Sunday, 1 May 2022

Hajduk and Shakhtar Donetsk Play 'Football for Peace' Humanitarian Friendly in Split

May 1, 2022 -  Hajduk and Shakhtar Donetsk played a humanitarian friendly match at Poljud on Sunday under the theme 'Football for Peace'.

The goal of the match is to raise funds to help orphaned children in war-torn Ukraine who now need accommodation in Croatia.

Tickets were 30 kuna while a donation line is also open to call until May 15. The number is 0609006. A call center was set up at Poljud's White Salon on Sunday, where many celebrities answered the phones, from athletes to actors, singers, current first-team players, veterans, and members of the club's Management Board. A special guest is UEFA President Alexander Ceferin.

Hajduk's new home jersey was also officially presented for the first time at the friendly match. 

 Since this is a humanitarian meeting aimed at raising funds to help orphans in war-torn Ukraine, Hajduk put the first 12 jerseys up for auction, and all funds will be donated to the humanitarian action.

The club will publish two jerseys from Hajduk's first-team players every day on the club's official Facebook page. Bids can be left in the comments below the post with the winner being the highest bidder. Each of these jerseys will be signed by the player whose jersey is up for auction. The auction ends on May 7.


Before the match, HRT spoke to Hajduk president Lukša Jakobušić and former Croatia national team captain and Shakhtar legend Darijo Srna.

"I would like to immediately thank the President of Hajduk for this great gesture. I never dreamed we would play this kind of game today. However, it is life, we have to deal with it, and we have to fight it. Many thanks to them, many thanks to the fans, Croatia, Split, Dalmatia. This is a great honor for us and once again a huge thank you to Hajduk. Two months ago, when I talked to the president he said ‘Darijo, send all the children, we will take them all. We’ve been through it all, we know what it means to help at this point. Believe me, me personally, my club, and the whole of Ukraine will never forget this from Hajduk," said the former Vatreni captain and the legend of the Split club. Srna is the current sports director of Shakhtar.

"In our DNA is defiance of the powerful and protection of the weak. We in this area know what trouble is, we know what war is and the least we can do is help. We help as much as we can, we know what Darijo did for Croatia and Hajduk. Out of respect for him and the children, we will try to help them at least a little," said Jakobušić.

Lineups for Sunday's friendly match

HAJDUK: Posavec, Fossati, Elez, Lovrencsics, Biuk, Zulić, Lazar, Letaj, Bradarić, Jakir, Ljubičić
Bench: Subašić, Fesyuk, Simić, Pukštas, Čuić, Brajković, Krolo, Nazor, Zubanović, Jurak, Grgić, Hrvojević, Petrović, Vrcić

SHAKHTAR Pyatov, Matviienko, Korniienko, Bondarenko, Marlon, Stepanenko, Konoplia, Sudakov, Topalov, Mudryk, Solomon
Bench: Shevchenko, Puzankov, Trubin, Rakytskyi, Farina, Bondar, Buleza, Udod, Stasyuk, Drambaev, Kapinus, Chekh, Myshnyov, Shostak, Siheev, Kryskiv, Khromel, Boirachuk

Marin Ljubičić scored the first goal of the match for Hajduk in the 10th minute for 1:0, which was the score going into halftime. 

Franjo Lazar scored an early goal in the second half for 2:0 going into the 49th minute. Anel Zulić was subbed off for Zubanović in the 50th minute. 

In the 57th minute, Hajduk subbed off Marco Fossati for Rokas Pukstas, Josip Elez for Stefan Simic, and Franjo Lazar for Luka Jurak. 

Dmytro Topalov scored for 2:1 in the 59th minute and Petro Stasiuk equalized for 2:2 in the 74th minute! But Hajduk's Marin Ljubičić made it 3:2 with 10 minutes to go.

Boriachuk scored during stoppage time for the final 3:3! 

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Tuesday, 26 April 2022

Football for Peace: Hajduk and Shakhtar Donetsk Playing Friendly Match at Poljud

April 26, 2022 - Hajduk and Shakhtar Donetsk will play a friendly match on Sunday to raise money for Ukrainian war refugees. 

Under the theme "Football for Peace", Hajduk and Ukrainian club Shakhtar Donetsk will play a humanitarian friendly match at Poljud on Sunday, May 1. The goal of the match is to raise funds to help children left without parents in war-torn Ukraine who now need accommodation in the Republic of Croatia.

"HNK Hajduk has already given its training grounds to coaches, staff, and over 80 Ukrainian children who were taken care of in Split, and we are especially glad that they will be able to watch their first team players again during this match," said Hajduk on its official website

The Hajduk - Shakhtar match is scheduled for Sunday, May 1, at 3 pm, and the unique ticket price is 30 kuna. In addition to buying tickets, you can also help by calling a special donor number, which will be published a few days before the game.

