Wednesday, 31 March 2021

17 New Ryanair Flights to Zadar this Summer, 37 International Lines Total!

March 31, 2021 - The latest flight news to Croatia as 17 new Ryanair flights to Zadar this summer have been announced, for a total of 37 international lines flying to the new Ryanair Zadar base! 

Croatian Aviation reports that Ryanair held two press conferences yesterday, both virtual, for Zagreb and Zadar airports. 

At the press conference, Europe's largest airline announced the reopening of its base at Zadar Airport. With two base aircraft, on as many as 78 weekly flights, it will connect Zadar with 37 destinations, of which as many as 17 are new, giving passengers the opportunity to choose from a number of European destinations from July 2021.

Ryanair's new destinations from Zadar Airport announced for this summer season are:


















In addition to the 17 new lines, Ryanair will operate from Zadar on 20 more previously introduced lines, bringing a total of 37 international destinations to Zadar!

Given the number of announced routes, Ryanair will open a base at Zadar Airport this summer and base 2 of its aircraft there. In total, on a weekly basis, the Irish carrier will have as many as 78 return flights to 15 European countries.

According to Croatian Aviation, there will also be 12 Ryanair flights to Zagreb from eight countries. Thus, the Croatian metropolis will be connected with Paris, Brussels, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Karlsruhe, Memmingen, Milan, Rome, Podgorica, Oslo, Gothenburg, and London.

Already this autumn, Ryanair will perform as many as 36 weekly flights from Zagreb Airport to the following destinations:

Brussels Charleroi, from June 2, 3 times a week,

Dortmund, from September 3, 2 times a week,

Frankfurt-Hahn, from September 3, 3 times a week,

Gothenburg, from September 3, 3 times a week,

Karlsruhe, from September 2, 2 times a week,

London, from September 1, daily,

Memmingen, from September 3, 2 times a week,

Milan, from July 1, 4 times a week,

Paris, from September 2, 2 times a week,

Podgorica, from September 4, 2 times a week,

Rome, from September 3, 3 times a week,

Torp Sandefjord, from September 1, 2 times a week.

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Monday, 8 February 2021

Flights to Croatia: Ryanair Offers 18 Lines from Zadar this Summer!

February 8, 2021 - The latest news for flights to Croatia as Ryanair offers 18 lines from Zadar this summer.

Croatian Aviation reports that in cooperation with Lauda (Laudamotion), Ryanair plans to base one A320 at Zadar Airport in the upcoming summer flight schedule!

Namely, according to the original plan from 2019, this was supposed to happen in the summer season of 2020. However, after the outbreak of the global pandemic, the airlines temporarily abandoned that plan.

In the last few days, an increasing number of international destinations to and from Zadar Airport has been added to Ryanair's official website. Lauda will operate a larger number of flights.

Ryanair and Lauda will offer as many as 18 destinations from Zadar Airport in the upcoming summer flight schedule:

Berlin (from July 2, 2 times a week),

Brussels (from May 1, up to 4 times a week),

Cologne (currently unavailable for booking),

Dublin (from May 2, up to 2 times a week),

Gothenburg (from July 3, up to 2 times a week),

Karlsruhe (from July 3, up to 2 times a week),

Krakow (from May 2, up to 2 times a week),

London (from June 1, up to 4 times a week),

Manchester (from June 1, up to 2 times a week),

Marseille (from May 2, up to 2 times a week),

Memmingen (from July 3, up to 2 times a week),

Naples (from June 4, up to 2 times a week),

Paris (from July 3, up to 2 times a week),

Poznan (from May 2, up to 2 times a week),

Prague (from May 1, up to 2 times a week),

Vienna (from July 2, up to 3 times a week),

Weeze (from March 30, up to 3 times a week),

Wroclaw (from July 2, up to 2 times a week).

These are significantly more international destinations to Zadar Airport than in the summer flight schedule in 2020. Although as many as six lines will operate only in the peak season, from the beginning of July, Ryanair and its subsidiaries will once again confirm their primacy at Zadar Airport, where they will, if epidemiological measures allow, confirm their role as carrier number 1 this summer.

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Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Flights to Croatia: Ryanair Pulls 15 Lines to Croatia for Summer 2021

November 17, 2020 - The latest news for flights to Croatia as Ryanair pulls 15 lines to Croatia in the 2021 summer flight schedule. 

Croatian Aviation reports that Irish low-cost carrier Ryanair has pulled 15 international routes to Croatia for the summer of 2021. These are lines to Pula, Rijeka, Zadar, and Split.

