Friday, 20 October 2017

Popular Croatian Products Grace Shelves of Austria's Interspar!

Some much loved Croatian brands find themselves on Austria's shelves!

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Fruit Twice As Expensive As Last Year, Threat Of Apple Shortage?

This year's weird weather hasn't done Croatia's fruit stocks many favours...

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Pemo Director: We've Heard the Wishes of Employees, Stores Will be Closed on Sundays

Whatever you do, don't run out of milk on a Sunday!

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Slavko Ledic: 80 to 100 Konzum Stores to Close

Konzum's instability caused by Agrokor's mess brings a new wave of bad news.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Conceptual Design for the New Lapad Market Uncovered Today

The Lapad area is getting a new community center in the near future

Monday, 4 March 2013

Sites in Split: Marmontova

Marmontova (Marmont’s Street) is today a popular pedestrian street leading north from Riva towards Trg Gaje Bulata, which is where the Croatian National Theatre is located. Other than housing glitzy shops, Marmontova bears historical significance too.

When Napoleon conquered Dalmatia in the early 19th century, his supervising General Auguste Marmont looked over infrastructural developments in Split. Marmont urbanized the city by bringing electricity to Split for the first time, tearing down unnecessary structures, and creating a more viable street grid. In honor of these improvements, the city has immortalized Marmont’s name by calling one of its most visited streets after him.

Along Marmontova you will find “Alliance Francaise,” a French culture and language center suitably located on a street named after a Frenchman. Previously, this location was a library and reading room founded in 1922.

Along the street is Split’s oldest pharmacy, “Varoš” from 1856, which is fitted with furniture from an even older Italian pharmacy. Wooden cabinets are from the time of the Renaissance and various neo- Renaissance decorations and figurines, notably Galen (the Greek physician) and Aesculapius (the God of doctors in Roman mythology) are still found in the space today; a cute little stop for medical dorks.

For the artsy crowd, there is an ever-changing photography exhibition at Galerija Fotoklub Split housed in a beautiful Secession style palace “Duplančić”, and another little gallery on the street often displays quirky art by local artists. Just off Marmontova is Split oldest cinema, Karaman, from 1907.

Most popular is the Fish Market (Ribarnica, or Peškarija in dialect), known as the “belly button of Marmontova” and a monument of the city where locals come early to buy the best the Adriatic has to offer. It is housed in a Secession style building with ironworks and white stone slabs displaying the freshest catch. As the city has grown, so has the market, now taking up some outdoor space as well. Visitors will be surprised to notice that the market is not bothered by flies; this is due to the smell of the nearby sulfur springs.

Along the street is the public Split Spa facility housed in a great Art Nouveau building by local architect Kamilo Tončić, recognized by its captivating sculptures of topless women on its façade.

Curiosity will catch your eye as you spot the peculiar Pirja Fountain, a funnel-like sculpture on the ground and a fisted hand on the wall above where water aims into the funnel. The fisted hand shows the thumb protruding between the index finger and middle finger, showcasing a typical hand sign from Split, šipak, with a versatile definition of up yours, whatever, or nothing. Unfortunately, the fountain has not been in use much as the water splashes onto pedestrians. Ironically, the šipak faces directly to Zagreb; a coincidence perhaps?

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Below maps show that the šipak is facing Zagreb

At the top of Marmontova is the square of Trg Gaje Bulata where you will find one of the best examples of modernist church architecture in “Gospe od Zdravlja” covering a still-preserved 17th century Franciscan monastery bell tower. Dominating the square is the bright Croatian National Theater of Split built in 1893, considered one of the biggest and oldest theater houses in the Mediterranean.

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There are many branded shops along Marmontova, including Bershka, Paul&Shark, Tommy Hilfiger, Zara, Benetton, O'Neill, designer eyewear in Optika Anda and a full optical service in Salmoiraghi & Vigano.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Shopping in Split: 7Bofora, The Extreme Shop

The 7Bofora Extreme Shop is an awesome corner shop near the town center that stocks the best kitesurfing gear, windsurfing, and SUP gear and they also have a radical selection of high-end BMX, mountain, and fitness bikes.

7Bofora stock RRD kites, boards, and SUP boards as well as feature various brands within their windsurfing selection. If you want the hippest board shorts to go with it and the tightest wetsuit to show off your assets, they’ll hook you up here too.

