Friday, 23 September 2022

Biograd Company Angelina Yacht Charter Now Owns 85% Share in Ultra Sailing

September the 23rd, 2022 - The Biograd company Angelina Yacht Charter has now acquired an 85% share in the Split-based charter company Ultra Sailing, a move which is continuing and furthering the ongoing process of consolidation in this field.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Marija Crnjak writes, with this particular acquisition, the largest charter company in all of the Republic of Croatia, which is otherwise the largest charter market in the world, is continuing to blossom.

The joint fleet of a total of more than 260 vessels that will be available to sailors next season will continue to be rented under the existing brands that have established themselves on the market, and will be distributed to cover all parts of the Croatian Adriatic, from Istria all the way down to Dubrovnik.

This will be just one of the advantages of this significant transaction, which was carried out in accordance with the strategic goal of continuous growth of the Biograd company Angelina Yacht Charter, Luka Sangulin, the company's director, explained.

"We've been aware for a long time now that only bigger and stronger players can survive in the unstable market of services that depend on a series of circumstances out there on the global market. At the same time, this sector proved to be very tough and resilient even in the circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic, when people were thinking of all possible ways to get on board a boat and have time at sea.

The charter season is also a longer one and attracts guests with higher paying power. By taking over the majority stake in Ultra Sailing, we'll be even stronger when it comes to resisting the grouping of large global players that are also present here on the Croatian market, such as Sunsail, Dream Yacht and Navigare," explained Sangulin.

Ultra Sailing is also an authorised dealer for Benetau and Fountaine Pajot boats for the Croatian market, which provides additional strength in a situation that is in shambles as it increases the availability of new boats.

Due to the global situation, there are no new vessels, the crews are under-capacitated, there are no parts, and for many, preparations for the new season is uncertain. Partnership with the world's leading manufacturers therefore also brings a much more secure supply, and the size of the fleet can facilitate competition in the market.

In addition, as noted by Sangulin, consolidation like this strengthens the negotiating position towards the marinas, which have already announced significant price increases for the next season.

The Biograd company Angelina Yacht  Charter currently has seven bases, which are joined by four bases where Ultra Sailing's vessels are also located. It's worth noting that much like the Biograd company, Ultra Sailing has been in the nautical business for almost three decades now, and they currently manage a fleet of more than 50 vessels located in the marinas of ACI Split, Pomer, Dubrovnik and Marina Baotic. Angelina now has 185 vessels in 6 marinas, and Sangulin has since announced the acquisition of 20 more vessels for the next season.

"This merger introduces central procurement and reduces the costs and interventions for many other parts of this business. By increasing the number of bases and their arrangement along the Adriatic, we also get greater coverage, and different types of vessels guarantee us a longer season, and we plan to continue such a policy. The goal is to have boats for the holiday segment, which mostly comes during the main summer season, but also for sport events, regattas, the corporate part, segments that do very well in spring and autumn. The plan is additional fleet growth because if we don't have growth we'll end up with stagnation and then we'll just decline.

In the charter sector, this is the rule because the fleet is aging, which increases maintenance costs and lowers the price of the services. Some guests ask you for boats which are three years old at most, not all of them, but there are some people who do seek that," Sangulin added.

This segment of tourism was the least affected by the global coronavirus pandemic even back in 2020. Last year, the season was also excellent, but it started a little later, so Angelina Yacht will have a 25 to 30 percent increase in income this year. About 70 percent of this increase comes in the form of traffic growth, while the rest will be realised through price increases, mostly on new vessels.

The prices of charter services for the next year are already being formed, and they will go up by 7 to 8 percent on average, which also depends on a number of external factors that enter into pricing. For example, the lack of auxiliary workers led to a drastic increase in cleaning prices this year. As has since been learned from the Croatian National Tourist Board (HTZ/CNTB) community, in the current part of the year, the nautical sector enjoyed an impressive 465,500 arrivals and 3.1 million overnight stays.

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Friday, 12 August 2022

Favorite Memories in Croatia: From Teenage Hvar Summers to World Cup 2018

August 12, 2022 - How does one choose their favorite memories in Croatia? It's impossible, but there are certainly a few highlights. 

I've been reflecting a lot on my time spent in Croatia, from visiting every summer from California growing up to finally moving here in 2015. And the two worlds couldn't be more different. 

My homeland, where my parents were born, always carried a sense of wonder - a sense of escape. And moving here by accident in 2015 has allowed me to dive deep into the country of my roots - witnessing the ins and out of a country I now know better than America, where I was born and raised. 

While there are too many memorable moments to recap over the last few decades, some, in particular, hold a special place in my heart. 

Croatia in 1996

I recently wrote about my memories of Croatia in 1996, the first time I visited the country at just five years old. It was my first time outside of America, my first time meeting many of my foreign family members, and the first real family vacation I took with my parents and older brother. It was an exploration of a new place, one that had just seen war, and a journey through a culture I only knew then in my Croatian-Californian confines. It was an eye-opening adventure through familiar yet new flavors, navigating a language I had hardly spoken, and how those little things don't matter when surrounded by fresh faces with the same bloodline. Croatia in 1996 was likely not the best time to visit, as blown-out tanks decorated the highways and the image of war was still raw - but it certainly paved my love for the homeland I had known until then only through my grandmother's lullabies. 


