Monday, 26 October 2020

HNL Round 9 Recap: Only Two Games Played, Wins for Dinamo and Slaven Belupo

October 26, 2020 - The 9th round of the Croatian First League was held from October 23 to 25, 2020. In this round, only two out of the five games were played, with wins for Dinamo and Slaven Belupo. 

Varazdin v. Slaven Belupo (1:2)

Varazdin and Belupo opened the 9th round in Varazdin on Friday, October 23, 2020.

Krstanovic scored in the 18th minute for Belupo to make the game 0:1 at the half. Bacelic-Grgic increased Belupo's lead in the 50th minute for 0:2. 

Petkovic was able to get one for Varazdin, making the final result of the match 1:2 

Varazdin is currently in 7th place with 7 points, while Belupo is in 5th with 10 points. 

Sibenik v. Dinamo (0:2)

Dinamo and Sibenik closed out the 9th round on Sunday, October 25, 2020. 

While the first half ended 0:0, Petkovic scored a penalty for Dinamo in the 54th minute for 0:1. Orsic increased Dinamo's lead in the 72nd minute for the final score of 0:2.

Sibenik is currently in 7th place with 7 points, while Dinamo is in 1st with 22 points. 

Recall, three 9th round Croatian First League matches meant to be played this weekend were postponed.

HNK Gorica announced on Friday that after testing the entire team and the professional staff of HNK Gorica, 13 players and three staff members are coronavirus-positive. Due to several infected players, the 9th round match against Rijeka was postponed. 

In addition to Gorica, Lokomotiva Zagreb announced they could not compete. After postponing the match against Osijek in the 8th round, the 9th round match against Hajduk, which was supposed to be played on October 24, at Kranjčevićeva, was also postponed. 

The same happened with the match between Istria and Osijek, as seven players of the Osijek Football Club tested positive. 

All matches will take place on the first possible date, which will be decided later.

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Monday, 19 October 2020

HNL Round 8 Recap: Shocking Hajduk Loss to Sibenik, Osijek-Lokomotiva Postponed

October 19, 2020 - The 8th round of the Croatian First League was held from October 16 to 18, 2020. This round featured a shocking Hajduk loss to Sibenik, while Osijek and Lokomotiva has been postponed due to coronavirus cases in the Zagreb club. 

Slaven Belupo v. Istra 1961 (5:1)

Belupo and Istra opened the 8th round on Friday, October 16, 2020, in Koprivnica in front of 308 spectators. 

Belupo's scoring spree started in the first half with two goals by Bozic in the 31st and 45+2 minutes for 2:0 at the half. 

Krstanovic (penalty) and Glavic increased Belupo's lead in the 50th and 61st minutes for 4:0. Boakye made it 5:0 in the 79th minute, though Istra's Vuk was able to come back to score one goal in the 85th minute for the final score of 5:1. 

Belupo is currently in 6th place with 7 points, while Istra is in the last place with 5. 

Dinamo v. Gorica (3:2)

Dinamo and Gorica met on Saturday, October 17, 2020, at Maksimir Stadium in front of 815 spectators. 

Gavranovic scored two goals for Dinamo in the 32nd and 36th minutes for 2:0 at the half. Gorica opened the second half with two goals to equalize - Mudrinski scored in the 46th and Hamad in the 50th for 2:2. 

Gavranovic secured a hattrick with a goal in the 66th minute for 3:2, which was the final score of the game. 

Dinamo is currently in first place with 19 points, while Gorica is in 2nd with 16. 

Rijeka v. Varazdin (2:1)

Rijeka and Varazdin met on Saturday, October 17, 2020, at Rujevica Stadium in front of 2,072 spectators. 

While Varazdin's Obregon was the first to score in the 17th minute for 0:1, an own goal by Stolnik made it 1:1 three minutes later. Kulenovic then increased Rijeka's lead to 2:1 at the half. 

With no goals in the second half, the game ended at 2:1 for Rijeka. 

Rijeka is currently in 4th place with 12 points, while Varazdin is in 8th place with 7. 

Hajduk v. Sibenik (0:1)

Hajduk and Sibenik met at Poljud Stadium on Sunday, October 18, 2020, in front of 4,517 spectators. 

Sahiti scored the only goal of the game in the 34th minute, which gave Sibenik the victory. 

Hajduk is currently in 5th place with 10 points, while Sibenik is in 7th with 7. 

