Saturday, 15 May 2021

Arsen Art House in Sibenik Opening June 2!

May 15, 2021 -  The Arsen Art House in Sibenik, a new city stage for music and stage events, cinema screenings, plays, and exhibitions, will open its doors on June 2!

HRTurizam reports that the renovation of the former Odeon cinema building, designed by the great Zlatko Neumann in the 1950s and officially renovated according to the Arx Studio project, has been officially completed.

The hall is remembered by many generations of Šibenik citizens, and the renovation breathed new life into it under the name of Arsen Dedić, an artistic genius from Sibenik. On the completion of the works, on Thursday, May 13, the Arsen Art House was visited by representatives of the owners and investors of the City of Sibenik, the Sibenik Fortress of Culture team that will manage the Arsen House of Art, and the architect and chief designer of the renovation, Damir Lasinović.

The renovation of the hall, which began in 2013, was financed by the City of Sibenik and the Ministry of Culture and Media. In the last renovation phase by the Sibenik Fortress of Culture in the total amount of almost 16 million kuna.

“The reconstruction was above all complicated. It consisted of six phases, starting with the repair of statics and moisture of a completely dilapidated building. When designing the interior, we thought long-term, taking into account the multifunctionality of each part of the hall, used only top quality materials and equipment that will meet the highest standards, and ultimately got a spectacular result. What makes me especially happy is that the noir theme of the decoration, which is dominated by dark color broken by golden details, is ultimately completely affected and fits exactly into the ‘gyro’ that Arsen stole," emphasized the renovation designer Damir Lasinović.


Šibenik Fortress of Culture

Thus, on June 2, when the grand opening of the Arsen House of Art is scheduled, Sibenik will get a new city stage for music and stage events, cinema screenings, plays, and exhibitions.

“Everything will be ready for the opening on June 2, when Gabi and Matija will be with us, and they, along with guest Marko Ramljak, will be the first to perform at the Arsen Art House the very next day. The next few days will be dedicated to Arsen's artistic work, so we will, among other things, show some successful films for which Arsen wrote music. In the coming days, the complete program will be announced, which will follow the official opening," concluded Gorana Barišić Bačelić, director of the Sibenik Fortress of Culture.

The space is divided into two parts: the entrance hall with a restaurant and cloakroom and the hall space. At the same time, the upper floor is intended for contractors and technicians and is easily accessible for all their needs, thanks to the elevator. The hall is equipped according to high production standards - lighting and audio equipment. Special emphasis should be placed on the modular floor, allowing the quick and easy transformation of space, making this hall unique in Croatia.

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Friday, 14 May 2021

Human Bones Excavated in Šibenik At a Depth of Only 30 Centimetres!

May 15th, 2021 - The historic core around the monastery of St. Frane, directly in the center, seems to have become the film set of the American series ‘Bones’. Human bones have been excavated in Šibenik. 

As Šibenikski reports, after the discovery of medieval graves under the stone paving on the route of the Šibenik Agglomeration in January this year, when the sewerage works stopped for a while until under the supervision of archaeologists and conservators from the ancient cemetery near the monastery more than 600 skulls have been excavated, a similar thing happened these days, about twenty meters away from the January find.

Namely, the Šibenik utility company 'Zeleni grad' last Thursday ordered a small excavator to dig a shallow trench on the lawn near the monastery walls to install an automatic irrigation system, but human bones appeared under the bucket of the machine, only 30 centimeters deep.

The lawn on the land owned by the monastery is much higher than the sidewalk. Few would go for it if, unfortunately, so upside down, the bones did not stand for seven days while Fr. Ivan Penava, a pastor in Vidica and monk of the monastery of St. Frane, did not send an e-mail to the media on Thursday night with photos and information.

Suddenly, headlines on the portals screamed eerie descriptions of ‘dogs scattering human bones through the city,’ although Penava did not explicitly state this in his notice. However, Fr. Ivan also subtly touched on this possibility:

"We also met passers-by who take their dogs for a walk there, and when we asked them if they knew they were human bones on the lawn, they were surprised. When the 'Zeleni grad' return the cemetery to its original condition and bury the human bones of our old Šibenik citizens find out." - Fr. Ivan wrote in his press release.

