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HNL Round 25 Recap: Osijek Tops Dinamo, Rijeka Beats Hajduk at Poljud

February 28, 2022 - The 25th round of the Croatian First League was played from February 25 to 27, 2022. This round saw two of Croatia's biggest derbies - between Hajduk and Rijeka, and Osijek and Dinamo. Here's our HNL round 25 recap. 

Slaven Belupo v. Hr. Dragovoljac (1:0)

Slaven Belupo and Dragovoljac opened the 25th round in Koprivnica on February 25, 2022, in front of 753 fans. 

The only goal of the match came in the 64th minute from a Brkovic penalty. 


Belupo is currently in 6th place with 29 points, while Dragovoljac is in last place with 10. 

Lokomotiva v. Gorica (2:0)

Lokomotiva and Gorica met on Saturday, February 26, 2022, in Zagreb in front of 319 fans.

Kulenovic scored Lokomotiva's first goal for 1:0 in the 18th minute. Pivaric missed a penalty in the 60th minute, though Dabro increased Lokomotiva's lead to 2:0 in the 72nd minute, which was the final score. 


Lokomotiva is currently in 5th place with 32 points, while Gorica is in 7th place with 29. 

Hajduk v. Rijeka (1:3)

Hajduk and Rijeka met in the Adriatic Derby at Poljud on Saturday, February 26, 2022, in front of 11,453 fans. 

Drmic put Rijeka in the lead in the 17th minute, before Vuckic made it 0:2 for Rijeka in the 33rd. Livaja put Hajduk on the board in the 69th minute for 1:2, though Kresic secured Rijeka's 1:3 victory in the 86th minute.


Hajduk is currently in 4th place with 47 points and a game in hand, while Rijeka is in 3rd with 49. 

Sibenik v. Istra 1961 (2:1)

Sibenik and Istra met in Sibenik on Sunday, February 27, 2022, in front of 776 fans. 

Drena Beljo scored moments before the halftime whistle for 0:1 Istra. Marin equalized in the 53rd for 1:1, before Delic scored for 2:1 and the Sibenik win in the 63rd minute. 


Sibenik is currently in 8th place with 26 points, while Istra is in 9th place with 22. 

Osijek v. Dinamo (1:0)

Osijek and Dinamo closed out the 25th round with the highly anticipated match for first place on Sunday, February 27, 2022, in front of 6,676 fans. 

The only goal of the match came in the 77th minute thanks to Osijek's Mance. 


Osijek has now jumped to first place with 52 points, while Dinamo is in 2nd with 50 and a game in hand. 

You can see the HNL standings HERE

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Friday, 25 February 2022

Flyr Oslo-Dubrovnik Summer Flights Announced, Capacity Increased on Condor Rijeka Flights

February 25, 2022 - The latest flight news to Croatia as Flyr Oslo-Dubrovnik flights will run this summer, and Condor increases capacity on its Dusseldorf-Rijeka line.

Flyr, a new Norwegian airline based in Oslo, has announced a new line between Oslo and Dubrovnik this summer, reports Croatian Aviation.

Namely, Flyr will introduce its third flight to Croatia and the first to Dubrovnik Airport this summer. The new Oslo-Dubrovnik line will start operating on June 13 and end on August 12 this year. Two flights a week have been announced, every Monday and Wednesday, while the number of weekly rotations will increase to three from July 1, with the introduction of regular flights every Friday.

On 25 return flights in the mentioned period, Flyr offers a total of 9,450 seats between Oslo and Dubrovnik. The new route will be operated by B737-800 aircraft with a capacity of up to 189 seats in the cabin. 

Recall, this airline has already announced two lines to Zadar Airport.

Furthermore, Croatian Aviation reports that Condor Airlines is introducing two routes to Rijeka this summer, from Frankfurt and Dusseldorf. In the meantime, there has been a change of aircraft to offer a significantly larger number of seats from Dusseldorf! 

