Tuesday, 5 January 2021

The Biggest Hit Of Advent 2020? Kvarner Christmas Online

January 5, 2020 – Thanks to the imaginative coverage of local portal Fiuman.hr, more than half a million people visited Kvarner Christmas online over the 2020 holidays. From the spectacular lights of Opatija and Rijeka, to toy bears in Rijeka cafe bars, this is what they saw...

Everyone will remember the Advent of 2020 as unusual. Many were separated from friends and family. Others weren't able to travel nor visit the places or people we wanted to. The difference was noted significantly in Croatia, where family means everything, especially at Christmas.

Over recent years, Croatia has become one of the best-known places in Europe to visit for the Advent season. Zagreb's award-winning Advent celebrations have spurred on efforts elsewhere in the country and many towns and cities in Croatia now pull out all the stops during Advent, gloriously decorating their streets and holding events that draw thrilled visitors.

Under the unusual constraints of 2020, one Advent season in Croatia imaginatively continued to draw the crowds. Although, it wasn't so much the streets that were jammed as it was the internet servers. With the considerable help of local news portal Fiuman.hr, Kvarner Christmas Online welcomed tens of thousands of visitors.

Thanks to the imaginative coverage of Fiuman.hr, Kvarner Christmas Online was visited by well over half a million people in 2020. While many bars in Europe remained closed to human customers, Rijeka cake and ice cream cafe Cacao took the opportunity to fill its empty chairs with toy bears during Kvarner Christmas Online. Fiuman.hr's video of the scene was viewed almost 245,000 times.

Their video of the Advent lights in the Gradina part of the city fared even better. Always a spectacular highlight of Kvarner Christmas online, Fiuman.hr's video of Gradina got more than 300,000 views.

With its beautiful city centre parks, peaceful walks and promenade, the Advent season of nearby Opatija has become an increasingly popular choice for visitors over the winter holidays. And, in 2020, that was still the case during Kvarner Christmas online. Fiuman.hr 's video from the Opatija park near Šporer generated over 190 thousand views.

It just goes to show that while the Advent of 2020 may have been curtailed in unexpected ways, there's no dampening of the love of Christmas and the festive spirit. Fiuman.hr's video viewers will surely be lining up to visit Kvarner Christmas in person as soon as they can.

Thursday, 31 December 2020

Dinamo and Rijeka Players Make UEFA Europa League Breakthrough XI

December 31, 2020 - A great way to end the year for Dinamo and Rijeka players who made UEFA's Europa League Breakthrough XI!

As we come to the end of the year, which includes the end of last season's competitions, and all the qualifying rounds and the group stage of the new season, UEFA has taken time to reflect on some of the standout footballers that made a splash in 2020. 

Thus, UEFA's experts composed a team of the biggest breakthrough stars in the Europa League season, which included three Croatian footballers! 

And while it is not surprising that two Dinamo players are on the list, few expected Dinamo to be so convincing in the group with CSKA Moscow and Feyenoord. However, it's nice to see that Rijeka's goalkeeper Ivan Nevistić (22) was also recognized for this incredible goalkeeping effort so far. 

"The young custodian played every minute of Rijeka's group stage campaign, making a competition-high 28 saves in the process," said UEFA. 

Nevistić was primarily included in the team by numbers. Because even though he defended the team's goal that finished last in the group, even against much stronger rivals, Ivan amassed 28 saves in six games. Behind him with 23 saves were goalkeeper Hapoel Levitt and Zvezda goalkeeper Borjan.

The two Dinamo players in the breakthrough team are Joško Gvardiol (18) and Lovro Majer (22).

"The prototype of a modern-day centre-back, Gvardiol was key to Dinamo conceding just one goal in the entire group stage," describes UEFA of Joško, who played most of his games as a left-back, even though he is a stopper.

"An important cog in the Dinamo machine that performed so well in the group stage, Majer is technically proficient, fast and agile with an eye for goal," UEFA described Lovro Majer.

Dinamo convincingly won their group, secured first place after the penultimate round, and in the end, only Arsenal, Hoffenheim, and Bayer Leverkusen scored more points in the entire Europa League.