Weddings in Metković

Croatian weddings are unique, but weddings in Metković are extra. I had my first Croatian wedding experience in 2004 when my uncle and his longtime partner tied the knot. Considering I was staying at their family home that summer, I was involved in every part of the Croatian wedding experience, including the traditionally male-only bachelor's party (er, fešta), complete with an endless flow of Karlovačko kegs. Croatian weddings are an all-day event, which starts early in the day at the groom's family home, then over to the bride's home, then to the church, then back to one of their homes, before a caravan of cars drives to the reception venue, where you'll continue eating, drinking, and dancing until 6 am (don't worry, you've already been going since noon). A marathon event I first learned about at 14 - Metković weddings are the best. 

IMG_7377-metko.jpegFirst summer on Hvar in 2007

It was surprising I hadn't visited the island until 2007, considering that my grandmother is from Stari Grad and my extended Croatian-Californian family never missed a summer in Hvar town. In a way, I'm glad I didn't visit Hvar until my teenage years - and that first visit included my best friend from California. Taxi boat, beach, eat, party, sleep, repeat was the routine that started that summer on Hvar and lasted until the visits in my early 20s. From Kiva Bar and Nautika to former nightclub Veneranda and watching the sunrise from our apartment balcony. It was teenage bliss. Summer on Hvar looks a bit different now, but I wouldn't trade Hvar's nightlife in 2007 for anything. 


Sailing the Adriatic Coast 

The first time I properly sailed the Adriatic was in 2018, hosting a group of 35 Americans on a luxury yacht for a week from Trogir to Dubrovnik. I had sailed between islands before, but never in one shot or one-week-long journey - which is something I believe everyone in Croatia should experience. We sailed from Trogir to Pučišća on Brač, from Brač to Hvar, Hvar to Korčula, and finally to Mljet and Dubrovnik, exploring the magic of each island, cave, cove, and bay in between. Seeing the Adriatic Coast from this perspective cannot be compared to day trips or short visits - it's an all-encompassing experience of the Adriatic, its beauty, culture, cuisine, and customs, with no room to escape. Sailing allows you to embrace every aspect of the country - and when it's as amazing as Croatia, you'll want to dive straight in. 


World Cup 2018

I recently published about the realities of being a female football journalist in Croatia and mentioned that even with Croatia making it to the 2018 World Cup final in Russia, I couldn't imagine being anywhere but Split or Croatia during that tournament. One of those things you never think you'll get to experience in your lifetime, especially when it seemed like that 1998 bronze medal would be our most significant achievement. From Nigeria to start and France in the final, Croatia was electric that summer - a nation united. I get chills thinking back to those nail-biting finishes, watching them from the fan zone in Split's Dardin Park. There were endless screams, tears, hugs, disbelief, and WTF moments. And countless celebrations. Croatia, that summer of 2018, was magic. 


Anything at Poljud Stadium

Literally, anything. And I've got to see a lot of games since moving here in 2015. While any Croatian derby is a must, you won't be able to compare watching Hajduk play Dinamo in Split, and you can always expect a sold-out crowd. European games are the only games that come close, and watching Wayne Rooney's Everton at Poljud was extra special. I can't wait to see what it will be like against Villarreal. And then there was the Croatian Cup, which Hajduk won for the first time since 2013, resulting in beautiful chaos on the pitch and into a party that was carried onto the Riva. And let's not forget the Croatia national team's return to Poljud, hosting Portugal and France in the last few years and beating Russia for a spot in the 2022 World Cup. If you have a chance to go to Poljud, no matter the match, don't miss the chance. 


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Wednesday, 27 April 2022

Brioni Cup: International Sailing Regatta Taking to NP Brijuni

April the 27th, 2022 - The Brioni Cup, an international sailing regatta which is likely to attract all lovers of this popular passtime, is set to take place in the waters of Pula, Fazana, and the stunning Brijuni National Park (NP Brijuni).

As Morski writes, from April the 29th to May the 1st, the 18th Brioni Cup will be held - an international sailing event regatta organised by JK Delfin from Pula and co-organised by JK Brioni from Fazana.

The manifestation programme is set to kick off on Friday, April the 29th at 20:00 at the Rijeka pier in Pula with a TECHNO VIKINGS concert, an offer of sparkling wines, craft beer, prosciutto and more.

The regatta itself is set to begin on Saturday, April the 30th at 11:00 So far, the arrival of more than 50 sailboats of all kinds have been announced. On top of that, the arrival of sailors from several countries is also expected. In addition to sailors from up and down Croatia, sailors are due to arrive from Italy, Slovenia, South Africa and Austria.

They are participants of various ages and interest groups, meaning that there will be sailors who are professionals, but there will also be those who sail for recreational purposes, children and adults. Enthusiasts who will sail for the first time as part of the Brioni Cup will do so in teams with an experienced crew.

The Brioni Cup is regarded as one of the most beautiful regattas on the entire Adriatic, starting from the popular Istrian city of Pula, then sailing around NP Brijuni, which is very widely known for its exceptional nature and the beauty of its archipelago. The Brioni Cup regatta is particularly attractive owing to the very specific conditions that can be imposed as a challenge when sailing, such as changes in wind conditions. The regatta will then move away from this area and sails towards Fazana and in the area around the Brijuni National Park itself.

