Friday, 11 June 2021

Blue Shark in Korcula Waters Spotted and Photographed

June 11, 2021 - Despite not being a very frequent occurrence, sharks have several reasons for appearing just off Croatian shores. Contrary to what many may believe, there is no reason to fear the sighting of this two-metre blue shark in Korcula, nor is it a concern to see any others, according to marine biologists.

The people of Korcula were surprised to see a two-metre shark swimming off the shores of Kneze on Korcula. The viviparous animal was photographed and, despite belonging to a species popularly feared around the world, there is no reason to be scared, as marine biologists made sure to point out. It was a blue shark, and they very rarely attack humans, reported

It may be easier for people to deal with sharks if they know that the probability of being attacked by them is one in 11 million.

The blue shark in Korcula fidgeted and wagged his tail as it approached the shore. Despite this not being a frequent occurrence, blue sharks have reached the shores before and, unfortunately, many people still fear an attack or hostility from them.


Photos: Franka Oreb (video screenshots from Twitter)

''They rarely come to the shoreline, but there are a few reasons for them to swim into the shallows. One is to feed, the other to get clean from parasites. Also, it should be borne in mind that this is the time when they reproduce and get closer to the coast,'' Petar Kruzic, a marine biologist, told RTL.

Shark fins were also seen circling around on Vis last April. And while a blue shark attracted by the blood of a fish can accidentally attack, it remains very unlikely.

Kruzic explained that the modrulj (blue shark in Croatia) belongs to the more dangerous species, and it very rarely attacks humans. They are dangerous when there are more of them, in a school of about five or six individuals.

"Like this, one or two of them will usually swim quickly from a human", he adds. So there is no reason to fear the blue shark in Korcula, or any other.

About 50 species of sharks are present in the Adriatic sea, and blue sharks usually feed on plankton, fish, seabirds, and crabs.For more, follow our lifestyle section.


Friday, 12 July 2019

VIDEO: More Footage as Shark Appears in Waters Near Vir!

Another shark says hello to the camera after getting itself stuck in an area fenced off for swimmers near Vir.

The Mako shark which made itself somewhat famous in various places along the Dalmatian coast, from Makarska to the Korčula channel, to the Brač channel, captured the attention of many people. While those counting on tourist money weren't best pleased with the camera loving animal's timing, many were delighted to get to be able to see such a beautiful animal up close and personal, and capture video footage of it.

After the Mako shark, which appeared to be juvenile and healthy, what was suspected to have been a Blue shark appeared in the sea near Primošten, and very close to the shore for that matter. 

Experts quickly weighed in to try to stop the spread of ''Jaws-style'' propaganda, reminding everyone that the Mako shark in particular is a protected species and is highly unlikely to harm or even go anywhere near a swimmer. 

The experts talked about how the appearance of Mako sharks in the Croatian Adriatic was in fact an excellent thing, and that there was once an abundance of them before their population decreased significantly following the end of the Second World War.

After the sharks came snakes, with some amazing footage of the longest type of European snake making its way across the water and attempting to board and nearby boat in its quest for dry land. The expert stated that all snakes can swim, that the snake, which was likely in an overhanging tree, had probably fallen accidentally into the water. He reiterated just what the shark experts did - the snake will do all it can to avoid humans and is highly unlikely to bite.

Now, after an apparently snakeless, sharkless period, another shark has come to say hello to the cameras. This time in the sea near Vir.

As Index writes on the 12th of July, 2019, this morning at around 08:30, a shark was seen swimming in the vicinity of people at Biskupljača beach on the Dalmatian island of Vir. As the Facebook page Cro2go posted, a family from Zagreb who are on holiday on Vir managed to capture video footage of it. 

"Apparenty, it was circling the beach all the time, we didn't know whether or not it was gone... There were other people who filmed the shark, some people even went out on a boat to see what the situation was. It's allegedly a type which doesn't attack people, a Blue shark,'' stated the family who filmed the shark.

HRT reports that the shark had somehow managed to enter into an area fenced off for swimmers. After unsuccessfully attempting to get back out to the open sea, two swimmers helpfully directed the animal back to where it needed to be.

Watch the video here:

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Tuesday, 18 June 2019

More Footage Captured As Shark Appears Near Primošten

Croatia has been having its very own Shark Week over the last few days or so, with pieces of footage having emerged from Makarska, the Korčula channel, the Brač channel, and now from the waters near Primošten.

As we recently reported, the first sighting was captured on video by a German tourist sailing with his family near Makarska. The animal was identified as a Mako shark. A couple of days later, more footage of a Mako shark was published, this time it was filmed by a Croat accompanying tourists on a boat in the Korčula channel. The footage was exceptionally clear and the animal appeared calm and far from camera shy. The third piece of footage showcased a Mako shark once again, and was filmed close to where the original video was captured near Makarska, this time in the Brač channel.

All of these sightings at the dawn of 2019's summer tourist season isn't exactly great timing for some, but the experts, who have come out to defend the Mako sharks and explain the need for their presence in the Adriatic sea, their appearance is excellent.

Mako sharks were once much more common in the Croatian Adriatic than they are now, with their numbers having dropped significantly, and with the majority of other species of large pelagic sharks sadly disappearing entirely, at least to our awareness. 

After the Mako who was doing a tour of the waters of central Dalmatia went quiet for a while, it appears another shark has taken to the waters near Primošten. 

As Morski writes on the 17th of June, 2019, the person who viewed the animal claims that it was at least two feet long and approached very close to from the shoreline. An expert has said that from this footage, it is difficult to accurately determine what type of shark is in question.