The entire Europa League breakthrough XI team includes Nevistić (Rijeka) - Guardiola (Dinamo), Carmo (Braga), Fofana (Leicester), Botman (Lille) - Wirtz (Bayer Leverkusen), Kubo (Villarreal), Majer (Dinamo) - Gouiri (Nice), Nunez (Benfica), Malen (PSV).

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Thursday, 31 December 2020

Two Million Kuna in Non-Refundable Funds for 126 Rijeka Enterprises

December the 31st, 2020 - 126 Rijeka enterprises will receive a generous amount in non-refundable funds for development and entrepreneurship in the area of that Northern Adriatic city.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, 126 Rijeka enterprises are set to receive a very welcome two million kuna in non-refundable subsidies for the development of entrepreneurship in the area of ​​the City of Rijeka, it was said at a press conference held at the Rijeka city administration on Monday.

The public invitation for the implementation of measures from the General Programme of Measures received as many as 508 applications, which is 22.8 percent more than was received back in 2019, while 452 applications were assessed as acceptable.

147 requests were accepted, submitted by 126 Rijeka enterprises (economic entities), Rijeka's Deputy Mayor Marko Filipovic and Head of Entrepreneurship Jana Sertic both reported.

The objectives of the General Programme of Measures to Encourage the Development of Entrepreneurship in the City of Rijeka are to strengthen the competitive presence of Rijeka enterprises out on the wider market, achieve practical education and better information when it comes to entrepreneurship, improve the availability of financial resources and use entrepreneurial space and information infrastructure for entrepreneurship.

The programme includes 23 measures, and nine measures have been implemented with this public invitation. The beneficiaries are small business entities, which are entirely privately owned and whose headquarters are in the area of ​​Rijeka, as well as associations whose purpose is to promote the economic interests of cluster members.

Due to the circumstances caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the costs of purchasing equipment and personal protective equipment for protection against the spread of coronavirus were recognised earlier on this year.

The City of Rijeka started announcing a public invitation for the awarding of non-refundable subsidies to Rijeka enterprises thirteen years ago, and since then, a total of 20.4 million kuna has been awarded.

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Sunday, 27 December 2020

Rijeka and Galway to Extend European Capital of Culture Titles until end of April 2021

December 27, 2020 - Rijeka and Galway were European Capitals of Culture in 2020, but the spread of COVID-19 hampered the implementation of their planned programs.

Fortunately, the European Parliament and the Council decided to amend Decision no. 445/2014/EU on establishing a Union initiative for European Capitals of Culture from 2020 to 2033.

This Decision enables the cities of Rijeka and Galway to extend the Capital of Culture title until the end of April 2021, while the upcoming Capitals of Culture will take over their confirmed titles from 2022.

This decision is of great importance for the current and future capitals of culture because the planned events due to the pandemic had to be canceled or postponed, and the organizers could not capitalize on the preparations made. With this extension, the capitals are being offered another chance to achieve their goals in a way that will be both health-safe and culturally enriching.

HRT reports that this is the first time in history that the ECOC project lasts longer than one calendar year, and the next ECOC titleholders will have to postpone their projects for a year.

Rijeka 2020 believes that the title extension certainly has a symbolic meaning, but even before the decision was made, they warned that it brings with it problems:

"First of all, there are problems with time because the extension is proposed until the end of April next year, and we know that the most interesting season for us starts from Easter. On the other hand, of course, this extension of the title does not come with additional funding," says Irena Kregar Šegota, director of Rijeka 2020.

Before the decision, Minister of Culture and Media Nina Obuljen Koržinek believed that Rijeka would not benefit greatly from the extension:

"In these circumstances, we kept a level of funding that was possible, of course not in full because the program was radically reduced, as well as the number of employees, but I think we managed to provide the funds needed for implementation," said Minister Obuljen Koržinek.

Director Kregar Šegota announced that she would prepare the program with what they have at their disposal:

"We will finish and conclude the program directions that we have implemented this year, we are thinking about some additional programs, and we must definitely prepare a program that will conclude the year, a kind of closing program," said Kregar Šegota.

