Monday, 14 October 2019

Untamed Dalmatia: Sinj, Trilj, Vrlika, Dicmo, Hrvace and Otok Conquer Tourism Together

October 14, 2019 - The future tourism development of the Cetina region will be based on the development of active and adventure tourism and untouched natural beauties. It will be presented under the slogan "Untamed Dalmatia". 

On Monday, the results of the promotional activities for the project 'Sinj u sridu', an integrated program financed by European funds, aimed at the reconstruction, renovation, and revitalization of cultural assets of the City of Sinj for their greater valorization, were presented at the Sinj City Hall. The project partner responsible for the implementation of the promotional activities was the Public Institution RERA S.D. for the coordination and development of Split-Dalmatia County (JU RERA S.D.). This resulted in a mobile application and web portal for the Cetina region and a promotional catalog of cultural heritage in Croatian, English, Italian, and German. The framework for these activities was provided by the Cetina Krajina Branding Strategy.


The mobile application "Cetinska Krajina" and the web portal have been developed to meet the needs of visitors who are motivated by the desire for new experiences and experiences, gastronomy and enjoying the beauties of natural heritage. The app is available for Android and iOS devices, and one of the special features is that visitors can use the navigation tool to create a tour route to their preferences. Nineteen cycling trails in the area of Sinj, Trilj, and Vrlika have also been integrated into the mobile application.


The presentation was attended by the mayor of Sinj, Kristina Krizanac, Jozo Sarac, director of JU RERA for the Coordination and Development of Split-Dalmatia County, Feđa Milivojevic from Urbanex Ltd., creator of the branding strategy, Martina Horvat from Kocka d.o.o., in charge of developing the mobile application and web portal Cetinska krajina, as well as other representatives from the tourism sector in the Split-Dalmatia County region. 


"The goal of 'Sinj u sridu' is to encourage stronger valorization of the natural and cultural heritage of this region and ultimately increase the employment and standard of living of our fellow citizens. We want Sinj not only alive in August when the Alka and the Assumption of Mary are held, but also the rest of the year. That is why the renovation project included the fortress Stari grad, Kamičak fortress, Palacina building and streets in the city center, and the Sinjska Alka Museum,” said Križanac.


The director of JU RERA, Jozo Sarac, emphasized: "The final goal of implementing the activities defined by the Cetina Krajina Branding Strategy is to increase the arrival of tourists to this area." Sarac presented the Cetina Krajina Branding Strategy document to the representatives of municipalities and cities, that is, representatives of tourist boards as the bearers of tourism development in the Cetina region.

The branding strategy covered the cities of Sinj, Trilj, and Vrlika and the municipalities of Dicmo, Hrvace and Otok. The tourism potential of the area is articulated in the Branding Strategy, which also defines the visual identity of the Cetina region, the brand and communication strategy and the action plan for the implementation of the Branding Strategy. Future tourism development of the Cetina region should be based on the development of active and adventure tourism and untouched natural beauties. It should be presented under the slogan 'Untamed Dalmatia'.


The 'Sinj u sridu' project, as well as the development of promotional materials and the implementation of promotional activities, were co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund and the Competitiveness and Cohesion Operational Program 2014-2020. The total value of the project amounts to HRK 66,594,231.17, of which the European Union grant is HRK 55,597,793.26.

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Monday, 14 October 2019

Workshop on Traditional Handmade Pottery from Potravlje October 18 in Sinj

October 14, 2019 - The picturesque village of Potravlje is situated at the foot of Svilaja, adjoining the edge of Lake Peruca. It is the cradle of Cetina pottery using a hand wheel, a craft whose beginnings date back to prehistoric antiquity of the 4th century BC. About fifty families kept this centuries-old tradition of making pottery in the Cetina region villages until WWII, and in the Potravlje region, about twenty of them. As far back as 1774, the famous Italian travel writer Alberto Fortis stated that these pots were more durable than those of his homeland.

