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Sudamja 2022: Split City Day Celebrations Return after Two Years

April 22, 2022 - Sv. Duje celebrations return after two years to honor Split's patron saint, Saint Dominus. The City has announced a packed program for Sudamja 2022!

Thanks to the more favorable epidemiological situation, this year's Sv. Duje celebration, or Split City Day, will return to the old normal. The Sudamja 2022 program, adopted by this year's Celebration Committee, includes over thirty religious, cultural, entertainment, and sports manifestations. This year's laureates are well-known, who will be awarded prizes for their life's work and personal and group achievements in the past year at a ceremony at the Croatian National Theater in Split on May 6, the day before Sv. Duje.

The events related to Sudamja started on March 15 with the Ballot Tournament, organized every Saturday in the Split port, and ends on May 15 with a revival race of rowing legends Oxford, Cambridge, and Split in the City Port. However, the most intense events start on April 28, which is the beginning of the Novena in honor of Sv. Duje. From that day on, Holy Masses, sermons, and concerts of spiritual music will be held daily in the Split Cathedral until May 7, when after the procession from Perstil through Hrvojeva Street to the Riva, a Mass will be held on the Riva led by the Apostolic Nuncio to Croatia Giorgio Lingua.

Numerous KUD performances and other events are planned, organized by the Split Tourist Board, while much of the entertainment was taken over by the city company Žnjan d.o.o. The first program is on Marjan to mark International Labor Day, May 1, then the traditional Sudamja fair on May 6 and 7, and a concert on the waterfront on Split City Day, May 7, where Klapa Cambi Kaštela, Goran Karan, and Grupa Vagabundo will perform. After the fireworks, Tedi Spalato and the Goran Rukavina Orchestra will hit the stage. This year, the traditional raffle with the performance of the mixed klapa Filip Dević before the start of the draw will not be missed.

This year's classical music concerts include the string philharmonic of the Berlin Philharmonic at the Croatian Home in Tončićeva and a joint performance by the Varaždin Tamburitza Orchestra with tamburitza players KUD Jedinstvo and Klapa Sv. Juraj-HRM after the raffle on May 7 on the Riva.

Stjepko Rošin designed this year's Sudamja poster. 

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Saturday, 18 July 2020

Bell Tower of Saint Domnius Cathedral in Split Reopens After Two Years

July 18, 2020 - The Split-Makarska Archdiocese announced on Saturday that the Saint Domnius Cathedral bell tower reopened to the public after being closed for two years. 

Slobodna Dalmacija reports that the bell tower was closed due to the reconstruction of the staircase and conservation and restoration works. The process of reconstructing the staircase inside the bell tower and consolidating the stone took a long time. The statement reminds us that the preparatory works began in 2015 when an architectural survey of the existing condition was made.

In addition, conservation and restoration works were carried out inside and outside the bell tower of the Saint Domnious Cathedral.

"The event that preceded may not have received as much attention as it deserved due to this year's circumstances, and that is the return of the old bells of the Split Cathedral after a full sixteen years. The bell tower has long been and is the visual and spiritual identity of our city, so these last interventions on the interior and exterior of the bell tower go down in history," said the Archdiocese.

The bell tower renovation project was financed by the Split-Makarska Archdiocese, Kaptol, the home parish of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia.

After the final inspections, the bell tower was handed over in the presence of Msgr. Miroslav Vidovic, Vicar General of the Split-Makarska Archdiocese, Canon of the Split Primary Chapter Don Ante Mateljan, and finally, Pastor Don Tomislav Cubelic, who supervised and monitored the entire project from its beginnings to the very end, the statement concluded. 

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Tuesday, 28 April 2020

2020 Sv. Duje Celebration Without Procession and Mass on Split Riva

April 28, 2020 - Marin Barisic, Archbishop of Split-Makarska, announced the upcoming Day of the City of Split celebration - Sv. Duje. 

Marin Barisic said that, because of the coronavirus pandemic, on the feast of the patron saint of Split and Split-Dalmatia County, May 7, there will be no traditional procession and mass celebration on the famous Split waterfront, reports Dalmacija Danas.

Mass, however, will be held at 10 am at the Sv. Duje Cathedral and broadcasted directly through the media. 