Osijek v. Lokomotiva (POSTPONED)

Two players of NK Lokomotiva are positive for coronavirus, the Zagreb club announced on Sunday.

"Two NK Lokomotiva players were tested for COVID-19 on Sunday, October 18, and are positive. According to the Personal Data Protection Act (GDPR), we are not able to disclose the identity of the infected persons," the statement said on the club's website. The club also announced that "the competent epidemiological service was immediately notified, which imposed a measure of strict self-isolation on the two players, all following the recommendations of the Croatian Civil Protection Headquarters and the HNS working group."

Lokomotiva was supposed to play against Osijek Sunday at 5:05 pm, but the match was postponed.

"To avoid further possible spread of the infection to all other participants in the Osijek - Lokomotiva match, it is necessary to postpone it until the competent epidemiologist decides on further action and until additional testing of the entire team and determine the actual situation. According to the provisions of the Ordinance on football competitions and the Proposition of the competition, postponed matches must be played in the first possible free term, which will be decided later," said the commissioner of HT Prva Liga, Josip Brezni.

You can see the full HNL table here

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Monday, 28 September 2020

PM Says Priority Projects in Sibenik Being Implemented, Prepared

ZAGREB, Sept 28, 2020 - Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic on Monday visited the coastal city of Sibenik and after talks with mayor Zeljko Buric and county head Goran Pauk, he said he was glad local priority projects were either being implemented or prepared.

"I'm glad we will visit a new centre which will serve to educate young people who with their start-up businesses want to follow in the footsteps of our giants Infobit and Nanobit. The centre, a HRK 28 million investment, to be launched today, shows that the city and Sibenik-Knin County have been following the trends of the fourth industrial revolution, digital transformation and new technologies," Plenkovic said, adding that he was confident the recently amended law on foreign nationals would make Sibenik and Sibenik-Knin County attractive to digital nomads.

Damages should be paid to Varivode victims' families

As Plenkovic arrived in Sibenik after a visit to Varivode, a village in the Sibenik hinterland where he attended a commemoration for nine Serb civilians killed in the aftermath of the 1995 Operation Storm, reporters wanted to know if the victims' families would receive compensation.

"Court decisions awarding damages should be implemented, and as for responsibility, there is no statute of limitations on war crimes, so we expect the competent institutions to continue with their work. We have stepped up work on the prosecution of war crimes... a lot of time has passed and it is increasingly difficult to find evidence and witnesses. Both police and specialised prosecutorial offices will continue working on that," he said.

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Monday, 28 September 2020

Volunteers Remove 350 Bags of Rubbish from Sibenik Seabed

September the 28th, 2020 - The issue of harmful plastic and other waste ending up in the world's oceans and seas isn't a new thing, but more and more attention has been being given to it of late, with the EU passing decisions in an attempt to limit the devastating effects such behaviour has on the environment and on marine life. Croatia is known for its many ''beach and sea clean ups'', and a group of volunteers have recently removed a discouraging 350 bags full of rubbish from the Sibenik seabed.

The historic Dalmatian coastal city of Sibenik is known for everything but its rubbish, but the sheer amount of trash pulled from the Sibenik seabed is shocking. As Morski writes on the 27th of September, 2020, yesterday, one area of Sibenik was full of volunteers from all over the Republic of Croatia who arrived to clean up what had unfortunately found itself thrown onto the Sibenik seabed in an ''out of sight, out of mind'' manner. The result is 350 garbage bags or three full containers full of harmful waste placed there by humans.

The initiator of this and numerous previous environmental clean-up actions in the wider Sibenik-Knin County is Goran Simic, who was joined by 80 divers from 12 diving clubs from all over the country, as well as about 40 other volunteers armed with good will.

They were helped by firefighters, the local Funcuti fan group, students, passers-by, and various associations. What people are sadly able and even more sadly willing to throw into the sea is best shown by the photos taken by Valerio Baranovic. It can be seen that in addition to glasses and bottles and chairs from local cafes, there were quite a few iron artifacts, car tyres, and even water heaters dragged from the Sibenik seabed.

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Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Over 10, 000 Attend Music Festivals in Sibenik In 2020 - Zero Infections

September 22, 2020 - For six consecutive weeks this summer, the Martinska venue alone welcomed over 10, 000 international visitors to its music festivals in Sibenik. Zero cases of Coronavirus occurred.