Two excellent exhibitions can still be seen in Rijeka - the Balthazargrad exhibition at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art and the Fiume Fantastica exhibition at Export Drvo.

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Sunday, 20 December 2020

PHOTOS: Epic Croatia Weather Photography Stuns The World

December 20, 2020 – The 13 winners of the incredibly popular World Meteorological Organization annual competition have just been announced, and two fine pieces of Croatia weather photography are among them. These spectacular images of Croatia weather photography show all 9 Croatian photographs which reached the final in 2020 and all 10 Croatian finalists who similarly stunned the global audience in 2019

Croatia weather photography: the two newly announced winners from the 2020 competition
LošinjSandroPuncet.jpgPhotographer: Sandro Puncet Photo taken: Losinj island

Zrinka Balabanic Beach Sv.Duh -Pag island.jpgPhotographer: Zrinka Balabanic Photo taken: Pag island

Thanks to its popularity as a tourist destination, lots of people are now used to seeing beautiful photos of Croatia. Although, the images they usually see are of idyllic beaches, cloudless skies, stunning nature and turquoise blue seas. But, as anyone who knows the country will tell you - and as these photos show - Croatia isn't always like that.

Croatia weather photography: the two newly announced runners-up from the 2020 competition
Šime Barešić Drage, Croatia.jpgPhotographer: Šime Barešić Photo taken: Drage, Pakostane

Mislav Bilic (Croatia)Dubrovnik - Lapad Peninsula.jpgPhotographer: Mislav Bilic Photo taken: Lapad Peninsula, Dubrovnik

Out of season, Croatia can experience vastly different weather conditions to those advertised in travel brochures and blogs. And, whenever there's a spectacular weather occurrence, usually there's a photographer out there, braving the elements, trying to capture it.

Over recent years, some of the best Croatia weather photography has featured in the annual competition organised by the World Meteorological Organization. 2020 has been no different.

The other five Croatian finalists from the 2020 competition
Šime Barešić Drage, Croatia222.jpgPhotographer: Šime Barešić Photo taken: Drage, Pakostane

Sandro Puncet Isolated cloudisland Lošinj, Croatia.jpgPhotographer: Sandro Puncet Photo taken: Losinj island

Zoran Stanko Geisler Alm, Dolomites, Italy.jpgPhotographer: Zoran Stanko Photo taken: Geisler Alm, Dolomites, Italy

Maja Kraljik Umag, Croatia.jpgPhotographer: Maja Kraljik Photo taken: Umag, Istria

Igor PopovicRijeka, Croatia.jpgPhotographer: Igor Popovic Photo taken: Rijeka

The winners of this year's competition have just been announced and the two fantastic examples of Croatia weather photography within the top 13 will take their place in the 2021 World Meteorological Organization calendar.

The 10 Croatian finalists from the 2019 competition
Danica Sičič Srobreč, Croatia2019-min.jpgPhotographer: Danica Sičič Photo taken: Srobreč, Dalmatia

Romeo IbriševićPlitvička Jezera2019.jpgPhotographer: Romeo Ibrišević Photo taken: Plitvice Lakes National Park

Božan Štambuk Bundek Zagreb, Croatia2019.jpgPhotographer: Božan Štambuk Photo taken: Bundek park, Zagreb

Miroslava Novak (Pribislavec, Međimurje) 2019.jpgPhotographer: Miroslava Novak Photo taken: Pribislavec, Međimurje

As well as the two winners, two further examples of Croatia weather photography came in the runner-up category, of which there were 12 in total.

Francesca Delbianco  Zagreb, Croatia2019.jpgPhotographer: Francesca Delbianco Photo taken: Zagreb

Ivica Brlić Sava river Davor, Croatia.jpgPhotographer: Ivica Brlić Photo taken: Sava river, Davor, near Slavonski Brod

Nataša ŠafarKarlovac, Rečica2019.jpgPhotographer: Nataša Šafar Photo taken: Rečica, near Karlovac

Romeo IbriševićPlitvička Jezera201922222.jpgPhotographer: Romeo Ibrišević Photo taken: Plitvice Lakes National Park

Over 1000 photographs from all over the world were entered in the 2020 competition. The submissions were narrowed down to a final selection of 70 contenders. As TCN reported back at the start of October, no less than 9 examples of Croatia weather photography made it into the final 70, taken by 7 Croatian photographers.

