Saturday, 2 January 2021

Red Cross Gives Quake Victims 129 t of Food, 50,000 l of Water, 21,000 Hot Meals

ZAGREB, 2 January, 2021 - The Croatian Red Cross (HCK) said on Saturday that over the past three days they had distributed more than 129 tonnes of food in earthquake-hit areas as well as 50,000 litres of water and 21,000 hot meals.

They have also provided 172 heaters, 650 blankets, 39 generators, 700 packets of food and necessities for children as well as ensuring psychosocial support for 1,600 people.

The HCK has also opened two more locations in Petrinja for the accommodation of the people affected, including a service for tracing the missing and psychosocial support.

By 1 January, HRK 36.4 million was donated by physical and legal entities to help those affected by Tuesday's earthquake. Donations are still being collected. A donor line has received 69,169 calls bringing HRK 432,300.

(€1 = HRK 7.5)

Saturday, 2 January 2021

Official: Croatian Red Cross Has Collected €4.8m in Donations for Quake Victims

ZAGREB, 2 January, 2021 - The Croatian Red Cross executive president said on Friday that this charity had to date collected HRK 36 million in donations for people who were left without their home in the 29 December devastating quake which struck the towns of Petrinja, Sisak, Glina and other parts of Sisak-Moslavina County.

We continue receiving donations, the executive president Robert Markt told the Nova TV commercial broadcaster on Friday evening.

Asked why some people whose houses were damaged had not yet received containers or mobile homes to sleep in, Markt explained that the quake-hit area covered over 1,000 square kilometres and 305 settlements and this dispersion of settlements could be a reason.

He said that currently, there was no need for new volunteers but in the coming days they would need fresh force.

"This is the operation that will last long and I would like all interested to apply in a few days, we will include them in the operation."

"We all can be proud of our Civil Protection services, and our system of Homeland Protection," said Markt in his comment on what has been done in the first 72 hours since the devastating quake.

Sunday, 8 November 2020

Red Cross Provides Masks and Disinfectants for 23,000 Elderly Persons

ZAGREB, November 8, 2020 - Red Cross Croatia (HCK) has launched the "Let's take care of them" campaign to provide 23,000 low-income elderly people with protective masks and disinfectants.

The HCK hopes that this action will provide additional protection against coronavirus for senior citizens.

HCK's national logistical centre has begun distributing personal protective equipment to its regional centres, and during November and December the supplies will be delivered to beneficiaries above the age of 65 who are registered with HCK.

The association will contact its beneficiaries and inform them of where they can obtain packages with protective equipment, HCK said in a press release on Friday.

HCK executive director Robert Markt underlined that the current situation, marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, was difficult for everyone and particularly for the elderly.

"We have been assisting for months now. We are visiting them at home aware that we all have to take care of them and enable them to have good protection," he said.

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