It seems that this was necessary to move to the 'Zeleni grad,' since this morning, with the help of the 'Čempresa' workers, the bones scattered on the lawn were first collected and soon returned to the ground, in agreement with Fr. Ivan Bradarić, the guardian of the monastery of St. Frane.

Novica Ljubičić, director of Zeleni grad, said that the company had given up installing an irrigation system and that its workers would continue to maintain the green area by hand, precisely because of the bones that lay there.

According to Ljubičić, 'Zeleni grad' did not react after the media. Still, a few days before the media bombing on Friday, he was in contact with the guardian, the municipal department of the City of Šibenik, and Željko Krnčević, the director of the Šibenik City Museum. And as for the bombastic inscriptions, he replied that they were mere exaggerations.

"Nothing like that happened. We returned everything as it was. The bones that we did not know were lying there will be covered with grass again", said Ljubičič, and Fr. Ivan Bradarić confirmed his words. 

"Yes, quite a strange situation. They were confused, and we don't know where those bones came from and whether they had anything to do with the cemetery discovered recently near the church. In general, we have concluded that we will return everything to its original state", said Fr. Ivan Bradarić briefly.

There seems to be no need to archaeologically examine the bones as that location has already been explored back in 1971-1972., under the supervision of the late Šibenik archaeologist Zlatko Gunjača, adding what is known to most Šibenik: every day we walk through the graves of ancestors in the part of the Old Town around the monastery of St. Frane. In the Middle Ages, richer people from Šibenik and friars were buried within the monastery walls, in the church, and the yard and the last resting places of the common people were in the immediate vicinity until the 1820s and the founding of the cemetery of St. Ana under the fortress of St. Mihovila.

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Thursday, 13 May 2021

HNL Round 34 Recap: Hajduk Shocks Gorica at Poljud with 4:0 Win, Osijek Tops Sibenik 3:0

May 13, 2021 - The 34th round of the Croatian First League was held on May 11 and 12, 2021. In this round, Hajduk shocks Gorica at Poljud with a 4:0 victory while Osiejk topped Sibenik 3:0 at home. A look at our HNL round 34 recap. 

Istra 1961 v. Lokomotiva (1:1)

Istra and Lokomotiva opened the 34th round on Tuesday, May 10, 2021, in Pula. 

Pivaric scored a penalty in the 38th minute to put Lokomotiva in the lead before Gonzalez equalized for Istra just before the whistle for halftime (1:1). Neither team was able to score in the second half. 


Istra is currently in 10th place with 26 points, while Lokomotiva is in 8th with 30. 

Osijek v. Sibenik (3:0)

Osijek and Sibenik met at City Garden Stadium on Tuesday, May 11, 2021. 

Osijek's Zaper scored from offside in the 28th minute to keep the match 0:0 at the half. Mierez missed a penalty in the 58th minute, but Santini finally got a goal in for Osijek in the 65th minute for 1:0. Mierez got his chance 8 minutes later when he scored for 2:0. Gyursco scored in the final minutes of added time for a final score of 3:0


Osijek is currently in 2nd place with 71 points, while Sibenik is in 6th with 35. 

Slaven Belupo v. Rijeka (0:2)

Belupo and Rijeka met on Wednesday, May 12, 2021, in Koprivnica.

Andrijasevic put Rijeka in the lead just before the half with a goal in the 40th minute for 0:1. Drmic scored in the 69th minute for 0:2, which was the final score of the match. 


Belupo is currently in 7th place with 31 points, while Rijeka is in 4th with 55. 

Dinamo v. Varazdin (2:2)

Dinamo and Varazdin met at Maksimir Stadium on Wedneday, My 12, 2021. 

Ivanusec scored an early goal for Dinamo to make it 1:0 in the 9th minute, but Elezi equalized in the 34th for 1:1. Peric put Dinamo back in the led for 2:1 at the half. Herrera equalized for Varazdin in the 59th minute for the final 2:2 result. 