Danijel PalčićPagIsland2019.jpgPhotographer: Danijel Palčić Photo taken: Pag island

Aleksandar Gospic Ražanac, Croatia2019.jpgPhotographer: Aleksandar Gospic Photo taken: Ražanac

Croatia regularly punches well above its weight in the annual competition, as we can see from these 10 examples of incredible Croatia weather photography that were among the finalists in 2019.

All images courtesy World Meteorological Organisation

Friday, 18 December 2020

European Parliament Endorses Extending European Culture Capital Status

ZAGREB, Dec 18, 2020 - The European Parliament on Thursday endorsed a motion to extend the status of European Capital status for the period 2020-2023 which enables Rijeka to present all the programmes it had planned but was thwarted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

With 689 votes in favour MEPs adopted a report by Croatian MEP Zeljana Zovko (HDZ/EPP) to extend the status of European Capitals of Culture in the 2020-2023 period, which gives Rijeka and the Irish city of Galway the "green light" until April 2021 to present their programmes while the next capitals will be deferred from 2021 to 2022 and from 2022 to 2023.

Rijeka and Galway were the European Capitals of Culture for 2020 however the COVID-19 pandemic thwarted them from presenting their planned projects.

After the motion was upheld at a plenary of the parliament in Brussels the Council is expected to confirm the decision next week so that it can take effect before the end of the year.

Ahead of the plenary meeting, Zovko underlined that extending Rijeka's status "in this turbulent time of the pandemic, Rijeka will have another significant opportunity to show that the culture sector has adapted to new circumstances and that creative power during the corona crisis can show what is most important in the creative industry and cultural heritage in promoting European values."

Thursday, 17 December 2020

2022 World Cup Qualifiers: Croatia Meets Cyprus and Malta in Rijeka

December 17, 2020 - The Croatian Football Federation has announced the schedule for the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in March when Croatia meets Cyprus and Malta. 

The Executive Board of the Croatian Football Federation decided on the host of Croatia's qualifying matches against Cyprus and Malta in March 2021. 

On March 24, 2021, the Croatia national team will open the European qualifiers for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar in 2022 away against Slovenia. 

The 2018 World Cup finalists then have two matches at home, against Cyprus and Malta, and the HNS Executive Board has decided that the two matches will be played at the HNK Rijeka stadium (Rujevica).

The match against Cyprus will be played on March 27 starting at 18:00, and three days later, the match against Malta is scheduled at 20:45.

Croatia has played 16 games in Rijeka so far and has never lost, with 13 wins and three draws.

Croatia's qualifying cycle for the World Cup in Qatar will continue with three September matches, against Russia (September 1, 20:45) and Slovakia (September 4, 20:45) away, and against Slovenia (September 7, 20:45) at home. Zlatko Dalić's team will play two matches in October next year, against Cyprus (October 8, 20:45) away, and Slovakia (October 11, 20:45) at home.

In the final part of the qualifications in November 2021, Croatia will play in Malta (November 11, 20:45), and in the last qualification round at home, they will meet Russia (November 14, 15:00).

As a reminder, the ten group winners will qualify directly for the World Cup, and the ten second-placed teams will try to win the same in the playoffs, which will be played from March 24 to 29, 2022.

In addition to the ten runners-up from the group stage, the playoffs will also include the two best national teams in the overall standings of the UEFA Nations League for the 2020/2021 season, which will not directly qualify for the World Cup, nor will they win the playoffs as the second-placed teams in the group. Twelve teams in the playoffs will be divided into three "pots" and will fight for the three remaining European places at the World Cup in March 2022. 

The 2022 World Cup will be held from November 21 to December 18, 2022, in five Qatari cities (Doha, Lusail, Al Khor, Al Wakrah, Al Rayyan).

Source: HNS

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Wednesday, 16 December 2020

Five Smart Containers for Separate Waste In the Center of Rijeka

December 16, 2020 – The Rijeka utility company for cleaning and waste management "Čistoća" introduced five more new smart modular containers for mixed municipal and valuable, recyclable waste in the center of Rijeka.

