister Tomislav Ćorić recalled that on 29 January the government had decided to allocate ten million kunas for the support provided to the quake-affected businesses.

He said that as many as 872 applications had been sent since then and of them, more than 600 were eligible for funding.

The ministry established that the initial amount of the money would not suffice and therefore the allocation for grants for this purpose was today raised by an additional million euros.

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Friday, 16 July 2021

New and Improved FOI Course: Business Applied Information Technologies

July 16, 2021 - Continuing to improve education, a new and improved FOI course is open for the academic year 2021/2022. Meet the program of Business Applied Information Technologies.

With a fantastic display of informatical knowledge and growing interest in the field observable among Croatian pupils, it is only logical that the education system follows the demand.

Faculty of Organization and Informatics (FOI), based in Varaždin but part of the University of Zagreb, is already one of the more known high-education institutions for computer-sciences-inclined. But, as reported, starting next academic year this autumn, an improved bachelor's study program will take its first students.

„By process of revision, and by following trends and modern markets, FOI successfully innovated a professional bachelor's program called Business Applied Information Technologies (PITUP), says

The article adds that the program has a multidisciplinary approach in combining information technologies and digital business. The program also develops in two directions: app development and informatics support aimed to allow students to progress in their preferred area. The education for the new and improved PITUP apart from Varaždin will also be available in cities and towns such as Varaždin, Sisak, Križevci, and Zabok.

As stated by Faculty's official website, FOI is active for more than 50 years and spent that time well in educating the most qualified experts in information technology, economy, organization, communicology, and other fields of similar direction.

„To educate our students, all the needed infrastructure is secured: equipped laboratories, videoconference halls, electronic learning system, wireless network for Faculty buildings and modern equipped library and reading room“, says FOI.

In addition, FOI has two buildings, with building two being within a five-minute walk from the center of Varaždin, and from building one directed towards Varaždin Student Dorms and the newly built Student Restaurant.

„Employers recognized the knowledge and skill of our students. From this year, digital agency, that does business as part of IBM iX Group, collabs with FOI to give scholarships to three freshmen year students that will take the PITUPeducational program in Sisak Educational Centre“, added

The city of Križevci also offers scholarships for three students from Križevci that stay in their town to study the new program.

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Tuesday, 22 June 2021

PM Andrej Plenković: Government is Sponsor of Antifascism Anniversary

ZAGREB, 22 June, 2021 - Prime Minister Andrej Plenković said at the Antifascist Struggle Day commemoration on Tuesday that this year the government was organising the observation of that public holiday and that it would be the same in the future, noting that the turbulent time of war should be viewed in all its complexity.

"I am pleased to greet you on behalf of the government on the occasion of Antifascist Struggle Day here in Brezovica forest," said Prime Minister Plenković in his speech at the central Antifascist Stuggle Day commemoration at Brezovica Memorial Park near Sisak, adding that the holiday was established in 1991 at the initiative of then president Franjo Tuđman.

The prime minister recalled that at the beginning of summer 1914 Hitler's Germany had taken control of most of Europe and had begun its senseless and criminal policy in which about six million European Jews had been killed and that after the occupation of Yugoslavia, "the Quisling NDH regime" had been established in Croatia.

Croatia had largest resistance movement in Europe relative to its population

"In reality Croatia was divided into German and Italian occupation zones, while most of Dalmatia, Gorski Kotar and Primorje were annexed to Italy after NDH authorities ceded them to fascist Italy, and racial laws were passed against Jews, Roma and Serbs," Plenković said.

He pointed out that 80 years ago about 70 fighters, mostly Croatian, had established the first Sisak Partisan resistance movement in Brezovica forest.

"Among them was a young Janko Bobetko, who would become a Croatian Army General and Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces in the 1990s," the prime minister said.

He added that the Partisan movement in Croatia had 7,000 members, including many Croatian Serbs.

Plenković underscored that Croatia had had the largest resistance movement in Europe relative to its population.

"Last year we marked the 25th anniversary of the great victory in Operation Storm and the Homeland War, and then I said that we also mourned the victims of crimes committed by Croatia, which unfortunately happened, because a legitimate right to defence is not an excuse for crimes," the prime minister said.

Totalitarian regime in Yugoslavia betrayed antifascists

He added that regardless of the merits of Croatian Partisans, that turbulent time should be viewed in all its complexity.

Plenković said he was thinking primarily of the post-war crimes of the JNA (Yugoslav People's Army) near Bleiburg, Austria and the mass executions of disarmed soldiers and civilians along marches back to Yugoslavia, which he said was traumatic for many families, and which deepened the disastrous divisions in post-war Croatia.

He also underscored that the totalitarian regime in Yugoslavia had betrayed antifascists.