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Wednesday, 20 April 2022

Amount of Croatian Nautical Tourism Arrivals Spells Good Season

April the 20th, 2022 - The blossoming Croatian nautical tourism sector has high hopes for the upcoming summer tourist season, with reason to believe that 2022's summer season could be even better than the record one of pre-pandemic 2019.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Marija Crnjak writes, if there are no major surprises in the geopolitical and epidemiological field, all indications are that for Croatian nautical tourism in 2022 in Croatia, traffic could exceed the pre-pandemic year 2019, with this sector already receiving its very first guests.

Good occupancy

According to eVisitor, from the beginning of the year until Easter itself, 13,000 arrivals and 61,000 overnight stays were realised in the Croatian nautical tourism sector, which marks an increase of 115 percent in terms of arrivals and 130 percent in terms of overnight stays when compared to last year.

Compared to the same period back in pre-pandemic 2019, it is also an increase of 6 percent in arrivals and 10 percent in overnight stays. The highest number of overnight stays in the Croatian nautical tourism sector are being realised in Split-Dalmatia, Zadar and Sibenik-Knin counties, and the highest number of overnight stays has been being realised by Austrians, Germans, Czechs, Poles and Slovenes.

"The charter lists are already pretty well filled. A significant number of departures on the booking lists are set to begin from the end of May, with June, July and August generally being filled with more than 70 percent of the capacity. September is traditionally a well-filled month, and because the prices are slightly lower than they are in the main season, and the crowds in the marinas aren't as heavy as they are during the very height of the season. Given the situation over in Ukraine, charters did notice a stalemate in reservations for the month of March. Despite that, it's good that the charters this season have mostly not resorted to approving big discounts on reservations,'' said Selma Cmelik, the founder of the č platform.

Currently, the biggest problem for the Croatian nautical tourism sector is the overall increase in costs for external service services, such as cleaning services, gas suppliers, and spare parts. As Cmelik explained, charters cannot increase the price of their services, because all reservations have so far been paid in advance.

It is also not popular to increase rental prices when the season has already begun. Sean Lisjak, president of the marina association at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK), explained that the competition across the rest of the Mediterranean has already started, which is why marinas here in Croatia will mostly stick to last year's prices of services this year. For now, the marinas are expected to surpass 2019's enviable figures.

"Although we don't have all the aggregate data for last year's business, we already know that the sector achieved almost the same amount in terms of turnover from 2019 last year, and according to announcements and reservations, this year should be even stronger if there are no major shocks elsewhere in Europe. Sailors are specific guests, they are loyal to this type of vacation, they have their own boats, nothing really bothered them during the pandemic because they're separated from other tourists,'' explained Lisjak.

The national marina chain, ACI, also pointed out that the previous season was already very good when compared to 2019, especially in the third quarter, when the most significant results were achieved.

"When we talk about the coronavirus pandemic, Croatian nautical tourism has really proved to be the most resilient type of all. People can stay undisturbed on their own or rented boats practically in isolation, and a safe holiday and stay in our marinas is guaranteed by the Safe stay in Croatia label, which is boasted by all ACI marinas. We're also witnessing a situation where an increasing number of countries have fully opened up or are opening up in the context of epidemiological measures and travel. When we talk about the geopolitical situation in Europe and its impact on the tourist and nautical season, it's too soon to say too much, but we expect the continuation of positive tourist trends this season as well.

At the moment, everything is in favour of things going well. The Croatian nautical season usually starts around Easter. So far, there have been no significant cancellations and all activities in the marinas are taking place as usual. Therefore, we can say that we're optimistic about the beginning of the pre-season and the season itself,'' they stated from ACI, which enjoyed growth in 2021 in terms of sales revenue of 35.9 million kuna, or 21 percent more when compared to 2020.

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Sunday, 24 October 2021

Biograd Boat Show 2021 - Central Europe's Gateway to the Sea

24 October 2021 - This year the Biograd Boat Show celebrated it's 23rd show with 21 years of continuous record breaking shows, a unique accomplishment with so many boat shows around the world. Held at Marina Kornati in Biograd na moru, this is Central Europe’s largest in-water boat show and has gained international popularity amongst both exhibitors and visitors alike. Industry events held within the Biograd Boat Show  include the 5th HGK (Croatian Chamber of Commerce) Nautical Days (20th-22nd), the Croatia Charter Expo (21st-22nd) and the Biograd B2B business networking event.


The first day was opened by the Minister of Regional Development and EU Funds, Nataša Tramišak.

 aerial shot

Stretched out across four marquee halls and three piers spanning the northern and western wings of Marina Kornati, the Boat Show offered visitors the chance to peruse over 300 registered exhibitors across all aspect srelated to the marine industry, including apparel, solar energy, boat charter agents, food products , chandlery and textiles. A highlight for many visiting the boat show, there were also up to 300 boats on display, with many of them open to the public to look through and inspect. 


Of course, in these COVID times, safety measures were in place such as RAPID testing available at the entrance for 50 kuna per person for anyone who did not have a COVID passport (required to enter the event.) There were also many sanitizer stations laid out all over providing many opportunities for both exhibitors and attendees to ensure that they were abiding by the COVID guidelines.