Tickets can be purchased at the following points of sale:

- Online at

- Membership Department at Poljud - every working day from 8 am to 8 pm

- Hajduk Fan shop Joker

- Ticketshop outlets (Tisak Media)

- Ticket booths around the stadium on the day of the match

The first of two humanitarian matches to be played in Croatia will be played in Zagreb between Dinamo and Dynamo Kyiv on Thursday, April 28, starting at 6 pm. Maksimir Stadium will be open to spectators in the west lower and north lower stands. GNK Dinamo will play in the combined lineup of the first and second teams.

Ticket prices for the Dinamo - Dynamo Kyiv humanitarian match: tribune north lower 50 kuna and tribune west lower 50 kuna.

All proceeds from the tickets will go to the Kyiv club, which will distribute the money to Ukrainian refugees.

Ukrainian nationals who are in Croatia due to the war and want to come to the match can pick up their free ticket by presenting an ID. 

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Thursday, 10 March 2022

Darijo Srna Bringing 33 Shakhtar Donetsk Cadets to Kaštel Lukšić

March 10, 2022 - Former Croatia captain and current Shakhtar Donetsk director of football is bringing 33 Shakhtar Donetsk cadets to Kastel Lukšić.

A group of 33 children from Ukraine, namely young Shakhtar Donetsk footballers, will be accommodated in the branch of the Children's Home Maestral in Kaštel Lukšić with the mediation of former Croatia footballer and captain Darijo Srna. Recall, Srna played for Shakhtar and wore the captain's armband from 2003-2018, and now acts as the director of football at the club, reports

"During the day, we expect the arrival of these children from Ukraine, which will be located in our branch 'Miljenko and Dobrila' in Kastel Lukšić, and Darijo Srna will mediate their arrival in Croatia," said Jelena Burazin, director of the Maestral Children's Home in Split.

According to Burazin, the management of that Home received an inquiry for the accommodation of this group of children from Ukraine, and a decision was made to place them in the branch of that Home in Kaštel Lukšić.

At the request of former Vatreni captain and long-time Shakhtar player and former Dinamo player Darijo Zahora, the young Ukrainians left the recently war-torn Ukraine, and Dinamo Zagreb sent buses to the Hungarian-Ukrainian border.

Dalmatinski Portal reports that at the same time, classes at Zlatna Vrata (Golden Gate) will be organized for adult Ukrainians. Considering that so far they have mostly come to Dalmatia in private arrangements, through friendships or nurturing relationships as long-term guests, it is not known exactly how many of them are in Split, the hinterland, and the islands. It is estimated that there are at least 500. 

The director of Zlatna Vrata, Danijela Ćukušić, is preparing the program, depending on those interested. However, it is likely that an online program will also be offered as many Ukrainians have found happiness on Šolta Island and are not in Split. 

"What I want to emphasize on this occasion is that we invite all children to join us, for free of course, at the Academic Handball Club Split. Our door is open to them. Sport is one of the best ways to assimilate, to get through these difficult moments as easily as possible," says Ćukušić.

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Thursday, 4 February 2021

Darijo Srna Proud: Shakhtar Donetsk Donates EUR 50,000 to Petrinja Earthquake Victims

February 4, 2021 - Ukrainian football club Shakhtar Donetsk, led by President Rinat Ahmetov, has donated EUR 50,000 to help victims of the devastating earthquake in Sisak-Moslavina County and other affected areas.

HRT reports that Ukraine and Croatia have been friendly and fraternal countries with good relations for many years. One of the notable and colorful symbols that unite these countries is the longtime captain of the Croatia national football team and the most popular Ukrainian club Shakhtar Donetsk - Darijo Srna.

After a devastating earthquake hit Croatia in December, the Ukrainian club could not stand by and not support the home country of its legendary player, Shakhtar said.

Thus, the club donated EUR 50,000 to the Croatian State Budget account opened in the action titled "Assistance for reconstruction after the earthquake". The donation is intended to rehabilitate the cities of Petrinja, Sisak, and Glina and other cities and municipalities affected by the devastating earthquakes.

"My life is in two countries - Croatia, my home country, and Ukraine. I was the captain of the Croatia national team and the captain of Shakhtar. I am delighted by the act of the president of our club, who donated to the Croats to help rebuild homes because Croatia is in a difficult situation because of the earthquakes. Many people were left homeless, people were killed, and we know what it means to lose a home. I know because the president of the club has helped many in Ukraine and will always help. It is not easy because they are in a difficult situation, and they are helping Croatia. I thank him for that. It was not my idea, but the club's initiative, and I can only say a huge thank you and that the Croats will never forget it," said the legendary captain of Croatia and Shakhtar, and now the sports director of the Ukrainian club.

Darijo Srna became the sports director of Shakhtar in June 2020, where he spent 15 seasons as a player, recording 536 appearances and 49 goals. He wore the Shakhtar captain's armband for many years and is the most popular foreign player in its history. He won a total of 26 trophies, of which the most valuable is the Uefa Cup, and won ten Ukrainian championship titles, seven Ukrainian Cups, and eight Super Cups.