Here I'm thinking of post-war purges of political dissidents, such as the persecution of the Blessed Cardinal (Alojzije) Stepinac, who in his sermons publicly opposed the persecution of Serbs and Jews, and saved many of them from death, Plenković said.

Close divisions still present in society

Plenković said that the time had come for us Croatia a society to take a more sober view of the events of that time and to better evaluate the contribution of the Croatian antifascist resistance to Nazism.

"Only in that way will we close the divisions still present in our society and build the unity necessary to face the challenges ahead of us. Today we finally have a free democratic Croatia, a member of the EU and NATO, whose foundations are in the democratically expressed will of citizens and the victory of the defenders in the Homeland War, which also implies the value of antifascism," Plenković stressed.

He said that after the pandemic and last year's earthquakes, and in the context of increasingly rapid climate change, which would be by far the greatest challenge for the world in the future, Croatia needed unity and to look to the future more than ever.

"Therefore, it is up to all of us to rise to the task that awaits us," Plenković said.

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Saturday, 12 June 2021

March for Life Held in Sisak

ZAGREB, 12 June, 2021 - A March for Life was held in the central town of Sisak on Saturday for the second year in a row, with the participants expressing their respect and love for both unborn and born children.

The participants walked through the town's centre singing and rejoicing, "expressing their solidarity, respect and love for both unborn and born children, their mothers, fathers and grandparents, for our families and Croatia," the organisers said in a statement.

The coordinator Terezija Tržić said that they were marching for all women needing their support, love and help, as well as for social, legal and any other protection of unborn children.

"We never ever 'help' mothers terminate the life of their children. The woman is the mistress of her own body, but the moment she becomes pregnant, she carries another body in her own body - the body of her son or daughter. A pregnant woman is already a mother," the statement said.

Another coordinator, Boris Prpić, said that today was a special day because they were again marching for life after a string of earthquakes had devastated this area last year.

"Surveys show that 75 percent of women who have had an abortion say they did it for economic reasons or because of community pressure. It is therefore our responsibility to care about protecting life from conception to a natural death. We want to encourage the government to take concrete measures to help mothers," Prpić said.

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Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Faculty of Science (PMF) Donation: Five New Laptops For Faculty of Metallurgy in Sisak

May 25, 2021 - Following the issues caused by the earthquake in Petrinja, a Faculty of Science (PMF) donation o the Faculty of Metallurgy in Sisak ensured five laptops for students that need them the most.

The devastating 6.3 earthquake that hit Banovina / Banija on December 29 saw Croatia still have a troubling situation in Petrinja, Baranja, Glina, and other places, which also attracted huge public interest regarding voters mood in those areas on local elections.

The need for help and donations is still for rebuilding and restoring functional infrastructure is still needed, and on top of it all, it's one of the poorest regions in the whole country. Sadly, that also goes for the students of the Faculty of Metallurgy, the University of Zagreb, which is based in Sisak.

As reported by the official website of the Faculty of Science (PMF) at the University of Zagreb, the Metallurgy Faculty dean, dr. Zdenka Zovko Brodarac wrote to PMF asking for a donation for five functional computers for their students of weaker economic status, coming from quake-hit areas. Computers are even more needed due to the coronavirus pandemic; online classes are ever-present in the education of the new generations of Croatian experts and intellectuals.

„PMF knows that the big demands of online learning are put before students, and it's very challenging to deal with that form of learning, particularly for families with lower incomes. To ensure quality participation in online learning, PMF decided to donate five laptops“, informed PMF.

Student representatives and the deans of two faculties were present while receiving computers. Zovko Brodarac thanked them for the computers promising they will find their way to those who need them the most, while PMF dean dr. Mirko Planinić pointed out that he supports all activities regarding education and youth, and overall raising the living standards of people in the area.

PMF is the home to the geophysical department, whose domain of scientific interest also includes earthquakes. Furthermore, within the department operates a Croatian Seismological Survey that collects and analyzes these powerful forces of nature in Croatia – both in their most destructive editions and in unnoticeable ones too. The shocking aftermath saw Croatian authorities taking the threat more seriously, and as TCN reported earlier in 2021, acquiring new equipment for measuring seismic activity that was placed on Petrinja cemetery.

The Metallurgy Faculty in Sisak saw its constitution as an independent unit within the Zagreb University on February first, 1979, while its scientific-educational council was established a year earlier, specifically on November 3rd, 1978. This was an answer to the educational need to meet the industrial development of Sisak, which in Croatia remains a synonym for the heavy industry even today.

The faculty offers education for metallurgy (specializations for metallurgical engineering and industrial ecology on bachelor level), as well as workplace security and health studies (major level), and the course on metallurgy engineering (machinery. shipbuilding, and aircraft).

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