Some of the new vessels that were introduced to the Croatian market included:

  • Seamaster 45 Fortuna - Presented by Angelina Yachting, this is the largest motorboat from the Seamaster range, with a 13.5m flybridge. contemporary design and luxe interior. Available for charter with Angelina Yachting.
  • Flammifer FFB 640 F-RPA compact firefighting boat - Made domestically in Croatia, this powerful machine is designed to emit jets of up to 45 meters, useful for its’ purpose of fighting fires in marina’s, on ships and in coastal areas where access is only by sea.
  • Bali Catamaran in sizes 4.2 and4.6 - Bali is known for its’ unique catamaran designs maximising on lounging space and open living areas. Their 4.2 and 4.6 models are already popular in the charter industry here in Croatia. 
  • Agena Marin solar ferry boat - With it’s clean lines and retro design, this lightweight 8.5m long vessel has a maximum of 12 passengers. Equipped with a solar panel with a capacity of 1800 W that constantly charges the batteries, the boat can sail constantly from 5 to 8 hours, depending on the load.
  • See below for a quick walk-through of the Bali 4.6 with 45D in their Biograd Boat Show vlog. Charter a Bali catamaran with Croatia Yachting Charter HERE  



A few other noteworthy exhibitors were: 

  • EcoFlow - A compact and highly attractive portable solar power system, boasting the worlds fastest portable power stations.
  • Big Green Egg - A bbq with a distinctive name and appearance, it comes in three different sizes and is made in Croatia!
  • Lampuga - Premium, electric, emission-free surfboards.


A Biograd Boat Show favourite returned this year as well. Christian Buchair, also known as “Rocket Man” took to the air with his Flyboard Water Jet Pack. Christian is also associated with Efun Waterways, who were also at the Boat Show showcasing their luxury water toys! Efun maximized on being at the Biograd Boat Show and premiered the Messestand, their new German-made carbon electric surfboard from WaterRebels. 

 rocket man chris

Every evening of the event was closed with live entertainment from local artists, such as Three Little Birds, Mate Skračić band, The Dreamers and a special performance on Saturday night from Freeway “Unplugged”, a band consisting of local nautical workers! 


For more detailed information and some great articles relevant to both the Biograd Boat Show and nautical tourism within Croatia, check out the Biograd Boat Show Croatia Yachting magazine here.


Photo credit:

 aerial shot exhibitors


If you have questions on anything sailing in Croatia, feel free to ask below in the comments or check out Total Croatia, Sailing in Croatia: Your One-Stop-Shop for Everything Sailing.

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'Take A Minute' Series: Sailing Croatia, Drone Footage, Island Šolta

July 15, 2021 - Welcome to our 'Take a Minute' series. A visual series where every week we post something to help you escape for a minute. These posts can be anything Croatia sailing related, including some one-minute drone shots, showcasing sailing and the beauty of the Adriatic Islands.

This week, we give you a glimpse of the island of Šolta. Šolta is only 9 nautical miles (17 kilometres) from Split, and is the 13th largest island in Croatia, measuring at just under 60 km2 and with a coastline of about 80 km. The island can be reached by car ferry from Split to Rogač (operated by Jadrolinija), or passenger-only catamaran from Split to Rogač (operated by Krilo).

Šolta is undoubtedly a must-see destination on your sailing adventure around the Adriatic Islands. An island both charming and beautiful, it is often forgotten or passed over when people speak about the islands of Dalmatia because it is less built-up and less populated than certain other islands. And yet it is exactly this reason as to why it is such a wonderful place to visit.

Šolta is perfect for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle. It's a mecca, if you will, with its untouched beaches and a small population of fewer than 2000 people. We believe the best way to see the island is by sailing. It's a great destination for lovers of nature, unspoilt beaches and of course, the crystal clear Adriatic sea.


Maslinica village is hidden in a cove on the westernmost part of the island is almost totally obscured behind the many small islands sprinkled in front of it. This small harbour is even more charming for its secluded location. The village of Maslinica is the only settlement and port on the west side of the island. And central to this quiet quaint village is the u-shaped promenade that snakes along the beach bars, past the small local restaurants dotting the waterfront, all the way to the beautiful Martinis Marchi castle and marina. Previously the aristocratic summer home of the Alberti family, this crown jewel of Maslinica has been completely restored to all her former glory and is now a sumptuous Martinis Marchi Heritage Hotel. Located alongside the castle is the Martinis Marchi marina which, according to their website, "offers a modern mooring capacity of 50 boats (measuring up to 40m in length) along with several berths for larger boats."  

The castle and marina, coupled with the heart of the city with orderly little stone houses and restaurants offering the very best of the island of Šolta produce, is as picturesque as it gets. 

Surrounded by endless blue, this beautiful oasis is gaining popularity and, after decades of disconnection and oblivion coming into focus as a serene place to spend a few days – or forever.

If you have questions on anything sailing in Croatia, feel free to ask below in the comments or check out Total Croatia, Sailing in Croatia: Your One-Stop-Shop for everything sailing.

If you’re looking to experience a Premium 7-day sailing holiday, all-inclusive tour around the Dalmatian Islands: 45 Degrees Sailing

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Croatia's Sailing Yoga Retreats: Eat. Sleep. Yoga. Sail. And Repeat

July 14, 2021 - With the Adriatic sea's shimmering shades of blue, a coastline filled with islands to explore, and a bountiful amount of sunshine and blue sky, is there any better place to find inner peace and balance than a sailing yoga retreat in Croatia? A look at Croatia's sailing yoga retreats. 

