Monday, 5 July 2021

What's Next? After Nevera, New Rimac Automobili Milestone to be Announced Tonight

July 5, 2021 - A new Rimac Automobili milestone will be announced tonight at 8 pm, just one month after the Nevera was revealed. 

Rimac Automobili has announced on Facebook that it will present the next "milestone in the company's history" tonight, reports

They invited people to join the live presentation of their new venture on Monday at 8 pm Croatian time.

"What's next? Here at Rimac, we never rest.
Following the recent launch of the #Nevera, we are announcing the next major milestone in our company's history. Join us in this celebration and watch the live stream on July 5th at 8pm CEST / 11am PDT," Rimac Automobil wrote on Facebook, and Mate Rimac also shared the post on his profile.

They also shared a link where you can follow the presentation. 


It’s hard to even guess what this could be about after Mate Rimac recently, after a long wait, introduced the sensational Nevera that pushed all boundaries.  

This second-generation hypercar is limited to 150 units, and deliveries of Nevera to customers will start this year.

The price of the car is two million euros, and in recent weeks the review has appeared in almost every auto-moto magazine and portal.

"The Nevera is the most powerful production car ever produced, with 1900 horsepower, under 2 seconds from 0 to 100, under 9 seconds per quarter-mile, making it the fastest accelerating car ever on the road. It is an indicator of what we can think of in technology and work for other manufacturers such as Porsche or Hyundai who are our investors. Of course, we want to build a strong business in the production of sports cars," said Mate Rimac.

Mate Rimac announced the big news three weeks ago, which he will finally announce tonight. It was during a speech at the Auto @ 2030 Adria convention of the automotive industry, organized by the Swiss School of Business and Management (SSBM).

He said that he was sorry that on the ten-year path of development he no longer ignored the competition, that is, that he analyzed it too much, instead of working on his own. He stressed that the car industry is facing huge changes - in his opinion, in the near future, there will most likely no longer be car owners, vehicles will be autonomous and will not use only three percent of available time as now, but more than 90 percent.

"Cities will change, real estate prices, there will be fewer police on the roads," Rimac said, adding that there are still many unknowns in the whole story. The question, he said, is whether some new kids will even take the driving test, whether they will have the time and will to service the vehicles.

He also announced that Rimac Automobili will soon start with the serial production of components for vehicles.

In recent weeks, there has been speculation about Rimac going public, but also about taking over Bugatti. German Manager Magazine wrote, and Reuters reported the news, that Rimac Automobili will go public in 2022 with a company value of five billion euros.

"We are considering different possibilities, but it has not been decided in which direction we will go," Rimac Automobili said for Index. 

Recall, the contract to take over Bugatti is likely to be announced over the summer and will transfer this brand from VW to Porsche. Car and Driver also recently announced that Rimac and Porsche would then launch a joint venture with Rimac, in which Rimac would be the majority shareholder.

"Getting a Bugatti at the age of 33 would be impressive enough. But this year, Volkswagen is expected to leave the Bugatti brand, or at least a major part of it, to 33-year-old Mate Rimac because he can better design the electric powertrains that Bugatti will need in the electrified era," Car and Driver wrote recently about Rimac.

Spiegel also wrote about Rimac taking over Bugatti.

"As a supplier, Rimac has caused a sensation in the automotive industry due to deals with Hyundai and the VW Group, and the company is also supplying components for Koenigsegg and Aston Martin. Porsche has just increased its stake in the company from 15 to 24 percent. It is said that Rimac will soon take over Bugatti and make the most exclusive VW brand capable of the future with an extreme electric car," the renowned German newspaper Spiegel said about Rimac's business successes.

Under Rimac's leadership, Bugatti could produce an electric super sports car with a luxurious ambiance, the media wrote.

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Friday, 4 June 2021

No Two Rimac Nevera Supercars Manufactured Will be the Same

June the 4th, 2021 - Croatian entrepreneur Mate Rimac recently unveiled the gorgeous Nevera, and it turns out that no two Rimac Nevera supercars will be the same, giving this remarkable vehicle even more of a special touch.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Mladen Milicic/VL writes, three years after the premiere of the C_Two prototype with which the Croatian technology company Rimac Automobili impressed the entire world, this Sveta Nedelja-based company recently presented a serial version of the most powerful and fastest electric car in the world, which was given a very resounding name - Nevera.

The Rimac Nevera supercars carry with them a proud Croatian name that truly reflects their utterly incredible performance - 1914 horsepower, acceleration from 0-60 mph in 1.85 seconds, up to 300 km/h in just 9.3 seconds and a top speed of 412 km/h. This is precisely why this impressive Croatian supercar is named after a quicj, unexpected and powerful Mediterranean storm.