Dinamo has already clinched the Croatian Championship title and sits in 1st place with 79 points, while Varazdin is in 9th with 28. 

Hajduk v. Gorica (4:0)

Hajduk and Gorica closed out the 34th round on Wednesday, May 12, 2021, at Poljud Stadium in Split. 

Hajduk's first goal was thanks to a steller free-kick by Mario Vuskovic for 1:0 in the 14th minute. Kacaniklic made it 2:0 after a brilliant display by Hajduk wonderkid Duje Biuk. Only 7 minutes later, Marko Livaja scored a penalty to make it 3:0, and Biuk got his chance after humiliating the Gorica defense for 4:0 in the 39th minute. 

An own goal for Hajduk happened in the final seconds of the game, which was ultimately called offside by VAR. 


Hajduk is currently in 5th place with  54 points, while Gorica is in 3rd with 59. 

You can see the full HNL table HERE

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Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Unique and UNESCO: The Fascinating and Futuristic Fortresses of Šibenik

May 12, 2021 – Using vivid modern techniques like 3D mapping and augmented reality, each of the Fortresses of Šibenik is unique. Here, we take a closer look at these fascinating, must-visit venues.

The city of Šibenik is surrounded by some of the most distinctive waters in Dalmatia. To the city's northeast, the great Krka river drops over gushing waterfalls, meeting Cikola river in the epic Krka National Park. Thereafter, it flows first into Lake Prokljan, then the bay of Šibenik. Around the water's edge in Šibenik, people enjoying in bars and restaurants. Or, in warmer months, sunbathing and swimming in the sea.

in_the_Channel_of_St._Ante.jpgThe Channel of St. Ante, with the City of Šibenik in the background and St. Nikola's Fortress in the foreground @ TZ Šibenik.

And yet, these special waters are not the only thing that makes Šibenik unique. There's much more to this city than just the sea. Not least, the unique Fortresses of Šibenik.

Actually, it's not that unusual to find a fortress, castle or fortifications in Croatian cities. After all, for several hundred years, this was the frontline of European defense against the invading Ottoman empire. However, Šibenik is unique within the entire Balkan region to have not one, but four fortresses from that era. Not only are they very well preserved, but also they have been completely renovated and thoroughly modernized.

Surprising multimedia and fascinating digital content now combine with fantastic views and unique architecture to draw visitors to the Fortresses of Šibenik. Subsequently, the four Fortresses of Šibenik now make up an unmissable part of any visit to the city.

Fortresses of Šibenik: St. Michael's Fortress

REFoto_izvor_Tvrava_kulture_6.jpgFortresses of Šibenik: St. Michael's Fortress @ TZ Šibenik.

The oldest of the four fortresses of Šibenik, iconic St. Michael's is today known as one of the most prestigious open-air concert stages on this side of the Adriatic. But, it also a place where you can learn fascinating history via spectacular modern technology. Deep within the fortress, 3D mapping techniques make 15th-century water tanks spring to life. This vivid display will transport you through centuries of exciting Šibenik history, including the story of St. Michael and the dragon.

Foto_izvor_Tvrava_kulture_3.jpgVivid multimedia trails through the Fortresses of Šibenik @ TZ Šibenik.

Fortresses of Šibenik: Barone Fortress

reFoto_izvor_Tvrava_kulture_14.jpgBarone Fortress @ TZ Šibenik.

The latest of the four Fortresses of Šibenik to be renovated, in Barone Fortress you get a whole new dimension of reality. Actually, Barone Fortress successfully repelled the fiercest attacks of the Ottomans in the 17th century and therefore changed the course of history in this area. Via augmented reality (AR), you can relive the sights and sounds of these key moments in European history. After the thrill of experiencing the battles, you'd be well advised to take a breather on the Barone Bar’s terrace. There, you can enjoy views of the entire city, while any younger visitors can have fun on the children’s playground.

REEEFoto_izvor_Tvrava_kulture_4.jpgVivid multimedia trails through the Fortresses of Šibenik @ TZ Šibenik.

