Tuesday, 5 January 2021

The Biggest Hit Of Advent 2020? Kvarner Christmas Online

January 5, 2020 – Thanks to the imaginative coverage of local portal Fiuman.hr, more than half a million people visited Kvarner Christmas online over the 2020 holidays. From the spectacular lights of Opatija and Rijeka, to toy bears in Rijeka cafe bars, this is what they saw...

Everyone will remember the Advent of 2020 as unusual. Many were separated from friends and family. Others weren't able to travel nor visit the places or people we wanted to. The difference was noted significantly in Croatia, where family means everything, especially at Christmas.

Over recent years, Croatia has become one of the best-known places in Europe to visit for the Advent season. Zagreb's award-winning Advent celebrations have spurred on efforts elsewhere in the country and many towns and cities in Croatia now pull out all the stops during Advent, gloriously decorating their streets and holding events that draw thrilled visitors.

Under the unusual constraints of 2020, one Advent season in Croatia imaginatively continued to draw the crowds. Although, it wasn't so much the streets that were jammed as it was the internet servers. With the considerable help of local news portal Fiuman.hr, Kvarner Christmas Online welcomed tens of thousands of visitors.

Thanks to the imaginative coverage of Fiuman.hr, Kvarner Christmas Online was visited by well over half a million people in 2020. While many bars in Europe remained closed to human customers, Rijeka cake and ice cream cafe Cacao took the opportunity to fill its empty chairs with toy bears during Kvarner Christmas Online. Fiuman.hr's video of the scene was viewed almost 245,000 times.

Their video of the Advent lights in the Gradina part of the city fared even better. Always a spectacular highlight of Kvarner Christmas online, Fiuman.hr's video of Gradina got more than 300,000 views.

With its beautiful city centre parks, peaceful walks and promenade, the Advent season of nearby Opatija has become an increasingly popular choice for visitors over the winter holidays. And, in 2020, that was still the case during Kvarner Christmas online. Fiuman.hr 's video from the Opatija park near Šporer generated over 190 thousand views.

It just goes to show that while the Advent of 2020 may have been curtailed in unexpected ways, there's no dampening of the love of Christmas and the festive spirit. Fiuman.hr's video viewers will surely be lining up to visit Kvarner Christmas in person as soon as they can.

Saturday, 28 November 2020

Rijeka Advent: New Measures Affected the Eagerly Awaited Event

November 28, 2020 – Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the new epidemiological measures announced yesterday, this year, Rijeka Advent will not host any traditional events that used to follow December and the holiday season.

Whereas new epidemiological measures, among other things, also require a ban on all fairs in the country, all Advent events across the country have been canceled.

Considering that, it is reported from the City of Rijeka that the traditional New Year's Eve on Korzo will not be held this year. Of holiday joy, only fireworks will still light the sky above Rijeka at midnight on December 31. Citizens are invited to watch it from their homes and do not gather in the city in a larger number.

The same about avoiding gatherings applies to Saturday, November 28, 2020, when in the late afternoon, the first Advent candle will be lit on Kobler Square. There will also be holiday lighting in the city, but without any occasional program as in previous years.

Advent on Gradina will also include only the main attraction - 17 km of holiday lights on, and there will be no other common facilities on Gradina. Vedran Babić, the organizer of Advent on Gradina, previously confirmed for Riportal that kilometers of lights will remain on Gradina in order to evoke the holiday atmosphere in this unfortunate time for going out and tourism, but there will be no catering offers at that location.

For the third year in a row, in cooperation with the Cathedral of St. Vida, a life-size wooden crib will be set up on Grivica Square.

This year, the traditional Gastro Fest, a joint gastro event of citizens, the distribution of fish and cod on Korzo will not be held either. Also, there will be no catering or sales/fair New Year's houses on Korzo and the surrounding squares.