Namely, Ryanair has revised its flight schedule for the 2021 summer season and has stopped sales on numerous international routes, including as many as 15 to and from Croatian airports - Pula, Rijeka, Zadar, and Split.

Only one line less to Pula and Split

Until the beginning of November, Ryanair had Berlin-Pula and Vienna-Split routes on sale, but they have been withdrawn from sale, and it is currently not possible to buy tickets on this airline for next summer. In the 2021 summer flight schedule, Ryanair will operate on some lines to Pula and one to Split (from Dublin).

Two long-standing lines to Rijeka are no longer for sale

The airline currently offers only one line to Rijeka Airport for the summer of 2021. This is the Frankfurt Hahn-Rijeka line, which also operated this summer season. In 2019, Ryanair operated from Frankfurt's main airport to Rijeka, a far better option for passengers than Hahn, 115 kilometers away.

There are currently no lines from London and Brussels to Rijeka on sale for the next summer season, while the long-standing Stockholm-Rijeka line was canceled earlier. According to the currently available flight schedule, only the Frankfurt Hahn to Rijeka route will be in traffic.

As many as 11 lines to Zadar were withdrawn from sale

Zadar Airport had big announcements from Ryanair and partner company Laudamotion for the 2020 summer season. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, most of the previously announced routes were not launched. The company offered all lines for the next summer season, thus leaving space for aircraft bases in Zadar and great expansion in the Croatian market.

At the beginning of November, Ryanair withdrew 11 lines from Zadar for next year. The following lines are no longer on sale:

Aarhus - Zadar,

Hamburg - Zadar,

Maastricht - Zadar,

Bremen - Zadar,

Toulouse - Zadar,

Riga - Zadar,

Kaunas - Zadar,

Liverpool - Zadar,

Cork - Zadar,

Dublin - Zadar,

London - Zadar.

Most of these lines were supposed to start operating in the summer flight schedule this year, but this did not happen for obvious reasons. Ryanair obviously has no plans to base aircraft in Zadar next year. It is even more surprising that there are no flights from Dublin and London to Zadar, which did not operate this summer either. This airline had an excellent occupancy on these lines in previous years, and ticket prices were often high, especially in the peak season.

The flight schedule is available on the Ryanair website and is still subject to change. This has been confirmed to Croatian Aviation from the airline's headquarters, and we will have to wait until January when the final 2021 summer flight schedule for Croatia is announced to see if there will be any further changes. 

This will certainly depend on the epidemiological situation and the demand itself.

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Friday, 13 March 2020

Flight Cancellations in Croatia: Ryanair Postpones Zadar Base until 2021

March 13, 2020 - Ryanair confirmed today (March 13, 2020) that its planned summer base in Zadar has been canceled due to the worsening situation with the COVID-19 virus and increased travel bans by the Government.

The base, which Lauda should manage on behalf of Ryanair, will now be delayed until the summer of 2021, reports

“Ryanair regrets that the decision will result in a series of canceled flights. All affected passengers received email cancellation notifications. Concerned travelers will be able to choose between a full refund or a travel voucher that can be used on Ryanair flights within the next 12 months,” an official statement said.

“Ryanair continues to adhere fully to the guidelines of the WHO and national governments to ban travel. The situation is changing daily and all passengers on flights affected by travel bans or cancellations have received emails and are offered flight changes, full refunds, or travel bonuses,” added Ryanair.

"Ryanair apologizes sincerely to all our customers and our dear travelers for these disruptions caused by the COVID-19 virus and the government-imposed restrictions," they concluded.

To clarify, only passengers that have received notification that their flight is canceled are affected. If you have not received an email from Ryanair, there is no reason to panic. Flights booked for music festivals this summer, like Hideout, are still scheduled.

The Irish low-cost carrier officially notified Zadar Airport on Friday afternoon, when spokesperson Nikola Barac commented on the news for

“Zadar Airport was informed by Ryanair that unfortunately, flights on individual routes were canceled due to the coronavirus. About 150 flights to multiple destinations have been canceled. The most canceled flights are from Dublin, London, Brussels and Stockholm, while some routes such as Vienna, Prague, Gothenburg, Dusseldorf and Karlsruhe depart according to the scheduled flight in late March and early April,” confirmed Barac.

The international flight season begins when Ryanair's summer flight schedule launches on March 29. This year, they announced connections to as many as 32 destinations, of which 12 are new.

“The effect of canceled flights on Zadar Airport traffic will range to about 25,000 arriving passengers or about 50 percent of traffic in April,” Barac said about how Zadar airport will suffer due to the cancellation of flights.