Over recent years, three things have firmly placed Croatia on the international stage – Game Of Thrones, the World Cup and music festivals. Running for over a decade now, music festivals are the oldest of these. They have elevated places like Pula and Tisno to become among the most-Googled destinations in the country.

So popular now are Croatia music festivals, that many say the summer season of music festivals in Croatia has supplanted the famous hedonistic holidays of Ibiza as the hippest place to go. Incredible disappointment was therefore felt by tens of thousands of expectant party people earlier this year when most of the international Croatia music festivals decided to cancel their 2020 events. They did so in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

One venue stood alone – Martinska, a 20-year-old site for music festivals in Sibenik. Over six consecutive weeks, all of their 2020 festivals took place. They did so under strict adherence to epidemiological guidelines. And, following a wait of two weeks after the final event (to cover any potential Coronavirus incubation period), site organisers Pozitivan Ritam have released their results - zero cases of Coronavirus.

Seasplash foto Ivan Buvinić.jpg

“It's not only the five festivals and one concert event that we did,” Pozitivan Ritam director Vedran Meniga told TCN, “The Fortress of Culture in Sibenik had more than 30 events this summer and Project Vojarna in Sibenik had two parties this year with over 4000 people. On one RTL television show, they described Sibenik as the Croatian Wuhan when 3000 people were in the town for one techno party there. But, at the end of the season, none of these events resulted in a single Coronavirus infection. Not one.”

Following a successful lockdown earlier in the year, cases of Coronavirus were limited in Croatia at the start of the season. Yet, some were understandably hesitant to come. Music festivals in Sibenik still managed to attract visitors from Britain, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany to Martinska. Even after the middle of August when cases began to appear in other regions and international visitor numbers dried up, the festival site was still busy with Croatians and partygoers from near-neighbouring countries. At the end of August, there were no more than five infected persons in Sibenik. None were music festival or music event attendees. Throughout much of the summer, Sibenik recorded zero cases.

Slurp 03 foto Valerio Baranović i Mislav Gelenčir.jpg

“The music festivals in Sibenik are proof that it's possible to work doing events during the era of Corona,” Meniga tells TCN. “Of course, all of our events were open-air and no doubt that helped.”

"When cases started to reappear elsewhere at the end of July, I went to the civil authorities and epidemiologists immediately, before they came to us,” says Vedran. “The civil authorities and the police grant the license for the events. I presented them with a plan and they were satisfied. They allowed us to continue.”

“It helped that Martinska is across the bay from Sibenik. Festival attendees don't even need to go into the town to come, they drive here straight from the Magistrala (Croatian coastal highway). Also, Martinska's capacity is five times bigger than the numbers we were going to cater for. The site can accommodate six to seven thousand. We expected no more than 1500 daily. That was more than enough space to maintain physical distance. We carefully took all contact details for each attendee at the entrance, in case something appeared and we (or authorities) had to later contact people. We also took everyone's temperature. And in addition to the required epidemiological sanitization, we also installed disinfectant pillars at every single point where money or goods exchanged hands. All our staff wore not only masks but also gloves. Four times the civil authorities made surprise visits to the site for inspection along with epidemiologists and police. Each time they were completely satisfied.”

Current forecasts for the Coronavirus response predict that a vaccine will not be available to cover everyone until the autumn of 2021. This has serious implications for at least one more tourist season. Yet, with the incredible achievements seen this summer at Martinska's music festivals in Sibenik, we can all take hope that events, tourism, and even life itself may continue to be enjoyed in the near future, as long as we're all smart about it.

Blast foto Ernest Mazarekić (1).jpg

All photos 2020 Martinska © Seasplash / Pozitivan Ritam. 

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Wednesday, 22 July 2020

VIDEO: See The Wild Birds Of Krka National Park And A UNESCO World Heritage Site In Šibenik

July 22, 2020 – VIDEO: See The Wild Birds Of Krka National Park And A UNESCO World Heritage Site In Šibenik

Known for its series of cascading waterfalls, its picturesque pools and its acres of lush vegetation, Krka, just outside Šibenik, is one of Croatia's most-loved National Parks. But, scoring the skyline overhead and resting in its trees you can spot one of its other best attractions; the wild birds of Krka National Park.

The National Park has released a new video showcasing just some of the 229 species of birds that call Krka home. Now, you don't have to strain your eyes to see some of its wondrous winged inhabitants. Also visible in the film is the park's Visovac island and its postcard-pretty monastery.