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Friday, 30 August 2019

Rijeka Company Already ''Carving Out'' Skating Rinks for Advent Joy

As Sergej Novosel Vuckovic/Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 29th of August, 2019, although winter still seems somewhat far away, things are going full speed ahead at a Rijeka-based company to provide thousands of citizens and tourists across Croatia with one of their favourite activities for the advent period.

They are the only ones in the country and in Croatia's immediate region who actually make skating rinks, design and realise every conceivable idea of ​​their clients, and they're leaning more and more towards exports.

This Croatian company is the only ice rink creator in the entire country, namely, in this coastal city, the European Capital of Culture for next year, Arctic is developing a type of domestic business without which there is virtually no Advent joy. Since 2003, they have been consulting, manufacturing, renting and selling mobile and fixed ice skating rink equipment. And, just like with the majority of the ''best'' things - it was all a complete accident.

"It's all a product of spontaneity and the desire to provide something new and unprecedented in our city where we live and work. This is what we did by installing the first Croatian mobile ice rink sixteen years ago, and to this day, we're constantly happy to be making new mobile ice rinks in many cities across Croatia and the wider region,'' explained Denis Ventin.

Although their products are used practically only (or at least most of them) during the winter season, their summer in Rijeka was not passive, either. On the contrary, Ventin pointed out that their last few months have been quite busy indeed.

"In order for everything to function flawlessly, it's necessary to keep the equipment in good working order. We mainly deal with such operations during the spring and summer and this period is important for maintaining the quality of our rental equipment,'' stated the head of this Rijeka-based company, who is the only one in Croatia who can provide such complete services like these, from consulting to designing, manufacturing, renting and servicing equipment, all carried out entirely according to the needs of that particular client.

These, however, are usually public sector clients (read: municipalities, cities, etc), although they're also hired by those in the private sector. So, if you find yourself ''on the ice'' in a shopping mall or even at a hotel, you will know with certainty that the skating rink there was "made in Arctic".

Since several years ago, almost every city or a small town organises Advent festivities when winter rolls around, they always boast an ice skating rink, and accordingly, there is more and more work knocking at Arctic's door.

"So far, we've designed and installed more than 250 mobile skating rinks of various dimensions. The requirements of our clients are really different, often related to the size of the cities and municipalities and the population. Lately, a number of them have been looking for an ice skating rink with a skating track added to it, and then the performance of skating takes on a different dimension,'' noted Ventin.

With the famous ice skating rink as a symbol, the Croatian capital firmly earned its placed on the winter tourism map with Advent in Zagreb, repeatedly proclaimed the best in Europe.

This Rijeka company is naturally proud of what their ice rink in Zagreb has created.

"The Tomislavac Ice Park in Zagreb is our project, designed, engineered and executed with the knowledge of our experts, and we're certainly proud of its performance because it's still attractive enough and attracts the attention of many visitors even from beyond the borders of Croatia,'' Ventin said.

They have achieved export success in other European countries, for example in Austria, Germany and the Netherlands, where they carry out ice skating and ice park projects. In terms of overall quality, they're not far behind their European competition at all, having been selected in significant bids, including one in Sarajevo.

This Rijeka company's production capacity allows the production of smaller skating rinks, with an area of ​​up to 200 square metres, within just one working day.

"All the skating rinks are designed in offices in Rijeka where there are production facilities in which we make the components. The finished skating rinks are then transported from the warehouse directly to the client's location," describes Ventin, detailing the entire process.

The prices of the skating rinks are personalised for each client and depend on the length of use, the size and the amount of equipment installed. It requires people, and qualified ones, to create them, because "designing a rink is a process that requires, in addition to all of the necessary skills, extensive experience from numerous projects."

Currently, the company has thirteen employees with a range of educational achievements.

"Our design team includes multiple members, each in charge of a particular segment. The project manager is involved in the design, bringing the skating rink to life according to the client's wishes and presenting the idea to the client via 3D illustration. The employees go through certain stages of training in which they're narrowly focused and trained.

