Wednesday, 6 October 2021

SeneCura Continues Croatian Market Expansion with Bjelovar Business Move

October the 6th, 2021 - The Austrian company SeneCura is continuing its Croatian market expansion by making business moves in continental Croatia, more precisely in Bjelovar.

As Novac/Jozo Vrdoljak writes, the international group SeneCura, specialising in care for the elderly and infirm, is continuing with its Croatian market expansion with the acquisition of the Vita Nova care home located in Bjelovar. SeneCura, based in Vienna, has been operating in Austria, the Czech Republic and neighbouring Slovenia for more than twenty years, and has been operating in Croatia since 2020. After taking over the Severovic care home in Novaki Bistranski, this year saw further acquisitions.

The latest acquisition is, as stated, the Vita Nova care home in Bjelovar, which has been operating since 2012. Vita Nova has 180 beds in 118 rooms, and the users of this care home are cared for by a professional team consisting of a head nurse, a social worker, an occupational therapist and a physiotherapist, and in addition to providing care, Vita Nova offers its users laundry services and the use of a hair salon. The property also has a restaurant and a park with a lake for residents to enjoy some fresh air.

The SeneCura Group announced that, as always, the high quality of business and customer care at Vita Nova was crucial in making the decision to purchase and integrate the home into the SeneCura Group. The CEO of the SeneCura Group, Anton Kellner, pointed out that the continuation of their Croatian market expansion is in line with the desire to offer the highest quality of care across Croatia according to the standards of excellence of the SeneCura Group.

"We know from experience that each new home we integrate into our Group is special and for that reason each one requires an individual approach to that integration. As before, we'll first get better acquainted with internal work processes, and then adjust the business to SeneCura standards as well as prescribed national norms,'' said Jasna Krijan, Regional Director of SeneCura Homes for the Elderly in Carinthia, Austria and Chief Operating Officer in Croatia.

The SeneCura Group notes that all homes within the SeneCura Group are characterised by the highest standards in the quality of customer care. They're complemented by a variety of programmes, such as scientific pain management, palliative care, occupational therapy, remobilisation, and physiotherapy. They explain that the various activities offered to customers are the most important part of SeneCure's offer, so that the Central Quality Management Department sets and harmonises standards for all markets in which this group is present, so that each institution is an example of best practice in nursing, social care, as well as across wide range of many other services according to customer needs.

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Friday, 11 September 2020

SeneCura: Austrian Company Enters Croatian Care Sector

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Suzana Varosanec writes on the 10th of September, 2020, the Vienna-based company SeneCura, with more than 20 years of experience in the field of care for the elderly in Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Switzerland, entered the Croatian market with the acquisition of the Severovic Home for the Elderly and the Infirm.

This is the first foreign takeover in this particular market niche - realised with the purchase of Severovic d.o.o., the previous owners of which were Zoran and Gordana Severovic. On top of that, this is also the first arrival of a large inter-governmental group in Croatia. Since back 2015, this Austrian company has been operating as part of the French group of care institutions called ORPEA, which, with 1,014 care institutions and health care institutions in 22 countries belongs to a group of leading companies in this activity internationally.

Within the group, SeneCura as a competence centre is responsible for the area of ​​Central and Eastern Europe. The key guideline for expanding the business and increasing the number of homes is to ensure the best quality of care. The decision to integrate Dom Severovic was made deliberately at the Group level as part of a strategy for further business development and expansion into new markets.

''The very good quality of business at Dom Severovic convinced us that this purchase was an excellent opportunity for SeneCura to enter the Croatian market. We also believe that our many years of experience in establishing and managing health care facilities is a good basis for introducing a successful concept to new markets, including that of Croatia,'' explained Kellner.

The business will be developed under a new name: "SeneCura home for the elderly and infirm, Novaki Bistranski", which lies a mere 15 minutes north of Zagreb, and has a capacity of 148 beds. Director Tatjana Vlacic Vujicic will be in charge of taking care of the quality of the operation of the home for the elderly, and all current employees will keep their jobs. The director of SeneCura homes for the elderly in Carinthia, Austria, Jasna Krijan, who herself comes from Croatia, will also make sure that all of the standards and quality rules are in line with the standards of the wider SeneCura and the ORPEA group.

“The integration of Dom Severovic into the SeneCura Group takes place first in the direction of getting acquainted with internal work processes, and then in the direction of adjusting to the standards of the SeneCura Group, which will also be harmonised with the prescribed national norms. According to our experience so far, the story of each home we integrate into our Group is different and an individual approach to integration is needed,'' said Krijan.

Entering the Croatian market is a logical continuation of the development of the SeneCura Group's business in the region, given that Croatia is recording the same trends of continuous growth in the share of the elderly population as other countries in Europe and the world. According to the European Statistical Office, the Republic of Croatia has 262 thousand citizens aged 65 to 69, 190 thousand aged 70 to 74 and 385 thousand older than 75. Such data clearly indicates the increased need for quality care for the elderly, in which SeneCura is one of the market leaders in the private sector, not only in the field of care and nursing, but also in the field of innovation.

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