As Rijeka.hr writes, to upgrade the existing waste collection service, "Čistoća "already installed 12 smart containers in June 2019, of which 7 in the very center of Rijeka. Five new smart containers will be installed in the city center area: in Trpimirova Street and on the Riva (at bus stations), on Karolina Riječka Pier, on the 111th Brigade of the Croatian Army Square, and Klobučarić Square.

The director of "Čistoća", Jasna Kukuljan, said that the containers have built-in fill sensors that send data to the management software, that is, the tanks themselves report the need for emptying. They also have a press that compresses waste, thus enabling the disposal of more waste than is possible in conventional containers.

Artists will paint the containers

All the needed energy-smart containers use a photovoltaic panel located on top of the container body. Using advanced technologies achieves significant savings in time, human resources, and energy and contributes to reducing emissions of pollutants into the environment.

In addition to being useful, Rijeka artists will also beautifully paint the containers. Namely, through the competition, "Čistoća" selected the 20 best artists from Rijeka who will paint smart containers with their works. Therefore, they will undoubtedly be interesting and attractive elements of urban equipment.

These are the artworks: Biciklistica, author Tina Radosavljević; Cranes, by Ariana Sušanj; Octopus, by Hana Dutina; Let's recycle in the city that flows by the author Nora Vlaša, and Love your city – think green, author Mirta Tomulić.

Rijeka separates a third of the waste

Deputy Mayor Marko Filipović emphasized the importance of applying new technologies in all segments, including the one related to waste collection, which places Rijeka at the very top of Smart Cities – cities that are entirely ready for the digital transition.

In addition to containers, citizens collect waste separately through recycling yards. In Rijeka, they currently have three fixed and two mobile recycling yards at their disposal, and the plan is to expand the system of recycling yards.

Together with waste collected in recycling yards, Rijeka separates almost 30 percent of its waste.

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Wednesday, 16 December 2020

Hilton Rijeka Costabella Beach Resort: Croatian City Promoted for 2021

December the 16th, 2020 - The Hilton Rijeka Costabella Beach Resort & Spa is about to be the Northern Adriatic city's latest attraction, and the giant hotel company is promoting Rijeka as a new and exciting destination for 2021.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Marija Crnjak writes, the works on the new Hilton Rijeka Costabella Beach Resort & Spa, in which more than 80 million euros are being invested, are nearing completion. More than 95 percent of the Hilton Rijeka project has now been completed, and the opening is expected in April 2021, the investors - JTH Costabella and representatives of the Hilton hotel chain - announced.

The Hilton Rijeka hotel complex should start operating when a slight return of tourist traffic is announced due to the start of coronavirus vaccination worldwide, and Hilton has recently included the up and coming resort on its list of 21 newly opened facilities located in exciting new destinations that will welcome guests in 2021.

They also point out the very optimistic results of the research which showed them that consumers plan to make up for the trips they missed due to the pandemic next year - in Hilton's poll, as many as 66 percent of Americans and 60 percent of Chinese tourists said they would stop postponing planned trips in the future, while here in Europe, 57 percent of British tourists are already actively planning their travels for next year.

JTH Costabella owner Jaroslav Tresnak said during a tour of the construction site that the facility had progressed despite difficulties with an unpredictable pandemic-dominated situation. Reservations for the new Hilton Rijeka complex have already started, as has the process of hiring staff.

The Hilton complex in the Kostabela area in Rijeka was built on a plot covering 18,000 square metres, and the entire 10-storey building covers an area of ​​25,000 square metres in total. In addition to the hotel rooms, guests will be able to stay in accommodation facilities in villas located right next to the hotel.

The Hilton Rijeka resort will apparently boast as many as 132 rooms, 66 villas, six smaller and larger catering and hospitality facilities, and one of the largest wellness facilities in the entire region, a spa area that covers more than 3,000 square metres on two floors with various treatments available in 7 rooms with massages, saunas and more.