''I was on the beach when a big shark drifted into the bay in Zečevo. He hung around for two minutes just two metres from the shore. He was swimming in a circle continuously,'' stated a reader of 24sata, who took the video while on holiday.

As it's difficult to determine what species has shown up in Primošten, it's unknown whether it's the same Mako that has been doing the rounds in Dalmatia recently. Some experts have claimed that the shark could be a small Blue shark.

Click HERE for the video published by 24sata.

Seen a shark in the Adriatic? Send us your footage.

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Thursday, 13 June 2019

VIDEO: New Footage Emerges of Mako Shark in Brač Channel!

The Mako sharks, assuming these videos are capturing several individuals as opposed to just one single Mako shark, have been doing their rounds in Dalmatia.

The first Mako shark sighting was captured by a German tourist sailing with his family near Makarska, the second piece of footage was taken by a Croat out on a boat with some tourists in the Korčula channel, and now the third video of a Mako shark in Croatian waters has been captured in the waters of the Brač channel just in front of Makarska, where the shark was originally seen.

If it is the same Mako shark that has become somewhat famous over the last few days in Croatia, then he or she is enjoying a very nice tour of Dalmatia, popping up in some beautiful locations up and down the central and more southern Dalmatian coast.

As Morski writes on the 13th of June, 2019, the shark obviously loves the camera, and was filmed very clearly once again by some tourists in the Brač channel, and the third video was initially published by the Cro2go page.

To briefly recalled what oceanography experts from Split recently stated, Mako sharks are a threatened and protected species, and while classed as potentially dangerous, they prefer to stay out of the way of humans and in the last 120 years, only 10 attacks have been carried out on humans by Mako sharks worldwide.

The experts have stressed that there is absolutely no need for anyone to panic about the shark's presence.

Watch the latest video of the Mako shark here:

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Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Oceanography Experts Weigh in on Croatian Mako Shark Sightings

June the 12th, 2019 - Sharks are truly stunning creatures and a chance to see one for ourselves is a rare and amazing opportunity. While some still aren't over Jaws and the somewhat over the top message it sent out, many people have managed to get over Quint's premature and very bloody death at the hands of an obviously mechanical Great White shark and move on with their lives, even daring to swim where we can't see the seabed.

Two pieces of footage of a beautiful Mako shark have surfaced over the last few days, one video was taken by a German tourist sailing with his family near Makarska, and the other was taken by a Croat accompanying tourists on a boat in the Korčula channel.

Both pieces of video footage from Dalmatia are of a Mako shark. These sharks do live in the Croatian Adriatic, as do other types, but it's rare that we get the chance to get up close and personal, much less take relatively clear video footage of them going about their days. Mako sharks, much like the majority of other sharks, prefer to stay well out of the way of humans, avoiding potential meetings and opting instead to hunt for food. 

The Mako shark lives primarily on fish, such as tuna and swordfish, but it will also tackle sea turtles and even sea birds should the opportunity arise. It is classed as a dangerous shark, but Mako sharks are aloof, and attacks on humans are incredibly rare.

As Morski writes on the 12th of June, 2019, experts from the Split Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries commented on the recent video footage of the Mako sharks in the Adriatic. They confirmed the claims made by Pero Ugarković, who first revealed that the shark in question is indeed a Mako shark.

The experts stated, among other facts about Mako sharks having become a bit of a rarity in the Croatian Adriatic, that this is a threatened and protected species, and stressed that there is no need to panic. Although there are cases of human attacks carried out by this species, they are extremely rare, and in the last 120 years, only 10 have been recorded worldwide.

If you happen to be sailing in Dalmatia, keep your eyes peeled and your cameras ready! Make sure to send us any footage of any Mako sharks you see.

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Sunday, 9 June 2019

VIDEO: German Tourist Videos Large Shark Near Makarska!

Remember the film Jaws? Now remember that sharks don't really behave anything like that. Wanting to stay out of the way of humans, sharks and people only ever really meet accidentally, or if the sharks know that humans taking tours to see them might offer them food. Makarska has been playing host to one such shark, most likely a Mako shark.

Ever wondered if there are any potentially dangerous sharks in the Croatian Adriatic sea? Well, there are. None of them pose any particular danger to humans, and will gladly stay well out of your way, but getting to see one of them and be in its presence, let alone capture it on video so clearly, is a rare treat indeed.

As Morski writes on the 9th of June, 2019, it isn't particularly uncommon to see these types of sharks swimming in the Croatian Adriatic, but this shark, which is likely a Mako shark, is certainly one of the larger examples of his species. The video of this stunning animal was taken by Micheal Braun from Germany, who was sailing near Makarska with his family, and the video was published by the Cro2go page.

Although Mako sharks, which is what it looks like this particular shark is, are classed as dangerous animals, it is extremely unlikely to pose any risk to humans. Mako sharks don't typically ever attack people, preferring, much like other sharks, to steer well clear of us. Instead of fearing this beautiful creature, we should admire its strength, grace, and ability.

The experts who have looked at the video have confirmed that the shark filmed swimming along near Makarska is most likely a Mako shark (Isurus oxyrinchus), which, because of its prominent and pointed muzzle and large, usually uneven looking teeth, is often referred to as a ''dugonosa'' (long nosed) shark in Croatia. Although it lives mainly on fish, this type of shark, if given the opportunity, if unwell or rogue, and indeed if large enough, can attack people should circumstances allow. Such incidents however, are extremely rare.

The largest measured and confirmed specimen was caught off the French coast, measuring an impressive 4.45 metres in length.


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