Instead of the previously planned A320 aircraft, which has a capacity of 180 seats, B757-300 aircraft with a capacity of 275 seats will fly to Rijeka every Wednesday, from the end of May to the end of September. This is a significant increase on the line that will soon start operating. On the second weekly flight between the two cities (every Saturday), A321 aircraft with a capacity of 220 seats will operate.

From May 21 to September 28, Condor Airlines offers 21,560 seats on the line between Dusseldorf and Rijeka.

In addition to the Condor, German Eurowings will also operate on this line from May to October. In the peak summer season, three weekly flights are expected on which A319 and A320 aircraft will operate. In addition, Eurowings offers 16,500 seats between Dusseldorf and Rijeka in the upcoming summer flight schedule.

In total, these two carriers will offer 38,060 seats between Dusseldorf and Rijeka, and direct flights are available from May to October.

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Monday, 21 February 2022

HNL Round 24 Recap: Dinamo and Lokomotiva Draw, Title Fight Even Tighter

February 21, 2022 - The 24th round of the Croatian First League was held from February 18 to 20, 2022. This round saw a Livaja hattrick for the Hajduk win, a last-minute goal for Osijek over Istra, and a 0:0 draw a Maksimir to shake up the top of the standings. Here is our HNL round 24 recap. 

Gorica v. Slaven Belupo (0:3)

Gorica and Slaven Belupo opened the 24th round on Friday, February 18, 2022, in Velika Gorica in front of 285 fans. 

Caimacov scored an early first goal of the match for 0:1 Belupo in the 2nd minute. Zvonarek increased Belupo's lead to 0:2 in the 10th minute. A Jovicic red card forced Gorica to play with a man down from the 56th minute, after which Marina scored a penalty for 0:3, the final score. 


Gorica is currently in 6th place with 29 points, while Belupo is in 7th with 26. 

Hr Dragovoljac v. Hajduk (0:3)

Dragovoljac and Hajduk met on Saturday, February 19, 2022, in Zagreb in front of 1,650 fans. 

Hajduk was awarded a penalty in the 32nd minute, which Marko Livaja scored for 0:1. Livaja was solid on another Hajduk penalty in the 74th minute for 0:2, before a Biuk assist found Livaja for the final 0:3 in the 79th minute. 


Dragovoljac is currently in the last place with 10 points, while Hajduk is in 3rd with 47 and a game in hand. 

Istra 1961 v. Osijek (2:3)

Istra and Osijek met on Saturday, February 19, 2022, in Pula in front of 762 fans. 

A Caktas goal put Osijek ahead in the 27th minute for 0:1. Zaper made it 0:2 13 minutes later. Then, Beljo scored for 1:2 in the 57th minute before Galilea equalized in the 84th minute. Finally, Mance scored in the 6th minute of stoppage time for the 2:3 Osijek win. 


Istra is currently in 9th place with 22 points, while Osijek is in 2nd with 49. 

Rijeka v. Sibenik (4:2)

Rijeka and Sibenik met on Sunday, February 20, 2022, at Rujevica Stadium in front of 3,084 fans. 

Selahi scored for 1:0 Rijeka in the 16th minute. VAR called Sibenik's goal offside in the 23rd minute. Vuckic made it 2:0 for Rijeka in the 34th. Muric and Vuckic made it 4:0 by the 66th minute, before Sibenik scored two goals in the 70th and 84th for the final 4:2. 


Rijeka is currently in 4th place with 46 points, while Sibenik is in 8th with 23. 

Dinamo v. Lokomotiva (0:0)

Dinamo and Lokomotiva closed out the 24th round on Sunday at Maksimir in front of 1,886 fans. 

Neither team was able to score, and the match ended 0:0.


Dinamo is currently in first place with 50 points and a game in hand, while Lokomotiva is in 5th place with 29 points. 