This was a time when various earthenware, copper pots for cooking milk, or for preparing a turkey and corn polenta, cups for butter and sour milk, or for storing wine and grain, and even pans for grilling were used in households. Barbecue pans, baking trays, bell-shaped lids to cover pastry or other open-hearth dishes, serving plates, bowls, and drinking jars were all needed. Each container was named after its intended use. Today, along with some traditional pots, new forms are also being made, such as amphorae (for tourists), flower pots, and various miniature types of traditional utensils that are offered as souvenirs.


Thus, traditional pottery in Potravlje has been named intangible cultural property.

After a series of successful and highly visited workshops, the Tourist Board of Sinj, under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, is organizing an educational workshop "Traditional Handmade Pottery from Potravlje" this year.


This year's workshop will be held on Friday, October 18, at 6:00 pm on the 3rd floor of the Sikirica Gallery. The workshop will be led by Ivan Knezovic, one of the last masters of this traditional craft. The workshop participants, if they wish, will also be able to try making clay pots with the expert assistance of Ivan Knezović.

Nikola Belančić (14).jpg

Nikola Belancic

Commemorative souvenirs have been prepared for all attendees, which will be distributed upon completion of the workshop.

All interested parties can send their applications by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone on 021 / 826-352 by Thursday, October 17th at noon.

Participation in the workshop is free of charge and the number of participants is limited.

Thursday, 10 October 2019

Mushroom Festival in Sinj this Weekend!

October 10, 2019 - Nature lovers from the Mushroom Association "Sunčanica" Sinj invite all members and friends to the Mushroom Festival, which will be held in Sinj on October 11 and 12, 2019.

The first day of the program begins at 6 pm at the Sikirica Gallery, where Matija Josipovic, author of seven books in the field of mushrooming and founder of the Russula Mushroom Research Center, will promote his new book Gljive.

The second day of the Mushroom Festival will continue on the family farm of Agrotourism Podastrana. All participants will go on the hunt for mushrooms together. The youngest visitors will enjoy a children's corner by the Biom Association.

Don't miss out on the fascinating world of mushrooms! The event is organized by the Mushroom Association "Sunčanica" Sinj, the Tourist Board of Sinj, Agritourism Podastrana, and the Biom Association.

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Distinguished Journalist Kevin Rushby Visited Sinj and Cetina Region

Septemeber 4, 2019 - Kevin Rushby, who writes for the prestigious Guardian, with a total reach of 25 million readers, was in the city of Sinj and the Cetina region on Tuesday. 

As part of the ongoing promotion of the Croatian National Tourist Board and the Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board, in cooperation with the local tourist boards of the cities and municipalities of Split, Klis, Imotski, Trilj and Sinj, the renowned Guardian journalist Kevin Rushby, author of the award-winning books on travel collaborating with a range of Tier-1 Media, arrived in Sinj. 

Novinar KR (20).JPG

The Sinj Tourist Board tried to offer as diverse an itinerary as possible to showcase the richness of both Dalmatian cuisine and historical and cultural heritage, which is extremely important to British readers when choosing a destination. In addition to presenting the area’s wine and gastronomy offer and cultural heritage, the Guardian also plans to bring this part of Croatia closer to readers, with an emphasis on active rest and exploration of natural beauty.

Novinar KR (7).JPG

Kevin Rushby arrived in Sinj, accompanied by tour guide Dino Ivancic, and Monika Vrgoc, director of the Sinj Tourist Board, who introduced him to the city's geographical, historical and cultural landmarks, the Miraculous Lady of Sinj, Kamičak Fortress, Gaj Laberija, the Alka racetrack and the significance of the town of Sinj, both locally and nationally. They then went on a tour of the Sinjska Alka Museum where they were greeted by the director Boris Filipović Grčić, as well as the Alkar Pavao Prolić and Alkar boy Marko Mrđen. The museum exhibit was presented to him by museum curator Tomislav Barhanović. The museum exhibit, as well as the entire presentation of the Alka, delighted the respected British journalist, who showed great interest in the rich history of the Sinj area.