''That's it. This is the car I dreamed of when I embarked on this ''impossible'' journey a decade ago. All of our hard work has resulted in Nevera - our record-breaking hypercar. This car was created to surpass everything and to raise the bar, to raise the standards for high performance cars. Not only in terms of performance, but also as a rounded, balanced road car. When we first introduced the C_Two we set soe extremely high goals. But from the beginning, we were looking for ways to surpass them,'' stated Mate Rimac, the founder and executive director of Rimac Automobili.

A technological flagship

He founded the company at the age of 21 back in 2009 with the aim of producing the fastest e-car in the world. Even back then, Rimac chose an excellent niche, the development of e-vehicles, which has now become the main development path for all manufacturers due to ecology issues.

Today, Rimac Automobili and its subsidiaries employ about 1,000 people, and a 200,000-square-metre campus project was recently presented in Kerestinec near Zagreb, which should be built in 2023 with an investment of 200 million euros and a plan to employ another 1,500 people.

Sophisticated e-car technology is sold to the world's most renowned car companies, and the likes of Porsche and Hyundai have invested hundreds of millions of kuna in the company. The last major investment came in March 2021 when the German giant Porsche invested another 70 million euros in Rimac's company and increased its stake from 15.5 to 24 percent.

"We'll produce only 150 Rimac Nevera supercars, with each car produced here in Croatia, motivated by the passion of the entire team for cars," said Rimac. The prominent price for the Nevera is two million euros.

We're most pleased that most of the key components of the Rimac Nevera supercars were developed at the company's headquarters in Croatia and contain many unique technologies, and all systems have been improved over the last three years since the first prototype was shown, by hundreds of our engineers and experts working at Rimac Automobili,'' Rimac stated.

E-motor efficiency: 97 percent

The key to Nevera's outstanding performance is in Rimac's unique electric drive. Each component of the electric powertrain has been developed to achieve higher torque, better performance and increased efficiency.

The unique, liquid-cooled H-shaped battery with 6960 cells, with a capacity of 120 kWh, was designed by the Rimac team from scratch and placed in the very heart of the Rimac Nevera supercars.

Four separate motors with permanent magnets individually drive each of the wheels. Together they deliver 1914 hp and 2360 Nm of torque, which is more than any supercar with a “conventional engine” currently available on the market. The front and rear wheels are connected to the engines via a single-speed transmission.

Designed to achieve maximum torque immediately, Nevera electric motors achieve an efficiency of 97 percent - compared to 40 percent seen in the most efficient internal combustion engines - and no maintenance is needed throughout their service life.

With space for two passengers and luggage (100 l boot/trunk capacity), the Nevera is a car made for regular use. There are three high-resolution TFT screens in the cockpit, and the driver chooses how much information they want to see.

Rimac's factory won't produce two Nevera cars the same, as customers can choose from a wide range of custom designs and materials themselves.

In addition to a state-of-the-art personalisation programme, Rimac Automobili will offer its main model in GT, Signature, Timeless or Bespoke custom models. As part of the user journey, every Nevera owner will be invited here to Croatia to design their car to their liking.

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Thursday, 3 June 2021

Croatian Hypercar Rimac Nevera at Sun Gardens Resort for Potential Buyers

June 3, 2021 – Croatian automotive sensation Rimac Nevera has made its way down to Dubrovnik where it awaits potential buyers. 

Rimac Automobili is a Croatian wonder. This boutique car manufacturer makes some of the fastest and most advanced electric hypercars in the world. After the great success of its Concept One, the new production car is Nevera. Nevera is a term on the Croatian coast describing a storm over the sea which can come out of nowhere and end up being deadly. What an apt name for the strongest production car in the world, measuring 1914 BHP.


We reported on the details of Rimac Nevera. The mastermind behind the company Mate Rimac is very happy with the end result. He stated the car's components are completely custom designed just for this model. With an impressive 0-100km/h achieved in 1,85 seconds, it is clear Rimac has created another head-turning masterpiece.

What's Next?

The latest news coming out of Dubrovacki Dnevnik is that Rimac Nevera is already in Dubrovnik. More precisely, it is at Sun Gardens Resort, just outside of Dubrovnik. Here, the potential buyers will enjoy the first look at the finished product. The resort, which already has a few car-related events of the highest order under its belt, will be a wonderful setting for the official sales event. With the price tag of 2 million, Rimac Nevera is not a car that many will buy. In fact, only around 150 units of these cars are going into production, as it stands now.

With Nevera's being officially revealed only days ago, we are expecting a surge of news, articles, and media hype over this unique car of unparalleled characteristics. Perhaps it is time to follow up the success of Rimac Automobili with other Croatian companies focusing on alternative power sources. It just might be the niche this country's economy is so desperately searching for.

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