The wild birds of Krka National Park

The short but stunning video catches kingfishers, ducks, buzzards, kestrels, cormorants, swallows and others, in flight or at play on the water's surface. But, should you choose to visit Krka National Park, there's the chance of seeing even rarer birds that sometimes live there, such as ospreys, eagles, falcon and griffon vulture.

Situated just a few kilometres from well-known seaside destination Šibenik, in summertime Krka becomes one of the most popularly visited National Parks in the country. Visitors who can't spend their entire vacation on the beach love to make the short journey inland for a day of stunning natural beauty, shaded on the pathways as they walk by trees like umbrellas.

fortress-3643226_1920.jpgThe Fortress of St. Nicholas, just off Šibenik, the best-preserved Venetian defensive structure in Croatia and a UNESCO World Heritage Site © Sebastian Gößl

And, there's never been a better time to take in the park. Visitor numbers to the region are understandably down on 2019 and so Krka National Park this year offers a more peaceful and unhurried experience than in many previous seasons. If that wasn't incentive enough, tickets for the park in summer 2020 hold a 10% discount to entry of the Fortress of St. Nicholas in Šibenik, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The best-preserved Venetian defensive structure in Croatia, the fortress has undergone considerable reconstruction work over recent years and only opened itself up to the public again in 2019.

Thursday, 2 July 2020

Croatian Water Polo Championships: Jug and Mladost Better in First Round of Semis

July 2, 2020 - The semifinal round of the Croatian Water Polo Championships kicked off on Wednesday in Dubrovnik and Zagreb. Jug met Solaris, while Mladost met Jadran. 

Dubrovnik's Jug AO and Zagreb's Mladost achieved victories in the first matches of the semifinals of the Croatian Championship on Wednesday, July 1, 2020.

The famous Dubrovnik side topped Solaris Sibenik 17-6 at the Gruz swimming pool, while Mladost was better than Jadran Split 13-12 at the Mladost outdoor swimming pool along the Sava.

Interestingly, Solaris took a 2-0 lead, but Jug equalized to 2-2 by the end of the first quarter, and then won the second and third quarters 10-2. The Dubrovnik side was convincing in the last period with 5-2, for the final score of 17-6.

Jug AO was led to victory by Obradovic, who scored six goals, and Fatovic, who scored three goals. Solaris, on the other hand, had six players who scored one goal each. The second match of this semifinal meeting will be played on Friday, July 3, in Sibenik.

In the second semifinal match on Wednesday, Jadran met Mladost in Zagreb. 

Mladost led 4-0 lead, and at the beginning of the last quarter, they were up by five goals (10-5). However, a rocky ending gave the Zagreb club a narrow victory. Jadran managed a score of 7-3 in the last quarter, threatening Mladost's secure celebration.

Mladost was led to victory by Cuk, who scored four goals, while Harkov scored three goals, and Milos and Bukic scored two goals each. Setka was the best for Jadran with four goals, and Krapic followed with three goals to be the most efficient among the visiting team.

The second semifinal match is on Saturday in Split.

Recall, two victories are needed in the semifinal round to secure a spot in the final. Thus, a third semifinal game is theoretically possible.

Source: HRT

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Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Animal Shelters and Associations in Croatia: Sibenske Sape (Sibenik Paws)

June 3, 2020 - What is the situation with animal shelters in Croatia in the corona era, and who is looking after the animals? A new TCN series meets the volunteers behind the animal shelters and associations around Croatia. Today, TCN meets Sibenske Sape from Sibenik.

There are hundreds of incredible shelters and associations in Croatia working tirelessly, with little to no support, to ensure no animal is left behind. In a new TCN series, we meet the people behind the animals. 

Today, TCN meets Sibenske Sape from Sibenik.

First, tell us a bit about the history of your shelter/association.

The association Sibenske Sape (Šibenik Paws) was founded in 2018, although its members have been volunteering to help animals many years before that. We are devoted to helping lost and abandoned animals in Šibenik and the surrounding area. We don't have a shelter, so we function entirely by placing the animals in foster homes. We make sure the animals get proper veterinary care and we advertise them until they find a forever home.  

What is the success rate of getting animals to their new owners?

For some, it takes a short time, for some much longer, but all our animals find a forever home in the end. Usually, it takes a month or so in a foster home where the animal can forget about all the stress and trauma the street life has caused it. There, it learns to socialize, so it will be more easily adopted. Of course, some rare cases end up tragically, but that usually happens when the animal is found already severely injured and the vets cannot help it.

