Wednesday, 4 August 2021

President Zoran Milanović Visits Wildfire Sites at Seget Gornji

ZAGREB, 4 Aug, 2021 - President Zoran Milanović, accompanied by Chief Firefighting Commander Slavko Tucaković, visited on Wednesday by helicopter locations devastated by wildfires at Seget Gornji, inland from the southern coastal town of Trogir, the President's Office said in a press release.

Before visiting the fire sites, Milanović discussed the situation at wildfire locations at Seget Gornji and in Mirlović in Šibenik-Knin County with local firefighting officials.

Firefighting representatives briefed the president about the efforts firefighters had made so far, and the assistance provided by the Croatian Army.

The president thanked the firemen and all those who helped put out the wildfires.

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Tuesday, 3 August 2021

Seget Gornji Fire Still Active, Section of Adriatic Highway Closed Overnight

August 3, 2021 -  The Seget Gornji fire broke out in the hills near Trogir on Monday morning. 24 hours later, the fire is still active. reports that the firefighters worked all night to put out the fire that broke out in Seget Gornji in the Trogir hinterland on Monday night. By midnight, about 550 hectares of mostly low vegetation and some pine forest had been burned, the County Fire Operational Center in Split reported.

Firefighters are on duty in parts of the fire that is under control, while most of the fire-affected area has not yet been brought under control.

At the request of firefighters, from around 00.30 am, the Adriatic Highway from BP Perić to the turn for the roundabout towards the Ciovo Bridge, i.e., the Trogir bypass, was closed to all traffic, and traffic was redirected through Trogir. At around 5:15 a.m., traffic was alternately established on the Highway (DC 8) near Trogir, which had previously been completely disrupted, police said. In other words, traffic now takes place in one lane, and vehicles from two directions are alternately released by the police, who regulate traffic.

According to information from the field, after 23:30, there was a partial spread of fire near Seget Gornji. Every gust of wind ignited the fire, and it was much more visible at midnight. 

"The burned area is currently estimated at 400 to 500 hectares. The fire is still active; new forces have replaced one part of the forces on the ground," Chief Fire Chief Slavko Tucakovic told Dalmacija Danas

"In the morning, the departures of two Canadairs are already engaged at 5:45; they are there around 6:15. We want to repair as large an area as possible early in the morning, so we hope to enter the day without the open fire," Tucakovic added.

He added that in addition to all the forces that put out the fire on Monday, 170 firefighters with about 50 vehicles, 26 soldiers were also engaged. As he explained, these are purposefully organized forces of the Croatian Army, adding that extinguishing the fire near Trogir showed the effectiveness of the air force - three Canadairs and three air-tractors, and especially firefighters who fought the fire on the ground.

"This is perhaps the most demanding fire of the season. What is good is that there are no injured firefighters. I hope the fire will be extinguished tomorrow," Tucakovic said last night.

He sent a message to the citizens.

"When we talk about warnings, we emphasize that lighting fires are prohibited. It is imperative that if citizens notice a fire, that they report it as soon as possible so that the fire can be brought under control in time," Tucakovic concluded.

After midnight, the mayor of Trogir, Ante Bilic, commented on the latest situation with the fire near Trogir.

"I have now visited our DVD. As you can unfortunately see, there has been a partial flare-up again.

It is most serious in the area towards the bypass, and it is possible to close it, and the wind makes the work of firefighters even more difficult.

Early in the morning, Canadairs and helicopters will be raised again. With the hope that this will be the end of this element, I wish as quiet a night as possible to the firefighters who did a great job today and prevented the fire from spreading significantly. I stay in touch with our DVD and hope for better news," Bilic said.


A total of eight firefighting aircraft were engaged in the fire near Seget Gornji on Monday, August 2, namely four air-tractors, three Canadians, and one helicopter from the Firefighting Special Forces of the Croatian Armed Forces, the Ministry of Defense announced.

During the afternoon on Monday, August 2, 26 fire-fighting forces from the Knez Trpimir barracks in Divulje were sent to the fire, the Ministry of Defense reported. Due to the fire, the landing of planes at Split Airport was suspended for about an hour on Monday afternoon, and the planes were diverted to the airports in Zadar and Zagreb.

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Monday, 2 August 2021

Fire in Seget Gornji Prevents Planes From Landing at Split Airport

Updated article on the morning of August 3.

August 2, 2021 - A fire in Seget Gornji, in the hills of Trogir, broke out in the morning. Although the houses in the neighborhood are not in danger, the smoke is affecting the air traffic of the Split airport.

A large fire in Seget Gornji broke out around 10.30 am, reports 24sata. It blazed along the road. As we find out, the fire is spreading carried by the wind, but the houses are not endangered for now. All available forces from the fire brigades from Solin, Vranjica, Kaštela, Trogir and Seget Vranjica are on the ground. Police regulate traffic on DC 58 and drive alternately in one lane so that firefighters can use the other lane unhindered. The Split-Dalmatia Police Department appeals to drivers to be careful. Two canadairs are helping the firefighters in the field, and two 'air tractors' are expected to arrive at any moment.

''There are over 100 firefighters and 25 vehicles on the field, and help to firefighters on the field is still arriving. Two canadairs are also helping with the extinguishing. Maquis and low vegetation are burning, and the fire is spreading in the southeast direction'', the county fire commander, Ivan Kovačević, told 24sata.


(Photo: 24sata reader)

As we have learned from Pero Bilas, the assistant director of Split Airport, due to the fire near the airport, several planes were sent to alternative runways, points out Dalmatinski Portal. Resnik, says Bilas, was not closed, but there was a disturbance in air traffic. Despite the efforts of all fire brigade units present in the area to control the fire, the smoke continues to be a problem.

''There will be a delay in landing and then taking off. The planes take off from the Split airport'', says Bilas.

Canadairs are constantly flying over because it is the shortest way to the fire.

More will follow...

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