Novinar KR (36).JPG

As the whole program requires gastronomy, Sinj's arambaša, Dalmatian prosciutto, young cheese and uštipak, as well as the native Sinj hrvaština wine, were presented. In the afternoon, he visited Mr. Ivan Knezovic, one of the last craftsmen of the traditional pottery of Potravlje, who introduced him to traditional cookware that can still be found in practical use. Rushby also visited Mr. Jozo Beslic, who, together with his wife, presented the production of tools and household items with an emphasis on wooden "copper".

On this occasion, the Sinj Tourist Board thanks all those who contributed to this fruitful collaboration.

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

First Photo Workshop 'The World in Color' Successfully Held in Sinj

September 4, 2019 - The five-day photo workshop ‘The World in Color’, co-organized by Photo Croatia and the Tourist Board of Sinj, was completed by a joint exhibition of selected photographs of all participants at the Sikirica Gallery.

Izložba (51).JPG

On September 3, at the premises of the Sikirica Gallery, an exhibition of the work of the participants of the first photo workshop was opened.

Izložba (15).JPG

The workshop, which was conducted by Sanja Grgić Ćurić and Nikola Ćurić, professionally and interestingly, consisted of theoretical and practical parts. Participants of the photo workshop found motifs in the area of Sinj on the following topics: Sinj City fortress, Stations of the Cross, Alkar monument, Cetina river, Han bridge, Kosinac spring, Sinj field, and the Sinj Air Show. Thirteen students of all ages from the cities of Sinj, Trilj, Otok and Cista Provo completed their education, and in search of the most interesting and unusual images, they participated in creating unforgettable visual magic. The best indicator of the success of the workshop was certainly the presence of numerous visitors at the Sikirica Gallery at the opening of the exhibition.

The exhibition will be open by the end of the week, and anyone interested can come and see the photos.

Izložba (38).JPG

The Sinj Tourist Board would like to thank everyone who helped with the realization of this first photo workshop, and especially the Aeronautical Technical Society, which allowed the photographers to photograph the Sinj Air Show, and the Sikirica Gallery and the KUS staff for their help in setting up the exhibition.

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

The World in Color: TZ Sinj and Photo Croatia Organize Free Workshop

August 27, 2019 - A five-day photo workshop titled ‘The World in Color’, co-organized by Photo Croatia and the Tourist Board of Sinj, invites everyone interested in a challenge and a new take on what is known and unknown through the lens of a camera. After over 120 successful and extremely well-attended visits to Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, this year's photo workshop in Sinj will be held from 30 August to 3 September 2019.

The workshop is free of charge for participants and is intended for ages 12 and older. Join in on the search for the most interesting and unusual motifs and take part in creating unforgettable visual magic.

Registration must be made to Sanja Grgić Ćurić (091 5742343). The first meeting is on Friday, 30th August 2019 at 17:00 in front of the office of the Sinj Tourist Board.

Monday, 26 August 2019

Sinj Promoted as Part of the 24th World Scout Jamboree

August 26, 2019 - As part of the 24th World Scout Jamboree, which took place in West Virginia, in the United States of America, from July 22 to August 2 this year, the Croatian Scout Alliance had the chance to participate, socialize and share experiences with 45,000 scouts from 150 countries. 

In addition to sporting activities, the participants had the opportunity to educate themselves but also promote the country they came from through their cultural heritage. 

On this occasion, Croatian scouts presented the Sinj Alka and the town of Sinj, to the general delight of all participants. As a special feature, all visitors had the opportunity to play a version of the Sinj Alka. The scouts ran in pairs, one (horse) carrying the other (alkar) on their back while trying to aim the alka. The most successful participants received commemorative souvenirs for the award, which were provided by the Sinj Tourist Board and the Sinjska Alka Museum.

The Sinj Tourist Board thanks the Croatian Scout Alliance for this truly valuable promotion of the Inland Dalmatian region, as well as Ivana Šabić, prof. and Nada Jelinčić who participated in the realization of this event.

Thursday, 22 August 2019

34th Brnaze Festival to be Held from August 23-25

August 22, 2019 - The Brnaze Festival is a festival of chivalry, heroism, and folklore that is dedicated to old disciplines, cultures, and sports.