209462430_519993856083042_206677714156387902_n_1.jpgPhoto credit: Instagram - aerialsea

Yoga is now so popular that all kinds of methods have been invented including even the most unconventional ones such as beer yoga, yoga raves, tantrums yoga, nude yoga, and goat yoga - yes, yoga with goats is a thing and also apparently having full-blown tantrums, too. Though there is no beer yoga or yoga raves available in Croatia (at least for now), Croatia's response to yoga's growing trend is by introducing a combination of a yoga retreat and sailing holiday in Croatia - that means sunrise meditation, morning yogas, delectable Mediterranean food selection, and island hopping, in short, a yoga holiday in paradise!

Sailing yoga retreats in Croatia

209584799_1009306893141985_1318592550050222674_n_1.jpgPhoto credit: Instagram - aerialsea


There are currently 4 sailing yoga retreats registered in BookYogaRetreats and available in Croatia:

1) Yoga Sailing Holiday - 8 Day Sailing and Yoga Holiday in Croatia 

The most popular retreat, according to BookYogaRetreats, Yoga Sailing Holiday offers 7-day yoga-sailing from Split to Dubrovnik, and visiting Croatia's famous islands such as Vis, Hvar, Korčula and the Mljet National Park is a part of their itinerary. Their yoga program includes daily sunrise meditation and morning, yoga classes. At the port, the participants will have the time to enjoy exploring the islands by foot or scooter and onboard, they will get to enjoy delectable selections of wine and mouth-watering local fresh fish and grilled vegetables. Yoga Sailing Holiday also prepares vegan meals daily. The yoga styles offered are Hatha, vinyasa, and yin, and the classes are conducted in English and are open to beginner, intermediate, and advanced practitioners. The retreat program is open to 7 participants. If interested, CLICK HERE for more information.

2) Daniel and Igor - 8 Day Elevate Yoga Retreat on the Islands of Cres and Lošinj

Daniel and Igor offer to elevate your spirit by cruising the archipelago, discovering breathtaking natural locations, feeling the health benefits of the island’s micro-climate, enjoying the local delicacies, getting insider access to the local lifestyle, and of course, practicing hatha yoga with them twice a day. The yoga holiday retreat also includes sport and safety gear for all activities, entrance to museums and education centers, private chef, skipper and guide, airport transfers, panorama flight, and underwater photos. The highlight of the retreat is the holiday home Stancija Srem where guests will be staying. The secluded villa has an infinity pool and is nestled in the green hills of Cres Island but also located near the island's most pristine beaches. The class is offered in Croatian, German, and Portuguese and is open for beginner and intermediate practitioners. This retreat is open to 6 to 12 group participants. If interested, CLICK HERE for more information.

3) AerialSea - 8 Days Sailing, Meditation, and Yoga Holiday in Split Area, Croatia

AerialSea offers a deeply secured and supported time and space for recharging oneself through yoga and mindfulness retreat offered onboard their sailing yacht. Their 8-day program includes daily yoga classes, morning meditation, and lectures, sailing through the hidden bays of Croatia, strolling around local villages, and dolphin-spotting if you're lucky enough to come across them. You may also sunbathe on the yacht's deck and participate in onboard team-cooking. The yoga styles they teach are vinyasa, restorative and aerial. The class can be conducted in English or German and is open to 6 to 8 participants, beginner and intermediate. If interested, CLICK HERE for more information.

4) Mare & Soul - 6 days of pure relaxation on a yoga holiday with a sailing trip along the coast of Istria, northern Adriatic

Mare & Soul invites you to give your body and soul a break and restore balance in your life by joining them on their yacht retreat along the beautiful Istrian coast. Their program includes daily yoga sessions, pranayamas, and meditation, acupuncture massages, Bemer physical vascular therapy for microcirculation improvement all conducted on their fully equipped sailing yacht. They also offer a healthy and delicious Ayurvedic diet to further aid the body in regaining health and balance. Hatha yoga is offered at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. The class is conducted in German or English and is open to 6 participants maximum. If interested, CLICK HERE for more information. 

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Digital Nomads Sailing Review – 6 Digital Nomads, One-Week Remote Working Holiday, Expectations v. Reality

July 14, 2021 - Digital Nomads Sailing Review – 6 Digital Nomads, One-week Remote Working Holiday, Expectations v. Reality


  • Digital Nomad Destinations

The pandemic has forever changed the Digital Nomad scene. And, as the concept of digital nomadism becomes increasingly popular, various destinations are enacting programs to attract this specific group of travellers.

Croatia is one of these destinations. Details about the new “Digital Nomad’s Residence Permit” (more commonly referred to as the “Digital Nomad Visa”, which it is not!) is found here.

  • Digital Nomads | Remote Workers

Over the past year, we have learned the ‘real’ difference between the digital nomad and remote worker: digital nomads travel and change location often, remote workers are more stationary and tend to stay in one place for a longer period of time. Remote working and being a digital nomad are lifestyles and, like most things in this world, no definition can totally encapsulate all the different versions. 

IMG 9616

So then:

What is a Digital Nomad?