Do you connect animals with owners only in Croatia or abroad, too?

We use our Facebook page to connect people who have found an abandoned animal with the people offering to foster it until it is adopted. The foster homes are usually in Croatia, but some of our animals find their forever homes abroad, mostly in Slovenia and Germany. All the new owners pass a home check and our foreign colleagues are helping us organize that.

Do you receive any support from the city, county, or state? If so, how much/in what way?

We are not funded by the city and we depend entirely on donations and the free time of our volunteers. We do, however, get help from some cities in other forms. For example, Vodice is a city that pays for 70 free castrations/sterilizations for our animals at the local vet. We are hoping to make a similar deal with Šibenik soon as well.

What is the process of bringing animals to your shelter/association? Are there any obstacles/red tape in place for you as a shelter/association?

We are not allowed to rescue animals by simply picking them up from the street and taking them home. Every found animal has to be registered in the local shelter in Šibenik (As Eko). So the procedure is as follows: a person calls us that they found an animal, we then instruct them to call the municipal services and inform them of the animal. The municipal services then call the shelter to pick up the animal and if we have a foster home, we will intervene and take the animal into our care as soon as it's checked for the microchip and vaccinated. We do this, especially, if the animal is very young or fragile, to avoid it coming into contact with the other animals in the shelter. The shelter life is tough and the more fragile animals can get pushed aside while feeding. The main obstacle we face is that the municipal services of some towns are refusing to cooperate, which is something they ought to do by law. Also, they cannot be reached during weekends.

Is the lack of sterilisations the biggest problem in Croatia? Is it really that difficult to get cats and dogs sterilised in Croatia? 

It is not difficult at all to get them sterilized, however it seems to be difficult to get their owners to understand that they need to do it. The lack of sterilization is definitely a cause of the abandonment problem. Knowing how easily it could be solved makes it really painful for us to observe it. So we are trying hard to educate people to change their mentality slowly and to make them stop refusing to neuter/spay their animals.

How much does sterilisation usually cost? Do vets offer discounts for street cats or special circumstances? 

We collaborate with a few vet stations and their prices differ, but let's say a male cat can get castrated starting from 280 kn, a female cat from 400 kn, a male dog starting from 600 kn and a female one starting from around 800 kn, but the price increases with the size of the dog. We do get a certain discount for the animals we bring through the association.

How do we make this process easier for locals to get more of them involved in sterilising street cats?

In some of the vet stations, we have a special price for the cats and dogs we bring in for sterilization, so if somebody has a lower income and they want to sterilize their pet, we can help them get this discount. Also, if we manage to get some financial help from the city of Šibenik, we would love to organize a free neutering project for everyone who wishes to participate with their pets.

How many cats/dogs would you say your shelter/association gets sterilised per year?

Last year we got around 1500 animals sterilized, out of which around 1000 we sterilized in collaboration with an NGO from abroad and around 500 ourselves.

Poisoning street cats is another issue in the area. Is this considered a crime in Croatia? Where should someone report this should they witness it? Are there fines/punishments in place?

It is definitely a crime. Unfortunately, it's a crime that seldom gets punished. It should be reported to the police. The one reporting the crime has to be persistent when calling because often the police itself doesn't take this very seriously. We have never heard of someone actually getting a fine or punishment for this crime. 

What about the treatment of dogs?

Many dogs in Croatia are being used as hunting dogs. Some of them are treated very badly - they are locked in small boxes all day or chained up in the sun with water bowls already growing algae on the bottom. Keeping dogs chained up all day is also punishable by law, but the perpetrators often get away with it, saying to the veterinary inspection that they do, in fact, walk the dogs, just early in the morning when nobody can witness it. We urge everyone to report the owners who mistreat their dogs. It can be done anonymously - only the inspection and the police will know their personal information and they will not share it with the owner, or anyone else.

What are the best ways for the local community to get involved in helping your shelter/association? 

We are in desperate need of foster homes, so anyone who can temporarily take care of an animal will be of great help to us. Also, any donation will be greatly appreciated. 

Donations can be made via bank transfer or via Paypal. 

Name: Šibenske šape

Bank name: Hrvatska poštanska banka (HPB)

iban: HR9323900011199011802

BIC (swift code): HPBZHR2X

Paypal: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Can you explain the process of fostering animals with your shelter/association?