Fortresses of Šibenik: St. Nikola's Fortress

REPHOTO_2.jpgFortresses of Šibenik: The UNESCO-protected St. Nikola's Fortress @ TZ Šibenik.

Within the Fortresses of Šibenik, St. Nicholas is unique. Not only is it the only one that sits on its own island within the sea, but also is a unique Renaissance-style Venetian fortification. As such, it is protected as a UNESCO monument of world architectural heritage.

The fortress was built on the island of Ljuljevac, in the Channel of St. Ante, where the waters of Šibenik bay meet the Adriatic. Owing to its protected status, the best way to access the fortress is on an official tour. Lasting around two hours, the tour takes you from Šibenik down the channel by boat. After arriving at the fortress, you're guided rounded the structure on a tour detailing the architectural highlights and history.

NickySibenik_Aerial_100.jpgFortresses of Šibenik: The UNESCO-protected St. Nikola's Fortress @ TZ Šibenik.

Fortresses of Šibenik: St. John's Fortress

johntvrdavasvivan04.jpgSt. John's Fortress @ TZ Šibenik.

The medieval church of St. John the Baptist that once stood on a hill, north of Šibenik's historical centre, dates to at least 1444. It is around this church that St. John's Fortress rose up. Naturally, it's also where the name comes from. In early 1646, when it was speedily built, alongside its peers, it helped save the city from the Ottomans. Later, it continued to be used by resident armies all the way up until the times of Yugoslavia. Today, St. John's is the last of the Fortresses of Šibenik to be undergoing reconstruction. Its completion is imminent and its official reopening is planned for September 2021.

Three of the Fortresses of Šibenik are included in the pan-European Fortresses of FORTITUDE project, which links significant sites in Croatia to some in Montenegro and Bosnia. If you want to know more about that project - and learn a little more about the history of some Šibenik fortresses, then look here.

Friday, 7 May 2021

Highlights of the Week: 5 Big Events in Croatia from May 3-9, 2021

May 7, 2021 - TCN's regular retrospect of Highlights of the week, through the selection of TCN's reporter Ivor Kruljac. 

President Milanović loved by locals in Plaški. Firefighters quickly reacted to the fire in Zagreb recycle yard. Pula celebrated its liberation while Šibenik received new doses of coronavirus vaccines. Dinamo and Hajduk end their match in a tie. Overall another interesting week in Croatia, and here are more details on all highlights.

 Highlights of the week: President Milanović loved in Plaški county


© Kristina Stedul Fabac/ PIXSELL

Croatian president Zoran Milanović visited Plaški county near Ogulin on Tuesday to visit the newly-build Firefighter's home and Plaški Culture Home. The locals welcomed president Milanović with ovations, and many use the opportunity to handshake and take a photo with the president. As Večernji List reports, Milanović took the visit as an opportunity to comment on the hate speech incident at Borovo Selo. He stated that the President of Serbian National Council Milorad Pupovac and Croatian Prime Minister „should use the police, but they don't, they are causing incidents.

Highlights of the Week: Pula celebrating its liberation in WW2


© Srecko Niketic/ PIXSELL

Pula celebrated its annual liberation day and the Pula City Day, marked on May 5. In Tito's park, the traditional commemoration to the fallen WW2 soldiers of Tito's partisan army saw Tiziano Sošić (president of Pula City Council), Elena Puh Belci (vice mayor of Pula), Aleksandar Matić (chief of the City of Pula Office) and Fabrizio Radin (vice-county ruler of Istria county) paid their respects. Representatives of associations of anti-fascist fighters and anti-fascist of the city of Pula were present too. 

 Highlights of the Week: Dinamo and Hajduk end with an even score 1:1


© Milan Sabic/ PIXSELL

Hajduk and Dinamo's eternal opponents played another game at Hajduk's home of Poljud Stadium in Split on Wednesday. The match was the 22nd round in Croatian First League, and fans couldn't wait for it as the game was postponed.