"Due to the special circumstances we are in, there will be no traditional procession and Eucharistic celebration on the waterfront this year. However, on the feast day, Thursday, May 7, from the Sv. Duje Cathedral, you will be able to follow the Holy Mass from your homes - your home churches. At 10 am, it will be broadcast by HRT, Laudato TV, Jadran TV and social networks," Barisic in a statement.

He recalled that, according to ancient tradition, before the feast, on Tuesday, April 28, the April novena begins.

According to him, the patron saint of Split, bishop, and martyr Dujam, in his Salona from the time of the persecution of Christians, has a vast experience of connecting life at home - our small churches - with Christ and his Church. "May his example also bring to our attention that the family is truly a small church and let his intercession follow all our families," said Barisic.

"The dear Split citizens and representatives of cultural, social and sports associations will have no rich program this year, which each of you regularly prepares in honor of our patron saint. However, know that we won't be without the love and protection of the Holy Spirit for all of us," said Barisic.

He recalled the deep and lasting connection between Sv. Duje and the city of Split, that is, his worshipers.

"He is our memory for all generations of this city and our local Church. That is why the people of Split always have, with confidence, called upon their faithful protector in all dangers: war, plague and hunger. We are also calling him today, in danger of the coronavirus pandemic that has affected not only our environment, but the entire world. We ask him for bravery and to follow those who make political decisions, then our doctors, medical staff, pharmacists, volunteers, shopkeepers and all those who care about our common good. In particular, we pray for him and the sick and their families and express their closeness to them, and for all the deceased, may the Lord, according to Dujam's intercession, share the fullness of the joy of eternal life," said Archbishop Barisic.

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Monday, 6 May 2019

Split Town Council Holds Session for Saint Domnius Feast Day

ZAGREB, May 6, 2019 - The Split Town Council on Monday held a special session on the occasion of Town of Split Day and Saint Domnius feast day, which is celebrated on May 7, and among those present was Prime Minister Andrej Plenković, who underlined Split's importance for the preservation of Croatian identity.

"Split, which has been living for more than 1,700 years, is part of the strong Croatian identity, our culture, heritage and faith, and it's also part of UNESCO's heritage," Plenković said at the session. He recalled that contracts worth two billion kuna were signed at a cabinet session held in Split a year ago. "Many of those projects are capital for the development of Split and Split-Dalmatia County."

Plenković announced the opening of a new Split Airport terminal for which more than 230 million kuna worth of state assets was made available. "I would also mention the Split-Solin agglomeration water supply infrastructure project, which is worth 1.084 billion kuna and which we expect to be approved in this year's second quarter, and this project will be a big step forward in the quality of life in the Split area," the prime minister said.

He announced joint investments in upgrading the transport infrastructure in Split to avoid traffic jams and facilitate access to the ferry port.

He said all that was necessary had been signed to embark on the Lećevica waste management centre project.

Plenković went on to say that the government had backed the Croatian Water Polo Federation's nomination of Split to host the 2022 European Water Polo Championship. "We ensured 19 million kuna for the organisation of that competition and that will be once again be another big sporting event in Split."

Plenković, Culture Minister Nina Obuljen Koržinek, State Assets Minister Goran Marić and Split Mayor Andro Krstulovic Opara signed an agreement according to which the Town of Split will manage the basement halls of Diocletian's Palace.

Plenković called the agreement historic and said efforts would be made to absorb as many European funds as possible to protect the cultural heritage in Croatia.

The government remains committed to strongly supporting Split's development in all areas, he said, announcing even more intense cooperation.

Krstulović noted that the basement halls of Diocletian's Palace "are not just some common monument, but the largest antique roofed space after the Domus Aurea in Rome." He said the agreement would enable the city to "absorb significant funds to preserve, renovate and maintain this significant monument and part of the heritage."

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Saturday, 27 April 2019

Sv. Duje 2019: Full Program of Events in Split Announced!

April 27, 2019 - Our favorite time of the year is right around the corner! Sudamja, better known as Sv. Duje, is traditionally held each year on May 7 to celebrate the patron saint of Split. This year, the people of Split and their guests can enjoy a plethora of events from April 26 to May 9. 