- A Digital Nomad is someone who works remotely, typically as a freelancer or entrepreneur, as they travel the world, visiting different places for weeks or months at a time. 

What is Digital Nomadism?

- Digital nomadism is about living in different locations around the world that match one’s personality and lifestyle; places that challenge us or give us a different perspective on the world. Digital nomadism is a mindset, as much as it is a role or label.

What is a Remote Worker?

- Remote workers tend to be more stationary when compared to the digital nomad. A remote worker’s lifestyle focuses much more on the work than on the location. They will work in a variety of industries and for a range of employers and are not required to visit a physical office in one location to get their work done. 

We think the great thing about all of this is that since COVID, more and more companies and employees, have become open to employees working remotely and building more flexible lifestyles. It’s as if remote work has gone mainstream.


AND, what does all this all have to do with sailing?

With Croatia’s first-ever Digital Nomad Conference held in Dubrovnik in October 2020, the Digital Nomads in Residence competition launched in Dubrovnik in April/May 2021, the Zagreb Digital Nomad Week held in June 2021, this new type of travel market has exploded in Croatia. And with it, many people have put on their creative hats and created new tours, new offerings, and new services to meet the market. A new type of traveller has been defined. 

New work/tourism programs have cropped up, aimed at helping digital nomads navigate working in new environments, living among different cultures, and experiencing new ways of working.

And that’s where the two worlds collide.

IMG 9644

Welcome to the overlap of sailing and the Digital Nomad lifestyle.

  • Sail Croatia, Digital Nomad Liveaboard Special.

A great example of an innovative tourist agency, Sail Croatia is now exploring the completely new concept of co-working spaces located in a marina. Specifically, the ACI marina in Milna, on the island of Brač.

Sail Croatia offers catamarans as an ideal space both for working and relaxing at the same time. Their “Digital Nomad Live Aboard Special” offers 28 days living and working on-board a floating apartment, including wifi, open-plan working spaces, and plenty of room for friends and family both working and enjoying the sights.

Choose to work in the air-conditioned salon or take in the picturesque views from the cockpit or bow of the catamaran if you'd prefer to work outside!

Tailor your itinerary to work as little, or as much as you’d like, taking advantage of free mooring in Milna for the days that you’re working on board. You also have the option of hiring a local skipper or booking a range of activities for when you’re ready to explore!

A completely innovative concept. Read more here.


  • Local Opportunities

Many different industries are now jumping on this bandwagon. Boats are being converted into floating offices, offering panoramic views of beautiful island settings. Hotels are putting together great long-term accommodation packages with all sorts of extras included. Even private accommodation options are now including a work desk and wifi included in monthly bundles.

Being a digital nomad and being in one place for more than a week, you get to be right on the spot for new deals coming up. Getting to know the locals and other Digital Nomads in the area means that you are ideally located for great opportunities to just fall into your lap!

A digital nomad currently located in Split, Croatia, Cyndie has just had the fantastic opportunity of spending a week on-board a Lagoon 40. While not specifically a digital nomad charter, being given an opportunity by one of the locals, she jumped at it to see how hard or easy it would be to work when sailing. While initially a little concerned about getting behind on work, she describes her week here on board with 3 others, plus the skipper and his wife.

Read her experience here.


  • 45 Degrees Sailing, Digital Nomad Sailing Week

In response to COVID19, 45 Degrees Sailing created a unique sailing week specifically designed to cater to Digital Nomads. It is a remote working holiday like no other. On this trip, you can discover the most amazing work week of your life sailing around the Adriatic, whilst still being connected and getting your work done!

This trip is designed specifically for a week combining work & play. The trip is recommended for:

  • anyone living or looking to live a digital nomad life
  • those working remotely due to the global pandemic
  • those looking for a combination of work, fun & adventure
  • anyone who realises there’s more to life than the commute!

This 7-day Digital Nomad Sailing Week is offered on-board a luxurious 54.8 foot, Hanse Performance Cruiser. This comfortable vessel features open-planned, air-conditioned workspaces, is fully equipped with high-speed internet, and has more power and charging docks than you will need!

 DJI 0937 copy min

45D has tailored their onboard environment to specifically meet the needs of Digital Nomads, offering amazing private accommodation, supercharged WIFI, and spectacular environments to explore with your chosen bubble onboard. Imagine your own floating apartment, offering the most amazing set-up conducive to being productive in complete luxury, with plenty of space for all onboard. Plus, a skipper and quarter-master who personally understand the challenges and complexities of the Digital Nomad lifestyle to help make your week on the boat both productive AND memorable.

And yet for many, this type of work/play experience is not one they have ever contemplated before. So, let’s find out first-hand what the experience is like. We will meet real-life Digital Nomads and find out what their initial expectations were and then at the end of the trip, how they were met.


  • 6 Digital Nomads

First off, let’s meet the six digital nomads that took the leap and signed up with 45 Degrees Sailing and their first 7-day Digital Nomad week in 2020:

- Abhi Pal & Gabby Gerbus | Year Disrupted - Travel Couple

- Jess Wang & Michal Semela | Instagram: dajesswang & michalsemela

- Peter Kirkham & Rochelle Greenberg | Instagram: peterkirkham & rochelle_greenberg

Team shot copy

Where did the idea come from?