Hajduk opened the match well and had a chance to take the lead in the first 20 seconds. Kačaniklić received an excellent long ball and ran on the right side. He rushed into the penalty area and shot diagonally, but Livaković came out and closed his corner. Dinamo improved and took the lead in the 16th minute with a goal by Majer, and Livaja returned the favor in the 44th minute. Diamantakos hit the crossbar in the final minutes of the match but without success.

After three victories in the previous three clashes with Hajduk this season, Dinamo failed to achieve maximum performance and almost mathematically secured the title but entered the last four rounds with a seven-point advantage over Osijek. The fail happened despite Dinamo facing Hajduk with the strongest possible lineup.  

Highlights of the Week: Vaccination in Šibenik continues successfully


© Hrvoje Jelavic/ PIXSELL

Larger quantities of vaccines came to Šibenik on Friday, allowing vaccination in Baldeki Sports Hall to go without problems for the second day in the row. The vaccination attracts a number of citizens, so the area got quite crowded.

Highlights of the Week: Recycling yard in Zagreb on fire, reasons unclear


© Matija Habljak/ PIXSELL

Zagreb's recycling yard, located on Sarajevska Cesta in Novi Zagreb, was victimized by fire but quickly localized and put under control on Tuesday. The fire caught four containers, and 21 firefighters with six fire trucks rushed to the field. Police investigated the cause of the fire, but the reason is, for the moment, unknown. Firefighters managed to operate despite the lack of hydrants, and the thick white smoke was noticed by citizens who live in the buildings close to the yard, reported Večernji List. 

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Monday, 3 May 2021

Šibenik Open-Air Library, Dedicated to the Great Writer Vesna Parun

May 3, 2021 - The Šibenik open-air library will be the third small open-air library in the city. This library, the work of Mario Juras, known as Lulas, will be officially presented on Friday, April 30, starting at 10 am, at the Nursery in Vidice, Šibenik.

Š reports, this time Radio Šibenik, with the support of the City of Šibenik and the Cultural Association Fotopoetika, is giving it away to all its fellow citizens and visitors to Krešimir's city. 

"I'm lying in bed waiting for the rhythm, for the music to take me. As in a dream, I am rich in emerald bays, pines, capes, caves, stalagmites", said the great Vesna Parun in an interview in 2014 (My World).

Šibenik County Radio is dedicating the open-air library, 'Salto Mortale' to Vesna Parun, for which the foundations were laid this Tuesday, April 27, in the afternoon. 

"As Šibenik is a city that is a friend of children, a city of young people, it is a city of culture from the city center to other parts of the city. This time we went to the Rasadnik, which until recently was a neglected park, and now is an example of successful cooperation of the city administration with the representatives of the neighborhood and we are turning it into an urban living room. And I hope that this is just one in a series of activities to spread culture", said Deputy Mayor Rakić.

The 'Salto Mortale' library is the third of its kind in Šibenik, and this one has found its place under the canopy of tall pine trees in Rasadnik - a place rich in content for the quality pastime of fellow citizens of all ages, from the youngest to the oldest.

"With this project, as Salto Mortale is primarily a project that will last two months, and will bring a handful of beautiful things to the people of Šibenik in places they would never think of, we want to enrich our city with exactly the content that our fellow citizens love. The location was not chosen by chance either. Namely, Rasadnik is a gathering place for many people from Šibenik, small and large, and is located on the way to the future student center Palacin. We wanted to complete the story and add a cultural, literary note to the place", said longtime editor Živana Podrug.

The name of Vesna Parun was not taken by chance either. The library is named after her collection of poems published in 1981 to mark the centenary of the great poet's birth on April 10, 2022. Also, Radio Šibenik and partners with this project join the celebration of 2021 as the Year of Reading by the decision of the Ministry of Culture and Reading.

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Saturday, 1 May 2021

New Sibenik Camera is Replica of First to Film Area 123 Years Ago

May the 1st, 2021 - The beautiful Sibenik waterfront has now got a brand new installation in honour of the very first camera which took film footage of this part of Europe 123 years ago. The new Sibenik camera, more precisely the installation will be called ''Alexandre Promio in Sibenik again''.