Some processes of training certain professions take one to two years. It's not easy to find employees with previous experience and knowledge in performing our highly specialised jobs. We're constantly monitoring the increase in the volume of work and the increased need for hiring and training new employees,'' Ventin pointed out, adding that despite a tough economy, Arctic is seeing continued business growth, with revenue and profits increasing.

"We have built a quality product recognised by many foreign customers and for which the demand is growing daily, which motivates us more and more," concluded Denis Ventin.

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Monday, 10 December 2018

Rijeka Advent: December at Zajc Theater

December 10, 2018 — Stop by at the Zajc Theater to discover the best Christmas-themed shows Rijeka has to offer over the festive season.

Rijeka's Christmas markets and traditional Advent festivities in and around the city are once again complemented by the Zajc Theater's rich December program. From festive Christmas-themed shows, concerts, children's workshops, and storytelling dens, to spectacular theatre productions, there's plenty to see and enjoy this winter at Zajc.

This Thursday, December 13th at 6.30 PM, on a small open-air stage in front of the theater, singer Katja Budimčić will be caroling accompanied by guitarist Zvonimir Radišić.

If your youngsters love storytelling, don't miss the evenings of children's favorite Christmas fairy tales, recounted by the Zajc theater ensemble members Tatjana Smoje, Dean Krivačić, and Jasmin Mekić on Wednesday 12th, Monday 17th, Thursday 20th, and Friday 21st, also at 6.30 PM.

Christmas puppetry workshops will be taking place on Monday 10th, Friday 14th, and Wednesday 19th, from 6.00 to 7.00 PM, and will be hosted by Giulio Settimo, the director of the Italian drama, and members of the Rijeka Youth Theater Kamov.

The Creative Pepco Corner — Christmas decorations workshop — will be hosted by actresses Aleksandra Stojaković Olenjuk and Jelena Lopatić, and are to take place on Saturday 8th, from 10.00 AM to 12.30 PM, and on Tuesday 11th and Tuesday 18th, from 6.00 to 7.00 PM.

If you are still looking for original Christmas gifts, don't miss the Zajc Theater flea market! Expect an extravaganza of theater memorabilia, used props, decorative items, and much more. While you are rooting through tables, your children can take photos with Santa Claus. The market will take place on Saturday 15th and 22nd, from 10.00 AM to 1.00 PM.

And last but not least, don't miss ballet shows Serenade & Allegro and 4 Boleros; the Christmas cabaret; the Kaplan choir concert, and the traditional New Year's concerts for both children and adults.

You can check the entire Zajc's December program here, and for more related news, make sure you're following TCN's lifestyle page.

Sunday, 2 December 2018

Rijeka Advent: Trsat Castle Fairytale Has Begun

December 2, 2018 - Rijeka's most anticipated Advent festivities at the hilltop Trsat Castle officially opened with fireworks!

This evening at 6:00 PM the Trsat Castle complex was once again illuminated with a thousand shimmering holiday lights while dazzling fireworks lit up the sky above the medieval fortress. The ceremonial opening marked the 2nd year of Advent on Gradina whose 2018 program promises to surpass last year's. You can watch the videos below.

As it was expected, the Trsat Castle complex was simply too small for more than 6,000 visitors who came tonight to witness the official opening of the 2018 Advent festivities in Trsat.

The spectacular opening was followed by the concert of Croatia's The Voice winner and Eurosong representative Nina Kraljić who was accompanied by guitarist Miroslav Gugić, and visitors were also delighted to hear the Ri Brass Quintet composed of The Ivan pl. Zajc National Theatre wind soloists Ivica Lukanec, Luka Horvat (trumpets), Vinko Rožić (horn), Marijan Orešković (trombone), and Romano Hantih (tuba) who performed thereafter. In addition, the crowd gathered outside the fortress in front of the newly opened ice skating rink in Nugent Park was entertained by a popular local acoustic trio comprised of Dino Antonić (vocal), Dorian Cuculić (keyboards) and Dino Ivelja (bass guitar).

trsat castle advent 4

While last year's Advent on Gradina welcomed around 60,000 visitors from all across the region, this year expects to see even more merry attendees.