The group all met through Remote Year and were introduced to Nick Hathaway from 45 Degrees Sailing through Saltwater Nomads in Split. With COVID-19 shutting down many of their options to continue their travelling/working lifestyle, they were very interested in the idea of being able to enjoy the perks of a sailing holiday, while still being connected and able to work on-board the yacht.


What were their expectations, fears, challenges, before and after the trip?

Let them tell you themselves, we captured it on video:

  • expectations
  • challenges
  • the yacht
  • the crew
  • the food


Digital Nomads often juggle deadlines, wifi reception, differing time zones, and so much more! Coming from location flexible jobs themselves, Nick and Mahina understand how exhausting this juggle can be, which is exactly why they created a holiday package specifically designed to help Digital Nomads meet deadlines AND enjoy the wonders of the Croatian islands.

From their five years of experience providing luxury guided tours, they know that it makes life so much easier if you have someone on board who takes care of the boat, the logistics, and even better someone who organises all the food and even cooks.  This approach allowed the Digital Nomads ample time to focus on work when needed and then, the ability to make the most of their fun time too.

team 7 copy 2


The Digital Nomads themselves answered many of the questions and concerns that often crop up when talking about working from a boat. See what they have to say in their video snippets below:

  • What if the weather is forecast to be bad during the week?


  • How does sailing compare to other travel experiences?


  • What if you are prone to seasickness?


  • Is there enough space to work and play on the yacht?


  • Is a 7-Day Sailing Holiday value for money?


  • What made this trip different?


Being a Digital Nomad requires a lot of planning and organisation. Having the option of jumping onboard a yacht to work sounds very romantic. And it can be an incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience. Exactly the kind of building block that life as a Digital Nomad is designed to accommodate.

If you are interested in finding out more about how you can work on board a yacht and sight-see the Croatian islands at the same time, check out our article on what things you need to think about before stepping on board - Top 4 Must-Haves for an Amazing Remote Working Holiday on a Yacht.

IMG 9531

If you have questions on anything sailing in Croatia, feel free to ask below in the comments or check out Total Croatia, Sailing in Croatia: Your One-Stop-Shop for everything sailing.

If you’re looking to experience that remote working holiday that keeps you wanting more, find more details here about an amazing Digital Nomad Sailing Week.

For more about Digital Nomads and Travel in Croatia follow TCN's dedicated pages - Digital Nomads | Travel.

Wednesday, 7 July 2021

Take A Minute Series: Sailing Croatia, Drone Footage, Hvar Island

July 7, 2021 - A new visual series, every week, one-minute drone footage, showcasing sailing, showcasing the beauty of the Adriatic Islands.

Take a minute to relax, breathe and enjoy some of Croatia's stunning islandscapes.

Today the first in our series, a snapshot of Otok (island) Hvar. The Queen of the Croatian Dalmatian islands. Where the sun shines for an average of 7.7 hours per day.

Where the population at the last census in 2011 was just over 11,000, of whom 4,000 lived in Hvar Town itself.

Where more and more visitors are learning that there is so much more to the island of Hvar than the very famous Hvar town. 

Just to summarise a few:

"Sandy beaches near the picturesque settlement of Jelsa with its rich tradition of agriculture, the ancient town of Stari Grad, where the past centuries mingle with modern tourist facilities, heavenly beaches under pine trees in Zavala, the exotic atmosphere of south cliffs in Ivan Dolac, Sveta Nedjelja, home to the steep Plavac Mali vineyards contributing to some of Croatia’s finest wine. the beautiful waterfront village and family-friendly beaches of Milna, with some of the best fish restaurants on the island the "little Venice" ambience in Vrboskathe lavender fields near Zastrazisce, Gdinj and Bogomolje, peaceful secluded bays near SucurajHvar Travel Portal

And this is just the beginning with so much to explore from the sea.

Hvar Island is definitely a destination to be consumed at leisure, not rushed through in a day.

With the added bonus of travelling by sea, meaning you can set sail to the smaller islands and islets of unique beauty: the Pakleni Islands at the drop of a hat, or sail around Sveta Nedilja, enjoying the Red Rocks on the way and if you're a climber finding hidden places along the coast for climbing and deep water soloing. So enjoy your virtual snapshot of Hvar.

We can't wait to share more with you and welcome you to Croatia for real!

For more about travel in Croatia follow TCN's dedicated Travel Page

For more about Otok Hvar see Hvar in a Page 2021

For more about sailing in Croatia check out the Total Croatia Sailing Page


Monday, 5 July 2021

Digital Nomads On-Board – Top 4 Must Haves for an Amazing Remote Working Holiday on a Yacht

July 5, 2021 - It seems like the perfect Instagram shot. Stretched out on the deck of a beautiful sailing yacht, the stunning Croatian islands and the Adriatic Sea in the background and a snazzy laptop laid out on the lounging cushions.

The Digital Nomad dream, right?! YES!

And, you’re not alone if you think so. There is an ever-increasing number of digital nomads, taking their laptops and heading out onto the seas for that get-away from it all, creating a remote working holiday like no other. Yet does the reality and the dream match?

Maybe for a moment. AND the reality of it all may be a little bit different, especially if you aren’t clear on what you need on board and why it’s important. 