As Morski writes, the installation "Alexandre Promio in Šibenik again" was set up on the Sibenik waterfront - a replica of the first film camera, which, back at the very end of April 123 years ago, shot the oldest piece of film footage from this part of Europe.

The mind behind the Sibenik camera installation is Zoran Lucic Luca, and the presentation of the installation was attended by Mayor Zeljko Buric, his associates and the Director of the Tourist Board of the City of Sibenik, Dino Karadjole.

''123 years ago, people realised how beautiful this city is and how interesting its surroundings are. If there were no such people in Sibenik, such as Zoran Lucic Luca, they'd probably never know some of the stories from this city's rich history,'' stated Zeljko Buric as the new Sibenik camera was put in place.

In Croatian cinematography, records state that the oldest piece of film footage from the territory of Croatia and this part of Europe is a recording called "Sibenik Port" from 1904. That piece of film is the work of English cameraman Frank Mottershow. This was written in the history books, the Croatian Audio Visual Centre (HAVC) and the Croatian Cinematheque until 2005, when a professor from the Academy of Dramatic Arts (ADU) in Zagreb, prof. Enes Midzic quite by chance happened to find a strange title: "Salut dans les vergues de Alexandre Promio, Sibenik, 28th/29th April, 1898'' somewhere on the Internet. Professor Midzic then went to the French capital of Paris to try to discover more and found seven such short films.

The films "Pozdrav s jarbola/Greetings from the foremast", "Dolazak i sidrenje broda/The arrival and the anchoring of the ship", "Priprema za boj/Preparation for battle", "Regata (prolazak)/Regatta (passage)," and ''Regata (povratak)/Regatta (return)'' were all shot in the port of Sibenik because they clearly show the recognisable landscape of Martinska and the Sibenik Bay, with the exception being the film "Priprema za boj/Preparation for battle". Thar piece of footage was shot on one of the two vessels seen in the other films, so it can be assumed that the film was also shot in the port of Sibenik.

These incredible pieces of film are the oldest preserved film records in the Republic of Croatia and this part of Europe overall.

Zoran Lucic Luca therefore wants to mark this event in this way, and highlight a place that is important for Croatian history and culture, and especially for Sibenik. The opening of this Sibenik camera announces the theme of this year's project by Zoran Lucic Luca and the Tourist Board of the City of Sibenik - an event called "Light is life".

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Monday, 12 April 2021

HNL Round 28 Recap: Hajduk Defeats Istra 1961, Osijek and Slaven Belupo Draw

April 12, 2021 - The 28th round of the Croatian First League was held from April 10-11, 2021. In this round, Hajduk defeats Istra 1961, Osijek and Slaven Belupo draw, and Rijeka narrowly tops Sibenik. 

Gorica v. Varazdin (0:0)

Gorica and Varazdin opened the 28th round on Saturday, April 10, 2021, in Velika Gorica. 

The first half went without goals, and the VAR called a goal offside for Gorica in the 52nd minute. The match ended at 0:0.


Gorica is currently in 3rd place with 39 points, while Varazdin is in 9th with 24. 

Sibenik v. Rijeka (0:1)

Sibenik and Rijeka met on Saturday, April 10, 2021, in Sibenik. 

The only goal of the match came in the 72nd minute when Drmic scored for 0:1. 


Sibenik is currently in 7th place with 27 points, while Rijeka is in 4th with 45. 

Slaven Belupo v. Osijek (2:2)

Belupo and Osijek met on Sunday, April 11, 2021, in Koprivnica. 

Bogojevic scored the first goal of the match for 1:0. Belupo in the 36th minute. Zaper equalized for Osijek just before the half for 1:1. 

Knoll put Belupo back in the lead for 2:1 in the 52nd minute, and Kleinheisler scored the equalizer in the 71st for the final score of 2:2.


Belupo is currently in 6th place with 27 points, while Osijek is in 2nd with 62. 

Istra 1961 v. Hajduk (0:1)

Istra and Hajduk met in Pula on Sunday, April 11, 2021. 