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Saturday, 1 December 2018

Rijeka Advent Has Officially Started!

December 1, 2018 - Advent in Rijeka: the coolest Yule so far has finally started!

While the Trsat Castle isn't lit up with thousands of sparkling holiday lights just yet, Advent in downtown Rijeka has officially begun and it is Rijeka's most lavish one so far, Croatian RTL reports. You can watch the video here.

And even though Rijeka Advent is still incomparable in size to the spectacular Advent in Zagreb which has been voted the best Christmas market in Europe three years in a row, it seems that the City of Rijeka together with its Tourist Board is indeed going in the right direction with the 2018 Christmastime festivities.

Rijeka Tourist Board marketing director Dominik Damiš said that even more effort has been made to put Rijeka on the list of best Advents in the region. The 2018 festivities are organized in 10 different locations, 4 of which are new, and the most interesting one by far is the underground tunnel that spans about 350 meters under the city of Rijeka. In collaboration with the Natural History Museum of Rijeka, the TunelRi will host puppet theatre shows and workshops for children and families, but also concerts and DJ parties on weekends.

And of course, what everyone is most excited about is tomorrow's opening of Advent on Gradina which is scheduled for 5:00 PM, so if you're nearby, make sure you don't miss the spectacular illumination of the Trsat Castle and Nugent Park.

You can see the opening night highlights from last year in the video below, and for the 2018 program, check the Advent on Gradina official page.

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Friday, 30 November 2018

Rijeka Advent: Ready for Cool Yule?

With the most wonderful time of the year just around the corner, Rijeka is full-on getting into the Christmas spirit. Everything is ready for the 2018 Rijeka Advent festivities, reports Rijeka Tourist Board on November 30, 2018.

As Christmas draws near, we are delighted to announce the opening of Rijeka Advent which is to take place tomorrow, December 1, 2018. Advent in Rijeka traditionally begins with lighting the first Advent candle on the Ivan Kobler Square followed by the ceremonial illumination of the city's holiday lights which are guaranteed to give Rijeka an instant festive makeover. This year, we will see an upgrade of Rijeka's holiday decor with brand new 7,458-meter long string lights and lighting decorations in 20 different designs.

Since last year's edition, Rijeka Advent has also grown in size. The 2018 event features new locations like TunelRi, the city's first underground tunnel that was built beneath downtown Rijeka in 1942, and served as an air raid shelter during WW2. Because of its special vibe, this 350-meters long tunnel is expected to be one of the most frequented attractions of this year's Rijeka Advent. It will be hosting various events like food fairs and wine exhibitions, but also theater shows for children, and for grownups, there'll be music events and parties on weekend nights.

Another novelty is the month-long Rijeka Gastro Advent which will be held at the Rijeka Resolution Square. Make sure you do regular rounds of this market because Gastro Advent is expected to offer various street food extravaganzas as well as traditional homemade specialties, artisan products, mulled wine, craft beer, etc.

And although there will be stands and stalls popping up everywhere, the city's largest Christmas market remains the one located downtown – whether you’re looking for decorations, handmade arts and crafts, or that perfect last-minute gift, you'll probably find it in one of the wooden chalets lined all along Rijeka's main pedestrian street Korzo. Also, another Christmas Art Bazaar has been announced, and with more than 30 independent designers and artists taking part, you're bound to pick up some really unique gifts you won't find in department stores.

The magical Trsat Castle will host Advent on Gradina which had its premiere last year, and in 2018 it boasts an even better program, while its biggest surprise is definitely the beautiful outdoor ice rink nestled in the heart of Nugent Park that overlooks the Kvarner Bay.

To find out more, check out the entire program here; there's definitely something for everyone! So just put on your ugliest Christmas sweater and come immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere of Rijeka Advent...

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