You can see the HNL standings HERE

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Thursday, 17 February 2022

Story Garden at American Corner Rijeka: Storytelling Workshops for Children, in English

February 17th, 2022 - The storytelling workshops are designed to help kids develop their language skills

Staying in Rijeka long-term and looking for activities for your little ones? The American Corner Rijeka at the Trsat branch of Rijeka City Library is hosting a series of storytelling events named Story Garden. The workshops will be held in English and are intended for kids aged 5-6.

The first Story Garden event is scheduled for Wednesday, February 23rd with a 6pm start. Six workshops will be held, each 45 minutes long, taking place each Wednesday at 6 pm until March 30th.

Children aren’t required to have an active knowledge of English to partake in the storytelling events, as the workshops were designed to help kids learn and develop their language skills through an active but relaxed interaction that’s appropriate for their age.

Applications are required to attend the workshops. Parents can send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., message the American Corner Rijeka on Facebook, or apply directly at the library counter in Trsat. 

Participation is free for all members of Rijeka City Library.

American Corner Rijeka, supported by Public Affairs Office at USA Embassy in Zagreb, is a part of the world-wide network of library spaces dedicated to American culture and lifestyle. The American Corner at the Rijeka City Library was devised as a lively library corner hosting a large variety of activities, information resources and tech gadgets for everyone to test. A place to learn and play!

Rijeka City Library - Gradska knjižnica Rijeka

Thursday, 17 February 2022

Milkmaids of Grobnik: Walking the Long Road Between Farm and Table

LOFebruary 17th, 2022 - Adding a splash of milk to a cup of coffee is an act so simple in itself, we tend to forget how much work and effort was once required to supply a single town with dairy produce. Meet the milkmaids of Grobnik, the women who travelled unimaginable distances on foot each morning to ensure every household in Rijeka had fresh milk on the table

Historically, the city of Rijeka has never been known for thriving agriculture. The urban area of Rijeka takes up a strip of land between the Kvarner gulf in the south and a mountainous hinterland in the north; the hustle and bustle of the industrial port city is not exactly an environment optimal for growing food and raising cattle.

And so, when it came to fresh produce, the populace of Rijeka used to depend on settlements in the wider area of this Northern Adriatic town. The Grobnik Field, as the name might indicate, was a particularly prolific land in this regard, with the crisp climate providing ideal conditions for livestock farming. Many people living in the Grobnik area, specifically in the municipalities of Grobnik, Cernik and Jelenje, raised cows and sold dairy products on the market in Rijeka.

Back in the day, before the two areas were connected with public transport, moving large quantities of dairy from Grobnik to Rijeka was far from an easy feat. It was an awe-inspiring undertaking, one that us lovers of convenience of the modern day can barely begin to fathom.

mlikarice_na_putu_za_Grobnik.jpgMilkmaids returning to Grobnik

The women of Grobnik, known as milkmaids (mlikarice in the local dialect), would get up in the dead of night, stoke the fire, prepare morning coffee for the household, and milk the cows. The fresh milk was stored in tin containers called lata

And then, before the crack of dawn, they’d travel 15-20 kilometres to Rijeka on foot, hunched under the weight of milk containers they carried on their backs, a petroleum lantern in their hand to light the way before sunrise. Every single morning, only to sell their products in Rijeka and walk the same distance back home in the afternoon.

mlikarice_torba.jpgCanvas backpacks used for milk transport

The tin containers, transported in wicker baskets at first and later in special backpacks, typically held 2, 5, 8 or 10 litres of milk each; you’ll find different figures in various sources, but it’s safe to say that every milkmaid carried 20-30 litres of milk on average, with the added weight of containers and other dairy products such as cheese or butter.

Day in and day out, rain or shine, no matter the season. It was a superhuman effort, even more so when you add up all the time these women spent on the road, all the weight they carried, the distance they travelled over the course of their lifetime. It was common for the milkmaids to toil well into their old age; their weary faces and hunched backs speak of the toll of this hard work.