Simic scored in the 68th minute for the Hajduk lead. VAR called Nayir's goal offside in the final minute of the match. Istra's Blagojevic was booked for his second yellow in the 88th minute. 


Istra is currently in 8th place with 24 points, while Hajduk is in 5th with 43. 

Lokomotiva v. Dinamo (0:2)

Lokomotiva and Dinamo closed out the 28th round on Sunday, April 12, 2021. 

Gvardiol scored for 0:1 Dinamo in the 30th minute. Atiemwen increased Dinamo's lead to 0:2 in the 70th, which was the final score of the match. 


Lokomotiva is currently in the last place with 20 points, while Dinamo is in 1st with 64. 

You can see the full HNL table HERE

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Saturday, 10 April 2021

More Room Needed in Šibenik's Trokut Center: Nomads Have Arrived

April 10, 2021 - The Trokut Center for New Technologies and Entrepreneurship in Šibenik has become a place that brings together young entrepreneurs from Croatia the world. 

Šibenski Portal reports that there are currently six digital nomads there, while there are 33 tenants in the coworking space. A total of 18 companies uses the premises. Trokut is worth 28 million kunas and was built and equipped with co-financing from the European Regional Development Fund. The City of Šibenik received 20 million kunas in grants.

The Trokut Center was recently nominated for the Association of Croatian Architects award, Viktor Kovacic, for the most achievement in all architectural creativity areas in 2020.

"The center currently employs three people, as our goal is to encourage students to get involved in the Trokut Center itself. Last week we released a call to students who have free time to help us with our daily work in the center", says Diana Mudrinic, Director of the incubator for new technologies, the Trokut Center. 

Currently, the Trokut Center's capacity is complete, and the free space around 90%. The company is striving to expand the reach currently built on two floors with a total area of ​​more than 2,000 square meters. The center has 28 flexible spaces of workshops, offices, and cabins.

"For now, our customers are mainly in the IT industry. We can offer them a comfortable environment, workplace, desk, and colleagues to help them develop their businesses. I would especially like to point out our entrepreneurial incubator. We released a public call where the goal is for two months, for enterprising beginners to learn absolutely everything they need for business and their products. In the end, judges will choose to award the top 3 ideas, where the first place gets 50, the second 30, and the third 20 thousand kunas", says Mudrinic. 

The Trokut Project, worth almost 28 million kunas, the city of Šibenik received 20 million kunas from the European regional development fund. European investment in Šibenik should also attract users from all over the world and be financially sustainable.

"Digital nomads are one direction in which the Trokut Center is heading towards, and we already have them now. Some of our guests are from Latvia, India, and the Netherlands. The Digital Nomad trend is slowly but surely moving, and our goal is to become one central place for digital nomads where we can help them apply for digital nomad visas. The goal is to be self-sustainable in 3 years, according to the project rule." 

The purpose of the project is to develop innovative entrepreneurial and business infrastructure for the provision of new and better services. The aim is to encourage the growth and development of small and medium enterprises and create new jobs in Šibenik-Knin County.

Ivana Juran Magdic, from the project office in shipbuilding Levant, has her workspace in Murter but still decided to use The Trokut Center's space. "It’s very comfortable. It’s close to everything, and everyone is thrilled, from business partners, clients, and so on. I was afraid of what a coworking area will look like as I've never done that, I've been alone in the office for 12 years, so this is a new experience. It encouraged me to keep the business going", said Magdic. 

Franka Bujas, the F5 graphic design services business owner, found The Trokut Center to be a comfortable place to work in. "At first, I was working from home, looking and thinking of a space like this. However, when the Trokut Center was made, I was unsure, but the decision was made when I came here and saw what everything looks like and what it has to offer. I was thrilled, so I decided to come here. It is fully equipped for all my needs, the meeting room that is important to me looks professional. I think this is ideal for all beginners and, more specifically, larger companies." 


Franka Bujas founder of F5 via Trokut Šibenik - Inkubator za nove tehnologije Facebook

Franka found friends in the Trokut Center who are an additional plus to that space in the space itself and the working conditions. "The working atmosphere is great, and people are young, the atmosphere is motivating. The staff is great, and they are always available for whatever is needed." 