Today, we have the full program for you, in English, courtesy of the Split Tourist Board. Mark your calendars!

Sv. Duje 2019

15 March – 5 May 2019:  10 am at Lučica Spinut - Boules Tournament ‘In honour of St. Domnius of Split’ 

26 April 2019:  8 pm on the Riva - Majorettes of Split, Elektrodalmacija Mixed Choir, Trio Sol group Concert

27 April 2019: 8 pm on the Riva - Majorettes of Split, Bye, Bye group Concert

28 April 2019: 8 pm on the Riva - Klapa Kontra, Pop Art group concert

28 April - 5 May 2019: 7 pm  to 8 pm at th Cathedral of St. Domnius: Novena in honour of St. Domnius: - holy Mass and Sermon - spiritual music concert

29 April 2019: 5 pm at the Bol-Plokite Library - Opening of the exhibition Diocletian's Palace and the Historic town Centre

29 April 2019: 8 pm on the Riva: Filip Dević Folklore Society concert 

29 and 30 April 2019: 10 am at the Croatian Maritime Museum Maritime: Split in the Time of Emperor Diocletian - workshop

29 April – 5 May 2019: Poljud bowling club 2nd International bowling tournament St. Domnius

29 April - 10 May 2019: Banovina atrium - Exhibition of Split kindergarten children's works ‘My Town In My Heart’

30 April - 5 May 2019: All day on the Riva - Domestic Split Festival

30 April 2019: 10 am at the Ravne njive library - Model of the palace ‘The city was born out of the palace’

30 April 2019: 10 am on the Riva - Children's programme ‘Let the waterfront be decked with flowers’

30 April 2019: 4.30 – 9.30 pm on the Riva - Waste is not garbage!

1 - 7 May 2019: Brda Chess Club - Open Chess Tournament Sudamja 2019

1 May 2019: 8 pm on the Riva - Brodosplit Folklore Association concert 

2 May 2019: 10 am at the Marulić Department for Children and Youth - The story of the Cityeducative presentation

2 May 2019: 12.00 pm at the Ethnographic Museum Split - Opening of the exhibition HUNCHBACKED MOTHER, BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN, FRANTIC GRANDCHILDREN - on VINE, GRAPES AND WINE Authors: Ida Jakšić and Ivana Vuković

2 May 2019: 6 pm at the City Youth Theatre - Promotion of J. Škare's book Druge beside

2 May 2019: 7 pm in Diocletian’s Palace south-eastern tower (Hrvojeva) - The opening of the photo exhibition New Horizons

2 May 2019: 8 pm at the Art Gallery: Inauguration of the sculptor's setting in the museum environment: Slavomir Drinković, Knot, 1987, 1999 Gorki Žuvela, On behalf of myself, 2014 Kosta Bogdanovic, Hephaestos pillar, in 1987

2 May 2019: 8 pm at the Croatian National Theatre Split - Evening of Dalmatian Klapa

2 May 2019: 8 pm on the Riva - Providenca group concert 

2 and 3 May 2019: 8.30 pm at Uvodića širina - The Feast of the Holy Cross

3 - 5 May 2019: 9th International Cup of St. Domnius in sport fishing

3 May 2019: 9 am at the Croatian rowing club Gusar - Open Championship of Split-Dalmatia County for Primary and Secondary Schools

3 May 2019: 10 am at the Dioklecijan Gallery - Opening the exhibition Churches in the Historical Core

3 May 2019: 11 am at Matejuška - Inauguration of the sculptor's setting in the natural environment: Slavomir Drinkovic, Let me pass

3 May 2019: 8 pm in the Diocletian Palace substructures - The opening of the Festival of Flowers

3 May 2019: 8 pm at the Medical School Hall - Concert of the Symphony Orchestra of Students at the University of Utrecht, Kingdom of the Netherlands

3 May 2019: 8 pm on the Riva - Jedinstvo Folklore Society concert

3 May 2019: 9 pm at the Meštrović Gallery - Opening ceremony of the 18th International Rowing Regatta of St. Domnius

3 and 4 May 2019: 8 pm at the Croatian National Theatre - Operetta Spli'ski akvarel

