Monday, 6 June 2022

Works by Salvador Dali Exhibited in Opatija

ZAGREB, 6 June 2022 - An exhibition of about 100 works by Salvador Dali was on Monday staged in Opatija's Juraj Šporer Art Pavilion and will run through 20 September.

The exhibition includes drawings, etchings, and lithographs owned by a private collector from Bonn who does not want his identity to be known.

Most of these artworks have not been put on display until this occasion.

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Sunday, 15 May 2022

Works by Salvador Dalí to be Exhibited in Opatija This Summer

ZAGREB, 15 May 2022 - After last year's exhibition of works by Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró, this summer the Juraj Šporer Gallery in the northern Adriatic town of Opatija will display works by Salvador Dalí.

The exhibition will be staged in collaboration with the Opatija Festival and the OPL Art company and will be open from 6 June to 20 September. Admission will be HRK 100 (€13).

On display will be about a hundred lithographs, copperplate engravings and other graphic works from a private collection of a collector from Bonn, IPL Art director Iva Piglić announced earlier this week, adding that she could not reveal the collector's name because they wanted to remain anonymous.

Opatija Festival director Ernie Gigante Dešković said that these exhibits, being from a private collection, were rarely displayed and that this would be a rare opportunity to see them.

He said that the exhibition of works by Picasso and Miró was among the most visited exhibitions in Croatia last year and that they hoped to surpass that result with the Dalí exhibition.

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