At the opening ceremony, Diana Mudrinic, Director of the incubator for new technologies, the Trokut Center, stated the Trokut Center is the home of new generation entrepreneurs and expressed hope that Šibenik would soon become the central place of the IT community in Croatia.

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Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Sibenik Company Cantabile Strengthens Business Despite Coronavirus Crisis

March the 30th, 2021 - The Sibenik company Cantabile is going from strength to strength despite the ongoing coronavirus crisis thanks to the Sibenik business zone - Podi.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Darko Bicak writes, the Dalmatian city of Sibenik's Podi business zone, despite the coronavirus crisis, is doing well to manage to maintain the economic activity of its enterprises, and news of new investments is coming in almost on a monthly basis.

One of those enterprises is the Sibenik company Cantabile, which purchased 5,853 square metres of land within the business zone, with plans to build its new and unified plant for the production of confectionery products there.

As Ante Gulin, the owner and director of the Sibenik company Cantabile revealed, this company was established a decade ago and initially, through its exclusive catering brand Moderato Coffee & Cakes, was engaged in the production of sweets, but for the last four or five years their main sales channel has been HoReCa for clients from Istria to Dubrovnik, and recently they've been present here in Zagreb with their range.

"We realised that we needed to standardise our production because only that can guarantee quality and recognition out there on the market. We're currently present at three production sites in Sibenik, which we now want to combine with a new production facility into one.

If you work only for yourself, then we're talking about relatively small quantities, but when you add the exceptional seasonality that is a reality in Sibenik and along the entire Adriatic coast, then it's clear that you're in trouble with that attitude, both because of the quantities and because of the workforce as things run seasonally and you have to make great efforts to be able to get your hands on quality employees every year,'' said Gulin when discussing the reasons as to why this company decided to step out more strongly into the wholesale market.

Currently, 20 percent of the Sibenik company Cantabile's sales are accounted for by their own capacities, and 80 percent by HoReCa, with a tendency for further growth.

"We have a quality product based on quality, Croatian raw materials - lavender, cherries, olives, carob, etc, all of which the market recognises and seeks. Now, with a small capacity and dislocated production, we aren't able to complete the entire system of procurement and control of those local raw materials, but with this investment, we'll manage to achieve this,'' explained Gulin.

The new plant in Sibenik should be operational by the end of this year, and construction work in Podi is expected to begin soon. As the owner of the Sibenik company Cantabile explained, the value of the construction works stands at around five million kuna, and with the equipping of the plant with machines and equipment, this investment will rise to 12 to 14 million kuna.

The new plant should employ about 50 new people, but their specific number, which could be even higher, will still depend on the state of the market, the tourist season, and especially on the situation regarding the coronavirus crisis and the state of the economy and society as a whole.

The planned area of ​​the Sibenik business zone is 550 hectares, and so far 130 hectares have been built, while about 100 hectares are currently available for construction. There are currently about 50 enterprises operating within the zone, who employed 1,350 workers at the end of last year. This figure sadly at the beginning of 2021 due to the continuing pandemic.

However, as Jakov Terzanovic, the director of Podi pointed out, the number of employees from last year should soon return with new investments, and by the end of the year they will surpass those old numbers. There are currently 10 active contracts with various enterprises who will likely build their respective plants within this zone this year, and most of them will start doing business there too.

At the beginning of the year, it was announced that the plot of 70 thousand square metres was snapped up by the largest Croatian retailer of sanitary equipment, Feroterm, and the other, covering 11 thousand square metres, was purchased by SeaTech. Feroterm plans to build a large logistics centre for the whole of Dalmatia in Podi, and the German investor SeaTech would build a factory in Sibenik for the production of ship rescue and service equipment.

In addition to the Sibenik company Cantabile, the land in Podi has been bought by a company named Rock, which comes from the construction sector, and on a plot of 7977 square metres, it intends to build a hall for the production of building elements with storage and office space. Terzanovic also announced that a new tender for the sale of a plot of 5,682 square metres is currently being prepared.

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