The Brnaze festival was held for the first time in 1974 and continuously ran until 1990. The festival was relaunched in 1999 and came to a halt a few years ago. In 2016, the Sinjska Alka cluster organized the festival again to ensure the preservation of the traditions of this area through this manifestation.

This year’s Brnaze festival will return for the 34tg edition at Meljač, known as the site of the ruins of the early Christian church of St. Mihovil.

The Brnaze Festival is a valuable, cultural, and original ethno-festival with rich economic content. Many producers of autochthonous products from the Cetina and Dalmatian region participate in the event, and there are also demonstrations of hunting, heroism and folklore dedicated exclusively to ancient disciplines, culture and sports. 

The location of Meljač is among one of the most important early Christian sites that is regularly mentioned in literature. Therefore, the festival serves a purpose to help revalue the site through projects that protect its cultural heritage.

The festival also aims to promote locality, and as in previous years, it will promote the preservation of ethnic heritage, various traditional games (bocce ball tournament, bag races, football matches, long jump, martial arts, parachute jumps), performances of KUDs, and more. 

At the end of the three-day affair, an “Evening of Tradition and Folklore" will be performed through cultural art societies, with special reference to this year's winner of the 304th Sinjska Alka, Frane Ivković from Brnaze.

The event is organized by the Sinjska Alka Cluster in cooperation with the locals of Brnaze.

Entrance is free!

Monday, 19 August 2019

Musical Evenings Successfully held at Kamičak Fort in Sinj

August 19, 2019 - On Saturday, August 17, within the Musical Evenings at Kamičak Fort, organized by the Sinj Tourist Board and with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, the City of Sinj and the Tourist Board of the Split-Dalmatia County, a magnificent concert under the stars was held featuring Ratko Zjaca, Stefan Benetti with Nocturnal4.

On August 17, in the unique and beautiful setting of Kamičak Fort, the people of Sinj were able to witness a true ambient and musical spectacle under the starry sky, a virtuoso performance by top jazz musicians Ratko Zjaca, Stefan Benetti and Nocturnal4.


Thanks to the rich material and intangible cultural heritage, as well as a number of diverse cultural events, Sinj and the Cetina region have long been engraved on the tourist map of Croatia. Thanks to the pursuit of sustainable tourism, the coexistence of carefully thought out activities enjoyed equally by the hosts and guests alike, the events in the Alka city are always captivating and attracting a growing audience.


One of these events is the Musical Evenings at Kamičak Fort. The fortress, below which the present-day Sinj developed, was built in 1712 as a star-filled bastion filled with earth. On the fort itself is a tower that used to be an observation post, and on it is a clock, still fully functional, with a bell cast in one of the most famous foundries of Colbachini in the province of Veneto, Italy. 

At the authentic and unique fortress Kamičak with a beautiful stage under a sky, concerts of classical and traditional and jazz music are organized. This approach is popularizing these, perhaps somewhat neglected, musical expressions, and where better than in Sinj, a city of rich musical tradition?


The Sinj Tourist Board has organized successful and extremely well-attended concerts for several years. The following concerts have been held at this authentic location so far: Academic accordion orchestra "Ivan Goran Kovačić", Sara Renar, Jazz swing quintet "Repassage", Wind quintet "Kalamos" and since 2017, with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, the unique Samobor percussion ensemble "Sudar" Percussion”, ethno musician Dunja Knebl with Kololira and an ethnic composition by Veja. All the performances were awe-inspiring, and the ambiance of the old fortress under the stars turned out to be the true essence of Sinj.


This year, an extraordinary program was held on August 17, 2019, when the best of jazz music was presented to the people of Sinj and its guests by renowned international performers, Ratko Zjača - Stefano Bedetti and Nocturnal Four.


Ratko Zjača is a giant of modern jazz and improvised music. An innovative guitarist and author of numerous solo and collaborative albums, he has studied in Zagreb, Rotterdam and New York. As he says, he is open to all styles of music, starting with American jazz, Indian classical music, English rock, and European classical music. It would be a sin to miss his performance accompanied by the Nocturnal Four band - Renato Chicco, Stefano Bedetti and Antonio Sanchez.