A lovely feature on Fiuman dedicated to Grobnik milkmaids pays homage to the (unnamed) author’s grandmother, who first started selling milk in Rijeka in 1914 when she was 16 years old. She made the trip every single day, save for a few days of rest after each of the four times she gave birth. Over 34 years, the woman carried over 238,000 litres of milk on her back and walked roughly the same mileage.

Another milkmaid remembered by the local population, mentioned on Lokalpatrioti Rijeka, was Tonka from Cernik who started working even younger, at the age of 12. She made the trip every day until she turned 75; given that she sold an average of 20 litres of milk a day, Tonka carried a mind-boggling total of 432,000 litres in the 60 years she spent hard at work, having trekked a distance of some 390,000 kilometres - equal to some 10 trips around the equator. Tonka died aged 80, having received no pension or health insurance. 


And then the local bus services were introduced, convenience stores started popping up around town, and so the last of the milkmaids made their final trips in the 1990s. A footpath connecting the villages of Hrastenica and Orehovica was named the Milkmaid’s Trail to honour the women who walked the road to Rijeka each morning.

There’s a small square in the Old Town in Rijeka dedicated to the Grobnik milkmaids, named Mljekarski trg (the Milk Square). A statue of a milkmaid adorns the square, a woman in bronze carrying a lantern in one hand and supporting the weight on her shoulders with the other. A similar sculpture is displayed in Dražice near Rijeka. Both are solemn reminders of the pain and hardships endured by these women only to make a humble living, all the while ensuring an entire city was supplied with essential foods.

 Toncica_Reljac_grobnicka_mlikarica.jpgMilkmaid Toncica Reljac unocovering the sculpture on Mljekarski square in Rijeka


All images used in this article were sourced from the Lokalpatrioti Rijeka forum.


Monday, 14 February 2022

HNL Round 23 Recap: Last-minute Dinamo Win, Hajduk 111th Birthday Victory, Osijek Tops Rijeka 1:0

February 14, 2022 - The 23rd round of the Croatian First League was held from February 11 to 13, 2022. This round saw Dinamo defeat Gorica in the final minute, while Hajduk's 111th birthday victory pushed them into 3rd place ahead of Rijeka. Here's our HNL round 23 recap. 

Šibenik v. Hr. Dragovoljac (0:5)

The 23rd round opened on Friday, February 11, 2022, between Sibenik and Dragovoljac in Sibenik and was perhaps the most shocking game of the round. 

The last-placed Dragovolac scored three goals in the first half thanks to Karrica (19'), Bristric (22'), and Majstorovic (45+3'). Galesic opened the second half with an early goal to make it 0:4 in the 49th minute before Frigan scored for 0:5 in the 75th. 


Sibenik is currently in 7th place with 23 points, while Dragovoljac is in 10th with 10.

Lokomotiva v. Istra 1961 (1:1)

Lokomotiva and Istra met on Saturday, February 12, 2022, in Zagreb.

While the first half went without goals, Lokomotiva'ss Salihu was booked for a double yellow at the end of the first half, forcing Lokomotiva to play with a man down for the remainder of the match. Drena Beljo put Istra in the lead in the 54th minute for 0:1, though Kulenovic equalized for 1:1 in the 80th minute.


Lokomotiva is currently in 6th place with 28 points, while Istra is in 9th with 22. 

Dinamo v. Gorica (2:1)

On Saturday, February 12, 2022, Dinamo and Gorica met at Maksimir stadium. 

While the first half went without goals, Ademi put Dinamo ahead in the 55th minute for 1:0. Kalik equalized less than 10 minutes later for 1:1. Finally, Orsic gave Dinamo the victory with a last-minute goal in the 89th for 2:1. 


Dinamo is currently in first place with 49 points and a game in hand, while Gorica is in 5th place with 29 points. 

Hajduk v. Slaven Belupo (3:1)

Hajduk and Belupo met on Sunday, February 13, 2022, at Poljud stadium. It was also Hajduk's 111th birthday. 