Hilton intends to offer the services of this spa centre through membership to Rijeka locals who aren't hotel guests. Guests, on the other hand, will have at their disposal 200 metres of private beach, with a smaller berth for boats, space for water sports and more.

At the moment, the hotel rooms are finished and the installation of kitchens in the common areas is ongoing. The indoor and outdoor pools are now fully arranged, as is the wellness and spa centre with its accompanying massage rooms, saunas, a beauty and hairdressing salon and even a dental practice.

In addition, all underwater and above-sea works on the beach, which is about 200 metres long, have been completed, as has the promenade, the works on which were undertaken by the City of Rijeka.

During the visit, Rijeka Mayor Vojko Obersnel stated that the Hilton Costabella Beach Resort & Spa complex is extremely important for the further development of Rijeka as a tourist destination, which will see the city raised very high on the list of destinations with quality accommodation.

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Monday, 14 December 2020

HNL Round 15 Recap: Rijeka and Dinamo Draw, Osijek and Hajduk Suffer Heavy Away Defeats

December 14, 2020 - The 15th round of the Croatian First League was held on December 12 and 13, 2020. This round featured an exciting derby at Rujevica, which saw Rijeka and Dinamo draw, while Osijek and Hajduk suffered two heavy away defeats. 

Gorica v. Osijek (4:1)

Gorica and Osijek opened the 15th round on Saturday, December 12, 2020, in Velika Gorica. 

Dieye was the first to score for Gorica in the 13th minute for the 1:0 lead, which was the result going into halftime. An equalizer by Mierez in the 49th gave Osijek hope before Kalik scored two goals for Gorica in the 54th and. 65th for 3:1. Mitrovic scored the final goal of the game in the 77th minute for the final 4:1 result.  


Gorica is currently in 3rd place with 26 points, while Osijek is in 2nd with 30. 

Varazdin v. Hajduk (4:2) 

Varazdin and Hajduk met on Saturday, December 12, 2020, in Varazdin. 

Posavec was the first to score for Gorica in the 4th minute for the early lead. Grgec increased Varazdin's lead in the 32nd minute for 2:0 at the half. Senic increased Varazdin's lead further in the 58th minute for 3:0. It wasn't until the 72nd minute that Caktas gave some hope to Hajduk for 3:1 and scored another goal five minutes later for 3:2. However, a final minute goal by Obregon locked in Varazdin's 4:2 victory. 


Varazdin is currently in 9th place with 12 points, while Hajduk is in 5th with 17. 

Lokomotiva v. Slaven Belupo (2:1)

Lokomotiva and Slaven Belupo met on Sunday, December 13, 2020, in Zagreb. 

Prce put Belupo in the lead in the 38th minute for 0:1 at the half, though a quick equalizer at the start of the second by Tuci made it 1:1 in the 51st. Ibrahim put Lokomotiva in the lead with a goal in the 72nd minute for 2:1, which was the final result of the match. 


Lokomotiva is currently in 8th place with 12 points, while Belupo is in 6th with 17. 

Rijeka v. Dinamo (2:2)

Rijeka and Dinamo closed out the 15th round on Sunday, December 13, 2020, at Rujevica. 

Dinamo took the very early lead with a goal by Ivanusec in the 1st minute of play for 0:1 Dinamo. Galovic equalized for Rijeka in the 28th minute, before Menalo put Rijeka in the lead in the 35th for 2:1 at the half. Lauristen scored Dinamo's equalizer in the 82nd minute for 2:2. which was the final score of the match. 


Rijeka is currently in 4th place with 20 points, while Dinamo is in first place with 30. 

The 15th round match between Sibenik and Istria in 1961, which was to be played on Sunday, December 13 at 3 pm at Šubićevac, was postponed due to players infected with COVID-19 on both teams.

"After testing the complete teams of HNK Sibenik and NK Istra 1961 on December 3, coronavirus was confirmed in a large number of players in both clubs. Since the players have to be in isolation for at least ten days, it was impossible to play the 15th round match at the previously scheduled time," announced Sibenik.

Sibenik and Istra 1961 should also meet in the Cup at Šubićevac, which has been moved a day forward and is scheduled for December 15 at 3 pm.

You can see the full HNL table HERE.

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