Friday, 16 August 2019

VIDEO: Thousands of Believers Celebrate Velika Gospa in Sinj

August 16, 2019 - The Assumption of Mary, or Velika Gospa for those of us in Croatia, is celebrated on August 15.

Thousands of believers formed what looked like a human anthill as they made their way to the city of Our Lady to celebrate the Assumption of Mary, or what Croatians know better as Velika Gospa, on August 15. Sinj boasts the largest Mary shrine in southern Croatia and has celebrated Our Lady of Sinj for more than three centuries, reports Slobodna Dalmacija.

The inhabitants of the Alka city and the region opened their hearts and welcomed pilgrims from all over the world, who also got to enjoy the Sinj City Park which was transformed into an open-air restaurant where thousands of suckling pigs and lambs were roasted. 

According to the long tradition, on Thursday, a central celebration was held in honor of Our Lady of Sinj with a traditional procession through the streets of the Alka city, in which the image of Our Lady was proudly carried, led by Marin Barišić, Archbishop of Split-Makarska and Metropolitan. Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenković even participated in the procession.

The celebration on Thursday morning is individually the largest gathering of worshipers of Our Lady of Sinj, and if viewed only by the number of those gathered, it is by far the largest shrine to Mary in Croatia. While it’s hard to have an exact estimate, it is safe to say that between 50 and 80 thousand believers participated in the celebration. 

Believers came from near and far - like Karlo Jurišić who joined from Argentina, where he was born 60 years ago. 

“So far, I have come to Croatia 5-6 times and every time I come to the church of Our Lady of Sinj because my barba is Fr. Gabriel Jurišić. In Argentina, we celebrate the Assumption of Mary, but not as spiritually as here,” said Karlo.

“I came from Australia. Since Croatia’s independence, I have come every year, and I do not miss the celebration of Our Lady of Sinj. I visit relatives in Vojnić, I met with my cousin Ivica Križanec in Sinj, now I will walk the procession, and soon go back to Australia,” said Jozo Bajić.

“Since 1976, I have made 37 pilgrimages to Our Lady of Sinj on foot. I had only missed it when I had pressing commitments,” said Split-Dalmatia County prefect Blaženko Boban.

Marija Budimir Bekan from Turjaka was among the oldest pilgrims to Our Lady of Sinj.

“I was born in the Mirčet family in Dicmo in 1931, and I married in Turjaka to my late husband, Ivo Budimir Bekan. I was first taken to Our Lady when I was five. Since then, every year, I come to greet Our Lady of Sinj on the Assumption. She's our sweet mother. If it hadn't been for her, if she hadn't defended and protected us, none of us would be here today,” said Marija.

The procession on Thursday formed at King Tomislav Square. After the church bells rang, the priests removed the image of Our Lady from her altar and carried it to the main church door where it was passed onto Alkars and Alkar boys. In front of Our Lady's image were members of the Croatian Army, police, firefighters, Sinj City Music, members of the KUDs in folk costumes, Homeland War associations, nuns, representatives of civil authorities, ministers and just before the image, the archbishop and priests. Behind Our Lady's image was a crowd of believers. When the procession arrived in front of the Municipal Court building, it paused briefly to bless all four sides, according to the established tradition.

The painting was propped on the temporary altar in Dr. Franjo Tudjman Square to begin the solemn mass, with the assistance of dozens of priests, led by Marin Barišić. The solemn Eucharist in honor of the heavenly mother of Sinj was celebrated by the parish choir of Our Lady of Sinj, led by Jura Zupić and sister Jelena Mijić.

Ante Čovo sent commendable greetings and thanks to those gathered. At the very end of the solemn mass, the blessing of Our Lady's image was shared. After the national anthem, Our Lady's image was returned to her altar.

According to the estimates of the priests, about 50,000 believers participated in the procession, and it was expected that up to 100,000 believers from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and all parts of the world were in Sinj on Thursday for the festivities. 

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