Nikola Kalinic made his re-debut for Hajduk on Sunday and played a part in the first goal, which Sahiti scored for 1:0 in the 13th minute. Grgic increased Hajduk's lead to 2:0 in the 26th. Zapata gave Belupo some hope in the 52nd minute with a goal for 2:1, but a double yellow for Bosec 10 minutes later had Belupo playing with a man down for the rest of the match. Livaja scored a penalty in the 71st for the final 3:1. 


Hajduk is currently in 3rd place with 44 points and a game in hand, while Belupo is in 8th with 23. 

Osijek v. Rijeka (1:0)

Osijek and Rijeka closed out the 23rd round with a derby on Sunday, February 13, 2022. 

The first half went without goals, and an own goal by Cestic decided the winner in the 85th minute. Rijeka's Abass was booked for his second yellow in the 3rd minute of stoppage time. 


Osijek is currently in 2nd place with 46 points, while Rijeka dropped to 4th with 43. 

You can see the full HNL standings HERE.

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Sunday, 13 February 2022

Meet We{dn}esdays, Digital Nomads Croatia Nationwide Drinks Night

February 13, 2022 - Another milestone of cohesion in Croatia's digital nomad journey, as DNA Croatia announces the first We{dn}esdays Digital Nomads Croatia nationwide drinks events. 

After 19 years living in a country famed for its bureaucracy and infighting among interest groups, I am finding the Croatian digital nomad story to be beyond refreshing. So much cohesion and positive energy from talented and motivated stakeholders, who are gelling and forming a focused and cohesive roadmap to develop this new sector and opportunity for the country. 

At the heart of everything (at least it seems to me) is the energy of the Digital Nomad Association Croatia - the first of its kind in the world, if I am not mistaken - which is coordinating, connecting, advocating and promoting the sector with vision and energy. 

The recent Digital Nomad Reflection Day was the first time all the key stakeholders got to know each other and find out what others are doing in the sector. Four hours on Zoom flew by, and it was one of the best brainstorming sessions I have been part of in my time in Croatia. Read more in Cohesion, Unity & Planning at Croatian Digital Nomad Reflection Day 2022.


The latest landmark on the journey is DNA Croatia's announcement of we{dn}esdays, drinks for digital nomads and friends this Wednesday (16th) from 19:00 in bars in several cities all over the country: Swanky Monkey in Zagreb, The Daltonist in Split, Mama's in Dubrovnik, Beach Bar Bamboo in Zadar, and Rakhia Bar in Rijeka. A chance to meet other nomads, or find out more about the lifestyle if you are interested in becoming one or getting into the nomad tourism sector. There will be special drinks discounts for those coming. 

This is the first such event, and it will be repeated. All welcome. I will be raising a glass at Swanky Monkey, which is something I have been known to do there on occasion. So all welcome and please join. 

In other news, DNA Croatia has also launched its new Facebook page, which will be powered by the community. You can follow it here

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Sunday, 13 February 2022

Kukuljanovo Logistics Centre Result of Yet More Croatian Post Investments

February the 13th, 2022 - The yet-to-be-opened Kukuljanovo logistics centre near the City of Rijeka on the Northern Adriatic is the result of yet more investments made by Croatian post (Hrvatska posta), of which there have been several lately.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Darko Bicak writes, after spending the cash of an an investment cycle totalling almost one billion kuna over the last five years, most of which went to building new and modernising existing logistics capacities, Croatian Post (HP) is about to open the new Kukuljanovo logistics centre (LC) in the Kukuljanovo industrial zone near Rijeka. The facility is worth 60 million kuna, and it should be in operation in around one month.

Prerequisites for further growth

Croatian post explained that in the previous period, their logistics space in the City of Osijek was expanded, a new logistics centre was built in Zadar, capacities in Bjelovar were expanded and a new sorting centre was built in Velika Gorica near Zagreb, which, totalling a massive 350 million kuna, is the largest investment in Croatian post's history.

