Monday, 27 September 2021

Zagreb Cener 2021: Golden 10th Edition, Applications Open Now!

September 27, 2021 - Marking the 10th anniversary of this famous night marathon, the Zagreb Cener 2021 will be the most epic edition of this race yet. Register to participate and get your legs moving in the City of Zagreb on November 7.

After being cancelled and switched ''to virtual'' due to the pandemic in 2020, the popular night marathon race, Zagreb Cener 2021 is back to normal and will be held on November 7.

This year is the round 10th edition of the race, and so it is only suitable, as Trč writes, that the opening of registrations started on September 23 at 10:10 AM. And it's not too late to register for participation yet either.

''Over the last ten years, this race has become popular due to its atmosphere, a straight and fast track suitable for achieving a good record and a route that goes through Zagreb's centre allowing runners to check out nice surroundings during the race. Over the years, Cener was full of sportsmen, recreational runners and average citizens, and many famous people, athletes and racers from abroad have also come and participated,'' writes Trč

This year's special ''Golden edition'' of the race will include a ten-kilometre race. Under the motto of ''Heads up'' to honour the struggles of 2020, the starting line, for the first time ever, will be at Ban Jelačić square, the central square of Zagreb.

''Road traffic and trams will be completely stopped from 19:00 to 20:15,'' says the official Zagreb Cener 2021 website. This will ensure a safe race that will be organised in two laps.

The first lap goes through following streets: Ban Jelačić Square – Jurišićeva – Palmotićeva – Boškovićeva – Držislavova – Victims of Fascism Square (with running around the square itself implied) – Račkoga – Jurišićeva – Ban Jelačić Square – Ilica – Krajiška – Gjure Deželića – Republic of Croatia Square– Masarykova– Teslina– Nikola Šubić Zrinski Square – Amruševa – Palmotićeva– Jurišićeva – Ban Jelačić Square.

The second lap goes through: Ban Jelačić Square – Ilica – Krajiška – Gjure Deželića – Republic of Croatia Square – Masarykova– Teslina– Nikola Šubić Zrinski Square kolnik) – Amruševa – Palmotićeva– Jurišićeva – Ban Jelačić Square.

The race has had its male (Mitja Krevs, 00:31:17) and female (Matea Parlov, 00:34:55) records set back in 2018, and those who manage to beat this and set a new record will be rewarded with a 1,500-kuna-worth card to spend at the Hervis sports store.

Additionally, this year's race has a team racing option.

''After the standard registrations, ten or more people can register as a team one week before the race begins. By their selected name, the ten fastest from each registered group will be put in competition for the champion title of the team race that will take home a special trophy,'' explains Trč“.

With the pandemic situation becoming much better but still requiring caution, the organisers have warned that covid certificates may be required (depending on the number of infections at that time), and epidemiological measures will all have to be respected. In the event of bad weather or a worsened epidemiological picture, the race may be postponed to a later date.

Due to the limited number of participants that can register due to the ongoing situation with the spread of coronavirus in Croatia, the race also still has a virtual option.

''Quite simply, run for ten kilometres and send us a screenshot of the app you used to measure your time and the length of your run,'' explained Zagreb Cener's official website.

The virtual race will last from November 7-14, and all the times at ten kilometres in length will qualify for the virtual champion title.

Whether you choose to go for a real-life or virtual event, registration fees must be paid before your application gets accepted. For the regular race, the price is 180 kuna, while the virtual race requires a 130 kuna fee. Pay the fee, get your welcome package, and then let your legs do the rest.

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Wednesday, 2 June 2021

Nikola Tesla EV Rally, the Quietest in the World, Is Over

June 2, 2021 - On May 23, the Nikola Tesla EV Rally started in Istria, and after eight days, ten cities, five national and natural parks and a lot of adrenaline, the quietest rally in the world concluded in Zagreb.

As reported by today, the race next to the National and University Library in Zagreb ended the eighth edition of the most beautiful and quietest rally in the world "Nikola Tesla EV Rally Croatia 2021".

The rally, which is a kind of tourist-technological promotion of Croatia, started on May 23 in Istria, and during eight days 1251 kilometers were driven on routes from Rovinj, Opatija through Zadar, Smiljan to Zagreb, the host city that has supported the project since 2014.

Teams from all over Europe cruised the panoramic roads through six counties, visited ten cities and five national parks, and nature parks. Participants enjoyed a dose of adrenaline through races at two locations and a superb eno-gastro experience at each stop location.


Nikola Tesla EV Rally Official Facebook (Photo: Dinko Samardzic)

"Nikola Tesla EV Rally Croatia" is a unique project that combines e-mobility and tourism, creating a new "niche" in the premium tourist offer. It promotes the use of electric vehicles, as well as the natural beauty of Croatia and green technology.

Gathered at all stopping locations, they could see various e-vehicles such as all Tesla models, Škoda Enyaq IV, WV ID-3, e-Twingo, Opel Mokka, e-Smart, and Jaguar I-Pace, a vehicle sponsored by the British Embassy in Zagreb, whose representatives actively participated in the rally by driving the section Zadar - MC Nikola Tesla - Plitvice - Zagreb.


Nikola Tesla EV Rally Official Facebook (Photo: Dinko Samardzic)

The end of the event was marked by a solemn ceremony of announcing the winners and handing over the trophies, which were presented to the winners by the Ambassador of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Andrew Stuart Dalgleish. The first three places were won by Franz Maier from Germany, Manuel Strohmeier from Austria, and Elisa (Alexander) Goldberg from Germany.

From year to year, with the support of partners such as the Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency (EPEEF), this event promotes awareness of e-mobility, the importance of obtaining energy from renewable sources, and Croatia as an "e-mobility friendly" tourist destination. 97% of participants have never been to Croatia and the rally is actually their first contact with Croatia, after which almost everyone announced their return in private.

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