Not All Are Created Equal

So, here’s what we mean by that. Just like not all Airbnb’s a created equal. Not all yachts are created equal. And just as the most seasoned digital nomads will have a carefully crafted list for what they need in an Airbnb. Jumping on-board a yacht for an extended period will require the exact same thing, a carefully crafted list to ensure that all you require is supplied or if not, you know about it and there are no nasty surprises.


Most Common Questions

Does the yacht you are sailing on have an adequate WIFI connection? This is the most commonly asked question one most will answer yes. And yet being on the see in an unknown option to most and the implications of this one question, is a lot broader than a simple yes.

There are three other things that are important to consider on your checklist:

  • How will I keep my devices sufficiently charged?
  • Are there sufficiently comfortable workspaces to sit?
  • Especially in summer, is there shaded space available on board?

As lovely as lounging around on the deck with your laptop looks on Instagram, it doesn’t make for a very comfortable working position for more than ten minutes add to that working with minimum shade or downstairs with no air con and the thrill of a remote working holiday on the sea, can soon wear thin.

So, for anyone considering such an adventure, here are the top four must-haves to ensure your remote working holiday experience on board is amazing!





As we said earlier, WIFI is always the first question that comes up in a conversation about working remotely on a boat.

Which makes sense. It’s right there in the title, Digital Nomad. Digital! It’s a tad difficult to be digital if there’s no WIFI connection! And one of the great things about the Dalmatian islands is that the reception for the most part is fantastic.

And there are amazing places you will want to visit, with no reception and that doesn't mean you need to miss out or settle for less. That is why along with WIFI connection, it is important to be sailing with a skipper and/or a crew that understands the importance of being connected.

Because, while there isn’t reception in every nook and cranny, good, ongoing communication amongst everyone on board, will ensure that you can still have the best of both worlds. That is, being able to be in good reception to connect with your clients and complete your commitments online, as well as experiencing some of the incredible hidden treasures that Croatia has to offer tucked in away from the reach of the digital world.

Yes, it will take a bit of juggling which is why it is important to be working alongside the crew on-board who can help you manage this juggle and really work hard to help you get the most out of your time on board without sacrificing any of your work commitments.

TIP ONE: Check WIFI and even more important, choose a skipper and/or crew who truly understands what it means to be a traveling, working Digital Nomad.




Another big consideration when you’re thinking about working from a yacht is power. Boats carry their own power, in the form of batteries. Different boats have different capacities to store and hold power, and if the boat is older and ‘well-loved', these batteries can often be working at much less than 100%. Now, this is something that many sailors are totally ok with. Traditionally, going sailing has been about disconnecting and putting away technology in favour of reconnecting with nature, the stars and revelling in the quiet.

And sailing has changed over the years. We now have sailing boats, both monohull and catamarans, that have increased power bank capacities, enabling those of us who need to, to stay connected to the outside world whilst still enjoying all the beauty and serenity that comes with spending time on a yacht in the Adriatic.

Even for the older boats that aren’t as power-endowed, there are tricks and tips for making sure you can power up when the batteries are low or unreliable. You can choose to pay and dock in a marina or port where you can hook up to shore power. Or your skipper can run the motor if you are at anchor or on a mooring ball to help charge the batteries. Although this does very much lessen the serenity of being anchored or moored in a picturesque Croatian bay!

TIP TWO: Check with your skipper and/or crew the electricity capacity and availability on the yacht you are looking to be on for the week.




The itinerary is also something that needs thinking about when you are a working Digital Nomad on board a sea-going vessel. Your work schedule and the work schedule of other Digital Nomads on-board need to be discussed and made known so that the Skipper is aware of what times a strong WIFI connection is imperative, perhaps for a webinar, to dial into a staff meeting or to take a client call.

This information then needs to be juggled with sightseeing, managing any weather systems that may be moving through the area, as well as making sure that everyone is aware of the plan for the week, including how it can so easily change during the week. Plans need to be made to ensure that time is allowed for comfortable working conditions each day.

TIP THREE: Communication and planning is key to smooth sailing and being able to meet the variety of needs of all on board.




The peak of the summer season in Croatia means temperatures of close to 40 degrees in the Mediterranean sun. The sea breeze takes the harshness away from the sun and it’s still important to be extra careful when spending time onboard in the sun, especially during the hottest times of the day. Enquire about the cover and shaded areas on board. Working directly in the sun isn’t that much fun after 10 minutes or so.

And while you will welcome air conditioning like your best friend, note that your air conditioner can only operate while your yacht is connected to external power, or while in the marina. If you are spending the night anchored in an enchanting bay, you’ll need a generator or go air-con-free!

All of these things that we so often take for granted on-land, you need to ask about and feel comfortable with the arrangements right from the start, when booking your remote working holiday.

TIP FOUR: Enquire about the onboard bimini sunshade and other cover provided on your chosen yacht, just to be sure.


We hope you find these top 4 must-haves helpful when planning your remote working holiday on the Adriatic.

If you have questions, feel free to ask below in the comments or check out Total Croatia, Sailing in Croatia: Your One-Stop-Shop for everything sailing.

If you’re looking to experience that remote working holiday that keeps you wanting more, find more details here about an amazing Digital Nomad Sailing Week.

For more about Digital Nomads and Travel in Croatia follow TCN's dedicated pages - Digital Nomads | Travel.

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