According to them, the Kukuljanovo logistics centre with its 5,000 square meters of business space is the final point of investment in infrastructure, which created the preconditions for further logistical growth and development of the company.

“The new Kukuljanovo logistics centre is an important link when it comes to raising the quality and speed of providing our services to all residents who gravitate to this area - Gorski kotar, Istria, Kvarner... Infrastructural investments in the network of sorting plants will have a favourable effect on the overall development of the logistics market across Croatia.

All of the locations of modern sorting plants are strategically selected and are placed in locations that are well connected in terms of traffic and are in line with logistics trends. In the past, such facilities were located in the centres of large cities, and today they're placed on the outskirts along important traffic routes.

The number of locations where the operational part of the shipment business, such as sorting and processing, is performed, while not reducing the number of post offices available, is in more than 800 settlements with a network of 1,016 post offices,'' they said from Croatian post, headed by Ivan Culo.

"With this investment in the Kukuljanovo logistics centre, we're completing this cycle of investments in logistics and logistics infrastructure in accordance with the development strategy. Employees, green energy and digital development are the direction we're heading in. Investing in logistics and sorting capacities, the digitalisation of processes and the ‘last mile’ in the form of a network of parcel machines has brought us to a completely equal position of the leading EU postal operators. We're no longer a trend-following post office, but an equal partner. Global e-commerce retailers recognised us before the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic, and we've justified their trust in us over the last two years,'' Culo added.

In order to be in the trend of the EU Green Agenda, the Kukuljanovo logistics centre will have a solar power plant installed on its roof.

An explosion of logistical needs

The growth of e-commerce and especially Croatia's accession to the European Union (EU) has led to an explosion of logistical needs in this country. The entire logistics sector had to find a solution in a relatively short time and radically change its established ways of meeting the needs of both private and business users.

The situation was further accentuated by the global coronavirus pandemic, and for many people, online shopping and the delivery of goods to their doors has become a substitute for going out shopping in the classic way, ie going to the store. Solutions for the "new normal" do of course exist, but they aren't cheap or fast.

The fact that the transformation of Croatian post, through investments in new technology and infrastructure, has been recognised, is confirmed by the fact that some of the largest Internet retailers, such as Amazon, AboutYou and many others have chosen them for their services in Croatia and the wider region. It's worth noting that Croatian post processes Amazon shipments even for Greece and Cyprus.

For more, make sure to check out our business section.

Saturday, 12 February 2022

Rijeka to Get New Accessible Beach by This Summer

Rijeka is about to get its second wheelchair-accessible beach, namely at Ploče beach in Kantrida. An adaptation project of the western plateau of Ploče beach, including the new wheelchair ramp design, is currently in development.

As stated by the City of Rijeka, a working meeting was held by the city officials and representatives of local associations of persons with disabilities.

Rijeka Deputy Mayor Goran Palčevski said the implementation of the project is underway, and that one of its goals is to relieve the pressure on Kostanj beach, the only other beach in Rijeka which was purposely designed to be wheelchair-accessible.

‘We wish for the western plateau of Ploče beach to be ready by this summer, so that we would have two available beaches that are completely suited to the needs of people with disabilities during the upcoming bathing season’, said Palčevski. He added that any input or suggestions from the citizens who will be using the beach are more than welcome.

Representatives of associations of persons with disabilities thanked the City of Rijeka for this initiative and expressed their satisfaction that Rijeka will get another accessible beach. They presented several proposals and outlined ideas that will be taken into account and implemented as much as possible during the final development stage of the project.

The meeting was attended by Palčevski, Head of the Department of Health and Social Welfare Karla Mušković, Head of the Utility Services Department Maja Malnar, and representatives of associations of disabled persons. Namely, the Association of Persons with Cerebral Palsy, the Association of Persons Affected by Muscular Dystrophy of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, the Association of Persons with Physical Disabilities and the Multiple Sclerosis Society of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County.