Shakhtar Donetsk has been in exile due to militant actions since May 2014, when they have not been able to play at their home stadium, the beautiful Donbass Arena. The once magnificent football stadium was severely damaged in several rocket attacks, and the inside was completely devastated. Currently, Donbass Arena is home to a humanitarian organization that helps the hungry and poor in Donetsk with food and goods.

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Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Champions League: Dinamo Zagreb and Shakhtar Draw 3:3 at Maksimir Stadium

November 6, 2019 - Dinamo Zagreb and Shakhar met in the dramatic fourth round of Champions League Group C on Wednesday at Maksimir stadium in Zagreb. 

Dinamo Zagreb met Shakhtar on Wednesday for perhaps the most crucial match in the club’s recent history. A win would carry Dinamo on the road to the round of the 16. 

Ahead of Wednesday’s games, Manchester City led Group C with nine points. Dinamo and Shakhtar shared second place with four points each, with the Croatian champion having a better goal-differential, while Atalanta was in the last place. 

Dinamo came out with their full lineup on Wednesday, featuring Livakovic in goal, Theophile-Catherine, Dilvaer, and Perić in the defense, Stojanovic, Olmo, Moro, Ademi (captain), and Leovac in the midfield, and Orsic and Petkovic up top. 

Shakhtar was the first to threaten Dinamo when Taison fired from 20 meters out, though the ball went past the right of the goal. Shakhtar looked stronger from the start, and their momentum carried them to the first goal of the game. In the 13th minute, Alan Patrick scored for 0:1 Shakhtar. 

Dinamo’s first real chance of the game came in the 19th minute when an excellent through ball by Theophile-Catherine found the boot of Petkovic on the penalty area, though Petkovic shot weakly at the keeper. 

Petkovic’s chance came not long after, and a brilliant cross from Theophile-Catherine found Petkovic’s head for the equalizer. The game was 1:1 in the 25th minute.

Dinamo was awarded a free-kick from 20 meters out in the 33rd minute, though Orsic hit high over the goal. The Zagreb club was playing more open and calm after they equalized, and were continuing to threaten Shakthar’s goal. 

But Shakhtar wasn’t shying away from Dinamo’s goal either. Another chance for Alan Patrick resulted in a corner, though Shakhtar failed to capitalize. 

Two penalties were in question for Dinamo moments later, though referee Felix Brych called for the game to play on, which put Dinamo’s team and bench in hysterics. The game ended 1:1 at the half accompanied by the whistles of Dinamo fans.

The second half began with no changes on either side. 

Dinamo came out attacking at the start of the second half though Shakhtar’s defense remained solid. A dangerous Shakhtar attack in the 58th minute proved unsuccessful, though a quick counter by Dinamo saw Leovac hit the crossbar. 

Moraes shot on goal for Shakhtar in the 71st, though Livakovic had no difficulties defending. Dinamo made their first substitution in the 71st minute - Ivanusec came on for Stojanovic. 

But Dinamo’s luck wore thin just a few minutes later when Nikola Moro was given his second yellow card of the game. Dinamo had to play with a man down from the 73rd minute. 

A quick attack by Shakhtar almost resulted in their second goal of the match, though the game remained 1:1. 

However, Dinamo had their dose of luck in the 79th minute when Moraes was shown his second yellow of the match. Both teams were playing with ten men for the final 10 minutes. It didn't take long for the momentum of the game to change.

Dinamo coach Nenad Bjelica confirmed he made the right call by subbing in Ivanusec in the second half, who went to score his first-ever Champions League goal in the 83rd minute for the Dinamo lead. The game was now 2:1. 

But Dinamo wasn't done yet. An incredible play by Dani Olmo found Ademi across the box for 3:1 in the 89th minute! The referee added five minutes of injury time.

Shakhtar managed their second goal in the third minute of injury time for 3:2, and a dramatic final minute saw Shakhtar awarded a penalty, which Tete scored for the equalizer. The game ended 3:3 in Zagreb. 

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Thursday, 24 May 2018

From Ukraine to Greece: Darijo Srna to Sign for PAOK After Medical Exam?

PAOK would be the third and perhaps the last club for the celebrated footballer Darijo Srna.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Darijo Srna Reveals End of Career Plans: "I will play another season, even for NK Neretva!"

The legendary captain of the Croatia national team and Shakhtar Donetsk could choose a function in the Ukrainian club, but he wants to return to the pitch one last time. 

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Darijo Srna may Be Banned from all Ukrainian Competitions

Ukrainian championship doping control coordinator Maksim Becko announced the punishment

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Darijo Srna Extends Contract with Shakhtar Donetsk on 35th Birthday

Darijo Srna, the former captain of the Croatian national football team, has signed a new contract with Shakhtar Donetsk.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Darijo Srna Follows His Heart, Remains at Shakhtar

Darijo Srna has made a decision to remain at Shakhtar Donetsk, deciding against a move to Barcelona, reports Slobodna Dalmacija on January 14, 2017.

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