4 May 2019: 9 am at the Croatian Rowing Club Gusar - International Rowing Regatta of universities

4 May 2019: St. Domnius Regatta 

4 May 2019: 10 am on the Riva - The Srce Association Programme on the National Day of Cerebral Paralysis "Heart on the Waterfront"

4 May 2019: 11 am at the Old City Hall - Opening of the exhibition Behind the Closed Doors Motives of Split from the holdings of the Art Gallery

4 May 2019: 12 pm at the Croatian National Theatre Split - Celebration on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Association of Craftsmen Split

4 May 2019: 3-7 pm at Matejuška - Gastro offer of Croatian craftsmen

4 May 2019: 8 pm at the Medical School Hall - Concert of Brodosplit and Gladsaxe Folkekor choirs

4 May 2019: 8 pm on the Riva - Disco Inferno Magic group concert

4 and 5 May 2019: Poljud Swimming Pool - Swim Contest ‘Grdelini sv. Duje’

4 and 5 May 2019: Regatta Split 1700- class optimist

4 May 2019: 8.30 pm Peristil - Sudamja Fest - concert of spiritual music in honour of St. Domnius

4 May 2019: 9 pm at Gat sv. Nikole - Announcement of the winner of the university rowing racing in Spinut and Lighthouse disco

5 May 2019: 12.30 pm at the City Port -18th St. Domnius International Boat Race of the Legends: OxfordCambridge-Split

5 May 2019: 1.30 pm at Peristil - Announcing the winner of a rowing legends race

5 May 2019: 8 pm on the Riva - Flores Aquestic group concert

6 May 2019: 10 pm at the Croatian National Theatre Split - The City Council's solemn session and the city awards ceremony

6 May 2019: 12 pm at Banovina - Anniversary celebration 

6 May 2019: 6 pm at the Cathedral of St. Domnius - Opening of the reliquary of St. Domnius and the festive Evening Mass

6 May 2019: 7 pm at thee Marko Marulić City Library - Opening of watercolor exhibition St. Duje, the star over Split

6 May 2019: 7.30 pm at Peristil - Festival of historical forces and organizations of intangible cultural heritage

6 May 2019: 8 pm on the Riva - Classical Evening: Music Forever and Spalato Quartets

6 May 2019: 9 pm at Peristil-HrvojevaMarmontova-Trg Gaje Bulata - Parade of brass bands, historical forces, and organizations of intangible cultural heritage

6 and 7 May 2019: All day on the Riva - Sudamja (St. Domnius Day) Fair

7 May 2019: 10 am at Peristil - Riva - The ceremonial procession and the holy mass at Riva

7 May 2019: 12.15 pm at Matejuška - Dubrovnik thrombus salvo

7 May 2019: 12.30 pm at the Fish Market - Food and Drink Feast

7 May 2019: 5.30 pm on the Riva - Humanitarian Swimming Marathon from Island Šolta to Split 'Dina for Basketball Players'

7 May 2019: 5.30 pm on the Riva - Concert of Filip Dević Mixed Klapa

7 May 2019: 6.30 pm on the Riva - Traditional Split Tombola

7 May 2019: 8.05 pm on the Riva - Humanitarian Concert for the City Day The Key to Life Fireworks

8 May 2019: 8 pm at the Croatian National Theatre Split - Ivo Tijardović Mala Floramye, operetta

9 May 2019: 9 am at Marjan - Raising the European Flag on the Day of Europe

9 – 13 May 2019: All day on the Riva - Spalatum Expo-Festival Destinations

9 May 2019: 7 pm at the ‘General-Major Ivo Jelić’ House of Croatian Army - The program of the Split's National Minority Folklore: "The home is where the song is"

9 May 2019: 8 pm at the Croatian National Theatre Split - Leo Delibes Coppelia, ballet

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Friday, 26 April 2019

Croatia's Biggest Music Stars Confirmed for Sv. Duje Humanitarian Concert in Split!

The traditional concert for the celebration of Sveti Duje, the patron saint of Split, has a strong note of generosity this year. Namely, for Split’s 'City Day', the Riva will host the first humanitarian concert aiming to collect donations for the Children's Traumatology Department of Physical Medicine, reports Dalmacija Danas on April 26, 2019. 