7Bofora run kitesurfing and windsurfing classes near Omiš, and the shop also has a bike service. Windsurfing equipment is available on a weekly basis. Please see section on Windsurfing spots near Split.


Kavanjinova 14, Split

T: +385 (0)21 480 428

M: +385 (0)91 326 0007

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Shopping in Split: Joker

Joker is the first fully fledged shopping center in Split located within a 15-minute walk from the city center. Close to the center, it provides a practical stop to run your chores when the weather doesn't allow you the meander the streets of the old told. To walk to the mall, you  head out of town along the Domovinskog rata road until you get to Atrium Hotel where you will find the mall 100m behind it.

Joker spans four floors and houses several fashion stores, including the likes of Tommy Hilfiger, Vero Moda, Tom Tailor, and Benetton as well as accessory and living stores like Samsonite, Technomax, and Home Sweet Hoe. Additionally, Joker has a Cinestar multi-screen cinema, a restaurant on the top floor, several cafes, McDonalds and McCafe,Tommy Hypermarket, a popular fitness center, and a hair studio. They also have a carwash in the car basement so you can shop while your car is being shined up. Another cool feature is the pool on the roof, supposedly a hotspot for summer parties.

The mall also has a few outdoor cafes which are great in the summer where you can grab a Rizzo sandwiches next door as you soak up some sun with your drink. The Lobby Bar in the complex has a happening nightscene as well.

Joker is also the center of action for various children's activities in the grand foyer on the ground floor.

You wonder why the place is called Joker? The name is insipired by the first few letters of the proprietor's son's first and last name.


Open daily from 9am to 9pm

Put Brodarice 6, 21000 Split

+385 (0)21 396 911


Thursday, 7 February 2013

Shopping in Split: City Center One

Following all the international trends, Split has also developed a couple of shopping malls, a convenient one-stop location for all your shopping needs if you are looking for global mainstream brands, international supermarkets, and multi-screen cinemas.

City Center One is Dalmatia's biggest shopping center located at the end of Vukovarska Street as you head out of town, approximately a 15-minute drive from the old town.

City Center One has more than 2500 covered parking spaces so you can stroll through the 110 outlets spanning its three floors. Other than fashion for all ages, toystores, homestores, cosmetic boutiques, electronics, restaurants, cafes and more, City Center One also has a multi-screen Cineplexx cinema, a children's play zone and a large Interspar supermarket. Some popular stores to note include H&M, DM, Peek&Cloppenberg, Hervis Sports, Humanic shoes, Villeroy&Boch, and Muller. For shop listings, visit City Centar One's website.

In between all the shopping galore, City Centar One also hosts a myriad of thrilling events for adults and children, from car prize competitions and fashion shows to festive events and mommy mornings. 

Insider tips about City Center One

They are a dog friendly mall so bring along your pooch when you shop

You can book a personal shopper to guide to the latest catwalk fashion

On Wednesdays, there are reduced prices on cinema tickets at Cineplexx

You can sign up your kid into the Kid's Jungle play zone free of charge so you can shop while they play

They have parking reserved for families close to the entrance


City Centar One is open all days of the week from 9am to 9pm. 

To reach the mall by bus, hop onto number 6 or 18 at the National Theatre of Split heading towards Kila or Brnik, respectively. 

Vukovarska 207, 21000 Split

T: +385 (0)21/510 130






Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Shopping in Split: Think Pink

Zadarska 8 and Kružićeva 6;

Globally, it’s becoming more trendy to dress in local designer clothing; an anti globalization movement presumably, or just common sense where you can with patriotic pride discreetly wear something autochthonous.

Think Pink is a women’s fashion store with only Croatian design pieces hanging on the racks, bringing the very fashion conscious ladies of Split with the most artsy and bohemian concoctions.

Think Pink aims to cater to all women and real women included, by stocking beautiful clothing upto size 50. Think Pink does not go in for mass production and many articles are one-offs so not only will you be comforted with the fact that chances of bumping into the same dress on your Saturday fashion parade on Riva is very slim, but you’ll appreciate the craftsmanship put into these handmade pieces.

With over 20 recognised designers in their two stores, keep your eyes peeled as many of them have monthly features and promotions. Some of the popular designs are by Ana Asanović, I-Gle, Mustre, and Tomislav Bahorić.


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