The ''foster parents'' can choose which cat or dog they want to foster and we will provide them with the food and everything else they need for taking care of the animal. We need to agree in advance how long the animal can stay in their foster home, ideally until adoption. A simple contract will be signed, explaining each side's obligations. Fostering is an ideal way of helping animals for people who love them but cannot make a long term commitment at the given moment.

How can the local community get involved in helping your shelter/association? What about people from abroad get involved, apart from sending donations?

There are many ways a local community can get involved. We need all kinds of help - photographers can get involved by taking professional photos of our protégés, we often need transport of our cats or dogs to their new homes or simply to the vet, and as previously said we need people who are willing to foster the animals. 

People from abroad can, of course, donate, but also they can help us by sharing our posts online so we could reach a wider audience.

Is there a way for Croatia to utilise their place in tourism to help animals in Croatia? Whether it is connecting tourists with animals for adoption or organizing volunteer events at shelters?

We believe tourism can be of great help. Many people find out about us while travelling through Croatia and later they adopt an animal or find another way to help us. Tourists are often sensitive about seeing street animals, so they help us raise awareness with the local community. 

You can learn more about Sibenske Sape HERE.

Do you have an animal shelter or association in Croatia and want to share your story? Get in touch at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Friday, 1 May 2020

All Eyes on Sibenik as 14-Hour Music Event Broadcasts Live to World on Labor Day

May 1, 2020 - Some of the most famous DJ names such as David Guetta and Paolo Barbato will be part of the 'Millennium - Sibenik 4 The World' event, which will be held in Sibenik on Friday.

Namely, writes that from 10 am, an audio-visual postcard of the Croatian coastal city will be launched all over the world. Two drones will film the event from above, with features a music program ranging from traditional Dalmatian and Croatian songs, pop and rock music, to Studio 54 disco and today's best electronic music. Lasers will also enhance the program in the night hours, organizers say.

"Historic event where there will be no one. Bringing together the strength of our legacy and the millennia of interweaving energies of our beautiful fortresses, to redirect vibrations for a better tomorrow.
By installing speakers on fortresses and playing music, we want to give the city a bit of joy. The program begins with the traditional performance of the Klapa singers, continues with Disco music, which goes into Studio 54, and after all a team from the electronic scene joins us," reads the description of the Facebook event.

The 'stage' with the world's most iconic names will also be shared by locals such as Pero Fullhouse, Stipe Jazzy Sirinic, Mate Kokic, Edi the King, Petra/Zac the Sax and many others.

Following the recommendations of the National Civil Protection Headquarters, this 14-hour event will not gather visitors, but instead, the music is broadcast from small speakers and minimal volume, and everyone can adjust the volume themselves.

"The music and panorama will be available anywhere in the world. Thanks to social networks from the North to the South Pole. Everyone in a city can make it louder or not, but the most important thing is that through social networks they can link, publish, invite or share with anyone in the world to the event and promote their city. The music is designed to capture all musical tastes," concludes the organizers.


You can follow the event HERE

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Monday, 23 March 2020

Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Sibenik & Rovinj Feature in Cities in 4K 'Stay at Home' Video

March 23, 2020 - A really nice compilation from the guys at Cities in 4K, featuring four Croatian cities as well as many others. While we can't travel, stay at home and dream.

Life is difficult for all of us at the moment, as we adjust to a new temporary reality of staying at home and putting our busy travelling lives on hold. 

One of the interesting aspects of this new reality is observing how people are reaction. Some are complaining, others accepting, and a nice number are looking to add a little positivity to the situation.

I have always been a big fan of the work of the guys from Cities in 4K, and we have featured their videos of destinations in Croatia and Montenegro. This is really gorgeous compilation of day and night timelapses of several fabulous European cities, including four in Croatia - Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Sibenik and Rovinj. 

It is called City Lights Turn On, Stay Home, and the Cities in 4K introduce it as follows. 

During these hard times we decided to create this video to ask all people over the world to stay at their homes so this situation changes into a positive end as soon as possible. So please take it very serious and make yourself comfortable at home.

This video is a combination of day to night time lapse videos from different cities all over the world, like Venice, Berlin, Zagreb, Lion, etc. 

Like a lot of people this affected us and our channel very much, so we are not able to travel in the near future and so it is good to take a look on the cities we traveled in the past. 

Stay safe!

The world may never be quite the same again, but there is still so much beauty to enjoy from the comfort of our own homes, the safest place to be right now. 

You can watch more of the Cities in 4K videos on their YouTube channel. 


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