Saturday, 12 February 2022

Rijeka Gastronomic Ports: New Project Officially Presented by Tourist Board and Abisal

February 12, 2022 - At a press conference at Botel Marina, a new Rijeka Tourist Board project called "Rijeka Gastronomic Ports" was launched in cooperation with Abisal (Gastronaut). 

The tourist significance of the project and its significance for the destination were presented by Petar Škarpa, director of the Rijeka Tourist Board, while the project and the idea were presented by Karin Mimica, representative of Abisal (Gastronaut Club), reports the Rijeka Tourist Board.

The mission of "Rijeka Gastronomic Ports" project is to connect catering facilities and develop a new gastronomic brand with the ultimate goal of supporting the stakeholders in the destination and raising the overall quality and visibility.

Škarpa pointed out that “Rijeka can boast of a rich catering offer that has become especially colorful in the last few years. Citizens and visitors can enjoy different types of cuisine, local dishes, exotic restaurants, specialized restaurants, street food, or fine dining. Everyone can find a place "to their liking."

With the accelerated development of the offer, there was a need to find new marketing solutions to present Rijeka's gastronomy. To this end, to our great satisfaction, we joined forces with a partner, Abisal, which is behind several important gastronomic brands, and from which the idea for this project came.

Rijeka Gastronomic Ports will make it easier for citizens and guests to choose restaurants that will satisfy their tastes and different occasions, while restaurants, with the help of a designed communication model, will be able to present their offer structured according to specific target groups."

Within the original marketing concept, meeting specific set criteria, it will profile itself following its specifics and thus emphasize its quality in various areas of gastronomy and hospitality.

The port concept as a combination of cultures, goods, stories, and experiences can be perfectly applied to gastronomy, and this project will strengthen the tourist potential of Rijeka's gastro scene and enable a harmonious offer in domestic and foreign markets.

Guests will easily find information about Rijeka's facilities that will meet their expectations, both in terms of food and beverages, given the society they come from and the additional facilities they provide. So whether they’re looking for the perfect place for a Sunday lunch with family, a place where they can have a business meeting while enjoying a good brunch, where they can enjoy local fish or exotic specialties - the goal is to shorten their journey from a craving to a tasty snack.

"I hope that caterers will recognize the importance of interconnection and joint promotion and that as many as possible join in this strategic project which could achieve a big step in creating a recognizable Rijeka gastronomic brand with the ultimate goal of positioning Rijeka among attractive destinations for food lovers.

The registered catering facilities that meet the prescribed conditions will proudly bear the title of the selected Rijeka gastronomic port as a guarantee of the quality of the offer and service and will become the main trump cards of Rijeka gastronomy," added Petar Škarpa.

The author of the project, Karin Mimica, invited caterers who have not yet applied to support this initiative:

"So far, about 20 applications have been received for various gastronomic ports by seven restaurants (each restaurant can apply in up to 3 categories), and there are about ten more in the phase of thinking how to describe their offer through the port name. We are at everyone's disposal to help them choose or design the name of the gastronomic port that best outlines what each restaurant offers.

In the first division of Rijeka's gastronomic offer into ports, we proposed: romantic gastronomic ports; family gastronomic ports; business gastronomic ports; fishing ports; vegan ports; ports for wine connoisseurs; gastronomic beer ports, ports of local food, and ports of specialty, which include restaurants specializing in cuisines of other destinations and countries. In the meantime, we are receiving new proposals from both caterers and citizens - day ports - snack bars with daily menu change, workers' port, tasting port, barbeque port, and tapas port. We are open to all proposals that sound good in marketing and outline a restaurant's specific offer (image). The main goal of the project is to help citizens cope better with the diverse offer, and caterers to profile themselves through the common marketing platform of Rijeka's gastronomic offer." 

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