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Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Flights to Croatia: Ryanair Cuts Two Postseason Flights to Zadar, New LaudaMotion to Pula

April 3, 2019 - The latest news from around Croatia’s airports for new flights to Croatia with updates from Zadar, Pula, and Zagreb.

Friday, 11 January 2019

Flights to Croatia: Three New Connections for Netherlands and Zadar

Three new flights to Croatia are on the cards as Croatia's rich tourist offer impresses the Dutch in Utrecht.

As Morski writes on the 10th of January, 2019, the Croatian National Tourist Board (HTZ) has been presenting the Croatian tourist offer at the Vakantiebeurs fair, which takes place in the Dutch town of Utrecht from January 9th to the 13th, 2019. The fair is intended for both a business and a wider audience, and on the first day of the fair alone, the Dutch have shown huge interest for various Croatian destinations, especially for the Croatia's camping segment. Owing to the level of interest from the Netherlands, three new flights to Croatia from Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Einhoven are ready to take off in 2019.

''The presentation at the Utrecht fair starts with the presentation of the Croatian tourist offer at the most important fairs with key emission markets. The Croatian National Tourist Board will organise the presentation of the Croatian tourist offer at a total of 22 fairs in 2019, of which there are 17 general ones, and five specialised ones, including three nautical fairs and two camping fairs,'' said the Croatian National Tourist Board's director Kristjan Staničić, adding that during 2018, almost 500,000 arrivals and about 3.2 million overnight stays were realised by Dutch tourists, representing fairly significant growth of nine percent in terms of arrivals and of five percent in terms of overnight stays made by the Dutch back in 2017.

Within the scope of the current Utrecht fair, numerous meetings with representatives of various tour operators, travel agents and airline companies such as TUI, Thomas Cook, Transavia, D-Reizen, Rotterdam-Den Haag Airport, Travel Counselors Association and others are also taking place.

Such meetings are aimed at discussing activities and better cooperation in the upcoming period. The first information which can be concluded from Dutch tour operators is that the interest level of the Dutch for Croatia is currently at last year's level, but the real period of intensification lies not too far ahead.

''We're extremely pleased with the increasing interest of air carriers for Croatia, as evidenced by the announcement of the introduction of three new air lines from the Netherlands to Croatia, more precisely to Zadar in 2019. The Transavie line will connect Zadar with Rotterdam, Ryanair will link Zadar with Eindhoven, and Easyjet will link Zadar to Amsterdam,'' said Ivan Novak, director of the Croatian National Tourist Board's representation for the Benelux countries.

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Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Ryanair Flights To Zadar, Croatia Grow By Three New Routes

December 19, 2018 — The list of Ryanair flights to Zadar is expanding in 2019. The bargain Irish airline announced new connections to Krakow, Poznan and Milan Bergamo. 

The flights will run twice a week, and be a part of the regular summer schedule for Zadar in 2019.

The area's tourism industry has a love-hate relationship with the bargain airline. Ryanair flights, some claim, have been a mixed blessing for the coastal town.Zadar effectively pays Ryanair to fly there. In exchange, the company brings a horde of summer tourists.

The town’s tourism-dependent workers and apartment owners have questioned the benefit of the relationship, especially the municipally-financed subsidy. In public forums and gatherings, questions often arise if Ryanair’s travelers fit Zadar’s target demographic. Can tourists using bargain bin prices lead to “quality” tourism?

The new flights to Poznan and Bergamo will begin on April 1, while flights to Krakow start April 3.

The new routes come atop recently-added Ryanair flights to Zadar from Cologne, Hamburg, Nuremberg, as well as Prague.

Ryanair flights to Zadar have so far included 16 routes to six countries. The additions will bring the total number of Ryanair flights to Zadar to 40 per week in 2019.

To celebrate, Ryanair is offering Croatian travelers a discount on flights to the company’s entire European network. Tickets cost EUR 15 for travel in April and only EUR 20 for flights in May. The price cut is available until Thursday, Dec. 20 at midnight.

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Saturday, 10 November 2018

Zadar Airport Welcomes 600,000 Passengers for First Time

Zadar Airport celebrated 600,000 passengers on Friday with a commemorative ceremony. After last year's 589,000 passengers, this is a new record in airport traffic for Zadar.

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Ryanair Announces New 2019 Zadar-Prague Line

Ireland's wildly popular Ryanair is set to connect Zadar and Prague twice per week as of next season.

Saturday, 7 April 2018

Time Travel at Glasgow Airport: Ryanair, Now Offering Flights to 1945 Croatia

April 7, 2018 - The prospect of air travel suddenly got way more adventurous... or so one might think, looking at a certain photo that's been making the rounds on social media owing to a problematic little detail

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