For the musical and humanitarian spectacle, which is presented under the title ’Key for Life’, some of the biggest names of Split show business have been confirmed, including Neno Belan, Gibonni, Tedi Spalato, Doris Dragović, Goran Karan, Jole, Giuliano & Diktatori Buđenje, Tiho Orlić, Domenica, and Dalmatino.

The concert is, of course, free to all Split citizens and their guests, and donations will be collected through a call center by direct transfer to HTV from 8:05 pm. A unique phone number has been opened for the event (060 9002), and knowing Croatia’s big heart, it will continuously ring throughout the concert. 

Tomislav Mrduljaš, the organizer of the 'Key of Life' concert, revealed that the idea was born at the initiative of Dr. Dinko Pivalica, head of the Institute for Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Rheumatology at KBC Split. Hospitals are a necessary means, and through conversations, in cooperation with the City, they came to the idea to organize a humanitarian concert for Sv. Duje. The name of the valuable action 'Key to Life' is more than symbolic. Namely, the ‘key to life' is most often in the hands of good people; those that are ready to provide their hands when needed.

"The performers did not doubt playing the event for a moment; they were happy to respond as they are always willing to give their contribution when needed. The musicians will perform for free, and all donations from the call center will go directly to the Children's Traumatology Department of Physical Medicine,” Mrduljaš said.

The phone number will be open already from Saturday, April 27, for those interested in donating. 

Mrduljaš believes there will be a great response to the concert and that phone calls will be received from all over Croatia.

"I'm sure the concert will be spectacular because it's the biggest humanitarian event this year," concluded Mrduljaš.

For more news about Sv. Duje events, stay tuned! 

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Friday, 8 February 2019

Saint Domnius Bell Tower in Split to be Restored after 110 Years

One of the symbols of Split, the Saint Domnius bell tower, known to locals as Sveti Duje, will be restored. But what is so exciting about this project is that it is the first time the bell tower will be restored in 110 years, reports Dalmacija Danas and Slobodna Dalmacija on February 8, 2019. 

Nevertheless, one of the greatest city attractions, the view from the top of the bell tower, will still be open to eager visitors. But there is one catch - while visitors will still be able to enjoy the magnificent views from the tower, the restoration will last for three years, meaning an alternative way to walk to the top will be designed. 

This start of reconstruction, says the main conservationist in Split, Radoslav Bužančić, is logical after completing the interior design of the cathedral. The project is funded by the Split-Makarska Archdiocese, Kaptol and Mother Parish, as just the preparatory works are estimated at one million kuna. 

The last time the Saint Domnius bell tower was restored was 110 years ago, the conservation works lasted for 23 years. 

The bell tower of Saint Domnius is considered to be the most original on the Adriatic coast. Its construction began in the 13th century and lasted until the middle of the 16th century, which is reflected in its Romanesque and Gothic style.

It was thoroughly and radically restored from 1890 to 1908 when numerous stone figures were removed, and the last floor was stylishly aligned with the rest of the tower.

This time, the twirling stairs to the top of the bell tower will be changed, as they were set in 1908 when the Austro-Hungarian reconstruction was completed. 

Radoslav Bužancic, when asked whether three years is enough time to change the stairs in the bell tower, replied:

“The coincidence is that at the same time as the bell tower of St. Duje, the restoration of another world landmark, the Big Ben Tower, a symbol of London, will continue until 2025.”

As is already known, the heritage in Split needs to be taken care of regularly, and changing the decrepit staircase is primarily due to the safety of visitors. 

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Thursday, 26 April 2018

Sudamja 2018: Full Program for Sv. Duje is Here!

The Split Tourist Board announces the Sudamja 2018 program.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Timelapse Video: Sunset from the Bell Tower of Saint Domnius Cathedral

Just further confirmation of how lucky we are to be in Split. 

Sunday, 30 April 2017

May is Here! Full Program for Sv. Duje Celebrations

The Day of Sv. Duje, the patron saint of Split, takes place each year on May 7th. The event brings together roughly 10,000 people and the celebration lasts for days. Here is the full program for May 2017.

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